Physics Gets Some Too
I was sitting in after school physics. I had a lab I had to finish. My physics teacher was gorgeous. All my friends thought I was crazy, his big blue eyes and the fact he was 48 and I was 18. I stayed after whenever he did, it did not bother him at all. Usually other people were there as well, so I would call him over and ask questions to things I already new the answer to.

This day nobody stayed after, most teachers had gone home because a snow storm was coming. He lived so close that being there did not bother him. I was working on a lab when he came over.

"Evee your test scores are exceptionally high, I do not understand why you have issues to some of the simplest questions on labs. I know you know the answers. It makes me wonder what your true intention of staying after is," his gentle low voice earth shatteringly beautiful.

There I stood, totally speechless. This gorgeous man standing there I could not say anything. I thought some how he must know. I could feel me getting wet and my nipples were noticeable. Then, I noticed he was staring at them, his hand was also right on top of mine. His strong hands, his thumb was brushing my hand. I knew I had to say something.

"I am almost certain you know why I am here Mr. Crawford," my hesitant voice and heavy breathing should be a dead give away.

"I think I know but I do not want to be wrong and have your report me," he was so nervous his entire body was shaking.

At that point, I knew what to do. I climbed up on his lab and removed my top and bra. I leaned in and kissed his soft lips while grabbing his hands and running them over my breasts. His pants became tight and his member prodded my thigh. Judging by the tent his pants made I would assume at least 8 inches.

"I was hoping I was right," he whispered between kisses.

His tounge in my mouth made me insane. I forced his hands to pinching my nipples and firmly grabbing my breasts. The intensity made me let out a small yelp. He new to move down he leads small kisses down to my breasts, then he takes a nipple into his mouth and sucks. I run my hands through his soft brown and gray hair. The harder he sucks the harder I pull his hair.

"So, do you go brazilian?" his hand grabs my thigh.

I just nod and pull of my jean and g-string. He spreads my legs and forces me to have my back angled closer to the table. He spreads my lips. A look of hunger in his eyes! He goes down and directly likes my clit. I moan, he continues then shoves 2 of his fingers in my tight hole. He goes in and out and fins my g-spot. He continually pokes it. I know I am screaming. My body calms down and I realize he is no longer touching me.

To Be Continued...
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