Overworked in Pittsburgh
A few months ago I attended a business conference in Pittsburgh, PA. It was only to last three days but for various reasons stretched into the full week. We even allowed some of the sessions to run into evening to try to avoid the full week possibility. Didn't happen.

Thursday evening when I arrived back at my hotel armed with a six pack of beer I was disappointed to see that the indoor pool and hot tub area had closed at 9 PM, it was now 10 PM. Fred was on the front desk for the evening and I joked with him about my disappointment but said that it wouldn't have done me any good because I didn't pack my swimming trunks. As a friendly gesture Fred said that it would be no problem for him to issue me a swipe card to get into the pool area. He said the "no swimming trunks" wouldn't be an issue since I would have the pool to myself and that I could take my beer in also. So........I let him issue the card.

I went to my room first which was also on the first floor only about 30 feet away from the pool entrance door. I undressed and then put on a pair of sweat shorts, grabbed a towel, my beer, my swipe key and headed for the pool. Upon entering I found the light controls and was glad to see I could control them on a dimmer switch. Turning them dim but leaving enough light to see I went over to the bench between the pool and hot tub. Removing my shorts I immediately felt a soothing and satisfying sensation from being naked. I began realizing that the horny thoughts now going through my mind were the result of having several sexless nights go by during such a stressful week.

Knowing the room was empty I still scanned the premises to be sure no one was there. My cock was hardened and I found myself giving it an occasional stroke. It was becoming rather erotic strutting around naked with a hard on in what otherwise was a public area. I dived in the pool for a swim.

After about ten minutes I climbed out, popped a beer and climbed into the hot tub turning on the jets. The beer tasted good and the jets felt good hitting my cock as I purposely positioned myself. The first beer disappeared quickly so I reached for another. I found myself relaxing but my cock continued pulling what remaining strength I had from the rest of my body. I was undeniably very horny from the circumstances I found myself in. I entertained the thought of getting caught. I was getting so horny that I was wishing for such a thing to happen.

Mmmmmm! Wouldn't it be nice if Barbara, the morning desk clerk of the hotel, would come in and catch me and want my cock. She would certainly be a fabulous fuck. I imagined her being as hot and horny as I. Mmmmmmm, dangerous combo that would be! The jets hitting my cock allowed me to close my eyes and imagine her hands massaging my aching muscle. Just thinking about it could almost bring me to cumming. By now I found myself finishing the third beer.

When the hot tub timer finished I climbed out, opened my fourth beer and sat on a bench and leaned against the wall. As I was taking sips of my beer I began slowly stroking myself. I was incredibly hard. I knew for sure that I was going to stroke that thing off before I left here for my room. I was still fantasizing about Barbara as I stroked. Thinking about her sucking me and me kissing my way down to her thighs. Thinking about sliding into her pussy and satisfying her desire.

Just then about twenty feet away to my left a door opened. In came Fred with a towel wrapped around his neck. There I was with my hand wrapped around my hard cock and pointing north! I removed my hand as my cock stayed firm. I was nowhere near my towel. Just stark naked with a hard on in a room with another man!

"Don't sweat it!" Fred said, "I come in here sometimes too when I get off my shift."

At another bench Fred began to strip his cloths off and now there were two naked men. I must admit that I did sneak peeks at his cock. It was semi and hanging long. He was totally tanned and only had a little pyramid shape patch of hair above his bone. The rest of him was shaved clean. He walked towards me proud as anything as his cock slapped from thigh to thigh. He turned right and then sat down on the edge of the hot tub. He had one leg over the edge into the water and the other leg remained stretched out on the deck floor. He was positioned so that I had unavoidable view of his cock as he also had of mine.

Fred said to me, "You were really getting that thing cranked up weren't you?"

A little embarrassed I had to admit to him that I had a long stressful day, had no dinner, and now had a head spinning from downing four beers too fast. Then I also said to him, "Yeah, I did feel the need to stroke a little."

"Nothing wrong with that my man! A little stroking has never hurt anyone. You have a nice looking cock!" He said to my surprise.

Before I had time to even think or maybe it was the beer talking I told him, "You have some pretty nice looking equipment yourself! Why don't you grab a beer out of my cooler?" Fred got up and I watched his every move as he went over to the cooler and returned. His shaft was beginning to harden. The head of his cock had a glow to it. He was actually flaunting himself to me. I realized that I was enjoying it and also found myself not hiding the fact that I was watching it.

Fred sat down again on the deck to drink his beer. He leaned back on one hand and had his legs spread and straight out. As he drank on his beer his shaft hardened more and was pointing up. My cock had never softened and found myself enjoying Fred looking at me.

Fred asked me, "Have you ever stroked another mans cock? I could use a good stroking. Want to try it?"

I slipped down off my bench and knelt between his knees. I reached towards him and wrapped my hand around his cock. He jerked a little and I could feel the twitching in his bone. "Mmmmmm not bad", he said. "Stroke it for me".

I began stroking his shaft with a gentle grip but as he responded to my work I began gaining interest and tightened my grip and executed long full strokes. Then I stroked faster. He leaned back on both hands and lifted his ass of the deck pushing his cock towards me. "Damn! That's so nice! Mmmmm..............try and taste it! go ahead and taste'll like it!" He said gasping.

I leaned in towards him and touched his bone with my lips and then circled the head with my tongue. Just then Fred flung himself forward pushing his shat into my mouth. I found myself sucking him now. I realized that he was right.....I did like it. I sucked him until he started gasping and jerking and then he pulled himself from me and stood up.

"Sit back up on the bench", he said. Fred got down on his knees and took a hand to fondle my balls while he then took my meat into his mouth and began sucking me hard. His hand playing with my balls while his index finger went back to tease my ass. He was obviously an experienced cocksucker. Stroking me with his face.......long strokes while sucking.

His other hand was stroking his own cock in rhythm with his sucking of mine. This had become an incredible experience! I was really enjoying it. I continued to watch him. He was lost in his own pleasure of pleasing me and stroking himself.

I was feeling myself swelling and by now was wanting to cum so bad. I was getting closer and closer so I warned him, "I'm going to cum!" But he kept sucking. "I'm going to cum, Fred", I said much louder this time. He kept sucking hard and pumping his face on my shaft. "Damn Fred, here it comes! Mmmmmmmmm I'm cumming! I'm cumming!"

Fred kept tight grip with his mouth on my cock. Never letting go. Sucking me! Sucking me! Sucking me dry!

Damn it felt good!

Removing his mouth from me he said, "Any stress left in you now?"

"No", I answered. "I think you sucked it all out!"

As Fred stood up I then noticed a huge puddle of cum on the floor where he had unloaded himself.

In no time at all Fred was dressed and picked up his towel and upon leaving said, "I'll be looking for you the next time you come to Pittsburgh on business."

I nodded back to him.

"Hey Fred", I said as he was walking away. "To be honest with you I have to confess that before you walked in here I was in deep fantasy about your morning desk clerk Barbara."

Fred stopped, turned and laughed saying, "Really? Next time you come to Pittsburgh I'll bring her in here with us!"

"Really?" I responded surprised.

"Yes indeed my good man", Fred continued. "Won't be a problem to arrange. Barbara is my wife and she would love to join us!"

"Damn! He's got to be kidding!" I whispered out loud as I felt my cock stiffening again with my hand wrapped around it stroking.

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