Prelude to the Station.
I started doing V9 stories based on my real life experiences. Ever since the one about the sex robot "Muffi and Mitsy" I have taken real life experiences and doctored them up way beyond what they were. I want to go back to fact. In doing so I must confess that in some stories about my early sex experiences I added a few years to my age since I was a little leery about saying I did that stuff at 14 or thereabouts and then having someone yelling about underage sex. So, take those early stories and subtract a few years.

I am going to go back to the very early sexual experiences and tell it like it was. I was somewhere around eight and an older friend and I would play "tickle" games. Somewhere along the line he started to play with my cock. I was too dumb to realize it was a form of sex. I thought he was just tickling me. I never touched him that way. In later years when we had drifted apart as friends and I wasn't so dumb, I noticed he always had a small group of younger teens hanging around. I wondered if they tickled each other.

My next same sex experience has been written up here as "Something Old, Something New, and Something Blew." I was at an age that I knew it was sex, but still kind of dumb about such things. I won't bore you with the details here, you can get bored in "Something Old, Something New, and Something Blew."

I was in my twenties when I had a real voluntary, knowin-what-I'm-doing, same sex experience. I was riding a commuter train when some guy asked me if I was gay. I thought that was a stupid question and told him I was very happy. He told me gay meant queer. I told him I wasn't gay. Several days later I ran into him again and this time he asked me if I had ever done anything with a man. Well, I knew he wasn't talking about shopping or shooting pool.

I didn't say a thing to him about my teen and preteen experiences and told him I had never been with a guy. He told me I should try it and said if I stopped at his office building there was a private restroom where we could try something. What the Hell, I wasn't having much luck finding a willing female so, why not?

The office crapper was quite opulent and private, we went in and he whipped it out and I did the same. Then he said we should wash our dicks and we washed each other's dick. Oh yes, we both got hard. He told me he'd show me how to suck and he took my tool in his hand and worked it back and forth until the pre cum was starting to ooze out. Before I knew what was happening he had dropped to his knees and had pulled my pants down to my ankles and started to lick all around the edge of my cock head. I was so hot I wanted his cock as much as I had ever wanted a pussy. I pulled him up and dropped to my own knees as he loosened his belt allowing his pants to slide down his legs to the floor. His cock sprung free and it was a magnificent cut cock with a slight upward curve and a good sized head. His balls were hanging like ripe fruit from a tree branch and I held them as I engulfed his seven inches. I worked my head back and forth and twisted it from side to side feeling his smooth glans running over every part of my mouth. He was moaning and about to cum when he pushed my head away and gave me a little nudge to get me on my feet as he returned to my throbbing member. He started out going slow and easy and built into a fierce bobbing and sucking machine and I exploded into his mouth with my best orgasm in weeks. He sucked me dry and then I went back down on him. He held his balls up to my mouth and I took them in one at a time as I squeezed his muscular ass in my hands. I worked my mouth along his shaft from balls to head and slipped it into my hungry mouth and sucked away. My head was bobbing back and forth and he was humping at the same time. His thrusting grew stronger and I sucked harder and deeper. His ass was still in my hands and I could feel the muscles tremble as he blew a load into my mouth. His dick felt like it was way down in my throat and I felt the hot cum squirting from it. Following his action I swallowed it and licked up any traces that leaked out. I can't remember how it tasted or if I liked it. I just thought it was as sexy as all get out.

This was the first time I was on the receiving end of a male blow job since I was 13 or so, and it was great. In a way it was better than the regular sex I had been having. I was also surprised at how good it felt to hold his cock and taste it, to know I had made him tremble with pleasure and desire and to feel his release deep within me. He said I had either lied about my experiences with guys or I was a natural born cocksucker.

We met two or three times after that and what turned out to be the last time was when he asked me if I would suck a friend of his. I met the friend and sucked him off like a pro. He had a misshapen skinny cock and wanted to get away as soon as he came without any reciprocation. That soured me on this homo stuff for a couple of months and I spent my time looking for willing pussy, which I was beginning to find. Then I went to the Station, and slipped back into the opposite sex and more of the same sex.
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