Phallic Rock...Never Stop...
Phallic Rock, Molokai, Hawaii...(Just click on Google for, The Rest of the Legend), sight of an argument between Hawaii's legendary fertility God and his wife. The quarrel resulted in them turning into stone. Even old Stones need to get their Rocks off...guess I'm not to crazy after all!...and the Sun's rays penetrated the Earth's womb (Sex is in the Air)...what an on-going orgasmic experience...and, wouldn't you know, it all happened in Hawaii just a few years ago...

(Warning: Do not attempt this fantasy unless properly may actually come true...Based on actual events).

As a result of record breaking high sales, the Honda dealership I was working for won a trip to Hawaii, for two. The owners couldn't go so I went...with a friend. No luxury too great, we were treated to the Royal Hawaiian Hotel in Honolulu, given a $120.00 food allowance per day (4 days)and a tour of the Islands. Off to friend stayed back to enjoy surfing at Makaha Beach. (Good thing it wasn't winter time, those waves reach thirty foot heights). A short tour of the island brought us to Pala'au State Park where Phallic Rock is part of the awesome scenery (pictued in My Photos). The group, scattered three sheets to the wind but I had to stay and appreciate this magnificent piece of sculpture. Similar monoliths can be seen throughout the islands.

Being a psychology student once, I couldn't help but recall Sigmund Freud's theory on penis envy. This six foot high monster is something to envy, male or female. Some of my favorite fantasies are filled with comic like realistic figures having outrageously, exaggerated genitalia enjoying sex in multiple exaggerated positions, some requiring a gymnasts skills to perform. I was sitting off to the side in a stand of trees and becoming somewhat aroused at the notion of how big a woman it would take to enjoy a phallus of this proportion. (Freud would have gone mad having me as a patient). Wild images of phallic shaped galaxies penetrating fathomless holes, were floating all around my brain. Suddenly, a somewhat sexy voice entered the fantasy, caught me by surprize and I was steeped in an embarrassing moment. I tried hiding the fact that I was rubbing the outside of my Khaki shorts and a wet spot began seeping through the fiber and spreading toward the pocket. My polo shirt was to short to cover... "Oh, don't be embarrassed, I was hoping you were still here. The rest of the group have gone and I desperately need someone to enjoy this magical, magnificent moment with. Could you possibly be that someone?" The Sun was sinking fast, it was to gorgeous an evening to waste on a plane ride, I had reservations at a nearby motel, "I would love to be that someone." I detected somewhat of an Australian accent in her voice. Big round turquois blue eyes were set in a long, high cheek boned face. Her lower jaw protruded slightly and her long wavy sandy colored hair outlined her sensuous features like a monolithic picture frame. The rest of her body was petittely out of proportion. Four foot eight inch tall, she must weigh all of 90 pounds, soak and wet. Her long denim shirt was unbottoned down to her rib cage, no bra, small bulbous tits, humongous ruby red nipples, sun tanned golden skin. Those wild fantasy images kept flashing by...(my hands balancing her butt, her legs straddling my arms, my cock searching for her pussy, her arms around my neck, sucking face, sucking those ripe tits, undulating, thrashing...stop it!*&#@!)...

The short-shorts under her loose fitted shirt couldn't be seen, she appeared semi-naked except for the thongs on her feet. "You are one healthy looking buff dude. You must work out every day to have arms, legs and a chest like that, you're a dream come true."(Go Navy) I stood over a head taller than her, she was looking straight up into my eyes just as I caught the dribble coming out the side of my mouth. "I hope you don't think its to forward of me to attack you this way, but your shorts are too short for me not to have noticed something I crave drastically, need and want frantically and will cherish whole heartedly. I'm too old for the young bucks in my village, plus I've had three children know what happens..."
"Uh, yes, but you're anything from being old. I'll bet you turn heads wherever you go. I was even checking you out on the plane wondering how we could meet." There's just something about older women who still have hard bodies and know how to use them... There's also nothing like knowing what you want and being bold enough to attack it, and I was admiring this gals attack. "My husband left us, had to sail around the world and I haven't had any satisfying sex in so long it hurts...well, actually, it hasn't hurt in such a long time, and I'm just so aching to hurt." I couldn't help but notice the line of liquid slowly inching its way down the inside of her thigh. I had to get her mind out of this verbal gymnastic rut so I knelt down, carressed her hips squeezing my fingers into that gorgeously shaped, firm butt. I rolled my forehead from one side of her stomach to the other, lower and lower passing her groin, purposely pressing my face in just above her pussy as if to smother it with kisses, finally reaching that liquid line of pure gold, glissening, begging to be lapped up and shared. It had reached half way down her thigh, I began licking it up getting higher and higher until I reached the edge of her shorts. She was faintly moaning what seemed to be a verse of..."Joy to the World, all the boys and to you and me"... as I stuck my tongue in the side of her shorts making direct contact with her wet muff. No panties, great...I pressed my lips and tongue between her shorts and groin trying to bite down on her right protruding lip,(There are times I hunger to eat pussy, this is one of those moments), my nose brushed her mound of hair, she let out a soft yelp, then another, then a long descending moan. She grabbed the back of my head and pressed me directly into her crotch. I reached up and unbottoned her shorts at the same time she pulled off her shirt. I was taking long strokes with my tongue swiping at her vaginal lips from her ass to her pubic hair. I love it when women have had children and there pussy protrudes, lips dripping's like eating figs right off the tree, that golden honey dripping from the fruit. (Strange how the back side of a fig resembles a pussy!!!) I felt her body stiffen, her back began to arch..."Yes, give me more, lick me to the stars, suck my clit out of my cunt..." I started pulling on her clit with my teeth, it was so hard and stretching longer, she was pulling backward as I sucked the hell out of her clit. Her body got as stiff as my hard on as she gasped into a climactic spasm. I love it when women have an orgasmic blowout either just before I cum or at the same time. Women more than men can have these never ending orgasms...what a turn on. Twilight came and went. It had gotten dark with a faint glow of moonlight peeking through the trees. We were both so hot, so wet, so turned on, not only by the fore play fantasy of Phallic Rock and the reality of each others quest for instantaneous, drop down, fuck your brains out sex, but...

