Pam's Friend
As the weather turned to fall chilliness, Sarah and I seemed to be drifting apart. We did no more sun by her pool. I missed that a lot, and she looked busy with other things. My thoughts turned to Pam, and the first opportunity to take a drive, I took a chance and drove to her little dress shop. As I entered her store, she was with another customer. There she was lovely as ever in one of her business suits. Her skirt was a little shorter than she wore before, but those legs were even more attractive than I remembered, being helped by 4-inch heels. That ever-present of a hint of cleavage rounded out her clothes. She had cut her hair to an abridged version and colored it an Auburn that looked good on her.

She was waiting on an older woman, who probably was there for a new dress and all the fitting feels. Pam finally saw me and came to me with a hug. I was hoping for a kiss, but I think she was worried about the loss of a sale with too much attention to me. I went to the pantie counter. All of them were soft and sexy. Whenever I thought Pam was looking my way, I would pick up a pair and smell them. That flirt got me a wink from Pam. I liked that. I watched out of the corner of my eye when she was working on the hem of the dress that the lady was wearing. She was a master at fittings to get as much touching as possible. Pam was hiking up the skirt to an almost mid-thigh, which that lady should never wear something that short. She had the lady hold up the dress while she adjusted the hem to make it even. The lady's eyes were half closed as Pam touched her thighs between her legs. She smoothed out the skirt probably feeling her mound, and then just left her hand there, while she asked the woman one question after another. I was getting excited myself watching her with a hand on her mound and a hand underneath the skirt. When she quickly stood up. The hand under the skirt came up at the same time. The little sq eek the woman produced, led me to believe that Pam had felt her pussy under the dress. I was getting hot, and I wasn't even touched.

Pam made the sale, and the lady left. Pam went to the door and locked it. She walked towards me saying, "Come here you!" She moved me to a place where we could not see us visible from outside and put her arms around me and kissed me. I kissed her back. I told her, "I love your new hair!" She beamed and said, "You like it?" I nodded as I kissed her again. "That skirt is perfect for you. Pam, you got great legs. You should show them." When she said, "I hide a lot of things in these suits, but there are times I do show a lot more." I asked her if she wanted to do lunch, she responded, "I got one better than that. Let's go to my place, and I will fix you lunch." "You can leave the shop for that long?" I asked. "Sure, besides I got a new shipment at the house of some pretty sexy dresses for you to ponder." was her quick response.

I followed her home, and I pulled into a driveway of a lovely home. She got out of the car and said, "Let me go in first and lock the dog in the garage." " have a puppy?" I asked. "Yes, and he can get a little frisky. So it is better if I keep him in the garage while you are here," she said. She was apparently fond of the dog. A golden retriever, who she had named Elliot after her ex-husband was locked in the garage=. We went inside and she got out two boxes of dresses, and while Pam made lunch, I went through ten dresses, one sexier than the other. The maroon one Pam had sold me for my date with Jesse, was hard to beat but two of them had a chance of doing so. A black one that was open to the waist, caught my eye. More tape I thought. The backless dress was so low that it would be easy to show the crack of your ass if it only slipped down a little. The length of the skirt was just about the knee but split up the side to almost the waist. The other was red, which I usually do not like to wear, but the bodice was open enough that a push-up bra would move the girls high and jiggly for all to see. The skirt was very short just about covering one's ass. I would try on both hoping for a Pam fitting.

She finally called for lunch, and when I got to her breakfast nook, there was Pam like I had never seen her. She was wearing a mini denim skirt with heels. The most outstanding thing was her blouse. You could see right through it, and she was braless. With that short auburn hair and that outfit, she looked very fuckable. Any man or woman would go nuts over her. I was wondering if there were panties under that mini. I watched as she put the food on the table and those beautiful breasts of hers would move under that see through that gave me chills. I wanted her. When she asked me, "Are up ready to eat?" I just said, "Yes, the food and you!" She winked and responded, "Will take care of that right after lunch'" I kissed her and rubbed her ass, and yes, no panties. I didn't think I was hungry for food.

We did make it through lunch, and as we sipped our wine, she asked if I liked any of the dresses. I told her about the black one and the red one. She said me, "I figured you would like the black one, but you would be damned cute in the red one. Great one to go bar hopping." I was very anxious to explore her, and let her know by staring at those nipples through the blouse. She finally said to me, "Would you mind if I eat you first? That is all I have thought about since you and Sarah came to the shop." I whispered to her, "No I don't mind, as long as I get to nestle between your thighs and taste your delight." "My bed or the family room?" she asked.

