PRIDE Meeting
Sandra sat down in the folding chair near the back and watched as other people slowly started to filter in. This was her first Pride meeting, and she was a little nervous. She ran her hand through her short platinum hair and hoped that the quickly filling room couldn't see how much she was shaking. Sandra had known she was gay for years, but she didn't really come out until she left her hometown and came to the university. There were a few girls sprinkled in and out the past couple years, but they were all just 'four year lesbians', and after they would have sex they all said the same thing.
"Umm...that was really great and a lot of fun, but I was just experimenting and now I'm pretty sure that I'm just straight...but thanks for the experience!" Sandra was left with an empty bed and a lonely heart, and for a while she switched to men. But now, all she could think of women, how beautiful they were, and how she wanted badly to just be in love with what she was attracted to. So when she heard that the local Gay Pride committee held weekly meet and greet socials, she decided to give it a try.
The room was filling up quickly, lesbians, both studs and femmes were walking in with gay men, transgenders and cross dressers. Then, as she was watching the door, for what she wasn't really sure, she saw her pop in, a sprightly little woman standing maybe 5'2" with cropped bright pink hair. She greeted a group of lesbians lovingly, throwing her arms around each of them and Sandra instantly felt jealous. The pink haired woman scanned the room and when her brown eyes landed on
Sandra she stopped, and her smile spread wider.
"Oh shit," Sandra thought as she watched the little fairy bound over to her.
"Hi! Meesy, who are you?" Meesy plopped down in the seat beside Sandra and picked up her hand off her knee. "You're shaking. Are you nervous? You shouldn't be! You're very pretty!"
Meesy's demeanor threw Sandra off guard but only for a minute. She smiled at her and squeezed Meesy's hand gently. "My name is Sandra, nice to meet you. And thank you, you're incredibly adorable yourself." They carried on a small conversation about their coming out stories with their parents, about their past love lifes, and eventually, found out they were both single.
"So, Sandra, you're hot, you're single, and from what i can gather you have a very unique imagination, so i think we should know each other a little better. what do you think?"
Sandra's lapis eyes ventured down Meesy's small but apparent curves. "I would absolutely love to get to know you better, Meesy."
"Great! Let's go!" Meesy pulled Sandra out of her chair and they left the meeting.
"Umm, where are we going?"
"To my place, we can watch a movie and talk."
They reached Meesy's and before she unlocked her door she pushed Sandra onto it, standing up on her toes to press her soft lips to Sandra's lips. Sandra moaned audibly and picked up Meesy, turning her around so that Meesy's back was pressed against the door and her legs were wrapped around Sandra's waist. Sandra slipped her tongue into Meesy's mouth and she took it greedily, sucking and nibbling while Sandra struggled to get the key all the way into the lock so they could get to Meesy's bed. After what seemed like forever she heard the click and pushed the door in and kicked it shut as she lost her balance and fell on her back to the floor.
But she didn't even feel it, she was so wrapped in the way Meesy was fucking her mouth with her tongue that she completely forgot about the bed. She pulled Meesy's shirt up over her head and in a second had her bra snapped off as well. She leaned up, attacking Meesy's neck, biting and scraping her teeth down to her breasts where she changed the pace from rough to incredible tenderness and took careful time suckling and licking each nipple. Meesy was whimpering and running her hands through Sandra's hair, grinding her hips into
Meesy pulled Sandra's shirt up over her and unsnapped her bra. Sandra's breasts were almost a full size bigger than Meesy's, but incredibly round and firm. Meesy worked Sandra's jeans and black panies off of her and shortly afterwards Sandra did the same. Meesy pushed Sandra back down to the floor and spread her legs. "Ohh baby," Meesy said as she stared down at Sandra, "You have a beautiful fucking body." Sandra answered with a moan as Meesys tongue flicked over her already wet pussy. Meesy moaned into Sandra's pussy as she licked and sucked her lips and clit.
Behind Meesy's head, Sandra's ankles were locked together in sexual frustration. "Mmm, you like when i lick your pussy baby?"
"Fuck yes!" Sandra screamed as she shoved her fingers in Meesy's hair.
