Playing Poker
Part 1 The Guys Next Door.

The guys and I had started every weekend playing Poker. We were all fairly good players and had a great time beating each other. Well we decided that it was time to up the stakes and make the game more interesting. To play for something more than just money and with these guys it was easy to guess what they wanted, but let me first tell you about the guys and about me. Ladies being first, my name is Annie Lawson,34,creamy naturally tan skin due to my Latina and Asia back ground with some good old Irish blood throw in. So wavy cold black hair,shapely hour's glass figure with plumpness in all the right area and my grandmother's big blue eyes set in a heart shaped face. Yes,I would be considered a looker by some and especially by the guys. Now let me tell you about them the general stuff first. The three guys are sexy beast with attitude,just the way I like them. Frank is a good old country boy,6 ft. tall with blond hair and blue eyes dripping with Southern charm and smothering sexuality. I have seen women when he smile at them almost drop their panties. Carlos is all hot and Latino, with long dark straight hair and deep brown eyes. Dark honey is the colored of his skin that covers a body made me want to lick him from head to toe just to see if he was a yummy as he looked. Last of all but not lease was Johnny, that brother Ohhh mmm think of him as a chocolate dessert that you never want to finish eating . He also had one firm fine ass on him that I so wanted to reach out and give it some considerable special attention. So on Poker night I was one lucky girl with all that eye candy to look at and dream about. Yes dream, they were my friends and I was one to never mix the two... fuck buddies and friends. It didn't mean that we didn't flirt with each other every chance we got. Sometimes the teasing had all of us sitting on the edges of our seats, waiting for that one thing that would just send us all into each other's arms, well me into theirs. I had never asked, but I had gotten the impression that the guys while not gay (they were too busy hinting to me how much they want to fuck me) but bisexual. I knew that they had been through a lot together in and out of the military and over time had taken their relationship to another level one that works for them.

Well at our last card game after I beat the shit out of them and was stuffing my jean pockets with their money,Frank suggested a new twist to the game.

"Look here Annie the guys and I have been talking and we think that we need to raise the stakes," Frank said with his voice dripping with southern charm.

"Oh what do you guys have in mind?" I asked as I looked around the table at other guys seeing that they were looking speculatively at me.

"How about this, if any of us win you have to wear what we buy you for the next game," Johnny said as he leaned back in his chair looking me up and down and had the nerve to lick his lips while he was doing it.

"Ok and I will agree if you guys agree to do the same," I said as I looked at them and wondered what they would like naked. Ok so I am a hot mess, but an honest one.

I looked at the others and the nodded their head in agreement. OK how about we play one hand right now? I asked as I took off my jacket and retook my seat.

They all agreed and to be fair I was allow to deal the hand. It all went pretty quick and I lost, which was no surprise to me, but more about that later. As I walked home which was just next door I wondered what they were going to have me wear. Well the next day I found a package on my door step and it was from Victoria Secrets. I opened and found one of the cutest outfits, with not much material. It was pink with black poke a dot bra and panties set with a little floppy skirt. I quickly tried it on and found that while the bottom just fit, the bra barely held my girls in. I tried adjusting it but to no avail, so I called the store and asked if they had the bra in a larger size,a 38f. They only went to double D, so called the guys on their house phone and left a message about the top and then went down to the local fabric store and looked for matching material. I was lucky enough to find what I needed and purchased it. I went back home and spent the rest of the evening making a matching bra that held my girls in place and was still as sexy as the rest of the outfit.

Part 2 Game Night

When game night came,I was ready as the loser to show that I could play with the big boys and still keep my cool. I took my time to dress to impress, but really to disturb. I was going to be the winner to night and if they thought that this little get up was going to get to me ah!!! I smiled as put on my rain coat and walked next door at the appointed time. I knocked and walked in wearing my rain coat, the guy,Frank,Carlos and Johnny were all sitting at their dining table where we played cards. I stood there with a soft smile on my face as I slowly took off the rain coat; I watched their faces and was pleased with result of my labor. Dropping my coat in a chair I was let standing there in all my pink and black poke dots glory wearing black five inch heeled "come- fuck- me pumps". The little skirt hung low on my hips accenting the lower half of my hour glass figure, while the bra which I put together lovely support the girls and showed them off to their sexy best. The guys were silent,but their eyes spoke volumes which I chose to ignore. I had decided to treat the whole thing like it was nothing important.

"Well guys, shall we get started, I feel looking tonight," I said as I took my seat breathing in and out slowly since I had their collective attention.

"Well,well baby,you are smoking," Johnny said slowly as he continued to stare at me with admiration and considerable lust.