"Would you please fulfill one of my fantasies right here, right now, while I desire you feverishly." "Whatever you want, babe, I'm yours for the taking." (My cock was bursting, why the hell did I wear these tight briefs?) She guided me to that little rock just off the side of the sculpture. (See picture in My Photos) "Sit down on that rock with your cock facing the same way as the statue and let me ride you like the wind. "Fucking "A". I ripped my clothes off, she helped tearing wildly at my shirt. I sat down already harder than Phallic Rock, the entire upper part of my cock oozing with fig-like honey liquid. She pulled on my knees slightly lining me up with the angle of the statue, sucked the head of my cock like an ice cream cone, then backed into me straddling my legs, her right hand frantically rubbing her pussy getting all the moisture she could manage. As she sat down, butt first, grabbing my cock in both hands lubricating me up and down my throbbing shaft, she pulled up and back like my cock was a joy stick. " My God, I can do pull ups on this cock, how much do you work this pole out?" Then in one forceful backward motion, aligning my cock up with her pussy, her hands just behind the head of my cock and rolling the head around the inside of her lips, pressing the head into her clit which got hard again within a few rotating swirls, she sat straight down without hesitation. Her butt hit my pelvis so hard it nearly jarred her teeth and mine. She let out a gasping, "UHH..." then her legs began pumping like a pile driver. We fit like a glove, loose enough to glide like silk, tight enough to feel every knoock and cranny from her clit to her stomach. There was no use trying to be subtle, this gal had made her mind up about what she wanted and she was going to get it. Lord have mercy, was she going to get it! "Grab my tits and rubb those nipples raw." I reached up still balancing my butt on the rock now padded with our clothes, grabbed her tits on the down stroke, the palms of my hands just under her arm pits. I squeezed her tits with my thumbs and fingers pressing hard on the rosettes that bulged out like fried eggs, (over medium, please) at the same time pushing her straight up. Her legs were like shock absorbers bottoming out as her butt crashed into my groin. She was as light as a feather, crash all you want. Her, oohs and ahhs, were now in time with her ferosiously pumping body. She bounced as if she was on a trampolene, her moans were louder than a steam shovel. My hands and forearms were yanking her tits diagonally, then up and down. They were being stretched so hard I thought I might rip them right off her body. She started humping wildly, faster, harder and I couldn't hold on so I reached under her butt grabbing her hips as high as possible. As she stood up I pushed she came down I pulled down, "Oh my god don't stop, don't ever stop, harder," I tried to thrust my pelvis forward but this angle and the force she was exerting became out of control..."faster, fuck me, faster, give me all the cock you have" she was gnashing her teeth, "harder, fuck me harder, faster, never stop fucking me." She grabbeed her tits and furiously pulled her nipples as far out as she could, yanking and letting them spring back, then she swirled her tits as she rose and fell, palms facing inward, roll-rubbing and pressing those tits in a furious non-stop frenzied, craziness. We established a relentless pace breathing as hard as a marathon runner sprinting the last hundred yards. Her arms were reaching out toward Phallic Rock as if to embrace the Goddess of fertility herself. I had cum almost from the start but she had such an amazing cunt I knew I could go on for hours...we kept climaxing and the juices flowed non stop, watch out Niagra Falls...hurt, she's gonna hurt alright, and I'm going to thrill in hurting right along with her. There's that special place you go to in these extraordinary fuckfests where you hurt so bad but it feels so good...that was our unlimited destination. "Rock On...Rocks off..."

