Perv at The Park
Perv at the Park
by Missanonna

It was a beautiful day and I was off work so I decided to run my errands early in the day. My hair was still a little wet from the shower and I had no plans to do anything with it, either so I grabbed an old pair of yoga pants and a sweat shirt, slipped on my sneakers and headed out the door. My first stop was the post office 14 miles down the old US route and as I was approaching it I passed the old river park and thought about the little walking trail that would provide me some beautiful visuals of the early fall colors in the trees and the pretty songbirds that dart from one side of the river to the other.

I pulled in to the little parking area where the walking path begins. There are only a 5 or 6 parking spaces and there was a car in the first spot next to the trail head which is a little unusual for a weekday but maybe there's someone out or the trail or someone else playing hooky. I parked several spaces over and stepped out of the car, adjusted my sweatshirt and pulled my yoga pants out of my crotch where they tended to ride when I'm sitting. I shut my door and locked my car and proceeded to the trail as I slipped my keys on a neck chain over my head.

As I walked past the parked car I could see a man sitting in it and fumbling with his phone. I was a bit puzzled though because the screen of the phone was pointing toward me as if he were looking at the side of his phone but it was none of my business so quickly turned away and proceeded to pass in front of his car and head for the trail. The picture I had in my head was of a well-dressed man, well kempt and slightly handsome. He probably stopped in to make a phone call on his cell. That would be the right thing to do instead of talking while driving. I stopped briefly and looked around at all the wonderful tall and bright trees, so pretty.

"Miss?" said a voice to me from out of nowhere but I turned around immediately to see if came from the man I saw in the car which was directly behind me. When I looked at him he was staring directly at me and smiling sweetly.

"Did you call me?" I asked and began to walk towards his car. He began to shift quite a bit in his seat as if he were uncomfortable. I reached his door before he could answer and his face became very flush.

"Uh, yes." He muttered. "I was just wondering how far this path goes....didn't mean to disturb you."

"Oh, that's ok." I said smiling and then turned and pointed toward the trail. "This trail is probably a good 5 or 6 miles." I said softly as I bent down toward his window. "It follows the river and then turns toward the state park." I glanced at his phone then back up at his face which was quite pleasant even with the embarrassing look on it. "It's really pretty this time of year." I said glancing once again at the phone in his hand.

"Thanks." He said smiling. "I'm just passing through and saw this little pull off and the trail head sign and was wondering. Thanks again." He said. "I...I won't bother you further." His voice and actions seemed to be shooing me away but still slightly hesitant. He smiled and I smiled back as looked down into his lap once more and realized his phone was hiding something. I tucked my lips into my mouth as if holding back a giggle because I noticed he was hiding his penis behind his phone only his phone wasn't long enough to hide it all and I could see where his zipper was down and a bit of flesh disappearing behind glowing screen. I was in a moment of shock and it felt like a minute went by when I realized I didn't know what to say.

"Oh," I quipped in a sort of convulsion. "I'll leave you to whatever you were doing." I said in a slight chuckle and felt my own face become flush. I tapped his car side and turned to leave before my cheeks had time to redden. I felt as if I had disturbed his moment of peace with himself as I myself have been known to enjoy in this very spot and I began to walk toward the river but quickly turned back to wave goodbye and watched him quickly hide his manhood once again. When I turned back around and headed toward the trail I felt puzzled. Was he blatantly handling himself as I walked away? I slowed my pace and headed down the path. Twisting my head and cracking my neck I looked down at myself and quickly became aware of my obvious camel toe. I chuckled and shook my head. Maybe I gave him something to whack about. I chuckled.

I was drawn toward the river and ventured down a slight embankment where I found my shoes crackling over small round stones. Crouching to get a closer look at one stone that caught my eye, I found myself looking up the hill and back towards the man's car but I did not see him sitting in his seat and quickly deduced that he had put his seat back into a reclined position as I had not heard any car door open and close. I found myself staring for a quite a few minutes and then saw some movement through the opening of his window. I adjusted my eyes and leaned in that direction but wasn't sure if I was seeing what I thought I was seeing. If he was in his car masturbating, then why was I trying to focus my sight on his cock in the opening of the window? I thought maybe it was his arm or my eyes were playing tricks on me or just maybe he was blatantly waving his member at me from the window.

I quickly stood up and purposely turned my head in his direction. Whatever was in the window quickly disappeared but I did not see the man in the car so I stepped back up the hill and began to make my way toward my car. As I approached his car I could see he was reclined and looked to be sleeping. I walked along the edge of the path getting as close to his car as I could so I could see in but I didn't want to be obvious about it so I pretended to be looking around at the trees and such and quickly caught a glimpse into his car. He was holding onto something for sure but the only thing I knew is that it wasn't his phone.

I got to my car and opened my door. I stood there in the opening for a moment and turned toward his car. I could clearly see inside his car now but his face was blocked as he was laying back. He didn't move and I could see his hands folded over onto his crotch. I watched him for a minute but there was no movement so I ducked into my car and leaned over into the passenger seat where I could grab my phone. With my phone in my hand I again stood between my door and the car and pretended to be texting on my phone while watching him as he stirred in his seat.