I could see that there was a tent in his jeans and the pole there was sizeable. I didn't have to check out the other two as I had seen them naked before and was quite pleased.
I looked at Frank and Carlos who hadn't taken their eyes off me since I came can in and took off the coat. They hadn't said a word just looked and drooled. I leaned back giving one and all a good view of the girls so lovingly held in place as I dealt the first hand. As we played, the guys got more disturbed by the view that I was displaying. So in between hands and breaks they each when and changed clothes. Gone were the jeans to be replaced by sweats allowing for tenting to be less painful. I smiled to myself and looked at them from under my lashes as Frank dealt the next hand since he had won the previous one. I could see that Carlos was slightly masturbating and I had noticed that the others had touched themselves off and on throughout the evening. I started doing things little things to disturb them and their game, as my goal was to win the most hands by the end of evening,then it would be my turn to raise the stakes. First I turned side wise and cross and re crossed my legs which are toned and long. The heels only made them look longer and definitely sexy. I heard a moan from one of the three as I studied my cards and then I uncrossed and re crossed them again and I heard a few moans. Ahh it was working so far I had won 5 out of 6 hands and I won. I dealt the hand I let my bra strap slide off my right shoulder and leaned forward just a little more to give them a view of my lusciousness. I let the strap stay there until I had arranged the cards in my hand to my liking. There was no sound in the room only a lot of heavy breathing by three very horny men. I continued to act like nothing was going; I even licked my lips slowly as I played with my long black hair while considering my next move. I ended it by running my thumb over the pink and black poke a dot material that covered my left breast. Needless to say, I won the hand and all the guys went to other parts of the house to deal with their "tents" to return with their sweats pants less tenty. As I stuffed money into my bra and folded into my little skirt,I figures out what I wanted the guys to do when I win the last hand of the night. What can I say, I am healthy girl with a healthy appetite and a girl is allowed to change her mind.

"Ok gentlemen, this is the last hand tonight and if I win you all have to do as I say," I said to the three men at the table, who were now staring at me with lust and tents were back which was very evident. I continued to ignore their situation as I thought about what I wanted from these yummies. I dealt the cards and stood up to stretch a bit before I picked up my hand. I made sure that the stretch was sexy and show off my little outfit in all the best ways.

Fuck, damn and oh shit was mumbles as the guys fidget even more in their chairs. I acted like I hadn't heard a thing. In twenty minutes the hand was dealt, played and lost by the guys. I was so happy that I jump up and kicking off my pumps and jumped up and down like a cheerleader. Needless to say the girls jumped out of their holder and gave the guys a viewing. I figured then, why keep wearing it, so before sitting back down to tell the guys what I had planned for them I took off the bra and let my 38 f girls hang free. Frank just stared, Carlos put his head on the table with a thud and Johnny fell out of his chair. Now since I had their attention I told them what they had to do as the losers, since they had agreed that if one lost they all lost. I explained and then I walked over and picked up my coat making sure to show a consider amount of my nice plump firm ass decorated with the pink and black poke a dot panties and skirt. Again there were moans and cursing going on, and I continued to ignore it all. I waved good bye without looking back and left the house walking fast, as thinking that the guys were almost at the end of their rope.

Part 3 Pals and Lovers
The rest of weekend and the week went by pretty fast as I was busy and so were the guys. We were all still friendly and pal-like with each other, but there was an underline something there when we would meet either one on one or all of us together. Friday night, game night rolled up and it was time to see if they had kept their side of the deal. Dress in only two things a long black form fitting tee shirt dress and low heel sandals I walked over to guy's house next door. Taking a deep breath I knocked and walked into the house finding all three guys sitting at the table bare chested with the cards out along with normal munchies and drinks. I peeked under the table and saw that they were totally naked they had kept their part of the deal. They to be naked and they had to act like I wasn't there when they interacted with each other. Like I said I knew and they admitted to be bisexual with each other. I just wanted to see how it was between them, to observe the intimacy of their relationship for an evening as far as they wanted to go. I took my seat as Johnny rose up out of his chair exposing his lower half which made my eyes pop a bit and my pantie less pussy started gathering moisture. I just knew the girls were showing off their excitement, my nipples were busy pushing out the material of my dress, but I continued to play it cool.

"So guys what are the stakes for tonight," I asked as I took a much needed drink from the glass of wine that Johnny had given me. My throat was dry and my nerves were screaming... wow wow wow!!

"Well we thought to night that we would do a winner takes all deal," Carlos said.

"What does that mean," I asked figuring that this may not be what I think it is but just the same I just had to know.

"It means if one of us wins the most hands... and raised his right eyebrow just a little to mark the point as he left the rest unsaid.

I nodded knowing what I thought it would be. If they win,I was going to get the fucking of a life time, well at least my life time. Wow and oh shit was all that I could think of as the three of them stood up with serious hard ons,to the point that precum glisten on their mushroom heads. I didn't say out loud as each one of the guys stood up showing me all of their cock hard glory and all. Wowwha!!!