I was in great shape and Jeanie was my equal and we proved it to each other that night. My cock was so swollen, even the throbbing hurt. We walked down to the beach naked, my cock and her pussy aching for that warm breeze to soothe the pain. She walked with her legs apart like after riding a horse all day, I slowed down every time my cock bounced off my thigh...ouch. "Did you know how many orgasms and climaxes we had." "I lost track some where around seven, I think." "If I never have sex again I'll be completely satisfied." "You'll have sex again, let me take you to the motel, we'll grab a shower, I've got some special lubricating gel, we can do each other and you can fulfill one of my fantasies." "I can't wait..."

We were smelling of a lavender palm fragrance as we toweled each other off. She laid down on her back, pulled a pillow under the small of her back, "You know that trick too." "Very well." I knelt down on the bed, my knees touching her right side, my feet just off the edge. I took a healthy amount of KY lub in my right hand and gently worked it into her pussy. She threw her hips forward accepting each stroke. The look on her face revealed a pleasure-pain frenzy, quivering softly, her lips pursed and pukered. I had to slip my tongue through those lips and taste her 5 star pallet. Her salivary glands were producing juices my mouth longed for. She squeezed out another portion of gel and coated my cock with a thick layer as we continued necking. I wasn't about to get very hard, just a little excitedly swollen. "You're going to have to do most of the work, I'm just so peacefully floating through the whatever you want for as long as you want." I gently spread her legs, consumed with the idea of diving into her pussy head first and disappearing in a long body fucking, fantasy, frenzy...

I have this other craving fantasy that after fucking a girl into oblivion I just love limber-dicking her incessently. I'm too spent to get hard but I'm so horny I just want to feel that long slow stroke like a locomotive climbing the mountain to Shangri-La. I pull her relaxed wisp of a body so her legs are straddling my arms, her butt at the edge of the bed. I grab the shaft of my limp cock as far back as possible and squeeze. The pressure forces the rest of my cock to swell and get stiff. I'm ready to slowly insert this pleasure rod into the fires of Kilauea. She guides the head of my cock in perfect position, parts her pussy lips delicately from inside out with her index and middle fingers and I'm sailing through the straits of Gibralter.

As I slip it between Jeannie's begging pussy lips I pause for her to repeat her original movements...rotating to the right, rolling to the left. A smile engulfs her face as she exhales an accepting sigh of pleasure. Inch by inch I slide my cock further and further, pulling back an inch sliding forward two, back, foward, I reach the edge of my hand then, let go and thrust the rest of the way home. Jeanie inhales with an overwhelming, "OHHH, MYYY G-od..." Now that I'm buried inside her, I slowly and steadily glide in and out. My cock is just hard enough to be able to keep a slow steady pace. I'm able to keep going for almost two hours. Limber dicking madness at its finest. Neither one of us says a word. Her right hand softly pushing on my stomach, keeping me going with each stroke of wanton desire. I lean forward just enough to embrace her tits ever so gently using them as a push up support. I've gone way passed overcoming any pain. My cock is half numb with pleasure, still dripping out the sides of her pussy lips. Faint gurgling sounds kept time with each stroke like a vacuum pump sucking syrup from a maple tree. The swishing sound like a washing machine becoming so enticing. Air bubbles and cum keep erupting as we fall into this murmurring trance. My thighs are about to cramp, they quiver involuntarily and Jeanie puts her arms around my neck and pulls me down, our chests meet, I roll my nipples around hers, then gently suck those gorgeous swollen, throbbing, tits, completely into my mouth. I force them back and forth, suck, release, suck, release, I switch from left to right, they once again get hard. My cock has gotton more swollen but just half way hard. I slowly pull out of her half way, roll around to her back side, gently squeezing my cock again and sliding it back in, we melt together like a couple of Hershey Some Or's, I pull her to the center of the bed, my right hand reaches under her right arm and craddles her right breast, my left arm reaches over her left shoulder and craddles her other breast, I pull my cock back out of her about half way then one final thrust and I'm buried deep with no where else to go...we lay there quivering, her head against my chest...

We wake up diagonally sideways Jeanie's body on top. I feel a twisting comfortable pressure on my cock. I'm still buried in her pussy and this gal wants more. I pull my cock out about half way, she moans, we both feel the semi-crusted result of our cum drying around our entangled pubic hair. She yawns arching her back and stretching her arms behind her like skydiving. I slide my cock back in all the way. I'm starting to get hard, then she coaxes me to the edge of the bed, my butt on the corner and she's straddling me sideways, her legs stretched on either side of my hips and she commences to slowly rise and fall on my cock. When she sits all the way down she wriggles back and forth, the side of my cock presses hard against her already hard clit, her body jerks in cunvulsive spurts, then she shifts and I almost feel her anal cavity on the other side of my cock. She starts rocking back and forth as if I were a rocking chair, I'm holding her undulating body with my left hand on her right shoulder blade, my right hand cupped around her right breast...this is what it must have been like the morning of the Big Bang....we reach a furious state of rocking chair madness...

(Don't ever stop fucking me)... my thoughts echo a resounding chant...seems like I heard that before...Never stop...

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