Overlooking Central Park - the sequel
Another year had gone by, Jo and I had seen each other on occasion, each time ending up in bed, and making love. She was a delight. She never said no, because I knew enough not to ask a question that could bring a "no." Even if I had, I had the feeling there was little she would deny me. It was obvious by now, that she was almost as crazy about me, as I was her. We didn't discuss it. We didn't have to. Some things are like that.

We had gotten to know each other well--privately and professionally. I respected her job as a chorus girl and she respected my job as a traveling salesman. We expected nothing from each other, other than meeting at different times, having drinks, dinner or an occasional Broadway play or musical or some other pleasurable event, and then making love in her king size bed.

Our evenings would end in her comfortable condo on 5th Avenue where she made every effort to make me feel at home--thoughtful things such as stocking up on my favorite wine and food.

One particular night when I stayed over, we made love again in the morning. We didn't always do this but since it would be sometime until we would see each other again, it felt like the thing to do. Afterwards, I kissed her goodbye and told her to go back to sleep. I got dressed in my previous day's outfit, had my coffee and went on my way after writing her note to keep time open for me in about three months and that I would call her as soon as I knew a date for certain.

As it turned out, I arrived back in New York City a week earlier than I thought for several urgent business appointments. After checking in at the Hilton, I called to tell her I was in the city early and hoped she would still have time for me--which my plan was to work for four days and make our date for the third evening I was in town. She was happy with that and said it sounded great. We both knew that any earlier than that, I would not get any wok done. We agreed to meet at Jo's
favorite 5th Avenue club one block from where she lived.

When the big night arrived, we both arrived at the lounge at the same time and early. She was stunning and once again I was reminded how beautiful she was. After greeting each other with a hug and a couple of kisses, we walked into the dining room.

"Hello," said the host, "it's wonderful to see the two of you again. I have a nice table for you."

We followed him to a small table in the corner of the restaurant where we were presented with the wine list. As always, the setting and decor were elegant--white table cloths, ornate silverware, fine china, crystal goblets and four very comfortable chairs. The perfect complement to Jo's off the shoulder black dress and three inch heels. Anything less wouldn't have suited her.

"Jo, this is very nice, as always."

She smiled, squeezed my hand, and with her other hand blew me a kiss. As I looked at the wine list she pointed to a Chardonnay and said, "This would be great."

Her already shoeless foot rubbed my leg under the table. I smiled and reached under the table to feel her thigh rubbing it slightly. Smiling back, she spread her legs a little--just enough for me to get the message as we waited for our Chardonnay. We were in no hurry to study the menu.

"It's been a few months since we've seen each other. Have you been working hard?"

"Yes, quite a bit. The traveling is tiring, airports are crowded and business is not very good. And you, have you been busy?"

"Yes, my business is good--night clubs remain a good escape for many--Oh, my--that girl sitting over there is my neighbor Bobby," Jo said pointing to a woman sitting alone at a nearby table.

"Do you want to ask her to sit with us?" I asked.

"I'm not sure."

"I don't mind, as long she is a friend of yours."

"Mmmmm . . . I'm not sure about this," she said hesitantly.

"You seem a little troubled about this. Perhaps you had better forget about her."

"Only because Bobby is a lesbian. I didn't know how you would feel about that. Are you sure you won't mind if I asked her over?"

"No, of course not. A friend of yours is a friend of mine."

Taking a closer look at Bobby, I wondered what this was all about. She was tall, slim and athletic looking. She wore a black pant suit, white three-fourth shirred sleeve tunic, no cleavage showing at all, and a real short, what I determined as a lesbian haircut. I was turned on to her immediately.

"Jo, just walk over and ask her to join us."

She looked at me without saying anything, but looked a little bothered when she stood up as I pulled away her chair. Nevertheless, she thanked me and walked over to Bobby.

A few minutes later the two women returned. Jo introduced me as I pulled out the chairs for them.

"Thank you," said Bobby. "I sincerely hope not to be interrupting your dinner evening."

