He had taken great care preparing her for this night. Slowly guiding her to his living room and kneeling her down before his coffee table. He had her kneel in front of the short table and laid her out on her stomach gently. He pushed her down flat as he slid his hands up her sides to push her arms up over her head and stretched them to the other end of the table. He then bound her wrists together and looped them securely to the end of the table where she could not move them.

She was stretched out firmly knees still on the floor her hips digging into the table as he spread her legs a little wider. She gasped as she realized he was roping her thighs firmly to the table legs so she was unable to move. She wiggled a little and got nowhere, she heard him chuckle to himself as he reached under the table and pulled a large belt up on either side of her waist... he slid the buckle through and securely fastened her lower back flat to the table so she was unable to move her body either. He stroked her hair and her cheek before fastening a small leather gag into her mouth. She was utterly and fully at his mercy.

He left her then and she heard him moving around the apartment. The rustle of his clothing told her he was undressing and desire crept up to colour her cheeks as she anticipated what would come next. She inhaled slowly and could taste leather and her own arousal and knew she was getting wet with anticipation. She exhaled and her breath clouded the table with her respiration.

She felt him run his hand down her back to her butt where he stopped to massage her firm smooth cheeks with both hands... Then he slid lower tracing her crack to stop at the entrance to her pussy. He slid his hand up and down her slit caressing it slowly until he hit her button. She moaned as he rubbed it with excruciating softness... then his hand was replaced by something else, she hadn't felt this before. It felt round and hard but smooth and soft at the same time... it was attached to something she knew...

He placed the ball end directly on her clit and let it sit there... then she heard the unmistakable sound of duct tape being unrolled and felt him duct tape the instrument to the table. She wiggled but no matter what she did her clit was pressed onto the ball.... she was confused what was this thing?

The she heard him click a switch and the ball began to vibrate softly...

She groaned aloud as her clit sent waves of pleasure washing up her spine. She could feel her nipples hardening as her arousal built. It felt so good she was sure she would fall apart but still he kept the instrument on. She tried to move away to give herself some relief from the tormenting thing but she was stuck and moving only served to make it worse. She started to whimper wanting a break, she didn't know if she could stand this. He softly laughed at her distress and then she heard another click' and the ball vibrated more intensely. She hollered into her gag and her back tried to arch bout she couldn't get away! The feeling was intense but not enough to send her over the edge only enough to tease and torture her. The blood was pounding in her ears and she could feel her pussy contracting but she couldn't find a release she moaned hoping to spurn him on to let her fall apart in a breathless orgasm.

But he didn't he just stayed out of sight and watched and she knew then what she was in for. Please she tried to moan into the gag, but she knew he couldn't understand. Her body was screaming in protest her legs trembling and her feet tingling. She felt so damn good but she needed more! Her body was twitching and tears started to stream down her face as she whimpered into the gag in torment.

Minutes went by and her clit was swollen and she could feel it pulsing against the toy but still he had not let her cum. She was crying now in frustrating needing her release and being denied it. She was begging into her gag to no avail when finally.

Click' her world exploded as her clit rocketed her into a shattering orgasm she screamed for him and felt herself spin out of control as she came hard all over his table her juices rolling down her thighs and mixing with the ropes on her legs. As she came down from her high she felt him kissing her lower back and down towards her butt as he switched the toy back to a lower setting.

He kissed her thighs and licked up her sweet cum before tracing her butt with his tongue. He parted her ass to run his finger around her dark little hole before running his tongue over it and moistening it. She tensed in anticipation of what he was about to do and almost came again when he slowly entered his finger into her tight ass. She wanted to push back but couldn't and so she whimpered for more. He obliged by thoroughly pushing his digit in and out of her slick bottom. He removed his finger and she cried out needing him more.

But then she felt him kneeling behind her. Something was pushing at her pussy entrance she felt it and welcomed it, but... something was pushing at her ass too... he's doubling up she realized weakly and the though almost made her pass out from lust. The soft rubber of the dildo entered her hot wet pussy as his fully lubricated cock began to push harder at her backdoor. She tried to relax to help him and was rewarded with the satisfying feeling of him sliding fully into her ass as he also filled her dripping pussy.

Click' the toy sped up again and with it he began to thrust into her with a slow but hard rhythm. His hands clenched her hips digging his fingers in as he pushed her harder and harder. She was on fire her whole body was trembling as he filled her fully and pushed her clit into the toy with each thrust. She could hardly contain it when she felt him release her mouth from the gag. She moaned loudly before screaming his name out in ecstasy.

"Yeah baby." he told her "Come for me, all over me."

She was only too happy to oblige as her body contracted and her muscles clenched her tight pussy and ass clinging harder to him as her orgasm hit.

"Oh fuck baby doll that's it!" He roared as she screamed out for him.

She felt him tense and thrust hard burying himself as deep as he could in her tight little ass as he blew his hot sticky load inside her. They came together and he collapsed exhausted onto her as he slowly pulled himself and the toy out together, turning off the wand. He kissed up her spine and behind her ear.

"Playtimes over babe." he whispered as he slowly undid her restraints and rubbed the circulation back into her limbs...

She sat up slowly turning to look at him. His eyes were on fire as he kissed her softly on the lips running his hand up her neck into her hair and tracing her lower lip with his tongue.

He took her hand and led her to the bedroom where he laid her down to sleep, caressing her softly, kissing her neck, and nuzzling her. She fell asleep happy, and safe, and satisfied with a smile on her lips.
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