Outside her door
Thinking it was alright to just rub one out seeing as the house was quiet and it was a warm evening with everything done for the day it was my time.

Making myself comfortable in the study with the bookmarked porn site showing a variety of positions and people both men and women in acts both professional and a mature.

Reaching for some lube and a cock ring, I proceeded to get in the mood. It didn't take much for me to zoom in on something that started to turn my cock hard.

It was a threesome on the monitor that had gotten my blood pumping. Two women were treating a male and themselves to a range of right camera angled acts that I found myself stroking in rhythm to, over and over. The females were concentrating on giving the penis a good going over with their mouths.

Slowing down and speeding up I didn't want this little fantasy to end soon. Just edging my head and putting more lube on slowed me down.
I was hard and throbbing. Not yet

BANG! The noise from the other end of the house startled me and Immediately grabbed a shirt to cover my large shaft, as much as it would.
I didn't expect anyone for a long time so searched around for shorts but only found a towel which I then wrapped around my waist.

"Hello?" I asked "anyone there?"
"Sorry it's only me, I dropped my computer" came unexpected reply from our boarder who had rented the far bedroom.
Donna I think was her name, I hadn't taken much notice of her name, to be honest as she was a built sex machine.

"Oh very well, I didn't know you were home"
I called out. Or how long she had been there and if she had heard the noise from my computer. Or if she had heard my groans as I was pleasuring myself.

Going back to turn my volume down I suddenly found the thought of her if she had been listening to me quite a turn on and wondered what she would have made of it.
I thought if I go back and just finish and jump in the shower she would be none the wiser.
I was hard as a rock now, turning the computer off and just letting my imagination run, I could wank to the thought of our oversized boarder.
Turning everything off and just trying not to make much noise I could hear Donna laughing and talking to one of her friends online, she must have left the door open.

As I moved to shut my door I heard her door click shut.
Finding a pair of short pyjamas bottoms and was I still had my top on I ventured down to see if everything was ok.
Or so I told myself.

Hearing her half muffled voice I knew she was on the computer taking to one of her friends

Just before I was going to walk by her door, it opened a little bit, so I stopped dead in my tracks not wanting to get caught. being curious as to what she was up to I stood just out of sight and listened.
Curiosity killed the cat.

Donna returned to her video chat that suddenly was turning into an erotic session.
Listening intently now
Donna: "I didn't want the old guy to disturb us B"
B: "come baby talk to me now, let's get those big tits out first"
Donna:" ok 'B' but show me what we are playing for first" she snickered.

Leaving the two cyber lovers alone as I found myself starting to fell the pre-cum on my shorts and making my way back to my exclusion slowly. I got halfway when I heard the moans from her room.i grabbed some lube and headed back having the intention of just listening from the chair around the corner.

I could hear her wanting to be taken right now
'B'was telling Donna to get in doggy positions so he could see her tits as he stroked himself to her naked body.

"I would kill for a cock right now" Donna was talking dirty to him as they both watched the other on video.
Suddenly 'B' said, "like that one behind you?"

Getting carried away listening I had inadvertently come into the line of sight of the computer.
"YES said Donna to my amazement
So I dropped the charade
And entered her room.

The sexy butt was right there.
And this was no moment to knock back.
My cock dripping its pre cum

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