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I was tired of relationships not working out because they had a sudden change of heart with what they wanted. Not to mention the sex was bad, and I was bored. Stepping back from dating seriously was a very easy transition. Since just before graduation, I planned on living spontaneously and getting in better shape while still maintaining my plump figure. Work was going well and this led to more disposable income. I decided to check out a gym, and go from there.

I walked into a nearby location for the first time and found it to be a slow day. There were 3 employees standing there chatting. The front desk girl took my info and introduced me to the two trainers she was speaking with. One stayed back a bit while the other was eager to gain a new client. He was Middle Eastern and what I could describe as sexy in a beastly way. Standing at 6'2; he had a short beard and hair, smoldering amber eyes, and I faint smile. Needless to say he was very well built and his handshake was hard. He spoke with an accent that was a little thick, yet very attractive.

I answered his questions about what I hoped to accomplish, and he listened while checking me out. He asked, "oh, you still want to stay sumptuous? Most women come in here expecting to look too tiny." I blushed at the flattering description and giggled saying yes. He gave me an approving smirk, then took me into the main workout area.

He showed me warm-ups, basic moves with the weights and other machines, then finally with an aerobics ball that I could do at home. I already had one there I'd used for years and managed to become quite flexible. I got his schedule, made an appointment, then left. After I got home, I took a shower and sat down to watch some tv. I couldn't concentrate on the programs thinking about him and how long it's been since I was with someone who knew what they were doing with my body. I fantasized for quite a while before I got up to make dinner and do some paperwork. Even as the night progressed and I got ready for bed, I did the typical woman thing and checked out my athletic wardrobe wondering if I needed to buy more. I ordered a few leggings, tops, and bras.

We get on the treadmill after a break and talk. Naturally, there were women checking him out as they walked between the areas, but he seemed to pay them little mind. He was interesting and we talked about many different subjects. He was educated, stable, and not like the muscle heads I saw lumbering around the place the first day. We got around to the subject of relationships and he to put them on hold a few months ago. He had to leave as his next appointment arrived, but I kept walking for a while, then left.

I didn't believe for one second anything would happen in real life, but it was fun to think about in the shower. I couldn't help but stand back against the wall perch my leg on the soap bar holder, and rub my clit as the water ran down until I climaxed. He was just so raw yet toned down, strong, handsome, smart, and distracting. I knew it would become trouble at work as I strayed to thinking of him if I weren't constantly on a new task. I held myself together until I got home and more than once each night played to just the look and sound of him. I normally needed my stories or porn to get off, but not for 2 weeks now.

He asked to start texting and talking; then would leave suggestive and short little poems in my voicemail, sending pics of him flexing, and I responded with me stretching in shorts and a tank with no bra. He asked to come over and hangout, then check my progress. I had Saturday open and invited him then. I gave the place a good, deep cleaning and myself an all over shave. I was in the middle of starting to stretch when he rang the bell. I opened it up and was greeted with a big hug graced with light cologne. He laughed at me hugging him more just to smell after he'd already started letting go.

I went over to the ball and continued in my thin capris, tank, and boost bra that made an elongated cleavage. He plopped down in the chair facing my backside, and watched me. I started doing my situps, pushing my pelvis up and stretching my knees out, then switched to my abdomen. I rolled forward and pushed back with my ass all the way up. I heard him give a little moan and I turned around to see him staring intently with his eyebrow flicking as I went back and forth.

I turn to face forward, and I hear the chair creak as he gets up. I bump into him rolling back and he rolls me forward, keeping my hips up. He tells me to stretch on my back. I roll back and forth again and suddenly I'm greeted by his big spongey head scraping my face. Instinctively, I held out my tongue to greet this cock which was just as intimidating as him. It was the first one that made me feel overwhelmed, but I wanted it. He shoves one hand down my cleavage and the other rocks the ball back and forth taking me along. I gag as I'm sent forward and back. My tank straps ride down exposing more of the lace which lets my areolas and nipples peek out some. He pulls out giving me time to catch a few breaths, then pinches them and bends down to feel my throat relaxing and taking more of the meat. He pulls out and flips me over, then splays me open.

He goes along the seam of the crotch and rips open the thin fabric. I gasp and call out his name. He laughs and then enters. Being that tall, he puts his thighs over mine and straddles while getting deeper. He plays with my cheeks, then situates his hands on the ball beside my waist. Again, he puts it in motion creatively riding me. I hold on and just take him unable to even moan it's so much. When I finally can manage a small eek, he gave me a few more rolls, then pulled me up with ease. I'm still full when we waddle over to the wall. He flips my leg onto the desk and caresses the thighs as he resumes pushing. I laid my head back on his chest and twirled his beard with my finger moaning.

He pulls out, and repositions me to where I'm leaning over, and my foot is hooked over his shoulder. My knee hits just below his pecs and he commends me on my flexibility and following his directions. He gives one hard thrust and speeds up with his sack hitting my stomach. My ankle is securely grasped while I clutch the desk and scream while he goes all out and shoves back in as hard as possible 8 times, then lets go of my ankle and he fills the hole, both legs with his cum. When I stop panting, I curse him for ruining my lovely leggings. He winks and then goes to wash up. I'm still sore and I recoup while waiting for him to get out. He redresses and then grabs me, gives me a kiss, and gently pats my bottom. He walks out and I took my shower totally satisfied.

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