Pleasure my tight end
Waking up after a six-week coma had changed me in so many ways. A different me had emerged from the long sleep, something was different.

I first noticed it in the morning a's my usual wood had disappeared for the second week in a row, although I could feel the pressure there was no wood.

I mentioned this when I went for my local checkup but all the doctors said was "give it time" when in fact they had no idea.
But the urges we're there, with no help I decided to literal take things into my own hands but with no use, so I called in a female professional but every trick she knew didn't help.

I needed release.

So here I was masturbating most of the day or trying to. Watching porn and masturbating. I needed help.

So instead of a female, I called a male professional to see if I could gain some help.
Enter Paul

As he came in we sat and talked and he told me of some of the wonderful things he had gotten up to. It sounded so exciting.
We talked about everything and convinced me to try something new the next time we met.

Over the next week or so nothing seemed to work for me and it was so depressing. When I decided to give Paul another call.
Booking a 3-hour session this time, I decided some new things would be interesting.

I showered and made sure everything was clean and proper for what was to come (I hoped).

The doorbell rang and showing Paul into the small tea room for which I had set up for refreshments. "What was I doing?" I thought to myself.

Paul had a muscular build to him, not too much and just enough to be forceful.
He looked "yummy" as the girls would say.

He told me to strip and bend over the table so he could see what he was working with.
I obeyed.

My penis was hanging flaccid about three inches straight down at ninety degrees and my backside was pointed in the air just a bit.

Before I knew it Paul had a condom lubed up and had put it on. I didn't ask where it came from or whether he had arrived ready for action.

He spread my legs just a little more and asked if I was comfortable.
"Help me feel again" I pleaded.

"I will certainly try," Paul said as he positioned himself behind me.

The next thing I could feel was hard against dot but it didn't feel plastic or rubbery, in fact, it felt nice and warm.

Paul grabbed my arms and held them tight to the table, I didn't resist.
He started to push.

I felt the head of his penis pop into me and I let out a small yelp. Other than that I didn't make a noise as I felt him go deeper into me.
Pushing deeper Paul tightened his grip on my arms, it felt so good not to be in control and just let things be for a change.

He pulled out halfway then forced it back in and soon got a gentle rhythm going that was filling me up, making me hotter inside.
He knew his trade and I appreciated what he was trying to do as my own shaft was hanging limp on the side of the table.

The feelings of being taken from behind and not having to worry about performance felt very comforting for some reason.

Paul took things up a notch when he reached down and started to fondle me, and gently explored my limp penis to see if it would rise to the occasion.

It didn't

He was so considerate as he filled me with his muscular rod it started to get frustrating, no matter how much he did now the moment was gone and my safe word was used.

We sat and talked for the rest of the time and he said next time if I didn't mind he would bring a friend to see if we were missing something.

Paul showered and left.

I don't know how long i sat and cried on the shower floor. I felt a great wave of failure descend upon me.

I sat and cried and tried to jack off for hours,until the sun went d own.

No luck with anything.
I cried

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