Patient Care Part 2
After roommate and lover, Kassie left to get some much needed rest before her next shift, I was told that I would be doing a double shift. I also found out that Kassie would be coming in early as well. It now seemed that three nurses had gone into labor and were having their babies early. No problem, I thought as I looked over the charts for the patients that were in my care and was glad to see that I still had Cole and Jace on my case load.

I had promised Kassie to give them special attention. I peeped in the two men and found that they were still sleep before starting my rounds. I smiled at them knowing that it was not the meds, but what my girl put it on them. That woman could always give a mean sponge bath; in fact that is how we met. I was in the hospital for surgery and she gave me a sponge bath that turned into something else really quick. To this day, I am not sure if was the way she sucked my nipples or the way she fingered my pussy but she had me hook, line, and sinker after that night. We move to a new place together by the end of the month. She was my first female and non-Black anything.

Kassie was bi-sexual and knew it, for me it was something that I had to find out and once I did I was cool with it. Lately, though we have been looking around for a man or men with the right frame of mind to start our kind of family with babies and all. Kassie seemed to think that Cole and Jace might fit the build. We had talked about them that evening when she got home from work. After finding that they were in the hospital which wasn't how we planned to meet, she asked me to check them out and let her know what I thought.

I agreed for two reasons, one, I love Kassie she is the love of my life and two, I was really missing what a man has to offer. Now if we could just get the loving, caring supportive part in there... wow it would be great. It was on my mind when I finally went back to check on the guys.

When I walked into the room saying hello, I was surprised to find Cole up with crutches standing over Jace. At first it didn't register and then it did... I had walked in on the beginning of something. Jace's dick was sticking up from between the sheet like a motley color pink cone flower. I think I said wow and quickly kick the myth of dick size being a racial thing out of my head. I would have stood there continuing to stare if Cole hadn't cleared his throat.

"Oh," I said and stepped back to check the door making sure that no one else was coming in. I turned back to look at the two men and smiled. That was all Cole needed for in the next moment his head was down and his mouth was sucking Jace's cock. I stood there watching male giving another male pleasure in total awe. I had heard about it and even had seen it porno films but never in person.

My pussy went into overdrive, with sweat forming on my skin I watch as Jace cum screaming into his pillow as Cole worked to swallow every drop of his white foaming cum. When he had finished, Cole leaned over and gave Jace a deep probing kiss that involved a lot of tongue. Then he took his crutches and hobbled back to his bed after giving me a long once over ending with a smile.

I mumbled something, not sure of what I said due to the state I was in... between cumming and going. I quickly left the room went to find the nearest bathroom. I quickly walked taking the last stall dropped my pants and sticky panties. Then I gave myself a much needed finger fucking, I came so hard that it would have really made a mess if I hadn't taken a sit on the toilet. I squirted just like Kassie said Cole and Jace had when they came. When I could stand, I cleaned myself up and went back to work vowing to only visit the boys when someone else was in the room otherwise I was going to trying to fuck one of them into the next life.

As the day moved into the evening, my sweetie came back to work. I met Kassie in the locker room on my break as she was changing from street clothes to scrubs. Checking around as I walked down the row between the lockers to her turned back. Her just wearing her bra and panties when I slipped my arms around her as I kissed the base of her neck. Inhaling her perfume a mixture of product and her natural scent as golden tendrils of her hair tickling my nose.

"Hummm this had better be my chocolate treat," she said as she pressed back into my embrace.

It was nice that we were the same height so it made many things a lot easier. I slid my hand round her lower body over her edged of her panties and down to that warm wet place of her that I had developed a love for. Running fingers through the baby fine hair that covered her mound I slid into, where I gave clit a lovely flick or two as I massaged her right breast. Kassie moaned between tightly clenched teeth to control her vocalizing her pleasure. Kassie arched her body into mine and then pull quickly out of my reach, which was just in time as we heard the door to the locker room open.

Two nurses who were getting off from there shift on another floor where coming to collect their stuff and go home. I starting talking to Kassie as if when had been discussing our patients as she continued to get dress. The nurses left in a matter of seconds and Kassie had the hand with the invading fingers on the way to her mouth. I stopped her as I took for still warm sticky with her juice into my mouth and she took the other.

Looking into each other eyes, her blue to my brown we sucked my fingers clean that ended in a brief chaise kiss as other came into the locker room. We had agreed that we would present the guys our suggestion as it was and see how it would fly with them.

Kassie was assigned to another set of patients so she wouldn't see the guys that evening, but I would. It was my turn up to bat, especially after I filled her in on the show that Cole and Jace had put on for me. As we walked out together, she to start her shift and me to get back to mine, Kassie had a huge smile on her face and a knowing look was shining in her eyes.

"Baby, go get them!" she whispered as she went off in the opposite direction from where I was going. I just smiled and went off to do what I was told.

