Patsy's odd request
Amy is Patsy's youngest daughter only 15. She looks just like her mother with blonde hair and blue piercing eyes. Her sister has the blonde hair but she has green eyes like me.
Those girls are so pretty! Patsy told me one spring day that the girls were getting antsy and wanted to go back to their home. They had told her that they missed their friends but she suspected that they were really horny and wanted to be fucked by their many boyfriends!
This was mostly Amy because she hadn't met many guys yet but on the other hand Susan had already been fucked by some boys she had met recently. She promised Amy that she'd introduce the boys to her after she had her fill of cocks.

"I don't want to go back there! Brad's family and friends hate me for having him put in prison and I'm afraid for me and my daughters. God only knows what they might do to us." Patsy told me. "I'm not sure how you feel about them but I appreciate that you've taken them into your home and treated them as though they were your own." she added.

Patsy went on "I know this may sound crazy and somewhat of bad idea but I wish you'd fuck them both and maybe they would want to stay here and maybe meet some boys that will take care of their sexual lust!" I agreed with her but questioned "how would I go about doing that since they were like my daughters? What could I do to convince them that I was only fucking them to get them to stay?" Patsy told me "don't worry about that. I'll tell them myself that you will fuck them so they won't be so horny! Let's start with Amy first tonight." I told her that would be fine with me.

Patsy told me that Amy had lost her virginity to some older boys, she didn't know exactly which one because there were so many. She was 13 just like her mother was when she lost hers.
Like mother like daughter I guess you might think. "Come on up to her room and I'll set this up for her sake and your pleasure. Her tight pussy needs a good fucking and your just the man to give it to her! Fill her up with your cum and I only hope she is still taking her birth control pills. That would be strange if she were to get pregnant by you." Patsy told me.

We went to Amy's room and there that young girl was sitting at the computer chatting with her friends wearing a sheer short gown with her hand in her panties rubbing her clit. "Mom! Don't you know you should knock first? I want my privacy!" Amy admonished her mother. Patsy replied "I know you do baby but I've asked Butch to take care of your sexual hunger tonight. What do you say? Would you like to be fucked by him until you can meet some boys to take care of you this summer?"
Amy said she needed to be fucked real bad and of course she was still taking her pills, She didn't want to be a mother!

Patsy smiled at her daughter and kissed her and told me "I know you will be gentle with her so you two have fun tonight!" Amy quicly replied "Oh, I'm sure we will. Thanks mom!"

She told me to go ahead and get in her bed and she would join me after she finished on the computer. "I'm so damn horny I'd almost fuck a horse if I had one to fuck. I need a boyfriend so bad right now" she ended. " I really miss my boyfriend Rick. We used to fuck at least every weekend and anytime we weren't in school. He has a small cock versus yours and yours in so thick it fills me up totally. No wonder mom wants to sleep with you!" she told me.

"Don't worry about Susan. She's met several guys who have been fucking her on a regular basis. She told me that when she has had her fill of cocks that she will let me spend a weekend with several of her friends boys and girls included and we can fuck our brains out! But so far that hasn't happened so I'm going to have to depend on you to keep me satisfied."

"Do you enjoy my 15 year old pussy around your cock? I love your huge cock inside it and it feels so good to feel your cum squirt inside me I almost faint!" she said."I told her yes I love to fuck her young ass and that tight pussy is excellent. I'll take care of you and your mom everyday until you meet your sister's friends and then I probably won't get to fuck you again because you'll be tied up with them!"

She told me "NO! I will always save some for you. Maybe I can talk Susan into getting your cock too. She'll love to have that in her pussy. She loves to be fucked often by anyone willing!" I laughed at this and left her alone.
I went and found Patsy and told her everything that had happened and our conversation. She just shook her head and said "those girls are going to be the death of me!"

I took her up to our bedroom to fuck her again and even though I couldn't give her any cum just yet I did make her scream out in ecstasy a few times. It even got Amy's attention and she watched as I fucked her mother and said "give it to her Butch. She's loving it!
Way to go mom!" A regular cheerleader she was.
Actually in school she is a cheerleader. That's probably why she has such firm thighs.
We finished our love making and went downstairs to eat. We hadn't seen or heard from Susan in 3 days but she must be okay.

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