Pregnant and Sexy Too
Lucy was over 5 months pregnant and had cravings for cock, we were at the hospital, Lucy was having a scan, the rooms/cubicals had curtains instead of doors separating the the room from the waiting area. Lucy had just had a scan so she was laying on her back with her belly and panties exposed. The nurse had to pop out and we were alone in the cubical, Lucy pulled me near and kissed me, our kiss got more passionate and Lucy started unzipping my jeans, I stopped her hand but our eyes met and I could not stop her. My cock springed out and Lucy took it to her mouth, there was only a curtain between us and a fairly full waiting room.

My cock grew harder as Lucy held it between her teeth and sucked hard, I was struggling to remain quite, Lucy pulled my jeans down exposing my bum, my cock was in deep, I pulled out and Lucy licked the tip.
Meanwhile....the nurse slid in between the curtains, she saw my exposed bum, I saw by Lucy's face that we were not alone - I turned around at same time trying to pull my jeans up, she got a good look at my cock.

The nurse was a bit stunned, she said it had made her day, Lucy said she was sorry but I needed sex alot, I thought great blame me! The nurse replied she was just jelous cos she wasnt getting any, then the next thing I know Lucy is offering my services.

The nurse was beautiful - tanned skin like she was from an excotic island, she leaned over Lucy lifted her uniform to expose her panties, she kissed Lucy, I slid her pantied over and touched her pussy, she was wet for my fingers, my cock touched her pussy lips circled her lips then slid in, it felt good tight and so sensual, her pussy was hairy, I had to do her quick but I wanted to take my time and explore this beauty.

I pounded her not aware of the noise of my body slapping on to her bum, she told me to fill her pussy so i did, mean while Lucy had been sucking her boobs. I pulled out and admired her oozzing pussy mmm it looked good.
The nurse removed her panties, rubbed her pussy with them and gave them to me. She then finished the scan, we gave her my number and then we left.
As we walked through the waiting area we got some harsh looks, so we got out of there sharpish.

I hope she calls, I want to give her more than just a quicky.

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