You were in charge that evening, that is what we decided. I wanted to feel like a women...I wanted to feel small, weak, taken care of, pampered, sexy...All things you can make me feel. We were laying on the bed, you were up on your side leaning on me, I was flat on my back. You were planting light kisses along my jaw up to my ear, which makes you laugh when I get goose bumps.

You have one hand resting on my stomach, the other hand you have on my head, running it through my hair. You go on with this for what feels like hours, it feels so good, relaxing even. You won't let me kiss you back yet though, I find that frustrating, and you find that amusing. You smile at me, you wont' let me touch you either. Not even your arm...You continue this torture longer, it feels so good yet I want more. You hold that back from me.

You have worked your hand from on top of my shirt to the skin of my stomach, and you work my shirt over my head, mmmm love the air on my skin. I want to take you shirt off but no, not yet. You start to kiss my neck, down to where it meets my shoulders. Where, unexpectedly, you bite and suck. Leaving a dark purple mark. I am yours, all will know tomorrow. You land it in that spot where my neck meets my shoulder, you suck for a long time, I moan your name, not asking you to stop but begging for more.

You lick from there to the hollow of my throat, and back again and again. You start to move down my body, I am still not allowed to touch you...Frustrating...You work your way down to the tops of my breasts, where they are uncovered by my bra. You plant kisses and bites there. Leaving small marks as you go, making me moan more. You lift my tits out of my bra, and start to suck. One then the other and back. Sucking them all the way into your mouth and flicking my nipple while it is buried deep in your mouth. You go back and forth between the two, making me squirm. You have my hands pinned over my head with one of your hands, your other hand is between my legs, feeling the heat and wetness through my jeans.

Yes, You did this to me. Please, let me touch you. No...You slowly move away from my tits, NO...You kiss your way down my stomach, making me giggle, I'm ticklish. You are down my body far enough, I run my hands through your hair. You pause at the top of my jeans, look up at me and go back to kissing my belly, your tongue goes into my belly button, making my wiggle. Whew! You continue that pleasant torture, my skin is never untouched by you. You slowly reach up, and unbutton my jeans and slide the zipper down. SO SLOW you move. My impatience makes you laugh. And you continue at your pace, of course you do.

I reach around and finally free myself from the bra, the air feels so good on my hot skin. You grab the top of my jeans and work them down my legs. You take my jeans down a little then run your hands over the exposed skin, bringing the gooses bumps again...A little lower, hands up my legs, over my outer thighs and then around to the inside, can't open my legs wide at all, my jeans are only halfway down. You toy with me, rubbing your finger on the outside of my panties, you already see the wet spot I have. You put your face so close to me and inhale my scent, your run your tongue on the outside of my panties and I groan.

My jeans are at my ankles, you continue to run your hands the length of my legs inner thighs, outer thighs, stopping at the wet spot you have given me. Running your fingers all over the outside of my hot, wet slit. FINALLY, my jeans are off, I spread my legs, you bring you face closer to my panty clad pussy. I am begging you now, please take them off, I want to feel your tongue. You laugh at me begging you and you bite my inner thigh, HARD. I love it, makes me moan your name.

You leave a mark that will make it hard to walk in the morning, I can't wait to try. I love knowing you did that to me...Please pull my panties down and slide your tongue inside me and taste my wetness. Finally, you slowly work my panties down my thighs, past my knees and to my ankles. OFF they go. I spread my legs nice and wide and finally, feel your lips and tongue where I so desperately want it, need it, deep inside my wet, hot, tight pussy. Thank you...

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