Out for Pie
Sharon was fascinated with Mike the first day he showed up at work and she found herself forever trying to talk to him, see him, catch him in the break room and flirt with him. He would come to her with questions during the day and she would begin to answer them and signal him to close the door. Once he had closed the door, she would finish answering the question in a very different tone, a more flirtatious and seductive tone. Eventually she would say things to belittle him and put him in a submissive mode.

Sharon was a small woman, short in stature and no more than one hundred and ten pounds with a fairly meek and mild personality but as soon as Mike was near she was alert and ready to pounce like a wild cat on its prey. Mike was built well, tall and muscular with a rough edge to him that made anyone within ear shot of his deep, powerful voice tuck their tails and back down but he was the kind of guy that would give the shirt off his back to someone in need. Sharon was in need and definitely wanted his shirt off of him but didn't understand why she couldn't stop herself from trying to control him.

Mike was fascinated by Sharon and although he wanted many times to bark back at her every time she put him down, he would cut himself short and watch her in fascination, focusing on the curves of her neck and shoulders while she chastised him. Many times she would get out her chair and write on the dry erase board and catch him looking over the intricacies of her breasts, hips, legs or thighs but never did she correct him for such. Instead, she would patiently wait until his eyes returned to hers then bend down in front of him with her chest puffed out and ask, "Are you paying good attention, dear?" Mike would smile and nod like a little boy then chuckle to himself but he couldn't help notice that she turned him on like no other woman had ever done.

After a few weeks, Sharon found herself less stressed than usual but chose to keep her monthly visit to her psychotherapist.

"I'm not like that." She said to Anne who had been seeing her since her divorce 7 months prior. Anne put her hand on Sharon's knee while Sharon talked into her hands. "This guy must hate me. I know if I were in his place I would hate me. Hell! I would go straight to Human Resources!"

"I know you're not like that," said Anne. "But I think this guy triggers some primal sexuality within yourself which, honestly..." she hesitated. "You need to get out of your system."

"What?" Sharon suddenly looked up at Anne angrily. "You think I want to just throw him down and fuck him?" They both stared at each other for several moments until a smile crept across Anne's face and slowly a smile came across Sharon's. They both laughed.

"Yes," says Anne. "That's exactly what I think."

"But....but why" Sharon closed her eyes in thought then threw her hands up in the air. "Why would I act so stupid and mean and... wait a minute. I work with the guy. There's no way I would.... I could never...." She looked up at Anne again and laughed. "I do." She laughed again. "I just want to strip off his clothes and ride him like an angry cowgirl." She put her elbows on her knees and dropeds her chin into her cupped hands. A deep breath in through her nose was soon followed by a quick burst of air out of her nostrils and then she went limp. "What am I going to do?"

"Look," counseled Anne. "This is actually good for you. You don't have to act on any impulses or anything but just be aware of how you feel and act. Maybe it's the start of a great relationship or friendship or something in between. Whatever it is, it is good for you. I haven't seen you this emotional in months and believe it or not," she hesitated. "You look alive!"

Sharon drove on to work and set herself up at her desk still confused by her emotions and the talk she had with Anne. She opened a drawer to retrieve a calendar from the bottom of it and as she pulled it toward her a bottle of ibuprofen tipped over and rolled down the embossed plastic and then bounced off the binding into the back of the drawer. From the sound that was made of the pills rolling in the bottle she could tell there were only a few left and a soft sigh penetrated her full, glossy lips. "Ugh!" She cried as she set the calendar on her desk with one hand and reached into the drawer with her other, pulling out the bottle and popping the top with her thumb. Tipping the bottle up on end, two pills rolled out into the hand that waits for relief. "Dammit!"

