Pleasure Under Knots
Author's Note:
This is the third and final part of my novella "And so, she cummed". It portrays BDSM as the prevailing theme.

Cast of Characters:

Bianca Floris: Protagonist.
Raymond Peter Evans: Viewpoint character and Bianca's husband.
Veronica Ryder: Jessica's sister and Bianca's classmate.
Jessica Ryder: Viewpoint character, Raymond's friend and an incesbian psychotherapist.

Jessica's story: The three-way cure.

Tuesday is the day to express your passion, to get some exercise, and to release the pent up energy. Since working as a psychotherapist is not an easy job, I plan to go out with Ronica if it is my day off. Moreover, I always get the satisfactory outcomes for my therapeutic endeavors; I cannot deduce whether it's just an observation or the lady luck has really been on my side.

It was fine that noon. Ronica and I got into our white Buick Regal; I threw it into the gear and raced down the highway. We headed westward, wearing sunglasses and squealing like schoolgirls. The wind ruffled her long, lustrous hair; she had to finger it aside repetitively. However, I had no problem with the wind. The bob cut hairstyle looked cool to me.

We were African American incesbians. The oval faces, proportioned eyes, Nubian noses, full lips, and black hair were the features of our beauty. However, we were not exactly alike. I was a bit taller and five years older to Ronica. My measurements were 34B-22-32.

I loved my sister for her feminine grace and inviting looks. She had a huge bust, a narrow waist, and big juicy ass. No bra smaller than 38E could fit her mammoth tits. Size 12 briefs were the perfect choice for her well-rounded and wide hips.

I had attired myself into a bright navy blue polo shirt and light blue trousers. Ronica was dressed in a black button-down top and a red schoolgirl miniskirt. She was no longer a schoolgirl, but I told her to put on that dress. She had worn the very dress before going to a female classmate's home four months ago. They had engaged in some hot lesbian sex when no one else was around.

That classmate was Bianca Floris, the beautiful Romanian redhead in her early twenties and a student at the College of Nursing. She and Ronica befriended each other during their first year of college. They used to board the same bus, entered the same classrooms hand in hand, and sat together in the library or cafeteria. It appeared that their friendship was platonic; actually, they were attracted to each other. With the announcement of first semester exam schedule, an occasion for the desired sexual interlude was presented to them.

Ronica began visiting Bianca at her home to go through a joint preparation for the exam. One evening, an opportunity arose for them; Bianca's parents left her with Ronica because they had to go to an allergist. When Bianca teased my sister, she got aroused immediately. They pleasured each other with lust and erotic rapture. In next to no time, Bianca's bedroom reeked with the aroma of sex and it echoed with their squeals of delight.

Ronica reached home before I returned from the Center. She lay awake at night, thinking about her lesbian adventure with Bianca and her incesbian relationship with me. Instantly, it occurred to her that she had breached my trust; an uncomfortable knot grew in the pit of her stomach. The feeling of shame and guilt moved her emotionally, and so she decided to refrain herself from going intimate with Bianca.

On the other hand, Bianca slept well that night for the most delightful and rewarding experience she ever had. The next morning, however, brought her the shocking news as Ronica met her in college. Naturally, she got dejected to learn her friend's decision. It diametrically opposed her craving to have sex with my sister. Nonetheless, she promised Ronica that she would always respect her decision in my favor.

Ronica never realized what outcome of her frankness could be. Moreover, she did not tell me about her lesbian adventure because she was afraid of losing the harmony and commitment in our incesbian relationship.

Their secret had to be revealed a couple of days before that Tuesday. Bianca's husband came to our house and told us that he could arouse his wife in bed but she never cummed for him. His name was Raymond Peter Evans, a handsome American in his late twenties. He nicknamed us J and V. In return, we called him Ray.

Ray met Bianca at Philip and Marlene's bar. He had no idea that she was already disconsolate by Ronica's decision. However, he fell in love with her and made up his mind to ask her for the dance. She accepted his offer, and they began dancing harmoniously to the music. Her air of femininity, shapely curves, and soft contours aroused him.

Ray, acting impulsively on his desire, kissed Bianca before the people around. His unexpected, imprudent action embarrassed her instantaneously. He realized the gauche situation and the coldness in her comportment. Hence, he proffered an apology and dropped her home.

After a few days, Ray found her with Ronica at a bus stop. Instantly, he thought that my sister could be a nexus between him and Bianca. Therefore, he sent her a text to call him.

Ronica called him, and he asked her Bianca's name and cell number. She was already concerned about her classmate's frigid response. Hence, she did not answer him plainly until he told her about his amorous encounter with Bianca. Feeling relieved and hopeful after learning that, Ronica told him her name and cell number.

Ray called Bianca and urged her to meet him. Since she did not promise him for a date, he ended his call. That instant, she began to like him and could not get him out of her mind.

Bianca called him after a few nights, because she wanted to know the feelings he had for her. For an answer, he confessed his love to her. With no other option, she took him as her romantic partner.

They used to go on dates and one day, he asked Bianca for her hand in marriage. She accepted his wedding proposal. They got married at Amore Wedding Chapel three months ago. Right from the wedding night, Ray found her dry even though he ate her out with perfection and aroused her to the plateau. Subsequently, he used vaginal lubricants on her and enjoyed cumming into her cunt. Nonetheless, her sexual dysfunction bothered him every time.

Bianca did not confide her lesbian adventure to Ray, but she never knew that he could find it out per chance. That Saturday eve, he returned home and entered the bedroom. She was lying nude on the bed, masturbating to the erotic snapshots of the lesbian couples in girlie magazines. Her eyes were closed and she was too preoccupied to realize that he was home. The sight aroused him immediately. He walked over, knelt between her open thighs, and went down on her. As he licked her cunt and sucked her clit, she called Ronica's name and urged her to eat her more.

Ray was astonished to hear that. Instantly, he figured out why she mistook him for Ronica. Hence, he spoke aloud to disturb her reverie. Bianca came to her senses and admitted to him about her past lesbian experience. After learning the truth, he decided to discuss the whole story with me.

He arrived at our home the next day; a long discourse transpired to encapsulate his wife's past, her matrimonial commitment with him, and the effect of Ronica's decision on her sexual response. I articulated my conclusion to Ray that Bianca was suffering from situational anorgasmia. Consequently, the sexual fantasies about lesbians provoked her to masturbate and cum. However, she failed to reach a climax whenever he joined her abed.

Ray was already anxious to sort out the cure for his wife's anorgasmia. Therefore, I assured him that the expression of Bianca's sexual activity could revert to normal if another woman pleased her in bed. Without hesitation, he told us to go to his home and have sex with her. We promised him to help his wife for the recovery of her sexual response.

And so accompanied by Ronica, I drove my car down the winding road until we reached our destination; it was his white luxury home. I parked the car in the spacious portico and looked at her.

