Pictures in his inbox
As I sit here, heart beating so fast I fear that it will explode, I prepare the pictures. Although I see the person in the pictures every day, what I am about to do is crazy.

It all started as a dare. I was talking to my best friend from high school, and we started asking of crushes that we had back when we were in school. Of COURSE Bobby's name came up. We were reminiscing about the teasing banter that I thought only Bobby and I shared, but came to find out that he was an impossible flirt. Why should he not be? I mean, one could get lost for days staring into his brown eyes for days! He seemed to be able to hypnotize me with just a stare.

Well, my best friend told me that she knew his email address, and asked if I would ever considering emailing him. I laughed and told her that he wouldn't even remember who I was, and all that I wanted back then was for him to look at me as I looked at him. She told me that she knew that he would remember me, and that I have hardly changed at all since then. I do have to admit that it was true. I had the same body, and the same small boobs since then. the source of my self confidence defect.

The dare was then placed:

"Missy, I dare you to send him a few hot pictures of you. You have the body for it, since you haven't had kids, and it would be hot as hell to do it!"

She was always the wilder one, but since being married and having her own children to look after, she has seemed to tame her wild beast, but nothing can tame her fantasies. Now, she lives out her fantasies through me. She dared me to do it, and I do have to admit that when I was talking about it, it did seem pretty hot. She made me promise that I would THAT night, and to copy her to the email to prove that I had.

I chose 4 pictures to send, each in varying degrees of exposure. Of course, one would be dressed, then one would be showing my ass (my best feature), on e would be showing me topless with my arms covering myself, and the last was me with my arms at my sides, breasts fully exposed.

I have such fear of rejection, and I am worried about how this makes me look. more so, I am most afraid of him not saying anything. What if he just doesn't care? What if the sight of me draws no emotion from him at all? I cannot think of that, for I want to get this message out. I NEED to. I want him to see me. I type up the quick email, and attach the pictures. My hand is shaking when I hover over the send button with my mouse. When I do this, there IS no turning back. Bobby and whoever he decides to show will see me, and there will be no way to retract this when it's done.

I hit send. I am so scared and excited that I need to touch myself. I have no control over my hands, and before I know it, I am in sexual frenzy. The thought of him seeing me like that has overtaken my every thought. I have never been filled with so much excitement, fear, dread and need as I was that night. I felt so slutty, and I loved it.

I went to bed after the email was sent. Sleep finally washed over me but significantly later than what was ideal. The alarm clock came upon me too early, and interrupted some of the most erotic dreams. I HAVE to check my email to see if he wrote back!
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