On her way to the break room Sharon heard quick footsteps behind her and then an arm reached around her. She looked down and watched the hand pass her breast and grab a door handle that lay before her. Mike opened the door as she stopped short and she watched Mike's head appear to her side. "Let me get that for you." Said Mike with a charming smile on his face. A well of anger filled up in Sharon's mind but dissipated slowly as she studied the lines around his lips. His mouth was slightly open and she felt as if she could crawl into it and go to sleep but she snapped out of her daydream and smiled slightly.

"Thank you, Mike." She said in an annoyed tone. "That won't get you a raise, ya know." Mike shot a quick breath of air out of his nostrils and smiled again.

"Actually, I was hoping you could sign my expense report." He said frankly. "It's due by the end of day according to corporate." She stopped him short.

"I am well aware of that, Mike." She said waving her hand back at him as she headed to the sink to grab a cup. "I'm glad you took the time to read the Workplace Guidelines which I directed you to weeks ago. Just leave it on my desk and I will sign it later." She pulled the faucet handle up, grabbed a cup from the counter and began to fill it. "Not to mention," She began but Mike cut her off.

"Sharon." Mike says placing his hand on her shoulder. She turned quickly.

"What?" She said annoyed but she lost her thoughts while looking directly into Mike's eyes. They were soft, inviting and pulling her into a hypnotic state. Her eyes widened.

"Are you OK?" Sharon didn't answer. She stared into his eyes while a sensation rode up her spine, fanned out at her neck and encased her whole head circling her eyes until she took a deep breath. Mike raised his eyebrows as if to ask the question again. Both of his hands were on her shoulders and she felt a great calm. Her eyes closed and she shook her head slowly and then looked down.

"Yes." She said as if she confessed all of her sins in a brief second. "Yes, I am OK. Just a headache." She tossed the pills into her mouth and put the cup of water to her lips. Tilting her head back she swallowed the pills then realized she no longer had a headache.

Mike's hands slid down her arms to her elbows and then released. He felt a deep desire to hold her against his chest but he refrained and took a step back. Sharon shook her head and stepped aside heading for the door. "What are you doing for lunch?" She said as she walks away from him. He followed her, opening the door, leading her out.

"I haven't planned anything. Why?" He said following her like a puppy dog into her office. "Do we have a meeting?"

"No." She said taking a seat at her desk. "I was just thinking we should do lunch." She waved her hand in the air. "Shut the door, take a seat." Mike closed the door and sat on the chair in front of her desk and watched her as she stared into her calendar. A seductive look took form on her face as she rolled her bottle of ibuprofen toward him and it falls off the desk. "What do you like to eat?" She said, slowly watching the bottle disappear from the end of the desk. She sat back and spread her legs wide in the chair letting her arms fall into her lap while her fingers hiked her skirt back and draped onto her inner thighs.

Mike leaned over to pick up the bottle and watched her display from under the desk. His eyes widened in disbelief but the movement of her fingers told him it was no accident. He staresd at her thighs with a want and desire to kiss and fondle her beautifully shaven Calla lily tucked neatly in a shear pair of panties. Instantly he became erect and her legs began to close when slowly the bottle and Mike's hand appeared above the desk. Delicately the bottle was up righted and soon Mike's eyes appeared at the end of her desk. His eyes were wide and he took a deep breath as he sat back into his chair.

"I like pie." He said quickly and realized what a terrible suggestion that was for lunch. A worried look came across his face as Sharon began to smile. Her eyes widened and then squinted seductively.

"OK, then." She said arching her back in her chair. "Pie it is and I happen to know the perfect place." Sharon seemed smug and waved for Mike to get up and leave. "Meet here at 11:30 and I'll drive."

Mike made a slow attempt to stand as his erection seemed to be making it difficult. "Oooooh, kay" Said Mike slowly as he attempted to turn before he stood completely upright. Sharon's eyes widened at the sight of the obvious boner Mike was sporting and yet managed to wrangle straight down his leg with a quick adjustment, pulling on his belt and running his hand down his thigh. To Sharon it looked as if he had a cucumber in his pocket and she put her hand over her mouth as he left and shut the door.

