Plush Orgy
*This is written purposely from a man's viewpoint. My first time not writing as myself experiencing the story, or just the narrator.

I've always had a thing for thick women. I don't mean just some curves, but plus sized and soft. Of course my friends set me up with girls who had nice enough personalities and were conventionally pretty, but they couldn't understand why we never connected. Dinner consisted of them ordering a salad, eating half slowly and politely then talking about how stuffed they were, conversation, goodbyes, and no future contact. It's just the way things worked. When they hugged me upon us meeting, it just felt uncomfortable. Nowhere to really put my hands, nothing to sink into if we hooked up, nothing warm that would mush up against me and ooze through my fingers.

After months of focusing on my businesses, I managed to catch a small break. I decided I wasn't going to try and look for a girlfriend, but rather just something casual to get it out of my system before completing the next phase of growth. During this time, I met a client who turned into a good friend. She was the only one I could talk to about women openly, business, and other things to get good insight and confidence. Her newest venture she explained, was only a few months old and she'd kept it unadvertised except in a few secure fetish groups and encouraged word of mouth.

I was scared about putting my name on this project because things like that don't exactly look good on a portfolio. She continued telling me about it as we were walking. The club is basically this city's Moulin Rouge for big girl fans. There's apparently a large underground crowd that warranted her spending nearly a million on the building, renovations, décor, and staff. This woman being eccentric, I knew it had to be something worth seeing. I told her I would take a look around and gather what I needed to write a rough draft for a plan. We went to a few shops, took in coffee and pastries, then said bye as we walked to our apartment buildings. Part of me was very curious and worried about what I would witness.

A week went by and I got ready anyway. I leave that evening and arrive at the art deco part of town. It was a crowded network of neighborhoods with a distinct feel. Forgotten foods and art forms took to the streets and buildings and I felt myself a little more at ease; until I get to the door. It's opened by a doorman and I see this red satin walled, black marble floored, emerald green club room with a humongous gaudy gold and crystal chandelier. The bar looked well stocked and surrounded by a custom-made sofa that had many twists that made small areas where 3 people could fit in each nook. On the stage, they had a DJ and dance cages. This was more classy than expected, but still didn't ease me.

She saw me enter from the bar and came to greet me. As I met the head staff, she explained what I was doing there and instructed them to give me the top treatment. The chef ushered me to a table quickly and said he would make a special sampling plate. The bartender made a few drinks and I began to take a few notes. The food arrives and it was just as amazing at looked. I watched the girls at the club be fed by the slim to average men that patronized the place. Others were just out with their significant others and eating whole meals. It was refreshing to watch a woman down a steak and fries with no shame. I finished my meal, and proceeded to make a quick trip to the restroom before enjoying the velvet couch.

The manager joins me as I'm taking in the scene and says I should see the rest of the place. We go up a stairwell and go past a few dressing rooms and offices. He then says my friend told him about my attraction to these girls, and arranged a VIP suite. We go around a corner and get to a dimly lit and elegant room. There are 5 women dressed in lingerie all reclining on the future. Some had lace teddies with dusters, mesh body suits, and then the classic bra and panties. He said for them to treat this guest right, and closed the door behind me. One got up, walked to me, and took my jacket off. Another made me a drink and invited me to a large armchair. I sat down and started sipping. She undid a few buttons slowly while the other dimmed the lights and put on some music.

The other 3 stayed on the bed chatting and giggling. I felt the one behind me lean in and press her chest into the back of my head while unbuttoning the rest. She then held my glass up and I finished just before being escorted to the bed. She throws me down and the one in the mesh strips everything else off. She helps the other 3 positions me to where I'm laying in one of their laps. I feel some movement and look up to see her taking the bra off. Her hand moves over to the woman on my left and pulls down the straps and cups letting hers flop out. They both dip and rub them over my face not enough to make me have a hard time breathing, but covering my nose and mouth for a few seconds.

I'm focused on these 4 breasts as another straddles my legs and starts playing with my head. I feel myself getting harder, and grab one to fill my mouth and softly chew. The other hand is guided to the underwear of the plump yet barely plus woman who just walked up on my right. She has me pull it down, then proceeds to take them off, climb up my chest, and lean back. The one on my cock stops and backs up a little to help stabilize her. I sit up to where I'm now on the belly with two nipples dangling by me ear. I take the large hovering pussy and pinch the flaps while pulling them apart. I inch it forward, and give it a few licks before sucking in, pulling back with my teeth, and letting the lips go. I pinch and pulled more with my hands and they slapped my face while I moved my hands to her cheeks squeezing and holding them in place while I played with her clit. She was a little wet, but I wanted more.

Since she was smaller and a little more flexible, I sat up on my knees and threw her legs over my shoulders so her head barely touched the bed. My left hand held her tummy and the right went deep into her adding one finger at a time every few pushes. She wriggled and moaned while I sucked, nibbled and pushed my hand deep and fast as it could go until it came out covered. Her legs unlocked, then she crawled to the end and laid there wide-open watching propped on her elbows. I look to the one on my right and hold my cock as she gets on her side in front of it and starts sucking.

I tell the one on the left to stand up. I run my hand up and down her thigh a few times before pulling aside her underwear and shoving in two fingers pulling her up to my face. It was an effort to coordinate my hands so that one could tweak and harden nipples while the other curled and rubbed the g-spot on top of having my balls in her mouth. I get them both pointed as far as they would go and the other one sloshing loudly.

The one laying down stops and takes over fingering while I scoot to the end of the bed. She was still there waiting for me as I slid in all the way. I inched her back to where everything fell over the edge except for her hips. I fucked at a medium pace getting the rhythm back. I looked down watching those cone shaped mounds shift to me and back as she steadied herself on the carpet. I kept watching as I let out a little pre-cum. I pulled out and pulled her up. I went back to the headboard and propped myself up on some of the pillows. The one who helped get me in the mood and unbutton sat back and watched until now.

The others resumed their places next to me with their tits around my head while she straddled my thighs. She takes and tugs my shaft making sure I'm stiff enough for her and very lightly strokes my inner thighs making me flinch. I held it for her and bunched the garter belt until she eased her way on. She leaned in a little and bounced on me slowly while I kept the garter in place. She used her weight to bounce harder and I buried my face in the soft and free hand in the soft large breast. It didn't feel like she was on there long and my face was snug in a cleavage before I felt I was about to explode. I pulled and pushed the garter harder signaling her to go faster as I was too occupied with my mouth.

She pushed her knees in further, held my shoulders, and tightened up as everything came down, squished, then quickly went back up. I started moaning and clinched random parts of the ladies as she got off and held my cock in place. I shot months' worth all over her chest and belly with some almost reaching the ceiling. I laid on there for a while until I no longer felt immobilized from the massive tingle of finally being satisfied, then managed to make it home. I met my friend again for lunch the next day and she asked about my night there. I told her the highlights and that I definitely plan to go back. She just smirked and continued looking at the menu.
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