Pool Side
Scenario...Aura is an older woman on vacation in Brazil after ending a long term relationship; she is searching for her sexual identity. During her arrival, a handsome man (Amon) has offered to be the person who cares for her pool and directs Aura to speak with a group of ladies at the VIP Lounge... this is the end of a conversation with one of these women...

June speaks to Aura; "Let me ask you something. Have you ever fantasized about a guy wanting you and taking you? (pause) Let's explore something... Let's say you met a guy who was very hot and you wanted to let him have his way with you, but you were concerned about it being the right thing to do... or you did not want to be held responsible... or you did not want anyone to know. If a situation could present itself where this could happen, would you want it to?" I think about what she is saying; "I believe I would, yes. I would explore something like that at this point in my life - at least once... why? What does that have to do with any of this?" She holds up a finger to her lips. So I close my mouth and wait.

June begins; "Amon is a very sweet man who happens to also be very sexy and hot - which you already know. He has a very strong sexual desire that no one woman can satisfy." She is watching me carefully before proceeding, like she is looking for some kind of signal or something. "He can't date women and have sex with them because they always get attached to him too easily, this makes it difficult for him to take care of his unmet desires. He has a network of women with whom he has sexual relations; however we are all in agreement that nothing ever happens". She stops and watches me. "I do not understand"; I say.

"Ok, know that what I am revealing to you must remain confidential - whether you participate or not. If you break this code of silence - many - and I mean many people's lives will be ruined and your life here would be hell. Are you in agreement with this?" she asks. Hesitantly I agree; "Yeah sure"

She begins by explaining; "When Amon arrives to clean your pool he will bring a bottle of wine. He will offer to share a glass, if you want to explore your sexuality accept his offer; however, if you are not interested decline the wine. It is always up to you, every time, and you have control over the extent you are willing to go. After you drink the glass of wine, you are to act as if it you are knocked out; from that point forward, you let him take the lead. If at any time you want to stop, just pretend to be waking up and allow him time to make things right."

I sat stunned as she relays how they have this whole arrangement worked out. Who started it, how did it begin, how do they keep it from blowing up in their faces? Do I want to participate in this charade? How did I get in this situation? I thought Amon had a genuine interest in me, but it seems he has many interests? I turn to her and ask; "What happens if someone gets attached?" "Hmmm that is a good question; but it has never come up." "Oh I see. Well we need to be getting back". I rise to leave; she reaches out and grabs my arm very gently; I stop and look at her; "Remember you can't say a word to anyone... ever". I nod in agreement.

Geneve and I arrive home and we both retire to our rooms without saying a word. I turn on the shower and as I begin to wash, I allow images of Amon touching me while pretending to be unconscious. I find myself becoming very aroused, I try to shake it off. I toss and turn all night unable to shake the images from my mind.

The next morning.... Geneve and I are discussing what happened at the VIP lounge. Geneve pours a cup of coffee, turns around and asks; "Are you going to go through with it? Are you going to accept the wine?" "Honestly I don't know. I've never done anything like that before; yet I want to explore myself. It has been one of my fantasies for a long time". I shrug, "We'll see how I feel tomorrow. I have a lot to think about". We spend the rest of the day lounging - reading and contemplating this new world we find ourselves in. We have fresh fruits - wine and retire early.

It's Friday, I awake my heart is racing, butterflies in my tummy as my nerves are on edge. It's only a few hours before Amon shows up to clean the pool. I want to look my best, but I don't want to seem like I'm trying. With shaking hands, I put on my red bikini with a short floral skirt that ties on the side. I decide not to wait for Amon to show up to have a drink and pour a glass to settle my nerves. Geneve pokes her head around the corner and asks; "Nervous are we?" Attempting to return her smile; "Very". " Well, I've some errands to run. I'll be back for dinner; but call if you need me"; she says as she walks away.

The faint sound of gentle knocking on the patio door causes my heart to skip a beat. Opening the door I see Amon standing there with his beautiful smile and bottle of wine in hand. "I've come to clean your pool. I stutter; "uh... yeah... come on in". As Amon walks in he seductively gazes into my eyes; making me feel hot but more nervous. "I brought wine, would you like to share a glass?" There was the question. I find I can't speak and am having a hard time speaking as I stare into his eyes; he says nothing and waits patiently for my answer. He smiles and reaches for my hand and says; "It's ok, we can have wine another time, or not at all; it's up to you." I exhale and smile. "Aura, would you care to share wine with me today?" he asked very softly. I realize I am nodding my head up and down... like in a dream.

He squeezes my hand and walks me to a chase lounge and he proceeds into the kitchen.
Trying to gather my senses, I lean back and try to become comfortable and wonder how this will all play out. No one will know but Amon and me, well of course Geneve (if I tell her). I will be "unconscious" so I can always claim I knew nothing. Oh well, we can try it this one time; I can always stop.

Amon comes to the patio with two glasses of wine and a soft smile. "Here we go. This is one of my favorite wines; I hope you will enjoy it''; he says very seductively. As I take a sip of wine, I realize I am already a little light headed anyway from the previous glass of wine on an empty stomach. He excuses himself to wash his hands and while he is gone I empty the glass of wine into the shrubs. When he returns, he is surprised to find my glass empty so he picks it up and is gone before I can speak.