She asked, "Jess, are you sure we are on the right track?"

"Yeah," I said. "I want to see how your dress evokes her memory. Let's go!"

Ronica grinned at me and opened the car door. I turned about, took my black leather bag from the back seat, and got down after her.

Swaying her hips, Ronica walked over to the building and stopped at the door. I followed her example and nodded as she cast a quizzical glance at me. The next instant, she raised her hand and rang the door bell thrice.

As the door clicked open, a Caucasian girl with long auburn curls appeared in the doorway. I appraised her from head to toe. She had a heart-shaped face, wide-set brown eyes, a hawk nose, pouty lips, and a dimpled chin. The red floral mini dress befitted her hourglass figure, and the halter neck displayed significant amount of her cleavage. Her curves were as voluptuous and tempting as Ronica's; however, I knew that 34F was the snug bra size for her bust.

I smiled as a look of utter astonishment stole over her alluring face. Ronica grinned at her and said, "Well, hello Bianca! You weren't expecting us today, were you?"

Bianca remained speechless. Her eyes were fixed at Ronica; she had ignored me apparently.

"Don't just stand like a dummy," I told Ronica, pushing her onward.

As if coming to her senses, Bianca blinked and looked at me. She moved her lips but did not say a word.

Ronica hugged her straightaway. "Oh my friend, I've missed you so much," she said affectionately.

'Now you're doing the right thing, sis,' I thought as she began to roam her hands over Bianca's back. 'Let's see what her reaction is.'

Ronica pecked her on the shoulder, reached her fleshy ass, and squeezed it playfully. A deep furrow appeared on Bianca's forehead and her ears turned red. She uttered an "ah" and pushed Ronica away.

"Now, now, don't act preposterous," I said. "We've come here for a friendly reunion, OKAY."

Ronica wore a regretful expression. "Erm-ok. Sorry," she said in a low tone.

I gazed into Bianca's eyes. For a brief moment, her pupils dilated and eyebrows twitched upward. Resuming an affable demeanor, I smiled and said, "I believe we are already acquainted with each other. Ronica must have told you about me."

Bianca said nothing. She looked impassive.

"Nonetheless, it'll be my pleasure to make an introduction. I'm Jessica Ryder, Ronica's sister and Ray's friend." I said, holding my hand out to her.

"Yes, I know," she said, shaking hands with me.

"I'm glad to hear that. You can call me Jess, and I hope you won't mind if I call you Bianca," I said as Ronica shook hands with her.

Bianca thought for a while. Her lips curved into a smile, and she nodded.

"Oh Bianca, you're so sweet. Is Ray home?"

"No! He'll be here after 4 p.m."

"Never mind, we've come here to see you," I said, stepping inside. Bianca had to stand aside as Ronica followed me before closing the door.

"You've come here to see me," she inquired.

"Yes. Ray visited us last Sunday and we chatted a lot about you."

She raised her eyebrows.

"When he left, I thought to come over here and meet you in person. Well, I must say, your beauty has captivated him for sure."

"Thank you," she said.

"Any time," I said. "Are we going to stand here until he returns?"

"Ah, I'm sorry. Please follow me," she said and turned around. The ample auburn tresses ran down to her waist, almost covering her bare back. The hemline of her dress flipped around her thighs as she walked. Ronica looked at me and smiled. In return, I winked at her.

We followed Bianca to the spacious and well-lit living room. Its interior was almost entirely white but the coffee table, flower vases, wall-mounted paintings, and the tiled floor had an eye-catching contrast. She gestured us to occupy the sofa that stood opposite the sliding window. I sat beside Ronica, putting my bag on the floor.

Bianca walked over to the far right and went behind a glass door. After a while, she returned and served us two glasses of the red liquor. As she sat in the sofa next to ours, I sipped the wine and said, "Hum-we love the taste of red raspberries. It's so refreshing!"

"Yes," she said. "Ray and I drink Eleganta almost every day."

"That's great! Eleganta, the truly memorable wine, has a light crisp taste. No wonder why it is perfect for routine or any dining experience."

Bianca smiled. She took a draught of her wine and said, "Jess, may I ask you a question?"


"Why you and Veronica wanted to meet me after chatting with Ray? I mean-you've already seen me when I was getting married to him."

"Well, two things are the answer to your question. Like I said a while ago, we've come here for a friendly reunion. Moreover, Ray showed us a big concern for you. Hence, I wanted to talk to you about him."

She frowned and said, "Sorry, I don't get you."

"He shared many things with us, like classmates or friends do at a college cafeteria."

Bianca turned her eyes to Ronica. Then she looked at me with a puzzled expression.

"They were the sweet memories and unexpected outcomes," I said. "Ray told us how he met you for the first time at Philip & Marlene's bar, urged you to meet him again, confessed his love to you, and popped an all important question that most women want to hear from their romantic partners."

Bianca's lips curved into a smile, "Yes," she said. "I still remember how he proposed me that day as we hit the beach, took a stroll along the coast, and chatted about love."

"Then he kissed you, right?"

She nodded.

"Wow! That's what I call a prelude to the show. A girl can never forget the mesmerizing effect of a kiss on her lips if it is utterly passionate. I understand why he kissed you there or at the bar. You are the only one dear to him, a girl of his dreams, and the woman he loves."

Bianca laughed.

"Falling in love with someone surely leads you to the seventh heaven," I said. "However, you may be curious for your partner's true feelings. Ray met you at the bar, kissed you before the people around, and urged you for a date. I believe you felt vulnerable for what he had done so boldly. In spite of that, you couldn't get him out of your mind and resolved to call him one night."

"Yes, I wanted to know how he felt for me," she said, putting her glass on the table. "When he confessed his love, an utter excitement shook me all over. I couldn't just rebuke or reject him. Instead, his words elated me because I was not expecting the committed love from ANYBODY."

Bianca cast a glance at my sister. I followed her example and noticed that Ronica was looking at her glass, sipping the drink.

"Yeah, life is like a winding road," I said, looking back to Bianca. "It surely presents us some incredible turns like love, sex, hope, and despair. We fall in love, get married, live with our mates, and do not hesitate to share anything with them. At times, we prefer to hide something from them that must have happened to us previously."

Bianca stared at me. The alarmed look on her face pleased me inwardly. Without saying a word, Ronica and I finished our drink.

"The committed relationship may exist in a variety of ways," I resumed. "It can be close friendship, long-term relationship, courtship, engagement, marriage or civil union. Surely, it will flourish if two people tie each other with a mutually agreed-upon commitment. Some couples aspire for a harmonious and devoted relationship. Conversely, they do not realize the importance of reciprocal openness and leniency. Hence, awkward situations often arise for them."

I fell silent. For a brief moment, Bianca averted her eyes to look at the coffee table. I knew she was trying to compose herself.

"As a psychotherapist, I've diagnosed and treated many clinical problems," I said, "and most of my patients are emotionally stressed WOMEN."

