Pain and Submission
She wanted pain. She needed pain. Right now, there was nothing that would calm her like a good beating from her Master. But he told her that she didn't need punished. Fuming, she stalked off and slammed the bedroom door. Smiling, she waited for him to come in. He absolutely hated the sound of a slamming door. This time, he never came. She frowned and fumed. He knew what she wanted from him. Knew what would calm her down quickly. Yet, he refused. She wondered how many times she would have to slam the door to get his attention.

Then she spied his favorite picture. It was of her hanging from a rope in the bedroom. Picking it up, she hurled it towards the door. The sound of it hitting the door, followed by the shattering of glass only fueled her anger. She had no clue where it was coming from either. She turned away from the door and was reaching for something else, when the door flew opened. Banging hard enough against the wall to come slamming shut, he kicked it shut for good measure. She never turned toward him. Never gave him an inkling that she knew he was there. Instead, she picked up a figurine and felt its weight.

Grabbing her wrist, he took it from her, sat it down, and grabbed her other wrist. He knew all to well what she was capable of and wasn't about to let her to anything stupid. This was so unlike her. He dragged her to the bed and threw her onto it. Quickly, he straddled her to keep her from moving and slammed her wrist against the headboard. He was not at all gentle as he snapped the cuffs onto her wrist and repeated the process with her other wrist. Then he turned and just as quickly cuffed her ankles. Green eyes blazing at him, she started screaming at him to undo her cuffs. Firmly, he said no and got out of bed. A string of insult rained on his ears and he tried to be deaf to them. Then she said one phrase that he hated to hear.

"You Scottish bastards are all alike" she said with enough venom that he would have sworn she meant every word.

Turning around, he straddled her and smacked her hard enough across that mouth that her head snapped sideways. She slung insults at him faster than a farmhand ever slung slop at a pig in July. He pulled himself off her and went to the kitchen. He needed to calm down himself. Hurting her while he was so upset wasn't going to solve anything and he would only feel bad about it later. Grabbing a glass, he tried to run water from the sink into it. But his hands were shaking so badly, he was sloshing the water everywhere. He paced in the kitchen for a good ten minutes, hoping that she would calm herself. He was trying hard to teach that to her.

He heard her calling him, yet he didn't dare venture to the bedroom yet. He was still hot himself. Her voice was hoarse and he was to blame. But it was what she wanted. Shaking his head, he knew that was not what she wanted. That look in her eyes was a blood lust. He was sure if he were to look in the mirror, that same gaze would be staring back at him. His blood was pounding through his veins. He was not sure he would be able to control himself with her any longer. Taking a deep breath, he found his center and calmed down. Going back to the bedroom, he brought along a glass of water for her. He smiled when he walked in the room. She was spread eagle on the bed, nude, and flushed a furious shade of red. Then he spied the purple bruise across her face and winced. That was his fault. He shouldn't have allowed her to get him that fired up.

"Calmed down any yet," he asked.

Raising her eyes to meet his, she tried her best to shrug her shoulders. Kinda hard when your arms are stretched out. The blood lust was still there, but the fury was not. That was a good sign for him. It meant that she had been able to find her center and was calming down. He turned and walked out of the room. When she was calm, then he would punish her for her outburst.

He went to his cabinet and unlocked the doors. Opening it up, he gazed lovingly at the different pieces of equipment hanging there. He picked out several pieces that he hadn't used in a while and then locked the cabinet back up. No need for anyone to see that little trophy case of his. He went and checked on her again, that blood lust was still in her eyes, so he walked over and smacked her breasts before leaving. It would take a little while longer for her to settle down completely. He went into the living room and flipped on the news.

Once the news was over, he went to check on her again. He smiled wickedly and let the door swing open. He went, got his crop, and returned to the room. Running the crop from her toes to her nose, he yanked her hair and instantly she was awake. There was no fear or anything from her.

"Before we begin, you remember your safe word? You can use it at any time," he said.

She nodded and waited. Taking the crop, he gave her five lashes on her pussy. He stopped and looked at her. She nodded. He gave her an additional 25 lashes on her pussy and thighs. He put the crop away and before getting another instrument, asked if she wanted to use the safe word. She shook her head and he grinned. He got a large butt plug out and jammed it into her ass and then pushed an equally large dildo into her pussy. He placed clamps on her lips and had a chain that connected them together. All he had to do was yank on them to make her pussy hurt. He put a clamp on each nipple and watched her closely. She shook her head at his unspoken question. He pulled both chains, causing pain to radiated from her breasts and pussy. She hissed and he gave a big yank, which caused her to scream.

Taking a hold of the dildo, he began to fuck her with it. It pulled on her pussy chain, stretching her pussy lips. As the dildo fucked her, he picked up a small flogger. Flicking his wrist, he flogged her breasts. She screamed and then would cum. He liked this aspect. Grinning, he kept this up for 20 minutes. Loving how the dildo would pull the chain as it was pulled out and when rammed back inside, would cause her to have an orgasm.