"Oh, my Goodness." She chuckled to herself. "I feel so bad for him right now. I hope he gets to his desk quickly." She giggled and thought about the place where she reads her books over lunch that is right under a shade tree and next to a creek.

Sharon logged on to her laptop and tried to focus but she couldn't. She realized she couldn't focus on anything and a warm feeling came across her lower abdomen and pelvic region. She took a deep breath and lowered her hand onto her inner thigh. It was wet and she was turned on. Her finger danced across her swollen lips as she felt a slick, wet spot on her panties. "Oh no." She thought to herself. "These will have to go." An evil grin was wiped away suddenly as she scoots around in her chair and manages to wriggle out of her panties, pull them down her knees and quickly toss them into the lower drawer. She grabbed the key in the upper drawer and locked the lower drawer. Once again she attempted to focus on her computer.

Mike arrived at Sharon's desk promptly at 11:30 and asked if she was ready. She agreed and stretched. Mike followed her out the door, into the parking lot and into her car. "So where are we going?" He asked.

"You'll see." She replied. "It's really nice. I go there all the time for lunch just to relax." A confused look came across his face and he turned to her.

"I thought we were going to have lunch." He said while watching her drive. His eyes slowly followed her chin line, down her neck and onto her shoulders, then down to her breasts and finally into her lap.

"We are, Mike." She says as she smiled and watched the road. "We're going to have pie." Mike couldn't stop watching her and he adjusted himself in the seat so his erection, which was as hard as it was going to get, wasn't bothering him. She stopped at a light and looked over at him, and then looked down into his lap. "Mike." She said sternly. "You really should wear your seat belt." Reaching over him she grabbed his seatbelt while he attempted to look for it himself and dragged it across his lap, purposely gliding her knuckles along his hardened shaft. She snapped the buckle in and tugged on the belt, pulling it over his pocket cucumber. She smiled in amusement and continued to drive.

She turned the car onto a dirt road and made a sharp right. The road followed a little creek and Mike rolled down the window to look. "Nice!" He said. "This is really cool." Sharon then turned her car in to a small grassy lot next to a tree and shut the car off.

"This is my little lunchtime spot." She said confidently. "I come here to read or listen to the water or relax or whatever." Mike eyeballed a picnic table in the shade. The air was warm with a slight mist of water from the creek's rapids.

"Are we eating here?" Mike asked.

"I hope so." Sharon replied and watched Mike get out of the car. She opened her door and stepped out. Walking around the back of the car she slowly meandered over to the picnic table where Mike had already sat himself down at the end like a little boy ready for dinner. Sharon smiled and walked slowly up to Mike.

"What are having?" He asked with a confused look. Sharon sat on the edge of the picnic table top and spun around to face Mike who was sitting on the seat.

"We're having pie, Mike." She said with a hard look on her face. "Remember? You wanted pie and now I'm serving it to you." Sharon spread her legs in front of him and hiked her skirt. Mike's mouth opened near as much as his eyes. Instantly his hands met her inner thighs and he began to caress them. He looked up at her looking down at him and smiling.

"What are you gonna eat?" He said making her laugh and relax just a bit. She grabbed his neck and began to massage his shoulders. Pushing his head toward her moistened lips and thighs she took a deep breath.

"I was thinking I would have a milk shake with a very thick straw." She giggled and began to lay back pulling Mikes head between her thighs. Mike softly kissed her lips, then her thighs and then began to suck lightly on each of her swollen lips. Sharon took in a deep breath and let it out. "Oh my God!" She said under her breath. "Is the pie good here?"

"Outstanding!" cried Mike, as he pulled his mouth off of her button. "Best pie I've ever had!"

Sharon released Mike's head from her grip and lay back on the picnic table enjoying every bit of tongue dance Mike had to offer. Mike explored every possible location in, around and near her lotus and soon his lips engulfed her love button and his tongue brought it to a hardened state. Sharon began to shake and moan and then she sat up, grabbed his head and held him tightly against her while she shook.

