Pam's Transition
Things changed so quickly, it caught me off guard. It all seemed so normal with the boring day to day happenings. My name is Pam Greenwald. I am married to Fred Greenwald, who got me pregnant on our second date. We were married young and planned a large family. My daughter was born, but that was it. We tried and tried, but nothing. The frustrating thing was two strokes for him and nothing of pleasure for me and we had to get married. If only that night was more like the rest of our fifteen years together, I would not be sitting in this marriage bored. I was not the only one bored, he was too. We talked about trying to liven it up for us, and we did the usually less harmful things like watching porn. First it was straight sex. Then it was gay sex, followed by threesomes and swinger videos. I was surprised how much I enjoyed the girl on girl videos. We even went to an adult movie house where I jacked him off while some old dude watched me. He was happy, did nothing for me.

We finally came to the conclusion that it had to be more than videos, and more of each other. Other human flesh was necessary. We agreed to get dressed up, drive to a distant town, and go to a bar with dancing and see what would happen. I told Fred that the house dresses I have will not attract much. Maybe an occasional accidental bump by the stock boy at the grocery store. His accidents were just to frequent to be accidents. He did make my ego good. I always thought I had a nice body, but maybe it was time to show it more. When Fred said, "Damn woman, just go by a sexy dress and let's get on with it." I was ready to do just that. I knew a little shop that specializes in such style dresses. It was a good drive, but I didn't need nosy neighbors seeing me go in there.

I arrived a STYLES, and went inside. There was a lot of manikins with dresses on them that were pretty wild. I was pretty sure those were for private company with a partner or loved one. I was met by an attractive older woman, who introduced herself as Edna. Her accent was German, and for her age she was very cute. Her figured helped with that also. Looking me over, she said, "What kind of time are you planning?"

"I am looking for a sexy dress to wear to a bar."

"You looking to get picked up?"

"I will be with my husband."


"It's one of those things that if something happens, then something happens."

"Are you planning on staying together for the evening or go out on your own?"

I was getting a little annoyed with all the questions. All I wanted was a sexy dress, but she kept right at it.

"You want a style that you have to wear panties?"

"I am not sure."

"How about bra?"

"Depends, could you just show me some dresses!"

She disappeared but returned with three dresses and hung them on a rack. She pointed to the first, and said, "Great one for flashing. This next one for maximum cleavage, and this one for maximum exposure all around. Which one you want to try on?" When I said, "The second one," she replied. "No bra with that one." I got flustered and said, "The first one then." She handed it to me and I said, "You know my size?" She smiled and said, "I am good judge of that." She directed me to a changing booth and inside I started undressing. It was a very short black dress, and when I saw in the mirror, how short it was, I thought, ‘How could I ever wear something this short?' as it was way above mid thigh. The scooped neck did show cleavage and I would have to have a strapless bra underneath it. I thought I looked pretty good and paraded out. I got the following critique:

"No, No Pam honey, that tight of a dress, you cannot wear panties. Too much pantie line. Try it without the bra too. You need four inch pumps to get your legs more shapely."

And here I thought I looked pretty good, but went back into the booth took off the dress, bra and panties . I looked in the mirror and thought, ‘Not bad sweetheart' then I put the dress back on and she was right it did look better. So out of the booth I went.

"Much better, much better!

"How does one prevent the world seeing your pussy in this?"

"Let me show you."

She pulled a chair around and placed a foot mirror at a distance. She had me sit down, stood behind me and told me to cross my legs. In the mirror my bush flashed, which bought the comment from her of, "Time to get modern and shave that bare." She was standing behind me to take it all in. She continued, "You have to aim your pussy right and only cross or uncross you legs when necessary. Of course if you want to somebody to see, just be natural. Pam you have a lovely body that any woman or man would want."

‘Woman!' I thought. Damn, here was an attractive woman, telling me how lovely I was, while watching me flash her pussy at her. I just let my let my legs part enough for her to get a good look. Sitting there she reached around me and put her hands under my breasts and lifted them up the scooped line. I felt her thumb my nipples as she did. "Definitely needs a bra." she said. I was getting a little warm with all this attention. She said, "Let's try the next one."

