Pizza, Extra Sausage
Pizza, Extra Sausage
By MissAnonna

Ever since I flashed the local pizza delivery boy months ago, I seem to get the same young man showing up at my door each time and he always comes with a big smile on his face, too. The last several times I ordered pizza I did not flash him and although he still shows up with a huge grin I can see the disappointment in his eyes but tonight I thought I would give the handsome fellow a little something he could once again dream about or share with his buddies.

I had just been out shopping for something nice I could wear to my office party and found a beautiful set of stockings and garters and after some quality time with the mirror I was satisfied with how they looked and I was getting hungry. I threw on my robe and headed for the phone.

I was a little nervous as I wasn't entirely sure the same young man would show up but I threw on my robe, turned on the tv and waited patiently with a glass of rose. After about 20 min I began to get a little impatient and went to the door and opened it up to the view of ominous clouds rolling in and trees swaying in the breeze and then felt sorry for any delivery people out there. I watched the dark clouds for a few minutes and noticed the large drops pelting the sidewalk. I decide then this was not the time to play this little charade but before I could turn around a small Chevy truck pulled up to my home.

The young man quickly darted out of his car and headed for my door so I opened the screen door and waved him in as the drops of water picked up along with the wind. He stepped to my porch and hesitated just as the wind and rain unleashed a fury and as he watched the sky I placed my hand on the back on his neck and pushed him into my house while the screen door slammed against the jamb. The light was intense as I heard a crackling of electricity and the deafening clap of thunder and I shuttered as the young man slipped past me and into my living room.

"Wow!" We both cried as I released my hands from my ears and stood upright and turned to the boy. He was very cute and boyish but bulky like a football player and holding an empty pizza carrier. He was staring at my exposed breasts but quickly turned around and bent down to the floor where my pizza lay in disarray but still contained in the box with an open lid.

"I am so, so sorry Ma'am." He cried as he knelt to pick up the pizza. "I don't know how.." I stopped him.

"Oh, goodness!" I said grabbing his arm. "Don't worry about it, Dear. I will get it." He up righted himself as I bent over to shut the box lid and scoop up the pizza box which I did rather quickly and walked it into the kitchen.

"I can get you another one." I heard him cry to me as I walked it to the kitchen and dropped it onto the table, waving a hand behind me in a motion I turned around headed back to him and I could feel the air on my breasts and thighs and watched him as his eyes lit up and widened while fixated on my body. He swallowed hard and then blurted. "No charge for that one, Ma'am."

"Are you sure?" I said as I could see his mind churning while I slowly closed my robe and smiled at him. "Sorry about that." I said as I loosely tied my robe together and headed back to him. "I'm sure the pizza will be fine."

"I can't charge you for a dropped pizza." He said after taking a deep breath. I walked past him and headed to the door where I looked out into a neighborhood getting battered by the storm and became a bit concerned. The young man followed directly behind me and I could feel him pass me and reach for the door but I threw my arm behind me to stop him from going outside.

"You can't go out in that, Dear." I said as I realized my hand was against his crotch. There was no mistaking the young man was hard as a rock. I turned around and placed my hand on his chest. "Wait here and I will grab you a tip." I said softly while my robe began to untie itself and waft to the side, exposing a breast and thigh. He immediately looked down at me and raised his eyebrows.

"Yes Ma'am" He said as I sauntered over to the counter behind him, grabbed a 5-dollar bill and handed it to him and on my way back to the front door window let my hand drop slowly down his belly and across his protruding erection. I felt him jump a little as I was gazing out at the storm and talking into the window.

"You may as well wait a few minutes until it lets up." I said and then felt him join me in watching the storm. I could feel his breath on my neck and it sent chills up my spine and moistened my freshly shaved lips. His hand appeared in front of my breasts and I could see in the reflection of the window that my nipples were hard and exposed. In his hand was a five-dollar bill.

