Penny for your thoughts
The first time I called Penny was on a Saturday morning at about 2am. My wife was a sound sleeper and I always felt secure in our family room because our bedroom was in the back of the house. That first night we talked for 2 hours and in that time, I came twice and Penny had moaned in a way that told me she enjoyed every minute of it. I always kept a damp wash cloth handy so I could clean up the cum that landed on my stomach and drooled down my balls. As a horny 24-year-old man I came often and a lot. My cock was so hard in those days that it practically touched against my stomach when I stood up and used no hands to send a surge into it so it bobbed up and down and tugged on my balls as it did.
Penny was funny, extremely intelligent and with the innuendos and double-entendres I found her very sexy. We talked a couple of times and our phone sex was scorching hot and this may sound crazy but I must say that phone sex with Penny was better than the real sex I had been having with my wife. How is that possible you may ask. All I can tell you is that it was 100% mental. I'd always heard people say that you "...fuck them in the mind first..." and we did this quite literally.
I asked Penny if she would like to meet So we began making our plans. We both lived in Northern California so we were practically neighbors.
I was thinking about what Penny looked like. What type of body she had. I was thinking about touching her and fondling her and having her to myself for the entire evening. I knew only that she had natural red hair, green eyes, light freckles and was 5'4" tall..
When I got to Penny's apartment I knocked on the door and when she opened it I saw a lovely woman, wrapped in a white towel, moving slowly, letting my eyes adjust to the darkness. She was magnificent. I knew when she spoke that this was Penny...there was no doubt now and she was beautiful. She wore only the towel and her natural red hair was stunning as immediately I wanted to unfurl the towel and see the beautiful red-haired pussy beneath. Women kept their pubic hair in 1974 so I had no doubt I would see it...and oh, .I did.
We sat first at her kitchen table and held hands like school kids at a soda shop and spent lots of time taking in the other's face. We took turns lightly stroking the other's cheek with the backs of our hands. Then she leaned forward and kissed me hard on the mouth. She leaned up and kissed my ear and whispered, " will not believe how wet my pussy is. I just got out of a hot bath and my skin tingles."
I pushed the towel from beneath her arm pits and watched it drape itself, gathering around her waist.
She smiled and nodded her head. "I'm going to talk really dirty to you tonight, from our phone sex calls I know you love that."
As I stared into Penny's eyes I commented to her that I loved her shoulder length red hair and that her green eyes were bright and mesmerizing. I squeezed her hands and told her I loved the sprinkling of freckles across her nose.
She started to get up from the kitchen table and as she did I ran my fingers across her arm. I slid out from the table and pulled her chair out to let her out. She kissed me softly on the mouth and I could feel her tongue beginning to probe lightly.
Already my cock was so hard it actually hurt pressing against my slacks.
I guess I was coming across as shy because her whispered words surprised me.
"I am a specialist working with shy horny men. What would you like to do to me tonight?" she asked. "Do you want me to talk dirty to you?"
"Would you like me to tell you to fuck me and cum in me?"
"Oh yes."
I pushed her to her chair and kissed her hard on the mouth. Her lips parted and I slid my tongue slightly in. She lightly sucked the tip of my tongue and began kissing my face and whispering in my ear. "I want you to fuck my pussy as hard as you can!"
We were both naked now and Penny had already leaned back in anticipation. She leaned back on the chair and two fingers on her right hand disappeared part way into her pussy. "Do you want to taste me?" she asked seductively. I could not answer, only moan.
Penny parted her lips as her legs draped over the arms of the chair and I could see the glistening moisture of her pink lips and the strawberry red curls that circled them.
I captured Penny's lips in wet hungry kisses and then fell onto my knees, positioning myself in front of her, crawling and sliding my head between her legs. My lips blew hot kisses while licking up and down working my hot tongue over the damp softness of her womanhood. I sucked her into my lips, pulling and tugging playfully and finally I slid my finger lightly over her clit as it protruded against my touch.
I started running small circular patterns on Penny's little button feeling it harden and jump against my fingertips. I slowly slid my tongue to the side sliding my tongue directly on both soft silky lips.
I opened my lips softly pulling and sucking each of her swollen pussy lips with hunger. My lips and tongue started mapping out her sweet pussy lavishing wet kisses and licks. I slid my tongue over Penny's swollen clit while sucking it deeply into my mouth. I kissed her pussy lightly and repeatedly, with tenderness and with pleasure and then followed those kisses with deep passionate French kisses into her pussy.
I felt my lips covered with the sweet dripping juices of honey. I slid headfirst onto Penny's pussy thrusting my tongue inside her juicy opening. I worked in and out with slow motion and teasingly, my speed constant while letting my thumb strum her swollen, hard, wet clit.