We wound up in her bedroom. The decorations were all with the feminine touch. A picture of her and Elliot was on the top of a chest of drawers. I commented, "Oh my, he is a big one." She nodded and said, "The best." As I was looking at her and Elliot, she wrapped her arms around me cupping my breasts and pushing against my behind. Her hands on me felt so good as she shed my blouse and bra with ease. Her light touches on my nipples made them so hard they hurt. She kept on the tip of them until I turned and she helped me take off her blouse. I moved into her to feel those gorgeous breasts of hers on mine.
I reached for her pussy under the mini and found a huge mound, and I couldn't wait to play with it and lick it. She whispered, "In the bed, Carol, you first."

My butt almost never hit the bed before Pam was between my legs. This woman knows how to eat pussy. No wonder Sarah likes to visit her. The gentle hand on my mound while she ran her tongue up and down my slit. She would stop making her way up my belly to my tits and tantalize them. She would kiss me and whisper in my ear, "Carol's cunt needs attention!" She would make her way back down and suck my swollen lips. She then spent the rest of the time sucking and licking my clit while her fingers were inside me. When it happened, it was big. My nerves received a jolt like I never had. I came so hard I was screaming at her, calling her a whore mongering bitch. She must have like that because she sucked all the harder. I just laid there catching my breath.

We rolled over, and I kissed her exploring all the crevices of her mouth and tongue. I whispered in her ear, as I felt those beautiful mountains capped by dark pink peaks, "You don't know how much I want to eat your cunt. Let me eat your pussy." She just moaned, and down I went. Now Pam's pussy has her lips hanging outside of her slit. Running your tongue up and down her pussy, gave you a lot of softness to suck on. And did ever like that. She kept telling me to please keep going. Her big clit protruded. It was almost as large as Jim's cock, and it was more sensitive than I thought possible. Every lick and suck made the tenseness in her body stronger. It finally happened, and although it was easy to predict, I did not expect the violence of her cumming. She slapped at me. She squeezed my head with her legs. She called me names I had not heard since high school. Oh, was it fun to be part of her cum. She finally settled down, and we just lay on the bed holding each other.

We did get up and sat in the family room sipping wine with afterthoughts. She looked at me and said, "Can you stay over tonight?" I said, "I would love to, but Jim would be all over me; what I was doing and where was I at and I don't need that hassle." She replied, "Oh too bad, we have a club meeting tonight here, and I thought it would be different for you."

"Pam, what kind of club?"

"Oh, a group of us gals get together and have some fun'"

"Pam! Group sex?"

"A little bit like that sometimes, but most of the time we are entertained by Rex and Elliot."

"Elliot!? Pam, what is going on here?"

"Carol, let me be blunt. We sit around nude, sipping wine and talking about sex. Elliot and Rex are free to roam. And those feeling hornier enough just open the legs and one of the dogs comes and sniffs and if he likes it, he starts licking."

"Holy Shit Pam!"

"Don't knock it if you haven't tried it. Elliot's tongue is big and rough, and he can lick faster than you can imagine. It makes for a wonderful cum!"

"But Pam, it is a fucking dog!"

"Yes and a very talented one indeed. I tell you what if you want to find out if you would like it, just take off that robe and sit in the chair with your legs closed. When I let him up here, he will not bother you unless you open your legs."

"Pam, I would have to drink a lot more even to consider that."

"Keep drinking honey, I can tell by the look on your face, you are tempted."

I did keep drinking, and maybe I was because I wanted an excuse to try it. Although Jim only has a four-inch cock, he has quite the tongue, long and he is talented with it. I have never even told Sarah that less she would bring up the swap thing again. I finally asked Pam, "Pam, does Elliot fuck you?" She replied without hesitation, "Well sometimes the ladies get him so worked up he needs relief, and I oblige him. It is not like fucking a man, but it is hot and different." I could not believe she was fucking a dog. This gorgeous woman with a magnificent body was resorting to this for pleasure.

"Carol, I want you at least to meet him," she said like he was some fucking prince. She left, and the next thing I heard was nails scratching across the kitchen, followed by the distinct sound of them on laminate floor of the family room. He came bounding up to me. I had crossed my legs when I heard him coming. He put his head on the arm of the chair. He sniffed my leg. I scratched him behind his ear, and when I did the robe popped open showing my tits. He paid no attention. First thing I ever knew who was not interested in those. Pam finally appeared in the family room, and Elliot went right to her, trying to get his nose under her housecoat. She opened it, and he went right after her pussy, his cock was hanging out of its sheath,. You'd think he was lapping water from being dehydrated. The look on her face was pure pleasure. I got up, held the robe tightly around me and went to the bedroom. I got dressed. I went to my car and left Pam taking care of Elliot.

I stopped at a 7-11 on the way home, for gas. The tender young thing trying to look sexy as all young gals do, took my money for the gas and asked, "Anything else this evening?" I just looked at that tight little body and said, "Sweetie, I would prefer you any day of the week." I walked out to my car, thinking that is one fantasy I would prefer, over that fucking dog...
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