"I...I can't take this, Ma'am." He said softly as my head began to tilt to the side, exposing my neck just in case he wanted a little nibble. I slowly took the cash from his hand and turned towards him with a smirk, looked down and saw his jeans pocket. I put the fiver to his jeans pocket and began to stuff it in feeling his hard tool slide along my index and middle fingers. My eyes widened and my smile became very prominent as I repeatedly pushed the money into his pocket causing his cock to swell and his breathing quicken.

"Sure you can." I said as I turned back to the window and watched him in the reflection. "the storm should pass any minute." I said into the window. "You should wait a few minutes. I'm sure it won't take long at all." I said as I looked up the road and then down the other direction. My naughtiness had me so worked up that I wasn't sure if I was talking about the storm or my orgasm.

I put my hand upon my thigh and leaned into the far door jamb as if I were straining to see the side of my house. My arm floated back allowing the side of my robe to slowly fall across my ass and eventually expose a cheek and when I arched my back the robe floated across to the other side exposing my whole ass to the young man. I could see him in the reflection, eyes widened, mouth open and mind going a mile a minute. I saw him looking at me in the reflection and I smiled at him and wiggled my ass a little.

"It might be a few more minutes, you know." I said flirtatiously and continued to wiggle my ass. "It's really wet." I hesitated. "And coming down so hard." I said emphasizing the word hard. I watched him swallow and take a deep breath and then move his hands toward my ass as I backed against him and brushed across his jeans covered cock. He blew out his breath and placed his hands on my ass, massaging and squeezing my cheeks and then grasping my hips. I offered no resistance as I moved my hands up the jamb and allowed my head to fall between my arms.

I could feel him grinding his hard tool against me and I tried to nestle it between my cheeks eventually succeeding and moaning softly. Reaching behind me I quickly found a button at the top of his jeans and popped it open. I had his zipper down before he could even speak.

"Ma'am," He said softly into my ear. "Are you sure about this?" I had single handedly freed his hardened sword and began to rub it against my inner thigh then circled my ass around until the head of his cock was firmly against my soaked lips. With a swift push, I thrusted myself into him and heard him yelp like a dog but he was soon reserved to the idea and pushed back. I felt him pull away momentarily and then felt my hips being tugged back into him and then he stopped. Again, he pulled away from me then pulled me back into him and he repeated this process a little faster each time for several minutes until eventually I felt my body being rocked like in an earthquake.

He leaned back and let out a deep moan. I could feel his thick cock forging through me like a dolphin in the ocean, gliding gracefully yet porpoisefully (bad pun, I know) and the feeling was driving me to the brink when my legs began to quake and he stopped abruptly and took in a deep breath. The waves of orgasmic pleasure fell over me like a warm bubble and my muscles contracted around his throbbing cock, off time at first but then together and I heard his cry.

"Oh, God Woman!" He barked. "oooooooooooooooh, shit!" I felt him pull me in and shake and then jerk. He quickly removed his cock from me and held it in one hand and held the other hand under as if to catch any residual but I was quick to turn around and grab his tool from him. I pointed his squirt gun at my chest and held him still as he bucked and struck my neck with a stream of thick buttermilk. It was so warm as gravity pulled it down through my cleavage. He stepped toward me forcing his cock through my hand and along the side of my neck and I felt his hands on my back as he jerked once again leaving his seed on my finger tips and neck. I held him there momentarily until he blew out his breath and I looked up at him and smiled.

"The rain stopped." I said. "I'll go get you a towel." I darted into the hallway bathroom and grabbed a towel for myself, wiped my hands and grabbed another towel. I could hear him in the living room.

"Uh, ok..... Thanks." He said with a crackling voice. I entered the living room with a towel and handed it to him with a smile and helped him button his jeans. I grabbed his face with both hands, kissed him on the cheek and whispered in his ear.

"Do not mention this to anyone, please." I pleaded. "Maybe it will rain again next pizza I order and then again......maybe not." I kissed him again on the cheek, took the towel from his hand, handed him his pizza bag and motioned him out. He looked back at me as he was stepping off my porch.

"Have a good night, Ma'am. Th......thanks again!" Such a good boy.
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