The first hand I won, after that they won, when they were not touching each other in very sexual ways. During a break, Johnny went to the bathroom and Frank and Carlos were in the kitchen doing something. I got up walked in and found Frank giving Carlos a bj, which I stood in the doorway and watched. Frank stood up against the frig with his eyes close and his hands in Carlos's long black hair as Carlos sucked him off. He started to moan and saying stuff in Spanish which I didn't understand. It seemed to motivate Carlos to suck harder and in no time (maybe because I was watching) Frank came shooting cum into Carlos's mouth a lot of it running out the corners of his mouth and down on to his chest. By then Johnny was back and he was standing behind me but not touching me.

"So, Annie girl what do you think? Could you be involved in relationships where there are no sexual barriers other than the ones set by the people in the relationship?" This he whispered in my right ear as we watch his roommates and lovers please each other.
I looked up at him over my shoulder and then back at the two men who were now in a deep kiss involving a lot of tongue action. They stopped and were still hold on to each other as they looked at me with lust filled eyes.
I smiled and gave them a little appreciative clap of my hands and walked back into the dining room never answering Johnny's question as I had no answer for him, since I have never been in a position to consider something like that.

We went back to playing and in no time it was the last hand for the night. Throughout the evening, between breaks and even at the game table the guys would kiss and fondle each other right in front of me. They would always end looking at me with eyes full of lust and as the evening went on questions unspoken started to appear in them.

"Ok, Annie this is the last hand and if either one of us win you will have to do as we say," Frank said as he started dealing the cards. I decided to up the ante by giving them a surprise; I stood up and took off my dress, exposing my nakedness to them. I put my dress over the back of the chair and sat back down, to face the guys. Frank had stopped dealing the cards; Carlos was now just opening looking at me with hungry eyes and Johnny look like if I gave him the right look he would be on me a second later.

"Ok, Frank finishes dealing," I said as I leaned back in my chair giving my viewers a nice view of my assets from the waist up. I am sure that they had notice that my pussy was shaved and that I had the tattoo of a butter fly on my right ass cheek.

"Annie is you sure you are down for this?" Carlos asked as he picked up his cards and looked over at Frank and Johnny.

"Yes, Annie we don't want you to do anything that you don't want to do and we don't want to lose you as a friend and..."

"No I down with it," I said as I felt the wetness gather between my legs. I wondered if they could smell my scent of my sex in the air.

"Ok, let's play," Franks said as he picked up his cards.

Twenty minutes later, I had lost the hand, the game and was at their mercy.

"Ok guys what is it that I have to do at the next game night? "I asked with a little fear.
"Hummm well Annie, there will not be a game night next week," Frank said as he got up and went to stand behind my chair as Carlos and Johnny flanked me on both sides.

"We have decided that we want you to join us Friday," Carlos said as Johnny reached out and took a curl of my hair and twisted it between his fingers.

"Ok, join you were and doing what?" I asked knowing exactly what he meant.

"You know what we mean, Annie," Frank said as he placed a kiss on top of my head. So this Friday, you will join us Annie and with that it is time for you to go. The guys redressed me, dress and sandal and sent me home with what they wanted in payment planned firmly in my mind. That night I masturbated so many times and came so hard that I had to sleep with a towel under me to catch the cum. For the rest of the weekend and week I avoided the guys as I wasn't sure that I could do it. I had never had multiple partners in bed or even in my life. I had always been a one man woman in all things.

Part 4 Making a Bid and Playing the Hand.

Friday night finally came and the card game always started at 8pm. It had come and gone and I was still sitting in my bed dressed in shorts and tank top all I needed was to put my sandals on and go over. The phone had rung a few times as well as the doorbell; they knew I was home and hiding out. I sat there in the dark for hours with my thoughts of what they had asked of me and whether I could do it. It wasn't like I hadn't known them for at least five years and we had been through a lot together first as neighbors and later as friends. Now they wanted to change the relationship and make it what? I realize that is what the problem was. I needed to know what was going to happen our friendship after we fuck.

It was late when I finally went over to the guys house, so late that I had to ring the doorbell and wait for someone to answer the door. Carlos opened the door and just looked at me for a few seconds then open the door to let me in. As I walked in the other Frank and Johnny came down the steps and we all gathered in the hallway in the dark.