I slid my hands up to her breasts rubbing, caressing and massaging them. Each finger playfully rolled onto and around her nipples, while spreading loving kisses over her pussy.
She thrust her hips uncontrollably up and down against my face and her legs wrapped tightly around my head as she moaned and muttered "I'm cumming! I'm cumming! I'm fucking cumming..." The word fucking sounded like it had twenty syllables. Penny's body went limp as she practically slid off the chair.
She dropped to her knees took my cock in her hand and with her eyes closed she rubbed it all around her face and finally guided it into her mouth as I pushed it between her lips and she twisted her head back and forth, side to side as she swallowed my full shaft.
She looked up at me while she licked it and sucked it. "Do I please you?" I could only moan and nod.
I felt her lips increasing the sucking pressure, enjoying the wet sucking sounds and feeling her hand pumping my cock. Her mouth slid all the way up and all the way down over and over as her rapid tongue knocked like a jack hammer at the shaft, tickling, stroking while she sucked me hard with her lips all the way down on my cock. Once I felt the fullness of Penny's mouth on my cock she suddenly moved with lightning speed up the shaft and all around the ridge and head, sucking just as she had done when her mouth was all the way down on my cock...sucking hard and fast, her tongue searching for every part of the rounded head of my cock, licking every drop of precum while making even more as she sucked me.
Penny's tongue licked and kissed my balls while she blew warm hot breaths and was sucking each one before engulfing my whole cock deep into her hot, wet, mouth again. I felt her tongue and fingers rubbing circles in that flat area between my anus and my ball sac and it was so amazing I thought I would cum immediately.
I felt Penny's hands crawling up my inner thighs and my cock twitched as her nails grew closer to my balls. My shaft was extremely hard and the girth was so round as Penny's fingers encircled it as she stroked slowly
The next sensation I felt was the grip of Penny's hand encircling the hard shaft of my cock, her soft fingers moving slowly up and down as she twisted from side to side as if she was trying to remove the cork from a bottle of wine. Immediately I felt the wet warmth of her mouth as it slid aggressively all the way down onto my cock in one uninterrupted motion and she stayed there for a few seconds, moving her lips as if she could suck my entire cock all the way into her mouth and hold it there. Once there, Penny started to mumble something which was inaudible and it didn't matter, it was the fact that she was moving her mouth as her lips pressed against my balls that was so amazing!
As Penny's mouth retreated to the head of my cock I could feel the suction of her mouth, so wet and warm and amazingly soft. Penny had a tongue that was remarkable because she could literally flutter it like the brush of the wings of a butterfly. With her fingers, she twisted and turned my cock as she sucked me and squeezed the girth of my cock and stroked it fast and furious.
She squeezed my cock tightly and took my cock deeply into her mouth as my hot stream of cum shot against the back of her throat and she sucked so hard I felt like my balls would end up in her belly. My cock softened and she kept licking and sucking and comparing it to sweet bubble gum. Her hands slid up and down my shaft and she licked the rolling cum off the head of my cock and my balls as she kissed by balls and hummed a song to create a buzzing effect.
I slid Penny onto her back and she spread her legs apart with an immediate invitation for my hard shaft to slip inside her wet, warm pussy.
Penny raised her hips up a little higher and my cock found the entrance to her pussy as I slid the head into her warmth she fingered her clit as I was just inside her and she tried to cum while I fucked her.
I pushed hard into her with long, smooth, rhythmic strokes deep into her. my fingers found her clit and toyed with it as i fucked her. We had no sense of urgency, just long hard strokes with my cock, my fingers, and her fingers working together.
As Penny became more rhythmic, my cock was still stroking inside her, more intensely now and I thought I was getting ready to cum. Her pussy was soaked and her juices were running down her legs as I continued to fuck her. the head of my cock seemed to swell as my orgasm began to build. suddenly, the explosion was enormous and I felt the walls of Penny's pussy collapsing around my shaft.
Penny spread her legs even more to grant me free access to her swelling pussy and it was as if I could feel the blood surging when I pushed my forefinger into the moist valley of her labia, coating my finger with her sweet wetness of arousal. I breathed with a raspy hot breath against her ear sliding my finger up and down her dewy slit and inside her tight hole.
Penny whimpered, and abandoned herself to the sweet warm sensations of my hands on her body. My left hand fondled and rubbed her breasts and teased her nipples while my right hand worked steadily on her pussy.
A strong orgasm rippled through her body with such strength that she cried out in pleasure, trembling with various vibrations. I pressed my fingers hard on her clit, milking every last sensation and juice from her body.
Sleep had escaped us for too long now...but no longer as I looked down on this red-headed beauty and wondered if God had used her as a model to create the copper penny...

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