His hands began to slowly move and uncover what I had suspected all along. I could clearly see him stroking his cock carefully and while I was in disbelief that this man was exposing himself right in front of me, I could not stop watching. I should have felt threatened but instead I was mesmerized by his precision fondling. I felt a twinge deep inside me and gathered the side of my lower lip between my teeth while my fingers moved slowly toward my abdomen. I could feel the warmth in my yoga pants and when my middle finger arrived at my vagina it was confirmed that I had just been turned on.

The car door was certainly blocking any view this man had of my wandering hand and feeling a bit naughty and embarrassed of the dirty little thoughts ricocheting through my brain, I turned away and slowly slid into the seat of my car. The door shut slowly as I lifted my left leg and placed it under the steering wheel and I sat there briefly looking down at my wet crotch. I took a deep breath and let it out slowly as my head fell back into the headrest. Pulling up the little button under my finger I listened to the window of my car whirring and letting the sounds of the forest spill into the cabin of my little sportster. I looked up as the last of hard breath passed through my lips and reached over to a lever above the passenger side of the dash. I pulled it and it popped. Looking at a similar lever above me, I pulled that one too and the roof of my car cracked open. I depressed the top down button on my console and looked down again at my wet yoga pants and a sheepish smile came over me.

With a precise twist of my head I peered over at the pervert just two parking spaces from me and looked him over good then lightly bit my lower lip. The canvas top's motor slowed down and I heard the clinking of metal bars when it stopped. Popping the console compartment switch I reached into one compartment and felt for a pair of scissors and with fluid movement from both hands I pinched the wet spot of my yoga pants, pulled the material away from my body, snipped it off at my fingers, returned the snippers to the console and snapped the console shut. Again, I looked over at the pervert and watched him shake his viper at me while I threw my arm over the car door and dropped the detached piece onto the gravel.

The car door opened swiftly and I stepped out swiping my finger between my moist lips and grasping the bottom of my shirt to pull it down as I swiftly walked around to the other side of my convertible top. I could feel the air against my exposed lips and though it was warm, it simply furthered my excited condition. I watched him intently as I pushed the top into its compartment and although he was not stroking himself I could see he was very erect and very curious about my every move. I smiled to show him I was certainly keeping a watchful eye on him. His demeanor changed as his eyes widened and he slowly began to attempt to hide his exposed tool and slightly sit upright.

I moved to the other side of the car and began to tuck in the canvas top so I could drop the cover onto it. I made sure to exaggerate the movements of my ass while I was faced away from him and was just too curious as to what he was doing behind me. I could still picture his tool in his hand and his slow, purposeful strokes as he watching me intently but I didn't know for sure. I tucked in the last little bit and dropped the cap over the neatly gathered material and then turned toward the front of the car.

Quickly I peeked over at the man before opening my door and leaning into the car. I was certain he was staring at me with his jaw dropped and I felt a little twinge in my crotch which probably kept me from getting into my car and instead leaned into my seat and worked my upper body between the seats as if I were looking for something behind the passenger seat. Realizing I could feel the air rush over my wet vagina lips I must have been giving him a full view of my excitement. I rested my breasts on the console and reached as far as I could to the other side, arching my back and pushing my rear into the air. I knew I was teasing him something fierce and figured I should probably go or I was going to get myself in trouble.

In the distance a familiar creaking noise arose and it was emanating from the man's car. I tuned in and tried to look but could not see around my own body and just as I was about to back myself out of the awkward position, I heard the car door shut. I was momentarily startled into stillness. My mind was racing. Was the man coming over here? What was he doing? Is he going to speak to me? That would be embarrassing if he did, knowing my pussy lips are probably out for all to see. I didn't know and before I could move I heard his footsteps in the gravel and I took a deep breath.

I decided to make teasing matters worse by not moving and before I knew it I could feel his eyes upon me, burning behind me. What was he going to do? How long would he stand there before talking? I started to count in my head to what turned out to be more than 40 seconds and then was startled by a touch on my ass that made me jump uncontrollably. Afterwards, I didn't move.

"Are you ok, Ma'am?" A nicely deepened voice spoke from behind me. In fact, his voice was soothing enough that I didn't even attempt to look at him.

"Yes." I said from behind the passenger seat. "Just looking for my phone." I giggled.

"Can I help?" He quipped. I was fumbling around under the seat and didn't know what I was going to say next. I didn't want to talk so I just shook my ass a little but I knew I had to say something.

"I think I found it." I said softly and sighed. I could still feel his presence behind me but couldn't see anything but a pant leg and maybe part of a shirt inches away from me. "Could you push me a little further?" I quickly asked while attempting to make it look like I was reaching. "I can almost reach it."

"Um...are you sure" The voice boomed a little closer to me as I felt his leg against me. His fingers slowly wrapped around my legs and folded around the tops of my thighs.

