I walk quietly into your bedroom early in the morning.

You're still asleep, lying on your side with just a sheet covering you from the waist down. Your hair is partially hiding your face and I can hear you breathing.

I study your shoulder so softly rounded. Your back smooth and beautiful. My eyes follow your spine down into the top of your tempting ass. God I love to look at your ass.

I'm standing naked beside your bed, my erection hardening as I watch you sleeping.

I look at your creamy breasts and I feel myself stiffening to my complete hardness. You make me like a brick. Carefully, I put one knee on the cool sheets, climbing into your bed, aroused so quickly when I saw your nipples.

You are so beautiful you make me want you, want you feverishly, urgently, and I begin to stroke myself as I ease down behind you and feel the heat radiating from your back.

Lying on my side behind you, I reach one arm over you and fill my hand with your luscious breast, sliding my thumb across then around and around your soft nipple.

Your eyes are still closed as your lips smile. Then as you yawn and stretch, I scoot my hips forward till you feel my long warm cock lying along your spine.

Not at all surprised, you press back against my hard thick rod and quietly hum, "mmm Whatcha gonna do with that big thing so early in the day?"

You put your hand on mine, moving with me as I feel your breast.
Together we tease you to arousal by gently scratching and twisting and pinching your nipple.
You feel my other hand as it slides between your legs from behind, pressing your pussy in all its delicious creamy wetness. Feeling my hand there, you squeeze your thighs together as tightly as possible.

Hear me whisper, "Oh Baby...." as I slowly cover your back with soft, warm, wet kisses. Kissing first between your shoulder blades, then all over your back as I make my way down your satiny flesh.

When I'm slowly kissing your lower back, exhaling my warm breath, I give you light wet strokes of my tongue, and you respond with the quietest hum of delight.

Your hand now, not mine, is playing with your breast.
I'm squeezing your ass, agonizingly feeling it and rolling it all around. Wanting my cock in you so bad!
You moan with surprise when I deliberately slide my tongue down into the top part between your butt cheeks. At the same time I push two fingers smoothly and deeply up into your sopping wet pussy. Pull them all the way out, fuck them up in you again, pressing and sliding my tongue up and down in your butt's crease.

From behind I shove my thigh between your legs, forcing them apart as you bend them at the knee. I lift and you respond as we raise your upper leg, and you reach down with your free hand and find my cock, hard as a board, lying against your swollen pussy lips. One simple move from each of us and the fat spongy head of my erection slips inside you. God how smooth and creamy wet!

When I hear your quiet groan I give one easy, sustained pelvic thrust and fill you with my long thick cock, pushing it deeply into you until my abdomen hits your rocking butt.

Whining so quietly, you arch your back and push your ass down against me, each of us still lying on our side in a spooning position.
My hands grab the tops of your shoulders as we begin our rhythm.

"I want a mirror on the ceiling," you whimper like a thirteen-year-old. Just the sound of your voice causes me to push faster, slapping against you harder. We hear that wonderful popping sound that appears when fucking intensifies.

My hands slide off your shoulders and push through under your arms till I find your breasts. I pull you backward and down as you repeatedly arch your waist and then straighten it, jamming yourself down on my big prick.

My upper hand lets go of your tit and grabs your arm at the wrist, guiding it down past your stomach to your crotch.
As I squeeze your breast again you rub your clit viciously, matching the strength and speed of our fucking.
The steady squishing wet sounds keep my hard-on extreme. My mind is flooded with fucking sensations, and I lose control of myself as the warm musky slippery grip of your fantastic pussy holds me and overpowers me.

Your eyes are scrunched closed, mine are open, feasting on every detail of our bodies and our sex.
Jesus Christ, we're beautiful when we fuck!! God I wish there was a mirror too!

Suddenly you hold your breath and groan deeply, and I know it's coming. Quickly and smoothly I move my hands to hold the tops of your shoulders again, and I shove my thick dick into you as fast and with all the force I can.

"Uh-uh-uh-Oh!-uh," is the sound you make as you release your body and allow the tingling spasms to wash over you.
Seeing and hearing you cum is such a fucking thrill for me!
How fast, how hard can I fuck you??
That's part of what goes through my mind when you cum.

And then I feel it too--my butt tightens, my muscles flex, then a powerful surge of energy pushes through me, releasing it, letting it cum.

God what a rush!! My ejaculation is so strong I feel the cum blasting through my vein as it spurts into you, deep in your pussy.

We sound like a porn movie! groaning and gasping and breathlessly spewing foul language: "Fuck! Oh Fuck! SHIT, oh god, Baby, oh god. Fuck me! Fuck me!"

And finally we begin to slow.

Wonderful how when the intense climax spends itself, we get to enjoy the delicious, slow ride down. Perspiring, breathing hard, still fucking--just slower and smoother. Then slower still, until finally we're spent.

My chest pressed against your back, one arm encircling you, my face is lying cheek to cheek on top of yours. You strain to turn your head enough so our mouths find each other. Just our tongues together feels driven, desperate. Even in the waning seconds of our animal fuck there is still feverish passion.

The passion is always there.
It is what makes me grab you every time you walk by.
We manage it with humor and casual language ("Jesus I am SO horny!"), but it is our deepest bond, desperately wanting each other.

The passion is there.
Always there.
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