Physics Good times
Some would say I am luckier then most, I have never thought of myself that way. You see I am what you would call a nerd. Now I am not an Urkiel nerd, I am fortunate enough to have strong genes, and the decent looks to go along with it.

My story starts just after I got my first job after completing my Doctorate in Physics, and getting a couple papers published in peer reviewed journals.

I enjoyed my work and having spent so much time with my nose in books I hadn't had a lot of time for a social life in college or during my post grad work.

I had this idea that now I was a professor I would get to have the social life I had seen so many enjoy while I was hard at work getting good grades. I was quickly discovering as a lowly associate professor I had far less time then expected.

One day not long after I started my professorship the dean of the department came by to tell me I could have a teacher's assistant if I wanted one. Normally first year professors don't get any help, but I decided it must be because I was recently published and he wanted me to spend more time in the lab rather then grading papers. The next day I posted a sign on the virtual bulletin board for an on campus job. Within a couple of hours I had lined up a dozen interviews and lost track of how many people I had told they couldn't get the job because they where unqualified.

Finally getting fed up with the general lack of intelligence displayed by my interviewees I decided the hell with it I would just do the job myself. Just as I have decided the hell with it a soft knock sounded.

"If you're here about the job don't waste my time if you can't properly explain quantum field theory," I say in an angry voice.

"Well let me in and I might surprise you," a soft sexy voice replies.

My brain is screaming sit your butt back down you going to get yourself in serious trouble. I get the door anyway. Standing in front on me in a two tone floral print skirt and with blouse.through which I could make out a red lace bra) Momentarily I loose my voice but quickly find it and ask her to sit across from me. As she crosses her legs I swear I can see flesh and no underwear. My brain is screaming this doesn't happen in real life, don't panic stay cool you got this. "So what can you tell me about quantum field theory?" my voice cracks ever so slightly as I question her. With out waiting or introduction she launches in giving the only correct explanation I had heard all day. As she is finishing up it is then I notice at some point during the riveting recitation I missed the fact she had undone several buttons on her blouse revealing an ample inviting cleavage. My eyes are immediately drawn to her sexy chest. A slight cough "You like what you see professor," she says a slow smirk crosses her face.

My face turned red and I begin to stutter trying desperately to find words. With out a word she walks towards me taking my hand and sliding it under her skirt, guiding it to her swollen velvet slit. Without any further encouragement my hands begin to stroke her softly as quiet moans escape her lips. Sitting on the edge of my desk she spreads her legs inviting me to dine on her sweet sex. Dropping to me knees I feast upon her sweet nectar as her hands pull my hair. Moans of pleasure fill my office, as she begins to reach orgasm, her cum taste sweet on my lips.

Standing I smile at her, and her hands go immediately for the bulge in my pants,her hand is on my burning cock gently stroking it through my pants.

Again I break giving in to my animal nature. Kissing her hard while my arms pull her to me, my hands can't help themselves, they must feel that perfect ass I know is under that skirt. I am not disappointed, her ass is firm and round. Her kiss is warm and full of passion, her hands working to undo my pants and free my throbbing cock.

Before I know it I my pants hit the floor and I tear her shirt open, buttons fly across the room as her blouse falls open to reveal her bare breast, they are perfection, her nipples hard with anticipation. Grabbing her ass I lift her onto my desk, sweeping it clean of everything. Items crash to the floor, I barely notice them. She turns around smiling at me over her shoulder her ass in front of me. "Fuck me already professor" the need apparent in her voice.

Her embrace is warm and feels amazing I begin to thrust, each push sending new euphoria through out my body. Her cries of pleasure throw me into a new gear. Her hips rising to meet my body with each thrust. She screams as she cums and it drives me to finish.

Out of breath I collapse into a chair as she turns around to face me, and with a smile she kneels in front of me and begins to slowly lick her juices from my cock, slowly awaking it for round two.
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