Finally, he was ready for some fun. He put the flogger down and then undid the cuffs. Once she was free, he pulled her up and keeping a hold of both chains, walked her to the garage. Once there, he ordered to stand still. He pushed her legs farther apart and then sat on the bench. He started ramming that dildo in and out of her pussy quickly and after she came again, he kept it out. He pulled her over to a chair and had her sit on it. Mounted on the chair was another dildo. Carefully, she worked it into her pussy and then leaned over. He fastened her cuffs to the chair and then stood back.

"Do you want the gag today," he asked.

She replied that she wanted it, so he went and got it. This particular gag was a dildo gag. A 8 inch dildo would be inserted into her mouth and then fastened around her head. Before placing it on her, he asked again if she wanted to use her safe word. She shook her head no and he shoved the dildo into her mouth and quickly fastened it. She gagged for a few minutes before her throat relaxed. Then he walked behind her. Her ass up in the air and he could see her pussy stretched over the dildo. Taking the flogger, he gave her 5 more lashes and then walked away. He loved leaving her all bound up like this.

He had his dinner and still made her wait. He knew that her pussy would be sore and if she wiggled on that cock, she'd be cumming almost constantly. He put his dishes in the sink and then went back into the garage. He went quietly, so she never heard him. He grabbed the butt plug and began thrusting it in and out of her. She screamed in shock and pain. He continued to do this for several minutes. Loving how she was screaming. He loved how she sounded screaming around that dildo in her mouth. Somehow, she managed to do it.

Taking the butt plug out, he heard her sigh deep in her throat in relief. If only she knew. He plugged in the chair and suddenly the dildo started pumping in and out of her. He went over to the work bench and grabbed a paddle and walked back over to her. She was moaning like crazy. With the dildo in her mouth, she was drooling like crazy.

"Don't you dare cum, bitch. I will tell you when you can," he growled at her. She whimpered and he looked down at her pussy. It was dripping with cum. Squaring the paddle with her ass, he cracked her a good one. Her scream was muffled and she tried to buck against her restraints. He laughed and cracked her again and again. After about 7 cracks, he went to her head and undid the gag. Pulling the dildo out o her mouth, she coughed and he asked if she wanted to use her safe word yet. Again, she said no and he replaced the gag. He inserted ear plugs and suddenly her world was silent. Then he placed a blindfold on her. Now, she was deaf and blind.

He went over to the door and let in three of his friends. They all remarked on her and asked him what all they were going to be able to do with her. Smiling, he told them that she was for their enjoyment. One went over and smacked her ass as hard as he could. Another undid the gag and thrust his cock deep in her throat. Another one rammed his cock deep in her ass and began to fuck her. Terence sat down and watched his friends enjoy his slave. Joe grabbed the riding crop and began smacking her ass all over with it as Mike fucked her ass hard. He wasn't letting up on that ass either. Adam pounded her mouth like he was possessed. After several minutes, Terence called a halt and Adam withdrew his cock. Taking an earplug out, Terence asked if she wanted to use her safe word. Mike ground his cock slightly and she moaned like crazy.

"No, Master. I do not wish to use my safe word," she said.

She had just barely gotten "word" out before Adam rammed his cock down her throat. Terence replaced the earplug and sat back down. It was finally Joe that asked if they could take her down from the chair. Shrugging his shoulders, he told them that they would do as they wished with her. They jerked her off the chair and had her stand in the middle of the room. Terence asked again about the safe word and she said no. they attached the chains to her cuffs and to the floor and ceiling, having her standing on tip toe and also in an 'X' figure. Mike grabbed a whip and stood behind her. Adam grabbed the crop and stood in front of her. They took turns giving her lashes and her screams echoed in the small garage. As they were giving her the lashes, Joe got rope. After 20 total lashes, they asked if she wanted to use her safe word. Again, between sobs, she said no.

Joe took the rope and bound her breasts, making them stick out more and her nipples as well. He tied her hands behind her back. Hog-tied her legs and ran rope between the two, joining them together. Mike walked over and slammed his cock into her mouth while Joe slammed his cock balls deep into her ass. Adam grabbed a flogger and began giving her lashes across her back. When both guys came, they pulled out and strung her up by the ropes and while Adam slammed his cock into her mouth, Joe slammed his fist into her ass and began twisting and turning his hand inside her. Mike pulled a chair over, sat down, and began eating her pussy.

Mike got up and went to the workbench. He grabbed up a vibrator ring and returned to his seat. He turned the ring on and pressed it tightly against her clit. He lapped her juices and laughed as she couldn't stop cumming. Her screams were muffled by Adam's cock. And Joe was going to town fist fucking her. Terence sat back and just watched. Something that he'd been wanting for a while and she never complained. He trained her well to refuse to use her safe word and to allow him to do whatever he pleased.