"Mmm tell me how much you like it baby." Meesy slid two of her fingers up into Sandra, making her moan and even more.
"Ohh baby, lick my pussy like a fucking good girl, oh fuck like the way my pussy tastes baby? Meesy's tongue worked like magic on Sandra and soon she was squirting into Meesy's mouth. She moaned loudly as Meesy licked greedily to clean Sandra up. Sandra let the sweet laziness of post orgasm slip over and for the first time she noticed the soreness in her back from falling on the linoleum floor.She chuckled, pulling Meesy up to her breasts where she snuggled in comfortably.
Sandra kissed the top of her head and started stroking Meesy's hair. "I'm sorry babe, it's been a while since i was with another woman...just give me a minute, and we'll take it to your bedroom." Meesy leaned up and kissed Sandra on the lips.
"Take your time hot stuff, i'll go get my strap on ready." As per her usual boisterousness, she hopped up and flounced into the bedroom which was actually, only a few feet away.
Sandra stared after Meesy in shock.Still naked, she lifted herself off of the floor and walked silently into the bedroom where Meesy had just pulled out an eight inch violet purple dildo. "Uhhh...Meesy? That looks fun and all but I...I've never used one of those before..." Leaning her hour glass frame against the door way, she looked sideways, trying to hide the growing blush in her cheeks. Meesy noticed and threw the dildo onto her rainbow comforter.
"Aww babe, it's okay!" She wrapped her arms around Sandra and pulled her in for another kiss. "We can take it slow okay? And I'll guide you into what i like. Don't worry it's going to be amazing for me! And after a couple thrusts, if you still arent comfortable with it you can eat my pussy while i eat yours again..." She flicked her tongue teasingly over Sandra's lower lip. "That sound okay to you?"
"Sounds good to me babe, I'm at your service." Sandra couldn't help but grin as she watched Meesy go down on her knees to stap on the, well, the strap on, to her waist. Meesy layed down on the bed and smiled up to Sandra. She closed her eyes and moaned as Sandra dipped her tongue into her. She licked softly, steadily until Meesy's precum was dribbling onto the comforter. She stopped, kissing her way up Meesy's leg until she reached her knee. Slowly, she guided the bright dildo into Meesy's neatly shaved dripping pussy and watched with great arousal as Meesy squirmed to take more of the fake cock. "Mmm, more baby...please..."
Sandra thrust in slowly to the hilt and slid gently out again. She placed a hand on each of Meesy's knees and thrusted the strap on back into her again. Meesy moaned louder this time, her back arching. "Ohh baby that's it, you know just what you're doing." Sandra was now just as aroused as Meesy. She had never felt this type of power of a lover before and she was falling in love with the feeling.
"Talk to me baby, tell me what you want," She told Meesy as she thrust harder and longer into Meesy, slowly, achingly, refusing to go faster until her lover begged for it.
"ohhh...i love what youre doing to my pussy baby, you fuck me so amazingly, yes just like that..ohhh fuck me, yeah, ohhh!!! Faster baby, fuck please, faster..." Meesy wrapped her legs around Sandra and surged her into a deeper thrust, making herself scream.
That was all Sandra need to hear, she picked up her tempo, fucking Meesy like she never knew she could. Her own thighs were wet from the beautiful sight before her and she could feel her precum trickle down her naked thigh.
Meesy reached her climax, locking her legs behind Sandra and trembled on the strap on as she came. Her legs had Sandra trapped, unable to pull the toy out of her lover, but she watched with carnal fascination as Meesy thrust her chest forward as the last shudder of the orgasm hit her. Slowly, she let her legs loosen and Sandra pulled gently out of her.
She quickly undid the straps and hooks and let the toy fall to the floor. She moved her body next to Meesy's, pulling her close in an embracing kiss. Meesy's hot pink hair was sticking in every direction and she couldn't look cuter. Sandra ran her fingertips slowly up and down Meesy's ribcage, making her shiver. "You're pretty incredible." Sandra said finally, breaking the silence.
Meesy looked dreamily up at Sandra. "I think that WE could be pretty incredible too." They met in the middle for a kiss, and as Sandra pulled away she said, "I couldn't agree more."
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