"Wow," Ronica exclaimed.

Bianca gazed into my eyes and moved her lips. I inferred from her expression that she intended to say something.

"I think you want to ask me a question," I said.

"Ye-yes," she stammered. "I want to know the reason for their emotional stress. Is it heartbreak or something?"

"Anything undesirable may lead them to have emotional stress like financial problems, unrealistic expectations, uncommitted relationships, divorce, breakup, physical separation or romantic rejection," I replied.

"Hum-what will be the consequences of leaving their stress untreated?"

"They will feel lonely, cut themselves off from others, experience the fluctuations in mood, sleep too much or too little, and use alcohol or drugs to relax."

"I think it is better for a woman to go out and enjoy herself if she feels lonely or moody," Ronica said.

"Well said, sis! That is a very good idea to relieve the symptoms of emotional pain," I said.

"I agree," said Bianca. "By doing so, they can ward off the hurtful feelings."

"Yeah," I said. "Dating with another partner will be helpful for a woman if the cause of her stress is romantic rejection or breakup. Nonetheless, other complications can arise later in life and she may encounter some unwanted outcomes."

Bianca frowned and asked, "What do you mean?"

"Before answering your question, I must tell you Isabel's story."

"Isabel! Wh-Who is she?"

"She was one of my patients. About six months ago, she consulted me at the Psychotherapy Center because an odd problem had affected her."

"Interesting," Ronica said. "What was her problem?"

"She was suffering from situational anorgasmia."


"Erm-Jess," said Bianca. "Can you say it again?"


"I've never heard that before."

I grinned. Like Ray, Bianca couldn't articulate the term. "First, you must know what the sexual dysfunction is," I told her. "It is the difficulty experienced by an individual or a couple during any stage of normal sexual activity like desire, arousal or orgasm. A type of sexual dysfunction is anorgasmia, which mostly affects women. They may have a delayed or no orgasm in spite of an effective sexual excitement."

Bianca sat gaping at me. She was definitely astounded to hear that.

"The situational anorgasmia in a woman," I went on, "signifies that she can reach her orgasm only during certain situations like receiving oral or manual stimulation of her clit. Likewise, she may cum for one partner but not the other. Isabel was a bisexual, but she preferred women to men. Hence, she failed to cum for James whenever he tried to pleasure her in bed."

Bianca asked, "Was James-her husband?"

"Exactly," I affirmed. "He read the signs she showed him, sorted out the nature of her condition, and suggested her to consult me."

"He was a caring husband I presume," said Ronica. "How did he sort out the nature of her condition?"

"I asked Isabel a lot of questions, and she answered them without shilly-shallying. Right from the wedding night, James tried his best to gratify her desire. He fucked her constantly, entered her from rear, went down on her, and gave her hours of foreplay. No matter what he did, she simply couldn't cum for him."

"Oh! She didn't love him, right?"

"No! She loved him dearly and enjoyed being in bed with him. Even after kissing her body from head to toe or eating her out, he always found her dry. Without using vaginal lubricants, it was difficult for him to enter and cum into her cunt."

"Poor James! He was probably upset by her condition."

"Yeah, but he never gave up the efforts to make her cum. Hence, he brought her some magazine that contained the pictures of men and women having sex. When they had no effect on her, he brought home the girlie magazines. Since they featured the erotic snapshots of lesbian couples, she found them very exciting. Her affirmative response was like a ray of hope for him. Enthusiastically, he stripped her and let her read the stories of lesbians in love. Then he'd eat her cunt, or fuck her. In spite of that, her sexual response failed to improve."

I fell silent and observed that Isabel's story had hit Bianca. The flush on her face was noticeable as she bit her lip and grabbed the hemline of her dress.

"Wow! It was really a hard nut for them to crack," said Ronica. "What happened next?"

"After listening to her answers, I told Isabel that the possible cause of her anorgasmia could be the suppression of a subconscious craving to have sex with women," I said. "She did not object to my deduction, and made a forthright confession that she had the same perception. Then she told me about Iris, her friend. They had been roommates and lesbian lovers during their four years in college. While having sex with Isabel, Iris used some restraints like ropes or cuffs to tie her up."

"What," Ronica exclaimed. "She used restraints on Isabel for having sex with her!"

"Yeah," I said. "Iris drove her erotic pleasure from being a dominatrix. In the meantime, Isabel loved being tickled and teased HELPLESSLY to achieve her arousal. While playing the bondage games, they acted out the erotic fantasies like sucking tits, doing a sixty-nine, and fucking each other with dildoes or strap-ons. Nothing undesirable happened and all went well until they parted ways during their senior year."


"Isabel got married to James. Before leaving the residence hall room, she urged Iris for keeping in touch with her. Iris showed her consent, but she decided inwardly to take other girls for the gratification of her lesbian predilection. Actually, she did not want to make her friend's married life uncommitted and insecure."

"Ah," Bianca cried out.

We stared at her. Instantly, she blushed and turned her eyes away from us.

Ronica asked her, "What happened? Are you ok?"

"Ye-yes," she stuttered. "I'm fine."

"Well, I can see you are not feeling easy," I said. "Here, sit beside me!"

She looked up and exclaimed, "What!"

I nudged Ronica in her arm. She rose impulsively, reached Bianca's hand, and pulled her up. Then she let her sit beside me, and reoccupied the seat to her left.

Neither Ronica nor I spoke for a while. Likewise, Bianca sat in silence with her hands on her lap. I knew she felt uncomfortable because we were staring at her. Hence, I raised my hand to finger her curls aside and said, "My dear, feel free to tell me if something is really upsetting you."

She looked into my eyes and I noticed the dilation in her pupils.

"Er-I was just..." She paused.


"I was just wondering-about Iris."

"Oh... ok," I said and cast a glance at Ronica; we knew that Bianca was beating around the bush. "You wanted to ask whether or not she learnt about Isabel's sexual dysfunction."

She nodded.

"No, she didn't. After her roommate's wedding, she got a couple of girlfriends and lived happily with them. That was, I must admit, an appropriate alternative for her."

"Iris knew nothing because she avoided seeing her friend for a long time," Ronica concluded.


"And Isabel might have told James to use restraints before having sex with her."

"You got it! They played the bondage games to arouse each other, and yet she couldn't cum for him."

"I see."

"James wanted a perfect cure for his wife's condition. Hence, he sent her to the Psychotherapy Center. After putting two and two together, I suggested Isabel to meet Iris and tell her everything she conferred with me; because if they resumed sleeping with each other, she could regain her normal sexual activity."

"Ooh! That might be a challenging suggestion for her."

"Nonetheless, she made up her mind to follow it."

Ronica was about to say something but Bianca broke in, "Did they meet and sleep with each other?"