He told Adam to withdraw. Adam did and then Terence walked over and ordered her to open her mouth wide. Doing so, he took a hold of Adam's cock and a bullet vibrator. Shoving both in her mouth, he instructed Adam to work that vibrator as well. He checked her back and sides to make sure that Adam had been to rough on her. Seeing that she was fine, he returned to his seat. The guys would cum and then rotate. His slave got a really good workout. Then he went and opened the side door again. This time a really busty brunette walked in and sat by his chair. He wanted his slave to be furious and actually do something besides just hang there and take what was given. He told Adam to cum and then move out of the way. Adam did as instructed and then removed the blindfold when told.

She blinked a couple times as the light hurt her eyes. Then she focused on her Master. Or rather what her Master was doing. Her eyes narrowed and she bucked hard against her ropes. Mike and Joe groaned and worked her over harder. Her pussy dripped into Mike's mouth.

Terence was sitting on the chair with his legs wide open and the brunette between them working his cock over well. He was running his hands through her hair and calling her all sorts of pet names. Names that he only called her. Then he looked up and met her gaze. Smiling, he pulled her hair and ordered her to put his cock in her ass. Instantly, she was up and bouncing happily away. He reached up and started twisting and pulling her nipples. The whole time, he never took his eyes of his slave.

She was going mad watching her Master fuck another woman. He had never done that before. She bucked and squirmed and tried to get away from Mike and Joe. Terence told Adam to punish the bitch for misbehaving.

"Anything particular object, Terence," Adam asked.

"Use the carriage whip. And don't be lenient on her," he commanded.

Adam's eyes gleamed with pleasure. Terence was proud of Adam. He'd taken him in a year ago to train as a master. Adam was wonderful. Terence told him he would have to act as the slave for a while before training to be a master. For to be a good master, one must also understand the thoughts and desires of the slave. Adam got the carriage whip and also made sure that the dildo gag was close by.

Her eyes widened when she saw the carriage whip. Adam re-arranged Mike so that he couldn't accidentally get hit with the whip as well. Stepping back, he cracked the whip a couple times before laying into her. The crack hit her square in the back and she screamed and bucked hard. Joe smacked her ass and thrust hard into her. Gripping her hips, he fucked her and also helped keep her still. Adam used that whip well. He stopped and asked her if she wanted to use her safe word. Sobbing, she shook her head no and he told her to open her mouth. Once she opened her mouth, the dildo was shoved down her throat and the straps fastened in place. Stepping back one more step, Adam re-adjusted his stance and flicked the whip towards the floor. The crack hit on her nipple and breast. She went nuts trying to get away from her ropes, which only pulled tighter on her legs and arms. Adam smiled and kept flicking the whip and laughed as her screams were muffled.

Terence told the brunette to get back on her knees and swallow his load. She instantly got off and sucked him clean. He ordered her onto her hands and knees and without waiting, slammed his cock balls deep into her ass and then pulled all the way out. In and out, he pounded her ass furiously and called her baby. He smiled and looked at his slave. She was screaming and bucking like crazy. Adam was having so much fun whipping her tits and the other two where going back and forth. Cum was dripping from her ass and pussy non stop and drool dribbled off her chin.

"Oh, baby, she's so damn tight. Not like you. Hmm, if her ass feels this great, wonder what her pussy feels like. Maybe I'll bust my load in her pussy. Bet she'll get knocked up. Again, not like you," Terence said.

She glared at him and tried to say something, but it was muffled by the gag. Terence laughed, pulled his cock from the brunette's ass, and got closer to her. He laid her on her back and proceeded to fuck her pussy. His slave was moaning and groaning. He realized that if that gag was not in her mouth, she would be cursing him up a blue streak. He pounded that pussy and just as he was about to cum, he twisted them around so that she could see him pump his cum into this bitch. His slave bucked and screamed and glared at him.

"Adam, please punish that bitch a little more. She's forgotten her place," he sneered and watched her eyes widen in fear.

"Does the bitch want to use her safe word, now," Adam hissed in her ear.

She viciously shook her head no and finally dropped her gaze. Adam went and put the carriage whip away and rummaged in the closet again. Adam returned to her and when she turned her head to see what he had, he backhanded her and ordered her to watch her master fuck the girl.

"Don't take your eyes off them either, bitch," Adam hissed.

Terence was so proud of Adam. He saw that he had picked the flogger again. That seemed to be his favorite object of punishment. He flogged her breasts for 10 minutes, laughing as she tried to scream over the dildo in her mouth. Then he worked over her back, thighs, ass, and her stomach. Terence thrust hard one last time and pumped his cum into the brunette's pussy. Then called Adam back.

Adam dropped to his knees in front of Terence and gave him a blow job as a way to thank him for allowing him to punish his slave for him. After Terence blew his load, he told the guys to get off and then they would tie the bitches together and go get some sleep. Mike and Joe got off and then they let her down. Undoing the ropes, they dragged the brunette over and laying them with their pussies in each others faces, tied them back up and left them there.

"Bon appetite, sluts. Your meals are served," Terence replied, switched off the light, and shut the door.
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