When he returns I explained I had already had a glass of wine and am already feeling lightheaded. I ask if he would mind getting me a glass of water. While he is gone, I again throw out the wine. I lie back and close my eyes. When he returns with the water, he asked if I am alright. I say nothing. Again he asked; "Aura are you ok?" I say nothing.

He touches my hand gently, I feel the rush of energy run through my body. How am I supposed to act like I am passed out while feeling so turned on and nervous? His finger runs slowly up my arm and up my neck. He traces my face and I can feel him lean closer to me. "Aura, hello can you hear me?" I lie perfectly still.

His hand slowly moves down the side of my face and slowly down to my chest where his finger traces my bikini top and cleavage. I feel my breathing increase but I try to remain calm. He allows his finger to slide inside my top and graze my nipple. My nipples are hard and erect ; I think - he knows I am excited. I hear a slight moan of approval as he slightly squeezes my nipple.

I feel the warmth of his hand slowly moving my knee up my thigh, gliding my skirt up with his movement, and brushes lightly between my legs. It is all I can do not to move or groan. His hand touching me as he makes his way back up to my bikini top. Slowly he slides the cups to each side exposing both of my breasts; I can feel the breeze gently caressing my breasts. Feeling naked and vulnerable - heart racing.

His large hands begin caressing my breasts; stopping occasionally as his thumb and forefinger massages my nipples. I want to move - the pleasure is almost unbearable. I can tell he is kneeling beside the chaise lounge; then my mind begins to scream as I feel his hot moist tongue as he slowly begins to lick around my nipples, one and then the other as they become harder and harder. My heart is pounding in my ears as he begins to flick his tongue over my nipples and starts nibbling and sucking them. Uncontrollably I feel my back beginning to arch. I try to cover it up like I was sleeping and restless. He knows though, he knows I am raging with desire causing him to moan in approval. Just as I think I can't hold on any longer, he stops. I hear him moving and everything is quiet. Where did he go and what is he doing?

I feel his big hand slowly spreading my legs apart, wider and wider, placing one foot on each side of the chair. Electricity running through my body as his hand begins to run the length of my thighs working his hands to my bikini again. He's slides his hand gently up and down - caressing me through my bikini. I think, what a turn on this is; he moves slowly and purposefully; such control.

I can feel my own wetness as his finger slides through the side of my bikini gently touching me. His finger makes its way inside me for just a moment and then he removes it, I can hear him sucking my juices from his finger. Through his groans he says; "MMMMM you taste good".

I feel him untying both sides of my bikini, completely exposing the most private part of me. I feel him leaning close to me. "MMMM you are beautiful; I must lick those beautiful lips"; he says as I feel him slide his finger over my clitoris, making my body twitch. "Yeah, your body wants this', he moans.

I feel his fingers slowly spreading my lips apart and begins to gently kiss my clitoris. I feel like I could cum right now. My body spasms as I feel his wide tongue lap up my juices with long full licks all along the inside of my lips making his way to my clit. All the time I can hear his desire through his groaning and growling. When his tongue reaches my clit, he begins to roll his tongue around by clit making it swell. No one has ever licked me like this; I am not sure if I can continue to control my body's response to this pleasure.

Oh my, my body has never been this electrified. How could I not have known my body could feel this much pleasure. As his tongue is massaging my clit he reaches up and begins to massage my nipples. His tongue in a consistent motion of up and down, round and round. Just when I think I can't take anymore, he stops.

I hear him unzip his pants. I feel his hard erection gently touching my clitoris and he begins to slide it up and down between my legs; slippery and smooth from my juices. Feeling his hardness against me but not in me creates intense desire to have him inside me. He continues to stimulate me between my legs with his erection until I am about to explode and then again he stops.

I feel his head between my legs and he begins to lick methodically while his finger slowly and gently goes in and out of me. Finally I cannot hold it back any longer and I scream with pleasure as my body convulses in spastic ecstasy. I immediately fall back and allow my eyes to remain closed as though it was just my body's reaction.

"MMMMMMM - now that we have created all this juice - I need to clean up the evidence" He growls as his hot tongue is lapping up all my juice, sucking juices from my opening, then his tongue glides over my clit one last time.

He puts my legs back on the chair, ties my bikini in place and lowers my skirt. As he is pulling my bikini top back into place he gives each nipple one last squeeze and kiss. He whispers in my ear; "Aura, no one has turned me on so. You drive me crazy. I hope we can do this again. Maybe next time we can explode further".

I hear him zip up his pants and walk away. I wait a few minutes before opening my eyes. I look around and see him cleaning the pool; I continue to lay there watching him. He looks my way and smiles as he begins to walk towards me and I notice his erection and he is not bashful about it; in fact he walks right next to me so there is no way to miss how excited he is. He wants me to see his bulge.

"Did you have a nice sleep?" "Yes I did", I stutter... "Thank you for the wine". His eyes twinkle as he says, "I have other flavors, shall I bring a bottle with me again next week?" he asks seductively. "Sure", I said as my face turns hot from embarrassment."

He reaches out and takes my hand and gives it a gentle kiss; "I must go now". He releases my hand and walks to the gate; he stops, turns his head and gives me a wave goodbye. I wave back and watch him close the gate.

I exhale in release and reach for the bottle of wine.
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