"Why absolutely," I said. "Iris was not the only one who led her to the peak of lesbian passion. She and her girlfriends used restraints on Isabel. They fondled her nude body all over, went down on her, and let her eat their cunts. A liberal use of strap-ons was the most promising erotic game they played since she got aroused and lubed exuberantly. As a result, she reached her climax over and over again."

"Wow! That was the perfect cure for her," said Ronica.

"Just imagine the lavishness of pleasure they felt during sex, and Isabel was the happiest girl in the group. That day, her emotional stress was terminated because she got her lover back."

"So your suggestion worked well for her and James, right?"

"Of course," I said. "When he joined her abed and kissed her from head to toe, she went delirious. Then he sucked her tits, licked her ass cheeks, and ate her out. Consequently, she squealed and cummed. As he clamped his mouth on her clit like a voracious lover, her body convulsed and she climaxed again. Finally, he pushed his cock into her cunt and fucked her to his gratification. With an erotic encore she cummed once again for him!"

"Amazing," Ronica exclaimed. "Did she tell you all the details with good news?"

"Yeah, but James knew nothing about her lesbian adventure with Iris or her girlfriends."


"Perhaps she wasn't open to him," Bianca spoke in a low tone.

"And you can understand why she wasn't open to him," I rejoined. "Like you, she did not want to lose the secure and committed relationship with her husband. Am I right?"

Bianca stared at me. She was speechless.

"Ray told us everything," I went on. "Last Saturday, you were reading the girlie magazines on bed. The erotic snap shots of the lesbian couples evoked your memory from the evening when you and Ronica slept with each other. You undressed, lay down, closed your eyes, and masturbated to a quick plateau. Coincidently, Ray arrived home and entered the bedroom but you were too ecstatic to perceive his presence. He got excited for the sensual spectacle that you made inadvertently. Then he walked over to you and knelt down. As he ate your cunt, you mistook him for Ronica and urged HER to give you more pleasure. He was stunned to hear that, and resolved straight away to rouse you from your preoccupation."

"B-but," she stammered, "why are you telling me this?"

"Cause like Isabel, you made love to a female classmate and enjoyed cumming for her," I said, casting a glance at my sister. "Iris preferred to go with a couple of girls because her roommate was married to a guy, and so she avoided seeing her onward. Similarly, Ronica decided to refrain herself from being intimate with you."

"She aggrieved me. I never expected her to decide that way. It was so-so hurtful and-I was just..."

Bianca paused abruptly. She could not contain herself any longer and began to weep.

"Ah Bianca, please! Don't cry my friend," Ronica said, embracing her affectionately.

"Why? Why did you h-hurt me? I loved you and-you knew that."

"Yes I knew that, and I love you too," she said, pecking her on the cheek.

"I-I thought it was-over," Bianca sobbed.

"No, it wasn't. We've never been apart, you know," Ronica said. Her lips brushed lightly on Bianca's ear.

"She is right," I broke in. "We've come here to revive the lost intimacy."

Bianca looked down and cried persistently.

I plucked a tissue from its box that was already placed on the coffee table, and handed it to Bianca. She took it and wiped her tears.

"I can understand your feelings," I said as she sniveled. "Ronica confided her decision to you, but she did not expect the outcome of her frankness; or else, you'd never be anorgasmic to Ray."

Bianca looked at me. "I feel sorry for him," she quavered. "He loves me dearly, and I've always upset him in return. I can't help it but-it's all my fault!"

"Don't blame yourself, sugar! I don't think it's your fault," Ronica said as she kissed her on the shoulder.

"Yes it is. I've been listless to him in bed," Bianca added.

"It's ok, dear! Just relax," I said, taking her hand into mine. "If you ask me who the luckiest girl in the world is, my answer would always be BIANCA FLORIS."

She said nothing. Her eyes opened wide as I mentioned her name.

I raised her hand to my lips, and kissed it. "Yes Bianca, you've been the luckiest girl for winning Ray's love unconditionally," I said. "When we were chatting about you, I concluded that he did not give a damn to his own sexual gratification. Instead, he focused his concern on the recovery of your sexual response. Since the nature of your problem was exactly the same as Isabel's, I assured him that the expression of your sexual activity could revert to normal if another woman pleased you in bed."

"You-you told him that," Bianca said incredulously.


"Was he mad at you?"

"No. He entrusted us to come here and have sex with you."


"You've heard me," I said. "It is the only effective cure for your condition."

"But-why he entrusted you and Veronica for having sex with me?"

"Cause he believed we were the perfect girls to accomplish this task confidentially! He knew about your lesbian adventure with Ronica and the aftermath of its culmination. When I explained the nature of your condition to him, he acknowledged that the gratification of your desire to have sex with her was necessary for you."

Bianca sighed. "Sometimes, I can't understand him," she said. "When I confessed of having sex with Veronica for one evening, he listened to me impassively. However, I had no idea that he planned to talk to you about me."

"Yeah," I said. "Ray is many things; an impulsive man, a good friend, and a caring husband. He surely wants you to cum for him, reciprocating his lovemaking."

Her lips curved into a smile. "I know," she said.

"The first and foremost crucial element is your desire to please Ray sexually. Do you also want to cum for him?"

"Yes, and I'll do anything to make him happy."

I smiled salaciously. Ronica touched Bianca's chin and turned her head in her direction. Cupping her face, she asked, "Have you forgiven me?"

"Yes," Bianca affirmed. "I've forgiven you for being here with me."

"Oh, thank you my friend. I knew that," Ronica said affectionately. The next instant, she took her lips.

They hugged each other without breaking the lip-lock. Ronica's hands roamed over Bianca's curls, and down to her waist.

'Of course,' I inferred. 'That's the first step of her therapy.'

"Mhm... mhm... mmm..." Bianca moaned into Ronica's mouth. I touched her hair, and shifted it across her bare back. Then I kissed her between the shoulder blades, ran my tongue on her lithe spine, and moved a hand to unknot her halter tie. Their kiss was audible enough to bring a smile on my lips. 'Well, we have to tickle and tease her first,' I thought, and said right away, "Oh RONICA! Let's take her dress off, shall we?"

My voice distracted Ronica and she let her lips go. "Ok," she answered and stood up. After pulling Bianca on her feet, she resolved to undo her halter top; instead, she found the straps loosened already. "Wow! You've saved me the trouble," she said.

"No, I haven't," I said and watched attentively as she peeled Bianca's top down, exposed her tits, and ogled at them.

'Her tits are so big and beautiful,' I reflected, 'but they must not be touched until we tie her up.'

For a brief moment, Ronica's eyes met mine. I shook my head, and her face fell. "Don't forget to unbuckle her waistband," I told her.

Ronica nodded and moved her arms around Bianca's waist. She groped with the buckle of her waistband and unfastened it.

"That's better," I said and stood up. Together, we grabbed and yanked her mini dress. It fell in a mess at her feet.

