Pleasure and Pain - Part 2

Getting through the week and attending to the basic tasks of life proved to be a most challenging ordeal what with the chastity device imprisoning my cock and balls. While the tip of the device had a gap to allow urination, it always made a mess. I took to carrying a small spray bottle of alcohol with me wherever I went to clean up afterwards. I stopped going to the gym. Any form of exercise only added to my discomfort caused by this devil's cage. But despite all the inconveniences, I was glad that I was wearing it. Every waking moment was spent thinking of Her. I tried in vain to masturbate through the barriers. This only caused more pain as my cock swelled up inside of its prison. I resigned myself to the fact that I would just have to wait until I could see Her again.

Session dates and times were never requested or initiated by me. She was the one that commanded each next appointment. I agonized over when I would hear from Her. She must have known this, because it was 10 days before I was summoned again. My cock swelled inside its cage immediately upon seeing Her text message.

Her instructions were clear. I was told to arrive at an upscale night club that night at precisely 9:00 PM. It was a popular hot spot with lines typically forming outside waiting for clearance from the bouncers to enter. There was a special VIP line cordoned off for people that were on the list. I was told to proceed to that line and I would be granted immediate access to the club. Just as She said, I showed my ID and was waved right through.
The dance floor was packed with hot sexy bodies gyrating to the music. I took my place at the bar as instructed. Just as I sat down, the bartender came over and asked my name. Satisfied that I was the intended patron, he removed the "reserved" placard form the bar. She had taken care of everything.

It was about 9:30 when I saw Her enter the club. She was flanked by two female model types - one a dark sexy Latina and the other a tall blonde. All three wore tight mini dresses and stiletto heels. They proceeded to a booth in the corner that was already occupied by a few other people. It was clear that they all knew each other by the greetings they received. I watched from my position at the bar as they ordered drinks and engaged in conversation. I wondered what they were talking about. Was She telling them about me - that guy at the bar wearing a cock cage?

My cock was aching at it swelled uncontrollably, but unsuccessfully to bust out of its confines. At that moment, I remember thinking that there was nothing that I wouldn't give to free myself from that device and bust an orgasm right there at the bar.

Then this erotic torture got worse. She and Her two female friends moved to the dance floor just a few feet from me. They swayed and moved with the music, touching each other in all the forbidden places. My heart raced as my Goddess rhythmically slid Her hand between the legs of the Latina girl. As She did so She cast a glance at me and flashed a brief wicked smile. This ritual went on throughout the music set, with the three of them rubbing against each other in what seemed like an act designed to drive me insane. It was working.

After the music set ended, they returned to the booth in the corner. I just sat and waited as I strained to catch glimpses of Her through the sea of people obstructing my view. Suddenly, I saw Her get up from the table and head to the entrance of the club. She moved out of my line of sight causing me to lose Her in the crowd in what now seemed to occupy every square inch of the place. I wanted desperately to go after Her, but my instructions were clear. Do not leave the bar and just wait for the text message from Her. I waited. I was incapable of disobeying Her.

As I sat at the bar nursing my drink, I felt the wet spot forming around my aroused cock from all the pre-cum caused by the excitement of the moment. Fortunately, I had anticipated this and wore dark slacks so that it wouldn't be that noticeable to others.

After twenty minutes or so, my phone buzzed. It was Her - my Godess Mei. I quickly opened the text message. It read as follows.

"I have made a reservation in your name at the Marriott Hotel on Central Avenue. You should leave now and proceed directly to the hotel. After you check in, text me the room number. Go to your room and remove all of your clothes and slip on the robe provided by the hotel."

To be continued...
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