Parking Lot Fun
We met up with a guy at a local restaurant for drinks and some conversation one evening. After a little chatting, we seemed to hit it off quite well, so I (Leslie) decided to run to the restroom and on my way back, move over to his side of the booth.

When I returned, that's what I did... I sat beside him... I was wearing a skirt and heels and he was in dress slacks. Dress slacks seem to offer a great feel when rubbing someone's cock!!

As soon as I sat down beside him, he perked up, as he was surprised I did this. His hand instantly ended up on my thigh and my hand on his. I couldn't resist knowing more about the size and shape of his cock, so I reached a little more over towards it. It's a great feeling to rub a flacid cock and feel it grow!

He gently stroked my bare kitty as well. I keep it sooo smoothly shaved and ready for licking at all times!!

After a few minutes, I had him hard as a rock and we decided we needed to take this to the next level, but where to go in a hurry?

So, I asked him if he would take a ride with us and he agreed. I had hubby drive and my new lover and I got in the back seat of the truck (we have a full-size rear seat pickup, so it's plenty big enough!).

As hubby was driving us around, looking for a good place to pull over, we were kissing, feeling, rubbing and getting worked up. I spotted hubby checking us out in the rearview mirror from time-to-time and enjoyed putting on the show for him!! He pulled his pants open, exposing his sweet meat, which I stroked and got nice and wet! I luv precum just as much as cum! Meanwhile, he got me plenty wet with his fingers... one finger to start, then two then three then four!

He found a GREAT spot in a business office parking lot, against some trees, where we appeared to be out of view of cameras and people. It was dark and we instantly jumped out... He pulled his pants down and I laid back. He instantly dove between my legs with his head and tasted me... mmm... Felt sooo nice! Within a few minutes, I was ready for his cock, so I told him to get a condom on and FUCK ME! He quickly did this and we went at it!

First me on my back and him on top... Then me standing in my heels with my bare ass in the lot, bending over the back seat and him behind me plowing the hell out of me. Things got hot FAST and we were enjoying the hell out of it!

Next thing we see a car coming over and we all quickly jumped back inside the truck, before pulling clothes back on. You would think this would end things, but as soon as that car passed, we got back into the swing of things.

He sat up in the rear seat and I straddled him for a GREAT ride! Hubby was definitely enjoying the view and the action from his front seat location and decided to pull his pants off and stroke his hard, dripping wet cock.

I eventually ended back up on my back with my legs up and my new lover fucking me, while hubby was stroking his cock from the other door, over my face and dripping precum all over my mouth. All within a few seconds, my lover became VERY close and was verbalizing this... It got me excited and that got hubby excited and the next thing you knew, we all sexploded! Him inside me, me jerking and screaming how GREAT it's feeling and hubby all over my face!

It was one HELL of a great evening and a fun ride in the backseat of the truck!
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