I gazed desirously at Bianca. She looked so juicy and vulnerable in her white lace G-string! Her huge tits rose and fell in the rhythm of breathing. My pussy twitched instantaneously, and I licked my lips.

Bianca shuddered as we tickled her badonkadonk, waist, back, and stomach. A dreamy look stole over her beautiful face and she closed her eyes.

Ronica knelt down, kissing Bianca's stomach and stroking the outer sides of her thighs. Then she moved her hands to untie the cords of her G-string; consequently, it went off in two shakes.

"Woohoo! I knew THAT," she exclaimed.

Bianca opened her eyes and looked down.

I grinned and asked Ronica, "What makes you excited?"

"Her pussy," she answered. "It is so smooth and clean."

"Good! Now get on your feet."

As Ronica stood up, Bianca turned her head and gazed into my eyes. I kissed her on the lips and said, "Show sis to your bedroom, sugar! I'll be there in a second."

She nodded and took Ronica's hand in her own. They walked past me and over to a white oak door just opposite the stairway. As they went behind it, I reoccupied the sofa and took my cell phone. After browsing the phonebook, I selected Ray's number and texted him: We are at your home. Bianca has agreed to go through her therapy and I hope for the best. Then I opened my bag to fish out a 10" strap-on with the curved shaft, two coils of sash cord, and a padded leather blindfold.

I got up, went into the bedroom, closed the door, and looked around. Its interior was white, well lighted, and classy. The most striking feature of the room was a king-size mahogany four-poster with two nightstands. The girls looked at me as I walked over to them. Bianca's eyes fell on the items in my hands, and she gasped.

"Don't be so shocked! A mild bondage can sometimes lead to a quick and satisfactory outcome," I told her while giving Ronica the strap-on, the blindfold, and my cell phone.


"Just feel easy when we tie you up on the four-poster, OKAY?"

She nodded.

"Very good," I said.

Ronica turned around, walked toward a nightstand, and put all the items on it.

"Here, take this," I said, throwing a coil at her. She caught it, and burst into laughter.

Bianca laughed too.

"Ooh! You're a fun-loving girl," I quipped.

"Yes, I am," she said delightedly.

"All right," I said, holding my hand out to her and she took it right away.

I led Bianca to the four-poster and told her to lie down. As she obeyed me, I spoke to Ronica, "Let's uncoil the cords, shall we?"

"Yeah," she said.

We released a couple of cords from each coil with a little effort.

"I guess-it is one cord for one limb," Ronica concluded.

"Absolutely," I affirmed.

"I'd like to go for her ankles, hehe!"

"Sure," I said, and turned my eyes to Bianca. She was already blinking at me like a cute schoolgirl. I smiled, bent forward, kissed on her mouth, and asked. "May I tie your wrists, honey? The cords won't hurt you a bit."

"Mmm... yes," she replied contentedly.

We tied her to the bedposts, stood next to each other subsequently, and ogled at her nude body. She lay restrained and spread-eagled like an open and ripe delicacy. None of us spoke for a while, and I could perceive the quizzical look in Bianca's eyes; Surely, Ronica had the same observation. "I guess you want to know the next step we've planned for you," she spoke to her.

"Yes," I broke in. "She must be aroused before we touch her again."

"WHAT-I mean, how?"

Ronica gasped as I grabbed her hand. "A brief incesbian episode will serve our purpose. Let's show her," I said.

"Erm-okay," she said.

I led her to the wall at Bianca's right. Almost immediately, we hugged each other and locked our mouths in a French kiss. Ronica moaned as I sucked her lips and ran my hands on her back.

After a while, we broke the lip-lock and cast a glance at Bianca. With her mouth half open, she was staring at us.

"I think she'll be aroused in a jiffy," Ronica whispered.

"Actually, I want to see how she reacts to an erotic lesbian demo," I said. "Now undo your top and let me suck your tits."

She laughed, unbuttoned her top, and grabbed its opening. Her melons wiggled as she took it off.

"Wow," I said, touching and squeezing them. "I like the way they jiggle on your chest."

"Ah, come on! They are yours," she said.

"Sure," I said and opened my mouth to take her right tit. My lips glided over her dark brown nipple; its rough texture provoked me to increase the suction. I moved my head in an effort to pull her tit. Consequently, it slipped out of my mouth.

Without further ado, I flicked my tongue on her left nipple and opened my lips to take a mouthful of her tit. I held her juicy boob, sucking it hard until it was released like its counterpart.

I went on with sucking and licking her nipples; they got erect and engorged in a while. After kissing her tits in circles, I grabbed her by the hips and nuzzled my way down her stomach. My lips brushed lightly on her belly button and I turned my head in Bianca's direction. With her right hand, Ronica held it against her stomach.

I looked intently at Bianca and smiled. The flush on her face and rapid breathing were the evident signs of her arousal.

Ronica fingered through my hair as I buried my face into her skirt and fondled her legs along. My hands roamed up to her ass cheeks and I kneaded them; she wore nothing underneath the skimpy garment.

"You can't taste my pussy like that," Ronica said. "Should I hike my skirt up for you?"

I looked at her and said, "No, I'll pull it down your legs."

Groping with the waistband, I yanked her miniskirt; it fell instantly at her feet. She stepped from it, opened her legs, and reclined against the wall.

I touched her fleshy thighs and moved my head to kiss on her bald pussy. The wafts of her feminine aroma excited me, and I glued my mouth to her pussy lips. She hissed as I proceeded on sucking the wetness that leaked out of her cunt.

After a while, I stretched her pussy open and flicked my tongue on her pink flesh. Licking it up, I closed my lips on her engorged clit.

Ronica gasped as I sucked her ultra sensitive morsel; she grabbed my head and pushed it against her crotch. Her impulsive response provoked me to increase the suction. Without taking my lips off her clit, I made a pointing gesture and pushed my index finger into her cunt; it went easy through the lubed orifice. Then I took it out and resumed fucking her.

The gentle moves of my hand soon grew into shoves and I resolved to reinforce the entry with middle finger. Raising the pace, I opened my mouth and continued sucking her clit.

"Ahh... ahh... ahh... mhh... ahh... mhm... aah..." Ronica moaned and her chest heaved as I kept up the good work. She went delirious for the lust that pervaded her vitals. I could feel the throbbing of her clit and spasms in her cunt.

Shaking my head, I ate her out. She squealed, convulsed, and pulled my hair. Her hot cum gushed copiously; it coated my fingers and trickled down her legs. I released her clit, and went on with licking her snatch and thighs. Then I got to my feet, and we kissed each other.

"Wow! I always love the way you suck my clit," Ronica said as I let her lips go.

"Yeah, and that's why you've coated my fingers in honey," I remarked.

She laughed.

"Well, they are still soaked," I added.

"Hum-I'll suck them for you."

"No, I've saved your cum for our friend," I said, winking at her.

"Ooh! That's the naughtiest thing I've ever heard."

