Poetic Justice (a novel in parts) Chapter One
one would have ever tagged me for the sort of woman to end up in the 'Good girl gone bad' role, but you could say that's where I was in life right now. When those songs say 'life is a...' ,you know the rest, it's not a joke and I had met that side of her. Within the past two years, my life had taken twist and turns I never would have taken a bet on. Everything was questionable to me and with those non-answered questions and a heart full of pain, I turned up.

Getting loose, being wild and potentially engaging in sexual activity with members of the opposite gender (or the same gender if thats what you're in to), is all apart of turning up. And I was turnt more than I believe anyone would have ever had the thought to think I would be.

My phone buzzed and of course you already know who's texting me...that's right the side-nigga also known as my boss. The number one person who caused a lot of the emotional turmoil that I find myself in now a days. He was untouchable , yet he was the man who had more of me than anyone else right now and he didn't even know. That's what was so funny about it.

I looked in the mirror. I liked the way I looked, not that it mattered because it wasn't like I was going to be staying like this for long. I never kept my clothes on for long when Aaron was involved. So most of the time I didn't bother with getting all dressed up. I had on some black shorts that had , a a muscle shirt , black bra, black thong, and a hoodie. I had my hair down, baby girl has locks was about shoulder length. It was good that it had dried in time because I can't stand when my hair is all wet.

I'm not real thick with it, I'm about average build. 5'7 with long legs and slight curves. Still an A cup since the age of 15 and at least my ass was tight and toned although nowhere near being compared to a video vixen. Some people may say I'm tatted but I don't think that 7 tattoos puts me on Lil Wayne status or anything. I have regular brown skin boardering being termed 'a red bone'. Regular brown eyes but almond shaped and described as piercing.

I went outside after the text that said 'I'm here'.

Yeah, we were simple like that. I mean we both knew what this was, sometimes. Emotions had their way of coming up and making the situation more complicated than I believe we both would have liked it to be but when you mixing this with end up with some bad batches sometimes. It comes with the territory.

"Wassup?" He smiled at me. I loved his smile. It didn't matter how mad or how indifferent I felt about him because, when he smiled, something just went warm inside of me and no, I'm not talking freaky about down there.

"Same shit, you know." I answered, trying to keep it thrill. I didn't want him thinking he had a hold on me by lighting up and all because he flashing mega watt smiles.

We drove off to our spot. I loved being here with him in this car. It seemed like once I sat in his passenger's seat that the world disappeared and nothing even mattered but the moment I was in. Like we talked sometimes and everything felt clear for those moments. Like everything was in place, I even felt good about the way I felt he felt about me.

"I already rolled up."

"That's what's up." Now I smiled. I could always trust Aaron to have that loud and some good shit too. I watched as he lit the end and began to smoke the sexy way he did.

I loved the way he leant to one side, just so nonchalant like so chill. The way the smoke escaped his juicy lucious lips. I wished I could take in the smoke he was blowing out, yes that was the complicated bullshit feelings I was remarking on.

He passed the L to me and I took a big hit off that. Never caughing because we just don't do that. Although I have to admit he has some shit that makes me think I'm going to crack sometimes.

When the smoke began to hit my lungs I felt more at ease. I didnt have to try so hard to keep my feelings underwrap becuase that wasnt what this thing was about. We had both agreed in the beginning an I must say yes we had some messiness in that department. No matter how Aaron tried to fake the funk, I knew I had just as strong a hold in him as he held onto me.

We hopped in the back seat and this is where the magic happens. I started sucking him. I had done this so many time with him that I was now his own personal pro. I knew exactly where to lick, suck, nibble, or touch to make him hiss, moan and cuss.

"Sh*t" He tangled his hand into my bushy hair holding firmly into a fist.

I let out my own moan feeling my thighs getting moist. I loved when he did that. He instructed me to go slower and I obliged talking painfully delicious stokes with my mouth and tounge. He stopped me, then holding me firmly by the waist, lowered me onto his thick throbbing member. I cried out in a myrid of emption.

"You okay.." He asked.

I nodded as he brought my lips closer. The moment our lips connected, I began the slow winding motion he had taught me to become accustomed to. I took my time swirling every beautiful inch of his thickness before I lost control and just began slamming down onto him.

"I'm about to.."

I captured his lips slamming into him, my juices running all over him until the moment I knew he was close. Then I slowed the pace pulling him out feeling his nut run over my stomach as he kissed me a final time.

And his phone rang.

He hopped in the front and began dealing with it. I hid my feelings in the back as I cleaned myself up with some wipes and dropped the old thong into a zip lock bag. I pulled on my shorts wondering if t was another female that called him. I couldn't sweat it though because I knew my phone had a few text piled up right now.

My sweater came over head and we were already pulling off. "Do you know if I have to come in tomorrow or nah?"

"Jessinia, you barely come in anymore. I dont even know why you care." He said in that monotone. Sometimes I thought he did that epecially on purpose to flip me off.

"Aaron, I didnt ask for all the lip service. If you must know I have plenty of ways to make paper and itt's not always going to be at McDonald's...Anyway, Do I come in or not?" I asked rolling my eyes looking out the window.


He mad, I can always tell when he mad although he tries to keep calm on it. Then he'll hit me later on some crazy ish. Probably when that white powder hit his system.

"Goodnight." I was about to leave the car.

He grabbed my hand causing me to look up at him. He pulled me closer in leaving a hard passionate kiss on my lips. "Goodnight."

He pulled off and I went straight in and took a shower. The warm water hit my skin instantly soothing my aching neck and thighs. I always felt like a workout after Aaron. My lips still were swollen from that kiss.

And honestly that's the stuff I dont like and I feel like he knows it. It's those head games that he plays that gets to me and I'm so weak to this boy for some reason. Maybe I'm finally understanding what everyone says when they say you can fall in love with the sex because I swear when this first started the emotions weren't like this.

I ignored my phones lcd light and vibrating. I was in my feelings and worn out. All those other men and problems could wait until later tomorrow after making sure my paper was straight.

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