Private Pleasure
Private Pleasure
Sassy Sue 1617

I did not really know how long our little game had been going on; in fact I did not realize that I was playing until just recently. Perhaps it was kismet, karma, a fat ass coincidence, but I had embarked on a new pastime just because of you. It was a fluke that I even learned of your secret, I had never done anything of this nature before, starting slowly, embarrassed at first and then I grew bolder each time we played. Now I was at the point where I thoroughly enjoyed our nocturnal interludes and greeted them with great anticipation.
Our houses faced each other and I could see when you came and went but never gave it much thought as we lived completely separate lives. I never saw anyone in your place so I assumed, like me, you lived by yourself. Other than a causal neighborly wave we went about our lives, nothing more than polite strangers.
One night I returned home from work late and I longed for a nice hot bath shared with a glass of wine or two. With wine in hand I trudged up stairs, body aching, I started to draw my bath. I leaned against the frame of the large bay window, sipping my wine, gazing into the dark night while I lazily unbuttoned my blouse.
Shrugging my shoulders the blouse slithered from my body. Unzipping my skirt I dropped it to the floor I paused for a second or two clad only in my lace bra, matching black thong and black thigh high hold ups stockings with lace tops. Sitting on the edge of the bed I stretched my leg out, ran my fingers up my leg and slowly rolled my stocking off, first one then the other. Standing, I unhooked my bra and dropped it on the bed and gently rub the marks left from the bra straps supporting my 34C boobs. I cupped my breasts and gave the girls a playful squeeze before I hooked my thumbs in the waistband of my thong and eased it down my thighs.
Naked now, bottle of wine in one hand and a wine glass in the other, I made my way to the bathroom to enjoy my well-earned bath. After my luxurious bath I returned to the bedroom ready for a night's peaceful slumber. I picked up my nightgown and raised my arms to slip the sheer gown over my head. I stretched my arms up and my tits jutted out and the gown flowed over my body silhouetting it against the back light of the bedroom. It was then that something caught my attention, flicker of a harsh light from your bedroom window. You were watching me!
Now the game began in earnest. Each night I would look over and wonder if you were hiding in the dark recesses of your house. I was a little alarmed that I was being watched but I did nothing to discourage you. The fact that I did nothing was in itself was giving my seal of approval, besides I got a rush from knowing you were watching. Each night I would enter my room with the lights off and look over to your place. Was the ginger haired woman there sitting in the dark, waiting, watching for her prey to enter the boudoir? Your car was there, your house absent of any light upstairs and a soft light emanated from the living room. After a quick survey I reassured myself you were sitting in the dark watching so I turned on the lights flooding my bedroom with light. I wanted you to watch, I needed you to watch; you had become my sex life. My nighttime rituals became laced with sexual connotations and sometimes I sat naked brushing my hair and other times I would apply lotion to my body just as woman would to seduce her lover. Often time I sat caressing my breasts and sometimes rubbing my mound. I did many things not only to give you pleasure from watching but to give myself personal pleasure from the thrill of exhibiting myself. It was my dirty little secret and all girls have one.
I would go to bed aroused and my fingers would provide the carnal gratification that I so desperately craved for I had no lovers. After my decadent desires were quenched for the evening I drifted into a sleep. I often dreamed of a ginger haired woman making love to me and I hoped that you enjoyed the sensual shows I was able to share with you. I was like a junkie, after each fix I would feel the need to make the next time bigger, hotter and sexier for my audience.
For this I rearranged my bedroom making my bed the center stage just mere inches from the bay window and provided a complete and unobstructed view for my audience of one. Now I just had to decide when the next performance would begin. I had a plan and I was ready to provide the ginger hair woman with an award winning performance. This was for her pleasure but most assuredly it was for my personal pleasure too.
I entered the bedroom which was bathed in light. I stood at the foot of the bed which now was mere inches from the window. I make a major production of undressing, taking my time folding each garment with care. Tonight I leave my panties and bra on and take my folded garments to the bathroom as I leave the bedroom I turn the lights off plunging your voyeuristic world into darkness. I took a quick bath and rub my body with oil so it had a sensual sheen. I entered the bedroom and pulled the white satin top sheet back to reveal a red satin bottom sheet. I lay on the bed, pulling the red sheet up just over my nipples. I'm lying alone in my bed naked, of course, waiting for you. I flipped the light switch on and light filled the room just so you would not miss a single detail. Lying on my back, my head pillowed by my arms, I was staring at the ceiling, thinking of you and growing excited by those thoughts. As my thoughts begin to wander, so do my hands.

Pulling my arms out from under my head, I slide my hands lightly over my breasts, still covered by the red sheet, down my sides, and onto to my thighs. Sliding my wandering fingers back up, letting them meander over to the crease of my thighs, pressing lightly for a moment, letting the sheet press into crevasses of my pussy and accentuating my growing wetness before easing my nomadic fingers back up my body, my fingertips barely touching the sheet, my body tingling all over.