Mike felt a waterfall against his tongue as he gasped for air and frantically attempted to stay against her. He reached around her waist and squeezed her ass cheeks and when she grabbed his head he stopped all movement except a slow roll of his tongue as Sharon's juices dripped from his chin. She let him go and lay back on the table as Mike stood up and listened to her breathing slow down. After a few moments he ran his hands up her stomach, over her breasts and caressed the sides of her neck and face.

Sharon grabbed the back of his head and pulled him into her. Their lips engaged like two magnets slapping together and they explored the insides of each other's mouths with their tongues. Her hand slid down his shoulder and onto his chest and then she pushed him up and away. She drove her other hand directly down into his pants and quickly found his hardened tool. Mike seemed a bit aloof at first but began to unbuckle his belt.

"What are you doing?" He said while giggling as if he were being tickled.

"Now I'm hungry and I want my milkshake!" Cried Sharon as she struggled with Mike to get his pants undone. Together they managed to wriggle his pants down and Sharon grabbed his cock eagerly and pointed it at her stomach. "My God, I can barely get my hand around it." She said greedily as she stared at it and pondered a plan of attack.

Sharon sat down on the bench while Mike stood before her and opened her mouth. She placed her tongue against the base of his shaft and ran it up along it until she reached the tip cupped in her hand. Desperately she attempted to get him in her mouth but struggled as she almost couldn't open her mouth wide enough. Eventually she lifted herself off the seat a little and pushed the tip of his cock between her lips and then used both hands to slowly stroke him.

Mike couldn't believe his eyes as he looked down upon her frantically sucking and jerking him. He put his hands on her shoulders and stooped slightly to make it a little easier for her and his cock slid deep into her mouth. Sharon wrenched her hand around his mast and pulled him from her mouth. Gasping for air she began to vigorously stroke him through the slippery saliva she had left behind.

"Gah," She gasped. "Oh my God you taste so good!" Mike moaned and tilted his head back as Sharon sat back down on the bench stroking him and grasping his testicles. She set her lips against his balls and pulled them into her mouth with her hand. Mike's hands went down her back and began to lift her shirt and as her shirt crept up her tummy she felt her breasts lift up.

Sharon's breasts fell out of her shirt simultaneously and displayed a set of beautifully round globes with taught pink nipples, bouncing like little water balloons in the sunlight. He grabbed her arms and she threw them up willingly as he pulled her shirt from her head. She moved her chest in to him and pulled his thick cock toward her, arching her back and thrusting his tool between her breasts. Pushing her breasts up with her arm she guided his shaft between them and squeezed out a few droplets of his excitement and then rolled her hand over the head of his tool.

The slick feel of his cock between her breasts and the sheer sight of this beauty frantically stroking him sent Mike into a frenzy of thrusts through her hands and breasts but she held on like a rodeo rider attempting to match his every stroke. Once in a while she would slip and lose grip but she would get right back to it without fail. Mike sent one final thrust through her tunnel of flesh and stopped, screaming. "Oh Fuck!"

"Give me my milkshake!" Sharon cried as she wrapped both hands and her breasts around his cock and squeezed. Feeling the surge of semen through his shaft, she felt a warm stream of liquid against her chin and then felt it roll down into her cleavage. Mike jerked back as Sharon held on for dear life and backed away slightly. Pulling his hard cock down and twisting her hand and arm around she stroked his cock quickly and pulled it toward her mouth. Semen spewed from his shaft, coating her lips and finding its way deep into her mouth. She stroked it again vigorously and droplets fly everywhere until he grabs her arm and makes her stop.

Sharon looked up at Mike and smiled waiting for him to catch his breath. "We should do lunch more often, don't you think?" Mike nodded with his eyes wide open as Sharon smiled and kissed his stick. They laughed and joked their way back to the office and lunch became a fairly regular thing for them.
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