Part 3
I woke up hearing a knock at my door. I rolled out of bed, slipped on my bathrobe and said I'm coming, hold on. I opened the door and to my surprise stood Dedra, my neighbor the hottie that fucked my brains out last night.

She had on sweats. I just came from my run and though you may want a coffee. I said to myself what am I getting myself into? I said, sure, thank you. Can I come in? she said. Oh sure, I replied. As soon as she was inside she jumped into my arms and started to kiss me. My bathrobe
opened and my now stiff cock jumped out. She reached down and started to stroke me as her tongue almost went down my throat. I pinned her arms and pushed her away. My God, she said Don't you want me? I do, I said, but, we are supposed to go over to Sandy's house this afternoon. If you and I go at it now, I will never make it. Oooo she pouted, what if I just suck you off? You need a cold shower, I said. Besides you have to go to work, Sandy will be waiting for you. Ok she finally said. Maybe you ought to go back to bed and get some rest. You are going to need all your energy this afternoon because Sandy and I are going to fuck your brains out.

I slept for about four when the phone woke me. I answered, hello. Hi sweetie, Sandy. How are you? Good. Have a long night, ha ha. Come over about
four oclock. Park out in back by the garage. Come in the rear door we will be in the rec area, probably in the hot tub.

I arrived, entered the house and found Sandy and Dedra together naked in the hot tub. They were kissing each other as I silently watched. Dedra bent down and started sucking on Sandy's big tit. I watched and finally said, Hi. Come on in Sweetie we have been waiting for you.

I undressed and hopped into the tub. Sandy made room for me between them. My cock was hard as a rock after I watched the two of them making out. Sandy reached over and grabbed my hard cock. Look Deddi he is so glad to see us. Sandy started to lick my cock. Deddi moved over and they shared my cock. I grabbed both of there heads as they took turns sucking my cock. After a while Sandy said lets go over there where I have the pillows all laid out. We need more room. I lay between the two of them. Everyone starts to move around and I find Sandy's pussy in my mouth while Deddi is straddling my cock ridding me like a horse. We fucked and fucked switching positions where I was now eating Deddi's pussy while Sandy horse fucked me. I finally collapsed. After a while I sat back and watched the two girls go at it. I got so excited watching Sandy eating Deddi's pussy. I came up behind Sandy and started fucking her doggy style. Ohhhh what a piece of ass. I fucked her and fucked her and blew my seed deep in her cunt. I collapsed on the pillows. Again, I woke up and Deddi was sucking my cock. Look he's awake. I want you to fuck me like you fucked her. With that she buried her face in Sandy's cunt. I waited a few seconds and slowly slipped my cock deep in Deddi's cunt. I fucked her and fucked her and finally I came deep in her pussy. I dropped to my knees and said. That's it you guys killed me.
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