For an answer, I grinned.

We approached the four-poster and Ronica stopped at Bianca's right. I walked round the bed and came to a halt at her left. We gazed her all over. Her face, bust, and stomach were flushed already. There was a wet spot on the sheet between her legs. I smiled in satisfaction and asked Ronica, "Can you see what I see?"

"Yeah," she replied and climbed abed right away. Then she put her hands on Bianca's thighs, bent forward, and glued her mouth between them.

Bianca sighed and turned her dreamy eyes to me. Almost immediately, I sat down and touched her lips. "Here, taste her cum," I told her.

After pushing my fingers into her mouth, I let her suck them for a moment. Then I moved my hand, caressing her from lips to tits. She hissed as I tickled her rosy areolae.

'Oh yes, she won't forget the feeling of our mouths on her nipples,' I deduced, and spoke up, "Come on sis! Let's suck her tits."

Ronica kissed on her pussy and said, "Yeah, sure!"

I shifted my posture in seiza-style to Bianca's left; Ronica followed my example at her right. Touching and squeezing her tits, we stooped in harmony and closed our lips on her engorged nipples.

Ronica sucked her tit in preoccupation; she released and took it repetitively. On the other hand, I nibbled and licked her nipple before sucking it hard. Moving my left hand, I fondled her midriff and reached her crotch.

Bianca hissed as I proceeded to finger her wet pussy. Turning my eyes to her face, I smiled; her lips quivered for the pleasing sensation that rose from her loins. I kissed on her nipple, tickled down her slit, and slapped it. She yelped and gave a start.

Ronica looked up and asked, "What are you doing?"

"I'm exciting her," I replied.

She wore a smug expression and resumed sucking her tit.

"NO, please," Bianca pleaded as her eyes brimmed with tears after receiving a few slaps on her pussy.

I raised a finger to hush her, and spoke in a low tone, "Calm down, sugar! We are going to relieve your pain." Noticing a quizzical look on her face, I told Ronica, "Sis, untie her arms and let her suck your tits."

Ronica released her nipple and unknotted the ties around her wrists. Meanwhile, I got out of bed and removed my trousers. Bianca sat up as I went closer to the nightstand and took the strap-on.

"Here, suck my tits," I heard Ronica's voice and turned around. My eyes fell on her chest; she had already cupped and lifted her own boobs, presenting them to Bianca like a bonus treat.

Bianca fondled Ronica's tits and tweaked her nipples. Then she opened her mouth and began sucking them, one after the other. Ronica laughed and fingered through her hair. I grinned broadly, and strapped the harness to my groins and hips. As I took the blindfold, my cell phone lit up in vibration.

I picked it up. Ray had sent me a message and I read it: Ok. I'll be home in an hour. I replied: Sure. Don't send me a message when you get here. Just knock once on the bedroom door. We'll open it for you.

Bianca continued sucking and squeezing her tits. In return, Ronica sighed and closed her eyes. 'Hum-she still craves my sister, but I must arouse her for a shaft,' I inferred, stroking the dildo.

I climbed into the four-poster and caught their attention. Raising the blindfold, I said to Bianca, "We are going to cover your eyes, sugar! You'll feel better-better than before."

Bianca said nothing. She let Ronica adjust the blindfold over her eyes.

"Now, lie down," I told her, and added as she obeyed me, "Taste Ronica's cunt while I pleasure you with my mouth and toy."

Ronica smiled at me. She shifted her posture, held the headboard, and squatted above Bianca. Then she lowered herself and let her knees hit the mattress on either side of her face.

Bianca flexed her arms and held Ronica by her thighs. The next instant, I heard a hiss. 'She is licking her cunt for sure,' I deduced and looked down. There was a hint of wetness and flush on her pussy lips. 'Well, she is ready herself,' I thought, bent forward, and glued my mouth to her crotch.

I smacked on Bianca's cunt, sucked its juice out, and ran my tongue on her quivering pussy lips. Parting them open with my fingers, I resumed licking her pink flesh and zeroed in on her clit.

Bianca humped her hips against my face as I captured her hood and went on with sucking it. Her clit throbbed in conjunction to the contractions of her stomach muscles. Hence, I closed my lips on her engorged glans and kissed it.

"Mmm... yess... right there... right there... mmm... eat my cunt... ooh... yess..." Ronica chanted as I ran my tongue on Bianca's clit, licked down her snatch, and came up to her hood again. She shuddered and made an attempt to close her thighs about my head, but the sash cords restrained her from doing so.

My lips clamped on her nub of pleasure. The pungent wafts of her feminine essence intoxicated me and I sucked her glans fervently. Then I moved down rubbing my nose into her pussy lips, and licked her twat.

Suddenly, Ronica shrieked and I looked up. Straining her torso, she nodded deliriously and scratched the headboard.

'Oh wow, she is cumming on her face,' I deduced before going up and recapturing Bianca's clit. Taking her glans in my mouth, I teased it with my tongue.

And then it happened. Bianca's juice gushed out, coating my chin. I shook my head, released her clit, and devoured her creamy cum. It was as delicious as Ronica's, and I licked it off her pussy lips.

Wiping my mouth with the back of my hand, I rose up. Ronica moved her left leg, turned around wearily, and sat on the mattress facing me; she looked fatigued. Like her, the climax had drained Bianca's vitality. She lay with her arms spread and her face was still drenched in the pussy juice.

"Hum-just stay where you are," I told Ronica. "I'm going to fuck her now. You can pleasure her, but don't forget to tie her arms again."

As she nodded, I unknotted the ties around Bianca's ankles and splayed her legs. Positioning myself between them, I hovered above her. The glans of my shaft touched with her pussy hole and I pushed it into her cunt right away.

"Ah... Ahh..." Bianca moaned as the dildo slid easily into her slippery passage. For an instant, I kept it lodged in her cunny. Then I pulled it out before making another insertion.

Ronica ogled at Bianca's tits, which jiggled as I went on with fucking her. She resumed her posture in seiza, and began touching them playfully. Then she stooped and sucked her left nipple. After releasing it, she moved slightly and took its counterpart.

I laughed and continued ravishing Bianca's cunt. Ronica carried on with sucking, licking, and tweaking her nipples. We were leading her to a swift plateau. Her moans grew louder and she clutched at the bed sheet.

Ronica turned her head. Pressing her lips on Bianca's mouth, she silenced her and they kissed each other instantaneously.

I knew Ronica was sucking her lips to taste her own cum, and my pussy twitched at the idea. Hence, I raised Bianca's right leg and braced it on my shoulder. It was the position that, I thought, could intensify the friction on her G-spot. Pursing my lips, I resumed sliding the dildo into and out of her cunt. The shaft hit her down to the hilt while I picked up my pace.