It was late in the evening when the hospital when all goes quiet and everyone seemed to asleep and at peace. I walked into the boy's room and found them very much a wake. Jace was still in traction and would be in it for a few more days. Cole was sitting up facing him with his dick out uncovered hard and ready for something.

"You know I could have been one of the other nurses on this floor," I said as I stood by the door making sure that no one else would be coming in.

"No, we knew that you would be coming Kassie stopped by for a quick second during her lunch shift...."

"Oh is that why she couldn't meet me for lunch, she was visiting with you two," I said teasingly with a slight pout.

"Yes," they both said together smiling.

"Ok, so what else did she tell you?" I asked feeling the heat rising slowly in that special place as I walked toward them.

"Oh she said that you would be taking care of us this evening and that you had something to talk to us about," Jace said as he rearrange the covers to hide his impressive cock. I guess it was to be business first and play time later.

But first I think we, both need a sponge bath, Cole said with a wicked grin of his handsome face. I glanced over toward Jace who was smiling as well with his right hand moving under the covers about where his cock would be.

"I am not sure that it is your body that need cleaning, more like you mind,"I said as looked them smiling.

"Yes and you like it," Cole said as he let me see the wonder in his eyes as to what I looked like naked.

That look, cause places on my body to become hot, wet and needy all at the same time. I nodded at the both of them as I felt my nipples become unbearably hard. It had me wishing that they were being sucked on.

I went and check back in at the nurse's desk in time to see Kassie coming back from making her rounds. As I went to the closet off the Nurse's Station to collect the things needed to give the boys their sponge baths. I listened while Kassie told the Head Night Nurse that one her patients would be going back into surgery within the hour and another had been moved to another ward.

So this meant that her case load for the night was on low side and relatively free. She just had to do 30 minutes to hourly check ins with the three she had left. Before coming to check on the boys I had put my last patient to bed, a knee replacement and knew that she would sleep until morning. Thus barring any really serious situations arising we would end up with a very quiet night. Good, because I and maybe Kassie if she could swing it had plans.

As I wheeled it past the Nurse Station with the cart-load of sponge bath stuff I waved to Kassie. She waved back as she gave me an all knowing looking. Pushing the cart into down the hall toward their room I thought who I was going to do first. Then it came to me and I smile as I feeling my pussy spasm with glee.

Went I walked into the room pushing the cart in front of me I noticed that the lights had dimmed to their night time intensity. So the room was in soft shadows for the most part. I glanced over at the boys and found that they had prepared for the sponge bath. They had removed their hospital gowns and were naked from the exposed chest to what was covered by the bed coverings. I turned my head and smiled, as I now seeing what had greeted Kassie last night.

"Ok gentleman who is first?" I asked knowing that is really didn't matter.

"Oh, I think I am," said Jace as he looked at me from his bed. He was laying there with an arm up and behind his head showing a nice expansion of chest. His other hand was down under the covers and whatever he was doing was causing it to tent just about where his cock would be. That pose would have looked stage on another man but he just looked sexy and inviting. I glanced over at Cole who was still in traction, who was also bared chested and I am sure naked under the covers. He just gave me a serious look that turn to raw lust in a blink of eye. As I rolled the cart around to Jace's side of the bed Kassie came into the room smiling.

"Hey, I heard that you might need some help with these two, "with a bright sunny smile with a tinged naughtiness.

"Humm, no but I would like the company," I said with a smile to match her.

"Ok so who do I get?" Kassie asked as she took the remaining of the sponge bath items off the cart.

"You get Cole to start," with I said with a wink as I pulled the curtain shutting Jace and I off from their view.

I continued to act as if this was business which it was. Once I had the items arrange as I want them, I turned to face Jace who now had his cock exposed. He was caressing it moving his hands up and down the shaft to the mushroom shaped head. He gave it a squeeze and then did the same motion all over again. I just stood there staring, drool from my mouth and my pussy. There is just something so yummy about watching a man pleasure himself, especially knowing that you will be able to play with him later.

"Ok, Jace let's get you ready for your sponge bath," I said as I check the traction rig that his right leg was in to make sure that the tension was set.

Jace did his part by throwing the sheet off the rest of him showing that he was naked except for the bandage here and there on his other leg and upper thigh. I quickly checked them to make sure that they were securely in placed. Again, keeping all this business as usual, not letting him know that his nudity was causing a mess between my legs. I started to bath him from feet or in this case the foot up. I was using a bath sponge mitten that allowed me more control turning the bath in a massage as well.

I didn't look at him as did this; I just listen to the sound of his breathing to know how he was doing. The man was taking deep breaths by the time I reached his thighs and Jace's left hand had found its way underneath my scrubs to skin. He was working his way between my scrubs and panties to rub my ass as started to wash his now very erect pre-cum dripping cock. Using the warm soapy body was as lube I began to gently stroking upward from his scrotum, up over his penis with both hands. Letting my hands trail each other so that the motion feels continuous to him. Move slowly at first and enjoying having my hands on him.