"No, no," I said, "a friend of Jo is a friend of mine." I then remember saying those same words to Jo just a few minutes ago. I was becoming a little rattled. I felt I was starring at this stunning woman while reminding myself not to do that.

Then I felt Jo's foot touching my knee, then rubbing it up and down my calf, all the while I was looking at Bobby. The waiter came with the bottle of Chardonnay. Before pouring, he set a place for Bobby. He then poured me a taste, I sipped it and approved. The waiter filled our glasses and I, relieved to be able have a sip of wine, finally, said, "Cheers! Health and happiness to all."

We drank, each more than a sip. The Chardonnay was delicious, and the bottle, after three full glasses, almost empty. The waiter leaving our dinner menus, realizing that the bottle was less than half full, added, "May I cool another bottle for you?" he asked. I nodded in the affirmative.

By now I was on a fast track. I had Jo with me, a joy of my life whenever I was in New York City. Anticipating a totally erotic night, I was already turned on to get laid. And now I was sitting next to this very attractive woman, openly a lesbian, and all I could do was fantasize.

I visualized seducing her, but that was ridiculous. How could I? A lesbian has no need for a man, certainly not me. I began to fantasize more when I finally told myself to stop. I reminded myself; here I am in the company of two women and having dinner in a fine restaurant. I tried to settle down and tried to listen to Jo and Bobby in conversation, although I wasn't really listening.

I saw a look on Bobby as she looked at Jo that convinced me they had a sexual relationship. It then occurred to me, without any doubt, that tonight I would see these two women in bed together.

Finally Jo said, "Anyone hungry? Let's look at the menu."

I knew exactly what I wanted to eat tonight, and it wasn't on the menu. It was all I could do not to moan as I watched them interact at the table.

We started our third Chardonnay. Jo's foot never left my crotch and she could feel my hard-on. We discussed my traveling stories, Jo's performances at her night club and Bobby's hair-salon frequented by wealthy women. She told us about women flirting with her and trying to get her to bed. Bobby had no problems disclosing her sexuality. If she liked a woman, Bobby would touch their faces and scalp with sensual movements. She would put her pinky in a woman's ear and hear pleasurable sounds, and the slight spreading of legs indicating approval.

Jo shared her own juicy tidbits about men flirting with her with money offered in return for sexually favors. Not being able to resist, I chimed in with my own stories told about women customers flirting with me during business hours in their offices. Each of us told one special story enough to be remembered. I was becoming hornier by the minute, accelerated by the wine and my imagination.

I imagined the three of us naked in bed, me kissing Bobby's wide open pussy, Jo sucking on my cock and Bobby licking Jo's pussy, all at the same time. I decided this was definitely what I wanted to do tonight.

The main course was behind us. We declined desert. I paid the bill. Jo invited the three of us to her apartment. Bobby was not told that I planned to spend the night with Jo. Feeling very good following the Chardonnay, nobody really cared about anything in particular. Our next stop was Jo's.

I left the restaurant with a woman on each side of me, their arms entwined with mine. The walk to the apartment house on 5th Avenue took no more than fifteen minutes. The doorman opened the double doors; we entered and took the elevator to Jo's apartment. Jo took her key from her purse and opened the door.

I entered, following Bobby. Knowing where the bar was, I headed to it and looked for a bottle of wine. Finding it, I opened it and poured three glasses. As I turned to hand the glasses to the women, I found them embraced, Bobby's arms around Jo, and kissing lips to lips.

The kisses were more than friendly kisses. Their lips were biting each other. Their tongues were pushing against each other. Bobby's right leg was wrapped around Jo's left ass. Within a minute or two, they separated.

Bobby came towards me, wrapped an arm around my neck, her mouth on mine with her tongue inside my mouth, and her other hand on my cock, rubbing hard. "I'm bi, in case you didn't know," she said, "I've got the best of everything," as she continued to tongue fuck me.

