Poker Buddy
We met playing online poker. Work was dull and the internet poker rooms provided the activity my brain needed. Not only through the game itself...but the chatter between the players more often resembled a singles chat room rather than a card game. Innuendos and flirting got so heavy sometimes that I couldn't get up from my desk for fear of having to explain my throbbing 8" hard on to anyone passing by.

We connected in one of these games. You're a good player (which is a turn on by itself) and not shy about talking smack or flirting your way out of some tight spots. We've become friends and exchanged emails for some more personnel discussions.

It has started like a sort of weird electronic dance. Starting with the always awkward first message of "Hi...I'm Jeff", to the more general conversations of who we are, to the more sensual messages of what we like...and fantasizing about how we'd get it done. Slowly building up the intensity, until we've driven each other to the point where we need to meet somewhere and see if the spark is as powerful in person as it is over the internet. We agree to meet for a drink, I've picked a bar that's attached to a hotel. Maybe a little presumptive, but at this point we've shared enough intimate thoughts, passionate feelings, and heated photos that we are both sure that this fire is ready to burst into flames.

When I first see you, your eyes immediately put a spell on me and I can't help but smile and blush a little. We share a soft first kiss, I swear I hear you gasp and even tremble a little. Drinks are quickly ordered and we retreat to a secluded table, you smile and wink when I pull your chair out for you. We sit close and share some nervous initial chatter and quick glances over each other. My eyes are drawn to the skirt you've worn and the shapely legs beneath it. My hand moves to your bare knee and feels the smooth skin that radiates heat. Your hand lands on mine and squeezes. You look me in the eyes with a mix of passion and desire, slowly parting your legs a bit and moving my hand up your thigh to your skirt line.

A slow song starts playing on the juke box. I take your hand and lead you to the dance floor. We immediately begin to sway with each other, my hand snakes around your waist and pull you into me. We fit so very nicely. As we press together you can feel my excitement. You give me a knowing look and half smile...accompanied by a little wiggle that causes me to surge even more. I lean down and kiss. Your lips are luscious and taste a bit like cherry, our tongues meet and dance a little. Your hand cups my ass and you give an almost primal growl as you squeeze and grind into me some more. I feel your breasts pressing into my chest, soft yet firm. We grudgingly pull apart as the song ends, my excitement is obvious now as my pure desire for you now has me hard as a rock and straining against my pants.

Hand in hand we stroll back to our table and drinks, your hips swaying seductively and I can see your nipples pressing out through your silky top. So much about you drives me wild. Even your choice of perfume, faint yet erotic somehow. We make it back to the table, your hand brushes against my cock as you slide into your seat...did you just lick your lips? How fun are you!?! This is what I've been wanting. We sit almost scissor like, my hand on your knee again. My fingertips start slowly tracing up the smooth skin of your inner thigh. I'm almost in sensory overload. I feel you part your legs a bit more for me and I take the cue to travel further. I make small swirls with my fingers and pressure from my palm to tease a bit as I search out the treasure waiting for me. I reach the crease between your thigh and mound and search a bit for your panty my utter surprise there is none.

My fingertips feel the heat radiating before I even make contact...and suddenly I'm there. You are already damp on the outside. I can tell you've recently shaved as your outer lips are bare and smooth. I hear you suck in your breath as I trace down and around...light feathery touches are causing you to squirm in your seat and press forward for more. Deliberately and slowly, I draw a single finger up through your slit...parting you slightly. Now I get the full brunt of how wet and excited you are, my finger tip is soaked and glides easily over your hardening clit. As I slowly stroke through your lips, grazing your most sensitive spots and pressing further in, I see your eyes close and jaw clench. Your muscles start to clench around my fingers, drenching them even further, and I know that you are close to cumming right here. I slowly draw my hand back and you open your eyes in a look of amazement and frustration, bringing you so close yet not giving you release.

I lean forward, kiss you strong and hard and whisper in your ear "I booked us a suite...the elevator is over there", nodding in the general direction. "Thank god!" you mutter through a devious smile, grab my hand and lead me off towards the closed set of doors. I watch your swaying hips from behind and immediately imagine myself behind you, thick cock poised at the entrance of the pussy that I've just been stroking...I'm lost in that delicious daydream when the elevator doors snap open and you drag me into it. Before I know it, you have my zipper down and your hand is searching for a way to free my rock hard cock. It's hot, thick, and now pulsing in your hand. You squeeze and slowly stroke sending waves of pleasure up my spine. In a flash you are on your knees, those luscious lips of yours are encircling and massaging the head, you hand squeezing the shaft. Heaven...this is it. Time warps and suddenly we are at our floor. You recover quickly, smoothing your skirt and look up at me with pure passion. Your fire is lit.

"Come fuck me..." you breathe. I cup your ass and press you forward towards our room. It's a short walk but seems like an eternity. Finally the key card is sliding in the door and allowing us some privacy to fully explore each other. The door clicks behind us and I have you in my arms, against the nearest wall and pulling at the zipper on your skirt. In a mad frenzy of lust and craving we start to tear each other's clothes off. Your skirt is on the floor around your ankles, and shirt buttons are coming undone at a rapid pace. In the blink of an eye we are naked and bodies are pressed together. Our kiss is long, deep, and passionate.

I cup your breast in my hand , squeeze and roll your nipple between my fingers. It is hard as a pebble and I want it in my mouth to tease with my tongue. I kiss your neck, you nibble my ear. My hands move to your ass and lift, allowing my cock to slide between your legs and rub against your soaking pussy. I can feel how wet you are against me. You are bucking your hips, getting my cock to slide against your lips and over your clit. I love the sucking sound it makes, is music to my ears. I smile as I look in your eyes, pick you up and carry you to the bed. I know that you want me inside but I want to feast on you first.

I kiss my way down your body, around each breast. My tongue flicks your nipples as my fingertips glide up and down your thighs that are spreading further and further for me. Down your stomach and over your hips my lips travel, causing twitches and squirms as I find sensitive areas. Your hands are in my hair now, squeezing and pressing, urging me down to tend to your needs. I'm at the top of your mound, and kiss my way down the side. My tongue trails along the outer folds of your swollen lips. You are so wet now. My hands are behind your knees pressing them back and forcing your hips up. I snake my tongue up the length of your slit, spreading you open in the process. You taste so sweet. I press my tongue in further on the next pass, finding your hole and swirling around the entrance. I feel your legs shaking already, the buildup is incredible and you are seeking release. I replace a finger where by tongue was as I use it to sneak up and search for your clit. My finger slides in easily, crooking up to find your sweet spot.

My tongue is now dancing and sucking on your clit, teasing then pressing. My finger has found its target and now has you flooding my hand and mouth while unintelligible sounds are coming out of your mouth. I sneak another finger around your well lubed ass and press the tip in, this sensation you over the edge.

I feel the wall of your pussy contracting around me, pulsing and sucking. Your abdominal muscles all flex simultaneously, causing you to almost sit up uncontrollably. I keep the pressure on, grind against me for a few seconds then fall back in bliss. The comforter now soaked, I'm drenched, and you have the look of one satisfied customer. Lazily you roll your head to the side and peer down at me, still kissing your shuddering thighs. "The night is still young, what do you have in store next" you say with raised eyebrows. "Desk, couch, window sill, or Jacuzzi?" I question with a smile. "All of the above..." you quickly answer back through still ragged breaths.
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