I was now watching his face and really listening to his breathing. He eyes looked almost closed and then he closed them as he his head went back on to the pillow. Jace released a moan that seemed to radiate from somewhere deep inside him. I smiled and then placed my right hand firmly around the lower shaft of his penis, then taking my left hand and begin to gently pull upward with my fingers on, the area where the shaft meets the head. I continued to give this area special attention, pulling and sliding my fingertips around and under the head.

Jace was chanting something in what I thought was Italian, as his cock went from red to almost purple in my hands. I was almost done with his cleaning his cock when I decided to give his balls some attention. Gently I pulled on his scrotum which must be a very sensitive area for Jace because the man almost came out of traction. I stopped what I was doing and stepped away from the bed. Jace was now breathing hard and his upper body was covered in a thin film of sweat.

"Don't stop, damn woman don't stop...,"Jace said in a deep throaty whisper.

Moving back toward the bed, I resumed the sponge bath by gently cupping his balls with one hand and making a ring around his scrotum. Using my index finger and thumb, I pull down using very light pressure. With the other hand, I continue to stroke his penis in up and down varying the pressure. Jace started to cum just as I slid my mouth over his cock.

My action seem to slow him down and I was able to give him a few deep long suck before he came firing his thick salty sweet cum down my throat. With his hand in my short curls he massaged my head as I sucked him. When I was finished pulled back sucking hard on his cock. Releasing the head at last with a pop, I look up at his face and saw a raw hunger there... hum I guess he was missing us as well. Gee and to think he hadn't even tried me yet. I gave him a show of a slow sensual licking of my lips.

Then I went back to giving him his sponge bath as he stare at me with eyes that had many questions and thought or two floating around in them. I decided it was time to talk about other things and I washed his waist length black hair I told him about what Kassie and I had in mind. He said nothing at first, just looked at me with those eyes of his that said everything and gave nothing away.

"Come here," he said in words and a gesture of his hand.

I stopped what I was doing and walked toward him. Once I was in reach he pulled me the rest of the way almost into the bed with him.

Jace!! I said in shock and with warning. I was sure that it was about time for the next shift to take the floor and I didn't want to be caught in the bed with a patient. No matter how yummy he was.

"Shhh," he said then kissed me that started off soft and turn into passion and with a strong dose of lust. Once he released me I was the one who was breathing hard this time. I stepped away from him just in time as the door open and his doctor came in the room. I quickly busied myself with getting the sponge bath stuff on the cart and praying that Kassie was finished with Cole. Just as I pushed the screen separating Jace and Cole back into place I saw that Kassie was packed up and ready to go. She was talking with Cole about his medications, if he needed anything for pain. Just as we reached the door, in walked Cole's doctor who told Kassie that she should start preparing Jace to leave the hospital today.

We got out in the hallway still not looking at each other as we took the remains of the sponge bath back to the Nurse Station. Once there Kassie said that she would be taking her break and asked if I want to grab a bite to eat with her. I said sure just as soon as I had check out as my shift was over. I told her that I would meet her in the locker room. We got in there with just minutes to spare before the next shift walk in the door. We didn't say a word just went to the back of the locker room and became lip locked. Sucking and licking on each other mouth we could taste what the other had tasted...all that salty sweet goodness yummy.

When Kassie allow me to come up for air she move to the other bench and took a seat with her back to the door so no one could see how red her face was or her now sensual swollen lips.

"So what did he say?" I asked not mention any names just encase someone came in while we were talking.
I started to undress and then I remembered what that did to Kassie so I stopped and decided to wear my scrubs home. Turning to her I saw the smile on her face and I knew the answer. I smiled back.
Well I guess I should go home and cook dinner...will that be two or three for dinner tonight, "asked with a wicked smile on my face.

"Oh I think it will be three with maybe a four by next Monday," Kassie said returning my smile with a wicked gleam in her blue eyes.

Well there were three for dinner that night and it was a good thing that Kassie and I are nurses. Cole was in dire need of loving care and we gave it to him. He was so impressed that he called Jace and told him which is why Jace was out of the hospital by the end the week against his doctor's judgment. We all took very good care of Jace. Kassie and I even got a traction rig set up in his bedroom at their house...well our house to now.

Kassie and I moved in a few weeks later. Once Jace was out of traction, he, Cole, Kassie and I had a true fuck feast that went on for three days. I guess we all were just missing what the other sex had to offer and were making up for lost time.

So, Kassie and I still work at the hospital taking care of patients, but now we save the special care for Cole and Jace. Hey, there is even talk of marriage and babies... wish us luck!

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