I tried the one with maximum exposure, but had a hard time getting it on. To the rescue came Edna right into the booth. She said, "Let's start over," and took the dress right off of me. There I stood nude in front of this attractive woman who at that point I was convinced she was trying to make me. She commented, "You are more beautiful than I ever imagined! Have you ever made love with a woman?" When I said, "No." she asked if I wanted to make love with her. I could not believe how excited I was from all this attention and touching of my body by a stranger. Then I really surprised myself when I said, I would like to in the future." She smiled.

I did buy the black number and the one with it being open to mid belly. I left telling her I would be back and she said, "Anytime, but Pam, don't let these business clothes fool you. I can look hot as hell when I want to." That made me shiver!

When I arrived home, Fred was fiddling with some thing in the garage. I tried to show him the dresses to see which one he liked and his response was, "Go put them on Pam, how in the hell can I tell if they are sexy, holding them in front of my face in this damn light!" I left the garage, decided to wear the plunging one first. I put it on and called to Fred. "Honey, I am ready come a see." I yelled. He walked from the garage to where I was standing and kind of said to himself, "Damn, if you wanted to get screwed that would do it." He reached in and smothered my tit with his hand. "You want to get laid right now?" he asked. I responded, "Let me put on the other one and see what you think." I went and changed to the little black one. I decided to wear panties and I did have a push up bra that made the dress even sexier than with no bra. The four inch pumps were doing the trick, because there was a lot of leg to shape. I paraded out and he said, "Pam, you can see your underwear. That is not good. I think you should take off the panties and see for yourself." I could not believe what I was hearing, but paraded out to do just that. I was getting excited because if I showed him my bush, he would want it. I said, "Wait, let me take a shower first." He immediately knew what I meant and was all for it.

I went to the bathroom, leaving the dress on our bed. I took a scissors and trimmed as much as I could from my pussy. The lather was warm on it as I shaved. The shower water felt good on the irritation it caused. I looked in the mirror and with my wet hair and bare pussy I looked like a little girl again with more than buds on my chest. Fred came into the bathroom and looked at me and said, "I want to fuck you!" He never said anything like that to me in the last 15 years. He picked me up and carried me to our bed, sat down on it and pulled me on top of him as he laid down. "Ride me, bitch. Make it good. Ride hard cunt!" he kept yelling at me. I did ride because I was excited by his forcefulness and his language. His eyes moved from my bouncing breasts, to his penetrating cock in my bare pussy. He rolled me over and starting fucking me like a wild man. He came, but it was all ruined for me, when he said with each squirt of his cum, "Fuck you Karen, fuck you!" I just laid there stunned. All my excitement drifted away.

Our conversation after that was very heated. After much wrangling with Fred, he finally admitted to having an affair with a woman in his bowling league. I had seen her a few times when I went to watch, and I will admit she looked like a hot one with all the men hanging around her. I never dreamed she would pick out Fred to fuck. I can understand why he would like her with her short skirt and cute ass with no bra under a bowling shirt. And then coming home to me in a house dress, had to be a let down.

I told him I still wanted to go to a hotel bar with dancing, and if I got picked up I would fuck the brains out of whoever it was. He told me he understood. I kept pressing and said, "I am wearing the tight, low cut, short skirt, black dress with no panties, and whoever sees my bare pussy so be it!" I continued, "I am not going to fuck you again, Mr Greenwald, until I fuck someone else, even one of Karen's playmates. Your excluded of course! I will be ready Friday night to go dancing. I expect you to take me. Is that all clear?" Fred just nodded like a broken puppy. I was never was this aggressive, thinking that only boys had told me I had a good body, trying to get in my pants. I was about to find out, just what kind of body I had. I had spent 15 years fucking and blowing the same man, and now I was going to find out if others were just as good or better.

