Package Delivery
I was working, delivering for various restaurants one night a couple weeks ago.

Parked at the curb around 7:30 pm. The BB&C in the distance in front of me, a closed but partially it office building to my left and apartments and other office building without tenants.

Sitting there, waiting for my phone to alert me to an order. Observing my surroundings, on my left I see movement in the closed office building. There was a cubicle, pictures of a man standing two kids on either side and a beautiful woman about a foot shorter than the man in front of the man slightly to his right. A computer, a phone on the wall of the cubicle one light flashing, and alot of post it notes.

I looked away for a second, a police car goes screaming by, turned bac, a woman sitting at the desk looking at the screen. Brown hair with blonde highlites, large good hoop earrings, wearing a blue top, long sleeves pulled up to her elbows, and a skirt to her thighs. She wasn't wearing shoes at the moment.

My phone chirped, I got an order, I put it drive and left. Got to the restaurant checked the order packed it and left drive to the residence dropped the order exchanged thank yous, went back to the same place. Parked about the same spot.

Again checked my sorroundings, looked over at the office building. The computer screen was on screen saver, the same picture on the wall of the cubicle. The woman slid back to the desk the back of the office chair bounced off the desk, her mouth moving, she was talking to someone. She smiled, very pretty like her face glowed as she sat there but when she smiled her face sparkled.

A man walked into the area like walking on a movie set. They were talking and giggling, laughing. He moved closer she was sitting in the office chair and he with his but on the edge of the desk.

Her hands went to his belt unbuckling it, then undid his button to his pants pulling them apart with what looked like a slight tug unzipping his zipper at the same time.

His hardness sticking straight up, she grasped his shaft, softly taking it just side to side as if inspecting his package. She move closer to his cock hand still around it as her soft lips touched the lower part of his tip her tongue came out and she licked his tip as if taste testing.

Pulling back slightly she licked her glistening red lips they were shiney, and slowly took him into her mouth, her hand guiding her lips slowly to the base as she deep throated him.

As her head bobbed enjoying his hard member, he had his hands in her hair helping guide her on up and down. After about ten or fifteen minutes, he pulls her up they kiss teasingly as he pulls up her top over her head he pitches it over the edge of the cubicle and catches the top resting there..then he unclasps the clasp in the front of her bra letting her firm breasts free for me to salivate over.

He cupped each breasts as she was now standing with him, her hands running through his hair, I can only imagine she might have been meaning as his head was between her breast licking and sucking and nibbling. Her nipple that was visible to me was hard, it looked like it needed his undivided attention.

As I sit here watching, I heard OMG take your time....I turned my head around looking to each direction for someone else who might be one ,...umm ok did I just say " OMG take your time" out loud ?....

I turn back giggling to myself, he is now between her legs...thinking to myself what happened to her skirt? A quick search finds it close to her top with what looks like it might be her thong between her top and skirt connecting them.

She is sitting on her desk, legs spread toes up and pointed out and curved down hers hands on his head , her breathing sporadic. Her tits firm slightly sagging, both nipples hard, she is a very beautiful woman.

As I sit there, trying not to blink, licking my lips, and hoping the police don't come and tell me to move and my phone doesn't chirp with another order.

She pulls him up grasping he hard cock presses it against what I can only imagine is a very slippery verging on sloppily wet slit....presses his tip sliding it up and down her warm wanting slit. He reaches for his pants which I notice as he reaches are on the other corner of the cubicle....hand in his pocket and pulls out a condom, tears it open, starts to roll it on, she grabs it and throws it over his shoulder.

Grasping his hard cock, she looks at him defiantly and says something, I can only speculate was fuck me and cum inside me. Still holding his cock she presses it into herself, her lips move again and he trusts into her eyes wild with lust, her legs wrap around him...he trusts into her making her head bounce against the cubicle wall.

They fuck like this for awhile then he pulls out, they say something....she gets up turns...her pussy is clean shaven, places her hands on the desk bending over. He grabs her hips, plunging his hard cock deep inside her in one full hard stroke. Her tits sway back and forth ....oh how I would love to be under her or behind her or just nearer ....

My phone chirps ... What a pre-dick-a-ment.....

Should I answer? Will they still be going at it when I get back........
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