"Look guys I just need to know that after what we do is done we will still be.... I mean I don't want to give up, you guys I love having you in my life as if is and if there is a chance that there could be ...." The rest I never got to finish as I was pulled into a circle of hard naked bodies with strong arms and hands. Lips followed as some spoke, telling me that it was going to be ok, if not maybe even better followed by another who claimed my lips with his own. I stood in the center of a circle of passion as their desire for me, for us it seems washed over me and them pulling us all together. The shorts and tank top were quickly removed by them with my help to be left where they were dropped. I was lead and carried up the steps to the large master bed room where a king size bed dominated the room. The two large windows on the far wall allow the light of the full moon to coming through the curtain less windows. The room seemed to be bath in moonlight making the white or creams sheets I couldn't tell which on the enormous bed glow. I was placed in the middle of the bed among the sheet and pillows. There was so many of the latter that I figure that this is where the guys had been sleeping when I had a woken them. They climbed beside me and each other and at first we said and did nothing, just looked at each other in quiet wonderment. I realized then that they were leaving it up to me to make the first move, so I did. I kissed each man in term softly on the lips lingering a bit with each kiss giving them time to react, which they did. After I kissed one and move to the other they moved in closer to me, laying hands on my body, touching me softly with assurance and care. They laid me back upon the pillows one on each side and one kissing me down the middle of my body as the other two did so from the sides. I closed my eyes and let my other sense take over; I wanted to get lost in the sensation of Frank,Carlos and Johnny. As hands and mouths touch wandered over my body one mouth found its way to my clit and I rose up off the bed to greet the tongue that caress it. Then mouths found my nipples and sucked hard on them as hands squeezed and massage them. By now I was on an internal melt down as I felt the need that had been hidden so deeply in me come to the surface. I felt the desires releasing in me and heard myself moaning and begging with them to take me to, to fuck me! They did...

Franks who had been the one to taste my nectar first drove me to the edge with his talent tongue. As fingers from the hands of Carlos and Johnny entered me, finger fucked me. By now I was all but climbing the walls begging them to stick their cocks into me. I didn't realize that as they were finger fucking me they had been preparing me for to take their full now harden cock into me with little resistance and little pain on my part. They took turns entering me with their tongues and fingers to the point that I had no idea where they ended and I began. I became like a wanting slut offering myself to the body that claimed me,one time throwing open my legs exposing my slopping wet pussy for their viewing as I fingered myself and pushing my pelvis up and out to them. Then grabbed me roughly and flipped me over on to my hands and knees with my ass up in the air. Frank got under me and reclaimed my clit with his mouth as I grabbed and suck as much of his cock as I could into my mouth. Carlos sunk is cock deep into me as the wall of my pussy contracted around him cause him to vocalize his surprise and pleasure at the experience. With this mouth open Johnny how was now standing up in bed straddle Frank and I who were in the 69 position. He slid his cock into Carlos open mouth. In short time we all found a rhythm that could be kept by all as we sucked and fucked. The longer we kept at it the more urgent our need to cum and to taste became. At one time we were going at it so fast and hard the bed had started to move away from the wall. I am not sure who came first but when it the orgasm hit we all felt it and response. I came flooding all over Franks face as he licked and suck clit. Carlos came so hard in my pussy as that I could feel his cum hit the back of my uterus when he came. Johnny followed in turn who had grabbed a whole of Carlos head as he fucked his mouth. He came screaming like some wild animal as he fired his cum into Carlos mouth. We ended by collapsing on to the bed and licking each other clean. I lay among them knowing that we were not finished, but too tired from cumming to move. The guys did it for me for the rest of the night I was shared and pasted among them. Being taken in both the pussy and ass again and again until I think I must have passed out. When I woke it was late in the day and I was alone in the big white bed among the sheets and the pillows. My body was screaming with pain from over worked body parts to over exercised muscles and some muscles that must have never been exercised. I got up and found their bathroom to answer natures call and to soak my body. I filled up the large old style tub and climbed in with no thought to where the guys may have wonder off to on a Saturday. Right now it was about me and I needed to take care of me and do some thinking. This is where the guys found me later on,by then the water had cooled and I was climbing out of the tub. The guys stood there watching me as I dried myself off. They appeared to have gone out or were going out as they were dress for it.

"I think we need to play another hand," Carlos said as he came in with the card and sat on the freshly made bed. Looking around the room and seeing that the windows had been open to let in the spring air and the bed and been remade with fresh bedding.

"What are the stakes now," I asked quietly not sure why Carlos would bring this up now.
"Yes I think Carlos is right," said Johnny who was now standing behind be softly stoking my bare back and hips with his broad hands.
"Ok so what are the stakes?"

"If you win you get to call the shots where we all are concerned. Frank said leaving out what needed no words to be spoken to be understood. If we win, well you know after last night how it will be except that it will be a permanent thing. "

As I stood there naked to the men who I had come to care about I decided to play the game one more time. We played one hand of Poker and in about twenty minutes, I had lost the hand. The guys quickly made good on their win spent the rest of the day showing and telling me how happy they were about winning the hand and me. Later that evening as I laid there among them thinking how lucky I was as I heard the snoring starting, I smiled to myself thinking that one day I really should tell the guys about my days as professional Poker player... nope maybe not...

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