Bianca squealed in delight as Ronica let her lips go and recommenced sucking her tits passionately. Jolts of pleasure shook her all over; she humped her hips up to meet my thrusts. I clenched my teeth and fucked her vehemently. The harness was hitting me on the pussy for each shove I made.

Soon, we reached the crescendo together. She screamed and I groaned. The juice gushed out of my pussy, soaking the harness. Her body got rigid in spasm and she grabbed the bed sheet, cumming once again.

I pulled my shaft out of her twat, and bent down to lick it clean. Regaining my vitality in a while, I rose up. Ronica was still sucking her nipples.

"Ahem! I hate to disturb you but we can't stay nude for eternity," I told her. "You must get dressed while I put my trousers on."

She looked at me with a frown, and asked, "Is it over?"

"No. You can eat her cunt after that," I said, grinning broadly.

Raymond's story: And so, she cummed for me.

"Thank Goodness! It won't take long," I said to myself as the third traffic circle came into view. While driving the Chrysler round it, I thought about J. She had texted me at two thirty-five, but I could not open my inbox due to an ongoing board meeting. When it was over, I read her message and sent a reply. However, her next message was rather implicit; she suggested that I go to my bedroom secretly, and knock once on the door.

Pursing my lips, I turned right and headed down the winding road. The questions popped once again into my mind, 'Why is she forbidding me to enter the bedroom? Is everything ok there? Well, I must ask her for the clarification.'

Five minutes later, I got home and parked my car behind J's Buick Regal. Then I got out, walked over to the door, opened it, and entered.

The living room looked as decorated as usual but there were three wine glasses on the coffee table; one of them contained some Eleganta. J had left her bag open on the floor. Just next to it, Bianca's floral dress and her G-string lay in a mess.

A faint moan diverted my attention and I turned my head to stare at the bedroom door. Instantly, it occurred to me that J and V were pleasuring Bianca. 'So they are having sex,' I deduced.

Hearing her moans again, I approached my bedroom and moved a hand to turn the doorknob. On the second thought, I resolved to follow J's suggestion and knocked once on the door.

It clicked open and J appeared in the doorway. I was about to greet her but she shushed me by raising a finger to her lips. Then she closed the door cautiously and whispered, "Let's talk in the living room."

We walked over to the sofa and occupied it. As her eyes met mine, she said, "You just got home in time. I thought you'd show up after 4 p.m."

"Yeah, that's my routine," I said. "Today, I rushed over because I could not wait to ask you about my wife."

"I can see that," she said, grinning broadly.

"So, how is she doing?"

"Stop worrying and cheer up!"


"I SAID, stop worrying, and cheer up."

"Are you telling me she is cured and-she can cum for me, right?"

"You got it!"

"YAY," I exclaimed jovially.

"Hush! Your bedroom is not soundproof."

"Erm-yeah," I said, lowering my tone.

"That's better."

"So... V is having sex with her," I said, gesturing toward the bedroom door.


"And that's why, you forbade me to enter the bedroom."

She nodded.

"I understand. We should wait until they put on their dresses," I said.

"No, we don't have to. Ronica is dressed already."

"Hey, wait a second! You just told me they are having sex."

"Yeah," she said, "and for having sex, they need not be nude at the same time."

"I don't get anything."

"Actually, I want no distraction. Bianca must feel the pleasure deep down; or else she may revert to anorgasmia."

"Gosh! Is it that crucial?"

"It can be if we tackle the situation without caution."

"Oh! Then-how did you two help Bianca for the recovery of her sexual response?"

She told me the whole story and said finally, "That's how we pleasured her under knots and freed her from the restraint, which had been suppressing her orgasm."

"Wow! I never thought you could opt for the bondage as a part of her sex therapy," I said.

"It was the most preferable course of action I could devise," she said. "Four months ago, Bianca had seduced my sister for having sex with her. Moreover, you found her masturbating to the erotic snapshots of the lesbian couples in girlie magazines. Naturally, she craved a female partner who would proceed with touching her lovingly. Hence, we tickled her before going for a brief incesbian demo and sucking her nipples together. The use of sash cords and the blindfold made her helpless yet more prone to the intense pleasure. Soon, all the feeling centered within her pussy; it set her ablaze as she ate Ronica's cunt and let me suck her clit in return. The desire filled her vitals to the brim. She could not suppress it any longer and went through a good climax. When I entered her cunt, her lust reverted to a swift plateau and she cummed in a few minutes."

"Impressive, very impressive! I was sure you and V could work her problem out. Thanks a lot for helping her."

"Well, you believed in us and we pleasured her for the sake of our friendship."

"I really appreciate that!"

She smiled and said, "Ray, Bianca is cured. Now is the crucial moment for you to join her abed and consummate your marriage."

"Absolutely," I said.

"But remember! You must avoid distracting her."

"Erm-how can I do that?"

"Step inside the bedroom cautiously, and walk over to the four-poster. Say nothing to Ronica. Tap her on the shoulder, point to the door, and she will leave the room silently. Climb into the bed and make out with Bianca, but you must penetrate her cunt before removing the blindfold and liberating her arms."

"All right," I said and got up.

"Good luck," she said.

I thanked her, turned, and went back to the bedroom. Opening the door carefully, I stepped inside.

"Oh yeah... yeah... right there... mmm... right there... lick my cunt... yeah... lick my cunt... mmm..." Bianca chanted as I walked closer to bed. She was nude, blindfolded, and her arms were bound to the bedposts. J's strap-on was placed already on the nightstand to her left; its long and curved shaft projected upward. V was holding her thighs apart, with her face buried between them.

I curbed an urge to whistle, and tapped V on her shoulder. She turned her head in my direction, and I raised a finger before she could say anything. Then I beamed at her and pointed to the door. She frowned, before smiling in return, and eased out of the bed. I watched her intently as she made a good luck gesture, picked up the strap-on, walked to the door, and withdrew from the bedroom.

I looked down and gazed at my wife desirously. She lay before me so inviting and vulnerable. Her face, neck and tits were obviously flushed. The bed sheet was drenched between her round thighs. Her nudity excited me in a flash. I fished my cell phone out of the leather case, put it on the nightstand, and began unbuttoning my shirt. 'Bianca! My love, you are wet already,' I thought. 'I've always wanted you to cum for me. Now I'm going to see your response to the passion that I have for you.'

After taking the shirt off, I reached down and unbuckled my belt. When I unzipped the fly, her voice rang out, "Veronica! Jess! Are you there?"

Without a word, I removed my trousers and yanked the boxers down. As my cock sprang free, I cast a glance at her swollen pussy lips.

Climbing into the bed, I stretched out and rolled on my right side to cuddle with her. Bianca smiled and opened her mouth to say something; but she moaned as my lips met with hers. Then she moved slightly and kissed me back.

We went on with French kissing each other until I released her lips, shifted my position, and knelt between her thighs. Grabbing her tits and squeezing them playfully, I bent down and kissed her again.