Jo watched us and smiled. She removed her shoes, unzipped her dress, let it fall off her. She removed her bra. She slid off her panties. Her nipples were erect. She was naked. She joined us, took my hand away from Bobby and placed it on her nipple. Then she started to unbutton my shirt and removed it. "Bobby," she said, "take off his pants." Bobby stepped back, got on her knees and unbuckled my belt. She unzipped my fly and slid my pants down. Then she pulled my jockey shorts off. Then she grabbed by hard cock and put her mouth around it. Jo got on her knees and started to undress Bobby while my cock was still in Bobby's mouth. Jo removed Bobby's jacket, blouse, and bra, then struggled with Bobby's pants, but managed to get them off her. Bobby's G-string was easy to get off. The strings behind G-string her were stuck inside her cracks. Jo moved her finger almost inside Bobby's ass hole to pull the string out. Jo then went feeling for Bobby's pussy by turning Bobby around to face her. She found it without trouble. Jo inserted a finger into her pussy while Bobby stopped sucking on my cock.

I then slowly moved us onto the thick wall-to-wall carpet. We were now entangled on the floor, each touching the other with our mouths in or around our sex organs.

Three entangled bodies lying on a rug! It was too good to be true. I unentangled myself, stood up; help the two beautiful women to their feet, while starring at their naked bodies. I was looking at four erect nipples on four firm breasts. I looked at their pubic hair, their feet, their shoulders, their asses. I held Jo's left hand and Bobby's right hand. I led them into the bedroom, where a King size bed was waiting for us.

Bobby was first to lie down, followed by Jo. Jo lay on top of Bobby, kissing her mouth. Their tongues played with each other. I watched in amazement. Shall I leave them to their pleasure? Their hands were on each other's face. Jo's knee spread Bobby's legs. Jo's knee touched Bobby's pussy. Jo's knee moved in circles on Bobby's pussy. Jo's movements became faster, and faster, and faster. And faster. Bobby started screaming. I moved closer, held Jo by her waist and lifted her to her knees. As I did, Jo's face fell on Bobby's pussy. Jo was now on her knees below Bobby and started to suck on her pussy. I got behind Jo and inserted my hard cock inside Jo's pussy.

"Yes, yes," Jo screamed while sucking on Bobby's clit. I was fast fucking Jo, and Jo was tongue fucking Bobby. We had a rhythm going.

"Jo, honey, please, please," Bobby said.

"What is it?" said Jo.

"Please, I want to be fucked by Ed. Please?"

Jo smiled, kissed Bobby on her mouth, moved to one side and allowed me to get on top of Bobby. She looked at me, smiled and said, "Fuck me?"

Bobby's knees were up and spread. Her pussy was starring me in my face. I got on my knees, on top of Bobby. I slowly moved my cock into Bobby's pussy. I touched her pussy slightly and stopped.

"Ohhhhhhh," I heard from Bobby. "Please, please, fuck me, fuck me."

I pushed in a little further, not much, maybe half an inch. "Please, oh, please . . . please fuck me now," Bobby whispered. And then I pushed in hard. I felt the warmth of her flesh, the wetness of her insides and I pushed as far as I could.

"Ohhhhhhh, yesssssss, ohhhhhhhhhhhh, yesssssssssss," I'm cumming, I'm cumming," yelled Bobby. "Yes, me too," I yelled. But I wasn't. I had to lie. I wanted to cum inside Jo. I knew she was watching.

I waited for Bobby to relax. I kissed her on the mouth. Bobby relaxed, her eyes closed, lying flat on her back. I moved away from Bobby, turned my head to face Jo. Jo smiled, pulled me by my neck and got me on top of her. She spread her legs, raised her knees, and started tongue fucking me. With her right hand she felt for my cock. When she put her hand around it, she guided it into her pussy. "Now," said Jo, "now.

I was fucking Jo. We were at it for several minutes, in perfect rhythm. As Bobby watched she started masturbating--playing with her pussy, inserting two fingers fast and furious, until she came. Jo and I watched Bobby's pleasure as we found our own and climaxed. Then we fell asleep touching each other's bodies content and peaceful and knowing we'd have a sweet memory we'd all long remember.

The End

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