Parent Teach Night
"I wonder what's under that tight black skirt," read the text message I received just as back-to-school night ended and the last parent's footsteps faded away down the hall. The smile was still on my lips when I heard my classroom door close quietly. Before I could turn around completely, the lights flickered off.
In a moment your hands were on my hips and your lips on mine sending a wave of heat through my body. You slowly maneuvered me backward until I was up against my desk feeling you pressing yourself into me. Your hardness on my leg aroused me even further. My face began to flush and a feeling of desire washed over me. My hands found your zipper and then my mouth found your waiting cock. As I began sliding you in and out of my hungry mouth, your fingers became tangled in my hair. I took you deeper into my throat, feeling you fill it up as I did. Hearing you moan only made me want to feel your hot cum fill my mouth. You pulled me back up to you, kissed my mouth, and then as I tried to catch my breath you said, "Now it's time to find out what's under that skirt." You knelt down in front of me and lifted my skirt, " favorite." Your tongue found it's way to my clit and instantly I was moaning under its' insistence. As you continued to lick a warm rush flooded my pussy and I was suddenly dripping. You turned me around and bent me over my desk rubbing the head of your dick against my opening. All I could think about was the way you would feel once you slid your hard cock into me. As you tightened your hold on my hips I could feel you thrust hard and deep pushing my walls apart. Slowly at first and then increasing your pace, each thrust getting more and more intense. I love the way you feel but I can tell you want something more. "I want you to cum in my ass, " I whisper. As you gently push your way in, and begin fucking my ass, I moan loudly. In a matter of minutes, I feel my orgasm building and wait for you before I let go. As you slide out, and we get ourselves put back together the handle on the door is jiggled.
The custodian peeks his head in, "We're just on our way out."
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