I tweaked her puffy nipples and flicked my tongue on her neck. Nuzzling into her cleavage, I cupped her supple melons and pressed them against my face. Then I kissed under her bust, licked up to her left armpit, and ran my tongue across her chest.

Her rosy nipples were engorged. I kissed them, one after the other. The rough texture of her areolae, pressed against my lips, felt sensual. Licking across her luscious tits, I paused and reflected on their beauty. They provoked me instantly and I flicked my tongue on her cleavage. Then I opened my mouth, held one tit in suction, released it, and took its counterpart.

I lingered at her melons, sucking them passionately. She sighed when I twirled my tongue on her nipples and licked her areolae with relish.

After sucking and licking her tits, I showered a lavish trail of kisses on her stomach. As my lips caressed on her mons, I resolved to go after her twat. Flicking my tongue on her quivering pussy lips, I fondled her thighs and splayed them. With my fingers, I stretched her pussy open and bonded my mouth to her pink flesh.

Bianca shuddered as I proceeded to smack on her pussy lips. Never in my life had I tasted anything as delicious as her nectar. I gave her snatch a good lick off, probed my tongue in her pussy hole, came up to her hood, and closed my lips on her glans. After releasing it, I licked her again and went down to her asshole.

I continued rimming her teasingly. The salty taste of her asshole was great and I pursed my lips to kiss it. Then I slipped my tongue out and passed it up her vaganus.

My mouth and nose sank into her dripping pussy. The tart wetness from her cunt and the wafts of her feminine musk led me to an instant erection.

"Mmm... mmm... ooh... mhh... ohh... ahh... ahh..." she moaned as I pressed my mouth against her succulent pussy lips, shook my head, and recaptured her clit. Bianca squealed in delight and humped her hips against my face. I grabbed her ass cheeks, pushed her up, and resumed sucking her hood.

Continuing to pleasure her clit, I traversed my hands to her tits. As I pinched her nipples, she convulsed and her body went rigid. Almost immediately, she squirted on my face; the cum trickled down my chin and her vaganus.

After licking her twat clean, I rose on my knees and began feeling my cock. I gave it a mild squeeze and the pre-cum oozed out. 'Now I'm ready for you,' I inferred, turning my eyes to her gaping pussy, and bent forward. She hissed as my glans touched with her wet pussy hole. 'Yes, you aren't dry,' I deduced, 'and I no longer need any lubricants to penetrate your cunny.'

Without further ado, I pushed my cock into her cunt. It went slow and easy for the first entry. Bianca opened her mouth without uttering an exclamation. I sighed, feeling the extreme pleasure, as my glans slid against her G-spot and hit her down to the hilt.

Keeping my shaft lodged into her cunt, I laughed as a victor. Right from the wedding night, she failed to cum in bed and her condition always bothered me. Hence, I had to use the vaginal lubricants on her. The only thing that mattered for me was the consummation of our marriage. Without J and V's assistance, I could not get what I had been craving for months.

"Ray... Is that you?"

I looked down after hearing her question. Bracing myself on one arm, I reached up and opened the knots around her wrists. "Yes, it's me," I answered, taking the blindfold off her eyes.

Bianca batted her eyelids for a while. I smiled as she focused her gaze on my face.

"Ray I-I thought Jess was doing this to me."

"No, my darling," I said affectionately. "She and her sister have left us alone."

"I didn't know you asked them to come here and..."

"Even after our marriage, you desired to make out with V. Hence, I entrusted both the sisters to pleasure you in bed; it was the only way to recover your sexual response."

"Yes. Jess told me so," she said as her cunt sucked on my cock. "Why didn't you give a damn to your own desire then?"

"I want to see you happy. That's why!"

Moving her arms up, she hugged me and said warmly, "I'm happy now."

"Me too," I said and kissed her right away.

Bianca moaned as I locked her mouth in a French kiss. She caressed my back, and I shuddered at her feathery touch; it caused a tickling sensation that traversed down to my groins.

Without breaking the kiss, I moved my hips and made a thrust into her cunt. As I paused, her walls quivered about my shaft again.

I kept on repeating the maneuver, stopping for a while and feeling the spasm in her cunt each time. She hugged me firmly when I let her lips go and resolved to raise my pace.

Shoving my cock into her cunt, I groaned. Bianca yelped and scratched on my back. The impact of my thrusts shook her all over.

I tore myself from her embrace and went on with fucking her passionately. Bianca shut her eyes tight and clenched her teeth; waves of sheer lust seized her in delirium. She moved her arms up around the pillow, and grabbed at the bed sheet, wrenching it.

The magnificent sensation inflamed my cock as well. Hot juice flowed more and more through her walls. She humped her hips as I continued pounding her pussy.

The last thrust was the mightiest of all. She strained her torso, screamed, and cummed right away. The muscles in her cunt contracted violently for the copious flow. I groaned, louder than before, as the semen oozed out of my cock.

Our chests heaved from the passionate and fruitful bout of lovemaking. Much of our vitality was drained away; we, however, laughed and pecked each other on the lips. I did not take my shaft out of her cunt until it went flaccid. Then I shifted my position and snuggled up with her.

We lay in a warm embrace, patting each other. Bianca looked contented after cumming for me. I fingered some curls off her angelic face and kissed her on the cheeks. She moved a hand, roamed it over my chest, then closed her eyes, and murmured, "Kiss me, Ray. Mark your love on my lips. I am yours."

"Yes," I said and took her lips as she rolled on her back.

Relishing the serene intimacy, we kissed each other. Love infused our hearts even though I released her mouth and looked into her somnolent eyes. She peered at me, blinked, and drifted into a peaceful slumber.

I kissed her on the forehead and rolled over to get out of the bed. On the second thought, I picked up my cell phone. J had sent me a message half-hour ago and I read it: We're going home. I hope you're happy now. Take care.

I texted her: Yes I am. My marriage is consummated now. You and V have done us a big favor. Thanks a million!

She sent me an instant reply: Any time.

Summary Of The Novella.

And So, She Cummed is a set of three individual yet interconnected stories. This trilogy revolves around Bianca Floris, a Romanian beauty, who is easily affected by the circumstances she encounters with, and the people closely related to her.

The first part, namely, Love Knows No Limits portrays Romance as the prevailing theme. It opens as the story of two couples. Bianca and Raymond fall in love with each other and get married as a straight couple. On the other hand, Jessica and Veronica Ryder are two incesbians. They are already chummed up with Raymond.

The second part, namely, Clashed Preferences portrays Bisexuality as the prevailing theme. The story continues as Raymond, Jessica, and Veronica discourse on Bianca's past in connection to her sexual dysfunction.

The third part, namely, Pleasure Under Knots portrays BDSM as the prevailing theme. This story culminates the novella dramatically. The Ryder sisters use physical restraints on Bianca to recover her sexual response and give rise to the consummation of her marriage.
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