I was all set to go. I was hesitant about this when we first talked about it, but not anymore. I felt really sexy going out with no panties. I liked the way my tits jiggled when I walked. I just felt like I was a whore in the making. Fred looked at me and just shook his head. He obviously all of a sudden would love to be in my pants, if I had any. I even smiled at that one. Gentlemanly Fred open the car door for me and watched me slide into the car. Oh, and he got a good view of it, by saying, "Damn!" Of course by watching celebrities in risque photo's on the internet, he was in for a better view on the way out. The thought jumped into my head, ‘make it slow, make sure he sees enough, tease the shit out of him!' I wondered if Karen was bare. The way he reacted then shouted her name, I reasoned she was. We arrived and poor Fred could not get out of the car fast enough to open the door for me.

To get my heels out the door I had to hold my knees high. My legs were tight together until I reached for the ground with one foot. I just stopped held out my hand for Fred to help me. He just held my hand and looked. I knew what he saw because I could feel the night error on my cunt. A few smokers standing outside the bar entrance could see too as they moved around Fred to get a better view. A few comments were made that Fred did not like, but I loved. It is one thing to come out wanting to look like a whore, but it is quite an accomplishment to actually be called one. Others were more complimentary which I didn't mind at all either. One guy gave me an air kiss as I walked by him. I did pucker back. I did my best at walking into the bar. My ass was swinging and my tits jiggled as the push up bra had them high and looking full. We looked around. The hostess came to us and said that we would have to sit at the bar, as no tables were free at the moment. Sitting on a stool with this dress can be a major triumph without flashing the world. I tried but I knew a few at some tables had to seen it in all its glory.
Then it started with a parade on young ones talking to me and ignoring Fred. He should not have worried they were not my type. Finally a gentlemen introduced himself and asked us would we like to join them at their table. We jumped at the chance.

Both of us were introduced to Dick and Jane. Jane was younger than Dick but just a doll. She showed enough leg and cleavage to be sexy. I forgot myself about my dress and crossed my legs and either Dick or Jane got a nice view. Fred was interested in Jane, and who wouldn't be. When Fred asked Jane to dance, Dick moved a little closer to me and said in a whisper, "Would you two consider swapping partners?" I replied, "I would but it is up to Fred." He quickly said, "He is being asked as we speak."
Fred came back from the dance floor giddy as a school boy, acting like he was going to lose his virginity. Of course I was too from cock different than Fred's. Dick moved back next to his wife and I crossed my legs, only slowly this time. I wanted no doubt he would admire what he wanted. Dick took the lead and suggested two rooms at the hotel, and then the ladies would stay while the men switched rooms. The plan sounded fine, but then Jane suggested her and I go freshen up in the ladies room.

She looked around and found the ladies room empty. Not unusual while they are playing music. She stood in front of the mirror and started the ritual of reapplying make up. I did the same.

"Pam, was the flashing for my benefit or my husbands? Look, the boys want a strange piece of ass to put a notch on their bed post, especially from someone as hot as you. Please don't expect much consideration for your pleasure. I have been through this many times. I on the other hand, I find you as someone who loves to make love, and I do too."

We were finished with the make up thing and standing in front of each other she took me by the hand and led me to a stall. She kissed me hard and I felt her hand under my skirt. She didn't mind that my wetness was from me thinking about fucking with her husband. A skilled hand manipulated my pussy while she kissed me. She stopped.

"We have to get back to the boys but here is my number. I want to show you how good love making feels especially from a woman."

The room keys were distributed and I sat in Fred's and my room waiting for Dick to show. He did and it was everything Jane said it would be. He stripped me, and fucked me. I felt used. I was more than ready to do his wife.

I called Edna to see if she would be open Thursday, as I planned a new dress for Jane. I really didn't know if that was their real names, Dick and Jane, or did they steal it from my first grade reader. Anyway I was going to explore all the pleasure from her I could. Just that time in the stall with her kept popping back in my memory, even when Fred had his cock in me. Edna confirmed she would be there, and it would be nice to see my German friend again. I would sometime like to see her in something besides that business suit.

I turned on the highway, my heels on my seat, and because I was going to try on dresses that Edna recommended, I wore a blouse and skirt and nothing else. At home the blouse looked perfectly normal, but in the outside light, it almost looked see through. I unbuttoned it all the way and just let it hang open, and with skirt hiked up, opening the vents gave a nice sensation in all those sensitive areas. I even got a blast of horns from truckers. I was surprised of how much I enjoyed exposing myself. It was different from flashing. It was just letting everything hang out for all to see.