"Yes, please I just need a few more inches." I pleaded and realized how naughty that sounded and hoped he would take it that way, too. I could feel him against my ass and I could feel his cock through his jeans. I wriggled slightly until I could feel his erection nestled into the right spot. I was getting wetter by the minute and felt as if I could have orgasmed right then but I felt him back off a little and I squeaked out a little cry. "Just a little more and I can grab it." I said stretching out once again.

The man fell silent and as I looked behind me I could see him reaching for my ass cheeks and then I felt his hands upon me and yet there was a different feel to it. His palms met my ass and then lightly wandered up my lower back causing me to take a deep breath in. My left foot involuntarily lifted onto the step of my car door and inviting him to explore with his eyes or with his hands or with whatever he chose and then his left hand began to slide down my left leg and his right hand joined in wrapping around the inside of my left leg and then both of his hands slowly slid up my leg until his knuckle rested against my wet lips.

I knew he was hooked when he started to grind his hand into my pussy and I felt his fingers against my lower abdomen and then slide back slowly into my wet nest. I was completely still as he started to explore my lips and wriggle his fingers looking for a way inside. It didn't take long for me to feel the full length of his fingers dancing together inside my vagina. I rolled my eyes into my head and pushed my ass toward him as his left hand started to make its way across my ribs and onto my breast. The breath I had been holding was released through my nearly puckered lips.

Reaching behind me I placed my left hand on my ass cheek and slowly slid down under my thigh. Pulling up on the underneath of my leg and allowing him greater access I brushed my pinky finger against his hand. I could feel his skin against my knuckle but it did not seem to be his hand so my fingers began to wander through the air until they caught his cock between them. I knew it was because the back of my middle finger felt wet and cooler than the air and it was getting very hard as my fingers began to explore the thick shaft.

I could feel him buck lightly through my fingers and his cock was leaking so heavily that it provided a nice warm lubricant for him to glide through. I could hear the crackling of my own juices as his fingers pushed slowly in and out of me and the feeling was heavenly enough to bring me to the brink of orgasm but not over the edge. He began to push his cock further through my fingers and bump my belly where I got a quick glimpse of the head of his cock under my leg. It was beautiful and shiny and when I squeezed it I could see the liquid dripping from the tip which I quickly gathered around my finger.

Moving his cock toward my pussy he began to thrust again and I felt his shaft glide effortlessly between my lips as he removed his fingers from my vagina and placed his hand at the top of my thigh. I pushed his tool hard against my lips as he was pulling away slowly and then he stopped, leaving his thick head right against my soaked entrance. I could feel it pulsating while his other hand grabbed the top of my other thigh. A moment passed and I felt his hands pulling me toward him.

I heard him take a deep breath and then I felt my lips spread apart. He was entering me and every inch I could feel as he slowly but willfully forged though my love tunnel causing me to arch my back and bite my lower lip. He drove in me as far as he could go and stopped as I gasped for air. Another moment passed and he began to withdraw from me, slowly and then he thrusted into me again, slowly. I let him lead this dance as I could feel him throbbing inside me.

"Oh, my fucking God." He said thrusting as far as he could go and lifting his hand off my leg and placing it onto my lower back. I moaned softly letting him know I was enjoying the feeling as he once again rested there for a moment. I took another deep breath and felt my entire body heat up until it hit my ears and I then blew out my breath. He began to pump his cock in and out of me, slow at first like a train easing away from the station. The feeling was intense and the pleasure was almost unbearable.

I felt my legs tremble as I reached between them and let my fingers dance through my lips while his cock was thrusting in and out. I could feel his hard shaft sliding along my fingertips and his testicles bouncing against my knuckles urging me to grab them and I followed those urges cupping his balls with wet digits. My cervix began to quake like the seconds before a volcanic eruption and I moaned loudly through my teeth and took another deep breath.

"Oh, Fuck!" I cried. "Shit, shit, shit, shit.....Oooooooh!" I screamed in response to my vaginal convulsions and my fingers squeezed his shaft and balls as my vagina clenched his thick cock. His stroke stopped as he pulled me tighter to him and I heard him gasp out an unknown word. His attempt to pull out was thwarted by my hand around his testicles urging his tool back inside me, deeper than he was before. I felt him buck like a mule and my fingers felt the rush of semen through his shaft that I could also feel pelting my uterus or so I believed I could feel it. He bucked again and I lost my grip on his jewels causing him to slip out and fill the palm of my hand with his creamy seed. Again, he bucked and slid through my hand and I felt the bombardment of my neck just below my ear. Holding him steady I maneuvered my ass and enveloped his cock with my wet lips and let him slide all the way in where he shivered a moment, then rested. I let out a deep sigh and held my hand against my pussy and his cock, smearing his semen into them both.

"Oh, my!" I chuckled looking at the dashboard console. "There's my phone." I said smirking. He slowly pulled his cock out of me and took a stumbling step backwards."

"Well, then." He said as he took a deep breath. "I'm glad you found it." We both chuckled.
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