Preparations Pay off

I arrived before you did. I went in and checked us into our room. This didn't bother me as we had long ago agreed that I would be the one to ante up the credit card (for privacy purposes....while we would split the cost). Thankfully the check in process went quickly. I was in no mood to make idle chit chat with the worker. I had too much on my mind. I grabbed my bag and quickly stepped into the nearby elevator. The doors slid shut. My first thought was that if you were with me it would have been fun to be in the elevator together. Visions of being plastered up against the wall of the elevator flitted through my head. I groaned out loud. I was so thankful that I was alone in the elevator. Even as my mind wandered to the sensuous idea of being taken by you in this temporarily private place it immediately jumped to the concept of what was happening. What was happening? I had just checked into a hotel all unbeknownst to my spouse. I was going to be momentarily meeting with the man that was to become my lover. My voice echoed through the elevator. "What am I doing?" This was so unlike me but yet I had made up my mind and any change of plans to not carry through with the plan to be thoroughly sated would not be my doing.

The elevator doors opened and I breathed in a deep breath and stepped out. A quick glance at the sign pointed me in the correct direction and off I headed. The hallway was quiet and deserted as I walked with a steady tread toward the room. The momentary panic I had experienced in the elevator evaporated as I got closer to the room. In my mind, I was already past the point of no return. No, fear doesn't mean that I wasn't still nervous. I knew that I would be nervous until we were together. Luckily I knew that you had arrived and would be entering the hotel shortly, in fact, I sent a text with the room number as I stood outside of the door. My hands shook as I pulled out the key card and attempted to open the door. The door didn't open. I tried it again, my hands still shaking. It still didn't open. Seriously? I took a deep breath to steady my nerves and glanced down at the card. I laughed out loud at my so obvious preoccupation with was yet to cum. I quickly flipped the card over so that the magnetic strip was aligned with the reader and swiped the card again. The third time was a charm. Whew.....I was in the room. I glanced around the room. The room was tiny, but a quick glance showed that it had what we needed. What did we need? We definitely needed a bathroom for our planned 6 hours of fun . (nature does call on going home smelling like sex really wasn't a wise the shower was a need). We definitely needed a bed, a very self explanatory need of course. Thirdly, we needed a tv. I know that I tend to be a bit loud and while I've never been kicked out of a hotel for disturbing the peace, it is definitely not on my bucket list. Nor is it on my bucket list to have a maid listening and laughing in the hallway. So a tv would help mask some of the moans and groans that I sincerely hoped would be emanating from the room in a short while.

Once in the room, I dropped my backpack and keys. It had been a long drive so I headed to the bathroom. Of course, would my luck be any different? The knock came on the door at the most inopportune moment. Nothing to be done, you just had to wait. I didn't make you wait long. I opened the door and you walked in. I looked at looked at me and you started talking. There had been a slight issue on your drive to work. The odds of it heralding any dire consequences were slim, but still, it had rattled you. We stood there, not touching and talked about the issue. You were understandably freaked out by the issue . I gave you the opportunity to back out. If you would have backed out, I would have been OK. But I admit that I breathed a huge sigh of relief when you looked me in the eye and said "No, I'm here and no turning back".

We moved to the seating area and sat down. The small room was cozy as we sat there. The bed loomed in front of us. I kept glancing at it as we sat there talking. That bed was clearly staring me in the face. I knew that we would soon be sprawled on that bed engaged in lascivious activities.