I should have been watching my speed instead of enjoying the breeze on my tits and pussy, as those famous red and blue lights were behind me. I quickly as I could without crashing, I buttoned up the blouse and pulled the skirt down. I watched as a young stud in a Smokey Bear hat ambled up to the window. I lowered the window and he said those famous words, "Your registration and driver's license, ma'am." I leaned over to get them from the glove box, and when I sat up, he was standing closer to the window. He asked me all the standard questions. Did I know the speed limit; Did I have any liquor in the past six hours. He kept up with the questions so he could watch my chest, and I was convinced you could at least see the darkness of my nipples through the blouse. He then told me to put my shoes on and get out of the car and he would give me a sobriety check.

I grabbed the heels, opened the door, lifted my legs one at a time to slip the pumps on my feet. I knew I was totally exposed in this skirt. He just stared. I thought, ‘Let the horny fucker look, prick!' He walked me up and down the highway edge line multiple times. I was sure he was enjoying the back view and then my nipples moving when I was walking towards him. He said, "Ma'am, I am going to take you in and confiscate your car!" After going through a triad es of what fors, I got disparate and said, "Officer, what can I do to convince you I am not drunk? I will do anything!" The stud just said, "Follow me." I did and followed him up a dirt road off the highway. He stopped. In front of him was another police car with two people standing by it.

Stud came back to my car opened the door and said, "Go take care of him." I got out of the car and walked up to the two of them. Surprising one was a lady cop and the other already had his cock out. He bent me over the trunk of the police car, pulled up my skirt and pushed his cock into my cunt. She was kissing him as he fucked me. He got done with me and told me to go take care of this buddy. He was sitting in his car with his cock out. I got in and was told to unbutton my blouse. He fondled my tits for awhile before taking my head and pushing it down on his cock. I gave him the blow job he wanted. He unloaded in my mouth and it was quite a bit. I held it and showed him, then swallowed. His only comment was, "You fucking whore." I looked at the other car and their was the lady cop blowing stud number one. I guess she liked the mixture of him and me. She did get him off and you got to admire that after fucking me.

I was told I could go. I backed up my car until I could turn around and get the hell out of there. I got to Edna's, but I was a mess. My blouse button wrong; the back of my skirt soaked from leaking cum; and my hair looked like it had been through war. Edna took one look at me and said, "What the hell happened to you?" I relayed my story of what happened. She just said, "You poor dear. Go in the back shed the clothes and take a nice shower. There is even some douche available on the shelf. Just try to relax. But honey, if you are going to go anywhere in a blouse like that, you might as well go nude. Your beautiful breasts could not be shown more."

I did douche then stepped into the shower and let the water run over me. It felt wonderful. Standing there with the water running down my face, a gentle hand touched my breast. My back was being washed all the way down to my thighs. My ass was touched with such warmth. I felt a hand go to my mound. Deft fingers manipulated my pussy. I turned and kissed Edna. I looked at her and this blonde German woman had a body that matched the beauty of her face. I touched her breasts. I felt the warmness of her pussy. She said, "Pam, I have a single bed in the next room, would you like to share it?" I just held out my hand and she took it and led me to it. We were all over each other. Feeling, kissing and getting each other off. We humped each other multiple times. My pussy had not felt this way in such a long time. We kissed and held each other. She said, "Feel better, sweetheart?" I replied, "Yes my darling."

We cuddled there all afternoon, making love as new lovers do. I finally asked her, "Edna as lovely as you are, you must have a partner who lives with you." "My partner left me for another, a rich lady who she basically sold herself. I do belong to a ladies club who are of the same desires, some of them single, some married like yourself. And of course, I have my dog, a beautiful German Shepard, Britain, who you would love!"...

Pam did divorce Fred, and moved in with Edna. She learned the business from Edna, and when due to deteriorating health, Edna moved into a nursing home, she gave the business to Pam. Although Pam never did date Jane, she keeps the blouse and stained skirt as a reminder of that day that changed her life.

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