Playing Together
I miss her smile, her laugh. Her eyes, soft, brown, tears of happiness, laughing till her sides ached. Her light red hair, shinning in the sun.

Her body, best friends growing up, we saw each other naked many times. But it wasn't until my feeling for her turned sexual that I laid awake at night. Dreaming about touching her, kissing her, us making love. I'll get to her body soon.

I kept my new feelings secret, not knowing, if I had the courage to tell her, or what would happen to our friendship.

We use to love going to the beach. Not much of one, just a few yards of sand in between the woods and lake. It was our place though, all the years we went, we never saw anyone else there.

The beach was a couple of miles from our town. We'd take my car, or her's, pack our lounge chairs, an actual picnic basket, and our favorite romance novels.

We wore shorts and tank tops over our bikinis for the ride over, then walking through the woods to our place. We set up our chairs, then shed our clothes. My eyes were always drawn to her pink bikini bottom, the way it fit so snug to her body. Her perfect flat stomach, never an ounce of fat on her. Her matching top, hiding her small breasts, her nipples that I so wanted to suck. Her sexy tight ass as she waded into the water.

I was watching the water, softly lap at the shore. Thinking of the possibilities if I shared my passion for her. Her smooth legs caught my attention, her ankles crossed, I saw her thighs, close to her bikini, pressing together, rubbing, like mine do when I'm very aroused. She burst out laughing before I could ask what she was reading.

I laughed with her, then asked what was so funny? Her eyes held mine, looked into me, knowing something I hid. I held my breath, waiting for her to say I know... Finally she smiled, turned a couple of pages back in her book, and told me to read.

I couldn't believe what I read, then laughed at the end. She was smiling at me when I looked up. "You want to?"

I read about two women masturbating together. They each had wild orgasms, the funny part was the guy watching. He was stroking himself into a frenzy, his tongue sticking out like a dog, then he went crossed eyes when he came.

She didn't wait for an answer from me, she got up, turned her chair to face me. I was barely aware of putting the book down on a towel next to me. My eyes were glued to her, untying her bikini top.

Stiff pink nipples, accenting her breasts. I quickly looked around as my friend undressed in front of me. When I looked back, her bottom was already sliding down her legs. She smiled as she stepped out of them.

I stood, my legs were shaky, she watched me undress. Then we both sat back down, she licked her lips, eyes on my vagina. Mine were glued to her's, lips wet, deep pink as her fingers opened her lips.

We played together, our eyes locked onto the others vagina. Our legs open more once we stopped teasing ourselves, and seriously started rubbing and fingering. Her lips became soaked, her fingers too. Her breathing, like mine was heavy. Our bodies pressed more into our hands. Moaning, stroking our lips, clits, faster, harder. Our asses were lifting up, close, toes curling in the sand. She squeezed her breast, cried loudly as her body bucked and shook. My orgasm had me crying out seconds later.

Panting, smiling lazily at each other, our fingers slowly rubbing our lips.

There was another part of the story I read, a part I didn't think my friend would do. She let me taste her fingers, I let her taste mine, then we kissed. I miss her.

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