Patriotic duty 2
After last week at the nude beach with me fucking like (7) marines on base. I promised my girl friend Sara, that I would bring her this week.

Well we made it to the nude beach Saturday. We took our shorts and tops off went for a little swim in the ocean came back on the hot sand and dried off and laid down on our beach blankets. The hot sun was heating up our naked bodies when all of a sudden there were like all these marines surrounding us.

They didn't have their uniforms on like last week, they were out running in their shorts and tank tops. Well off they came, and we were taking to a hidden cove not far away. I had (4) guys and my friend had (4) guys there were very horny because they just got off the ship and hadn't done anything but masturbate for the last (6) months.

There cocks were standing at attention, and then they were fucking all our holes. I was on my hands and knees and one guy was under me fucking me and another was on my back side fucking my asshole like crazy. One guy came around to the front of me and put his cock in my mouth, with his balls rubbing on the guy's mouth. I felt like I was a piece of meat on a BBQ spit.
Then after about (30) Mins of stuffing all our hole's one guy yelled out switch. The (4) that was fucking me went over and started fucking my friend Sara, and her (4) came over to me.

By that time my pussy, asshole and face and mouth was dripping cum. This one guy fucking me had a huge cock, I found out later that is why they call him horse. He was fucking my ass so hard I thought I was going to pass out.

I looked over at Sara and she had already finished off her guys. They were like spent
As this guy was fucking my pussy now, Sara came over and started kissing me deep, then sucking on my boobies, then got up on my mouth started grinding her pussy on my face. I was trying to swallow as much of the cum they shot inside her.

I started Cumming like crazy I could hardly breathe I was like gasping for air. The guy that was fucking me started groaning loud and unloaded a huge cum in me. It like squirted out the sides of my hole.

He pulled out and Sara finished me off. After that the guys left to go back to the base. We just laid there with a freshly fucked looked, on out satisfied faces. We slowing got into a (69) position and licked our pussy's so good
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