My mind was totally into the conversation that flowed easily between us. However, I have a shy streak in me and I was already pondering how we were ever going to segue from the seating area and our great conversation into something more sexual. Apparently you did too. That first step was not being made. We talked a little about everything. Still we didn't even touch. Here we were, sitting in a private hotel room and we were acting more platonically than we had on any of our previous public meetings. Finally I just couldn't wait and lightly joked about the awkwardness of the situation and how both of us are a bit shy and someone was going to have to make the first move. We both laughed at the truth of that. With that simple comment, the ice was broke. We leaned toward each other. Our lips collided. Our tongues touched. I sucked on your bottom lip. I could feel the heat flow through my body and settle between my thighs as my arousal grew. Our hands started to roam over each others bodies. Still very tentative. A hand on your leg. Your hand on my back. You finally really turned your body toward mine and I sensed that you were ready to really swing the action toward more carnal actions. I pointed toward the bed...I knew that is where I wanted to be! There was no hesitation on your part. We both stood and began to remove our clothes. Our shirts came off first. You sat back down and pulled me between your outstretched legs. I'm not sure if you knew it, but my body was already on fire. When you touched my nipples my back arched as sensations coursed through my body. My arching caused my hips to thrust against you and I could feel your hardness pressing into me. I ground my hips against you. I don't know if it was in an effort to drive you wild with need or a misguided attempt to push myself over the edge. Either way, you interpreted my need correctly and moved to help me remove my pants. I needed you with a ferociousness that burned me to the core. I pushed your hands away. I could remove my pants so much more quickly and efficiently than you. Once again, there was no hesitation on your part. In fact, I could see your instantaneous decision. I marveled at it, pleased at your willingness. As I lowered my pants, you quickly stripped out of yours. The clothing had barely cleared our heated bodies when I moved back into your embrace. This time your mouth joined your hands. I ground my hips against you, riding your thigh with the intense need that your mouth evoked within me. You slipped your finger into my wetness and I was gone. I buried my face against your shoulder and shuddered as I spiraled out of control. You were relentless. Every time my body relaxed enough for me to raise my head and take a ragged breath you increased the pressure of your finger. And every time you did, I spiraled out of control, gasping my pleasure.

I lost track of how many times I came in those first minutes of our sensuous time together. But eventually your finger slipped from my hot body and we fell to the bed. Before I could even take a full breath, your finger had once again found it's mark. My wetness coated your finger as you pressed it against my hardened clit. In a matter of seconds I was writhing on the bed, completely lost in the throes of the orgasms that rippled through my body. I gasped and cried out when you moved your body lower down my body. There is nothing more heavenly than the feeling of a hot tongue burning a path over my skin to caress my slit. I was not disappointed. Your tongue dove in. Immediately my fevered body was gratified. My body bucked with an orgasm that was even stronger and more potent than the ones that your finger had evoked. Over and over your tongue drove me wild.

When you finally kissed your way up my body, I was quivering with the force and sheer number of the orgasms that had just rippled through my body. Your body settled between my thighs. I could feel your hot cock throbbing as it slipped between my lips. If I thought I was going to be awarded the feeling of your cock slipping into my depths, I was wrong. You began to tease my clit with your cock head. The heat of your cock added intensity I screamed every time your cock head rubbed over my hardened clit. I could feel my slickness allowing you to slid with no friction. I knew the heated wetness was driving you wild. Your gasps joined mine as you teased me with your hardened body. I came again, my hands gripping the comforter on the bed as my body splintered apart. You didn't stop, that hard penis continued to assault my slit and my clit. I was moaning and crying out. You had my body so on edge. I felt the subtle shift and then I felt you press against my opening. Our eyes locked as you pressed inward. Ohhh, you felt so good as your manhood entered my body. I stretched around you as you filled me up. The feeling was pure bliss. I closed my eyes and savored the feeling even as you started to move inside me. As you rhythmically pump your body into mine my eyes began to dance and I started to rotate my hips in a circle, complementing your thrusts. The temperature rose between us as our bodies drove us to heights that we had been dreaming about for so long. When the release came, we both cried out ecstasy.

As our breathing settled down and our bodies cooled off, we laughed and turned on the tv. We may have forgotten the tv for the first go round of pleasure. Everyone that was present in that wing of the hotel may have heard our pleasure echoing through the corridors. Nothing could be done for what had already passed, but were prepared for our next sensuous venture. Would that come today? Absolutely, there was still so much to experience, including the blow job that you were anxiously awaiting!
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