Pleasure and Pain
It has been said that there is a thin line between pleasure and pain. But how can there be pleasure in pain, when pleasure is never painful? A rhetorical question indeed, but one worth examining.

Why do I willingly lie beneath Her and accept whatever pain She chooses to inflict upon me? This pain must be pleasurable lest I would cease to engage in the activity. But the pleasure of the moment is never enough. This particular form of pleasure only begets the desire for an even higher level of pleasure, which would most certainly be painful. Therefore, there must be pain in pleasure.

She is Chinese. I would call Her my Mistress, but in Chinese culture that would be an insult to Her. Mistresses in China are pseudo concubines and are considered to be of a lower status than the wife to Chinese men. Though I am a Caucasian man, I wish to avoid any insult to Her status by calling Her my Mistress. I therefore refer to Her as my Goddess. From the moment that I first laid eyes upon Her, I was struck by Her majestic beauty. Her long dark hair, silky smooth skin, and those darting black seducing eyes instantly captured my soul from which there would be no escape. I was Hers and She knew it from the start.

I always prefer to forgo my own pleasure in favor of my Goddess achieving Hers, no matter what form that pleasure takes. If She is pleased when administering the whip or when receiving oral servitude, then so be it. I belong to Her and She and She only chooses the outlets for Her pleasure. It is common for me to spend up to two interrupted hours with my face buried between her luscious legs as my tongue dances to all reaches of Her pussy bringing Her to one orgasm after another. The taste of Her delicious cum on my lips is all the pleasure I need. When She has had enough, I lie on my back and She straddles my stiff cock with Her dripping wet pussy. She inserts the tip of my cock just inside Her and slowly slides down upon me until I am fully inside. I feel the warmth and wetness and I almost explode. However, I am forbidden to move and must be content with the stillness of the moment. After one minute, She moves upward removing Herself from my throbbing cock. There would be no orgasm for me today.

Between sessions with my Goddess, I can think of nothing else but Her. I agonize when I am away from Her, unable to see Her, touch Her, taste Her and smell the delicious aroma of Her. I know that each successive session will only throw me deeper under Her spell. But I don't care. I can't stop. I don't want to stop. She is life. She is my Goddess. She is my religion. There is no turning back. I will worship Her till the end.

With each session, we explore new ways for me to express my devotion to Her. She knows that the various methods of torture that She inflicts upon me just makes me want Her more and more. Recently, She began cuckolding me. In these cruel and erotic moments, I am bound to a chair across the room while she makes love to a young handsome stud. She allows him to fuck Her, achieving full orgasm spewing his cum into Her golden pussy. My cock throbs while watching his muscles ripple as he thrusts his large cock in and out of Her. I ooze pre-cum, overwhelmed at the sights and sounds of this and overcome with desire for Her. When She is finished with him, He is dismissed and ordered to remove my restraints. Completing this task, he immediately leaves the room. My Goddess then summons me to Her bed. She spreads Her still naked legs and commands me to clean the fresh cum dripping from Her pussy with my tongue. I obey and dutifully lick Her pussy clean. The combined taste of Her juices and His cum caused my cock to throb harder and harder.

"Swallow," She says.

We continued the cuckold sessions, each time with the same young handsome stud. To torment me, he was always treated to an orgasm from my Goddess. I learned later that he was Her sex slave and houseboy. Like me, his life revolved around Her. The next step in our Dom/sub relationship began to focus on financial servitude. I always tribute $500 to Her for each session. Now that I was hopelessly addicted to Her, the stakes went higher. After a recent session, She asked me to give Her my ATM card and provide Her with my PIN. I hesitated, but only for a moment. The icy glare from Her dark eyes was all that was necessary for me to comply. Over the next week, She withdrew the maximum daily limit of five hundred dollars from my account. By the time our next session came around, the total of Her daily withdrawals amounted to four thousand dollars.

When the day finally came for our next session, imagine my shock when She returned my ATM card and the four thousand dollars that She had taken from my account. "This was just a test of your devotion to me," She said. "I'm really not excited about four thousand dollars when now I know I can have it all.

The cuckolding sessions ceased and the whipping sessions began. My hands were bound over my head attached to chains secured on the wall. At first She took it easy on me just brushing the tips of the leather whip up and down my nude body. Seeing that my cock was hard and dripping with precum, She picked up the ferocity of the whipping until I was screaming in pain. In between lashes, with Her gloved hand, She would gently stroke my aching rigid hard cock which was on the verge of ejaculating to orgasm. She knew when to stop and resume the merciless beating, pausing only to repeat the gentle stroking to bring me to the brink of an orgasm only to stop short at just the right time. With each denial, I remember thinking in that moment that I would give anything, even my life, just to cum. She must have sensed this but never wavered in Her cruel denial of my release.

When She thought that I had had enough, She dropped the whip and waited for my cock to go limp. Then She would attach a chastity device on my cock and balls which would prevent any attempt on my part to masturbate to the climax that I had been so cruelly denied. The chastity device would remain affixed and locked until our next session.

To be continued...
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