Planned Encounter
Ma.. where is your car keys, need to borrow your car for a quick drive to mini market...her daughter yelled out...
It's in my Prada bag...she said.

Ma...who's card is this?...she is flagging his card over her face, oh, some hot but grumpy man that dented my car the other day..she took it and looking at it......hemmm...I should call and thank him.


Bye Ma, see you in a week, her daughter is off to camp.

She looked at the card and thought .....maybe..a thank you call, after all he did leave in a hurry... Hemmm... I wonder why, she thought.....

She knocked on his door, not sure why she was there, but part of her find it exciting to have the opportunity to be immersed in his male aroma, smell is her thing, its either repel or captivate her, and this one sure does impressed her, secretly she is already throbbing hot at her core...

Home office, how nice, she thought, she tried the knob, it was not locked, "hello... " and she remembered, he did say just come in, I left the door unlocked for you...silly me..she walked in and welcomed to such a minimalist environment. Huge sofa, oak coffee table, huge multimedia screen, and a painting on the wall that covers the whole damn wall...she stood there admiring the reflection of ...

He is in the room, she can sense his presence, his aroma...filling up her senses, she can feel his breath at the back of her neck, " like it" "yes...breathtaking.." she is keeping her wits but very much aware of the magnetic field pulling her to him. She begins to move but his arm was around her waist, pulling her body onto his chest, she could feel his hardness pressing on her.

"Please, do not resist me, I need to taste you, just for this time please", he whispers into her ear, she can't resist her own urges and throbbing need and let him continue touching her...

Her nipples are erected, hard in anticipation..he unzipped her dress and it dropped around her feet, revealing her bare skin, cupping her full breast from behind he is playing with the hard nipples though her lace bra, she gasp allowing the surge pass though her system, delicious... how she missed that, he is skill-full, she can feel his lips tracing her shoulder and back as he lowers his head down and reaching her base of her spine, his hands on her hips, slipping her silk underwear off and turning her around facing him, tracing his way up, inhaling her aroma, lips on her hard throbbing nipples, sucking it softly and then harder and harder, grazing them with his teeth, one to the other, she is lost in her own moans, her whole body is melting, her whole weight is on him and he carried her to the huge sofa, and being true to his words, lay her down and hold her legs apart and buried his face into her gushing and throbbing lips, she can only accept and submit to the assault with a scream, YESSSS, oohhhh Yessss PLEASE, ...PLEASE DON'T STOP..he has no plan to either, she tastes so good he thought, continue feasting on her with only breaking for long deep breath, and he dive further, exploring her every folds, her shining hot pearl, bursting with power,desire, proud and hard, her hands are trashing every where grabbing the edge of the sofa, grabbing his hair, her legs are trapped around his arms, lest it would be kicking in the air, he lifted her hips as he push his tongue into her in and out alternating up to her clit, she is flowing with thick creamy juice, he is not wasting a drop, sucking every drop of her, sweet salty creamy she shaking non stop jerking her last drop of ecstasy, he hold her tight as if she might flew away, hold her until she finally lie still...her scream is still echoing in his ears..ohhh..she can scream..sweet sound of her begging and her deep rough moans....he can never have enough of her..he just stay still allowing her to recover...the sun is setting...the evening is far from completion..he is far from completion.....

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