As my hands reach my breasts, I let my nails glide around the perimeter of my dark areolas, touching lightly, skirting the hardening nipples and advance to the hem of the sheet. Slipping my fingers under the border of the sheet, hooking my thumbs around the edge, I retraced my same path down my body again, dragging the white sheet with me this time, exposing my impassioned skin to the slightly chilly air. As the sheet reaches my thighs, I draw my knee up and over it, plummeting the white sheet to the bed.

Sliding my hands lightly down my thighs as far as I can reach, I turn them so my nails are etching gently back up my inner thigh, now moving my other leg to the edge of the bed, hanging over slightly, my legs splayed wide now with one knee bent. My nails reach the creases of my thighs; I evade my wet, glistening pussy for now, drawing the nails up along the crease of my thighs, up to my stomach, now twitching from the sensuous, light caresses.

My fingertips draw light circles around my stomach, making the nerve endings very sensitive, the muscles jumping and twitching beneath the surface as my desire increases. Licking my lips, a low moan escapes as my digits continue up my body. Still employing light circles, I dance around my full rounded breasts, barely touching the undersides, circling around my tits to the top. Drawing my nails down now across my breasts, circling the pinkish-brown areolas, not touching the sensitive nipples yet, even though they are hard and tingling, aching to be touched.

Circling back under my breasts, my nails glide over my sides now, every nerve ending in my body is tingling and jumping and my hips jerk up and then down in reaction, my back arching naturally, thrusting my breasts in the air. My breath is rapid, my chest rising as falling faster as I skim my hands now across my sensitive torso and fully cup my breasts, massaging them lightly, causing the nipples to throb with desire.

Unable to stop myself, I take each nipple between my forefingers and thumbs, rolling them gently before pinching them, hard enough to gasp at the almost painful yet intense pleasure. As I stretch my nipples from my breasts, twisting and pinching gently combined with light breathy moans and sighs escaping my throat; the pleasure almost more than I can bear. My hips are flexing up and down on the bed, instinctively looking for the rhythm to soothe my yearning pussy.

Letting go of one throbbing nipple, I bring my fingers to my mouth, pushing two fingers inside and sucking on them, licking at my fingers, wetting them thoroughly. Pulling my fingers from my mouth, I place them on my chest and slide them down my breast, my torso, my stomach, leaving a wet trail that is immediately captured by the night air, causing tingles to arise in its place. Reaching my underbelly, I slip my nails lightly over my bald pussy and down to greet my swollen pussy lips, letting my legs fall further apart. My other hand continues to tease my nipples, pinching and massaging them, alternating between light and hard touches, driving me fanatical.

I am oblivious to everything but my self-pleasure; I fail to notice your bedroom light up. When I do you are standing in your window, naked as the day you were born. You are watching me intently, standing in there naked in your bedroom window watching me. I smile with gratitude, glad that you're there to reap the pleasure of what I've started, but you make no move to your bed. Instead, you lean your shoulder and hip against the glass, looking like you're prepared to stay there a while.

I falter, but you smile encouragingly and my eyes drop down your body, noticing the beautiful breasts, your aroused nipples jutting from your round breasts. Your fingers pressed on your manicured red pubic hair with two fingers dipping into your honey pot. I realize that my pleasuring myself is turning you on immensely and my arousal increases. Lifting my hips slightly, I run my fingers along the swollen lips, spreading my growing wetness, feeling the tingles increase. My clit is hard and throbbing, demanding attention, but I want to tease both of us a while longer.

Watching you, I lightly pinch first one lip and then the other, dipping my finger inside to touch my wetness, pulling the slick sweetness out and dragging it up along my pussy lips, repeating this action until they are wet all over. Letting my knee fall open more, I lift my hips again so you can see my pussy better, now wet and swollen, needing more.

Looking you in the eye, I pull my wet finger out and bring it to my mouth, running it gently along my lips, spreading the sweetness, letting my scent fill my nose before dipping my finger into my mouth. I close my eyes briefly as the flavor engulfs my taste buds my mouth, sucking my finger and running my tongue along the juice coated digit. An audible groan fills the air and my eyes open to see you still standing pressed against the glass. Your head tossed backed, face filled with desire now and your arousal evident by the rapid thrusting of your fingers in and out of your pussy. As my eyes drop to that wondrous vision, I let my finger slip in and out of my mouth, making light sucking sounds and I groan once again as you finger yourself and I long to touch your vibrant pussy and taste your nectar that is gracing your thighs now.

Our eyes meet and we both smile in shared desire and anticipation. Pulling my finger from my mouth, I skim the side of my body, this time sliding my fingers over my naked mound of my pussy and dipping them in between the lips, pressing hard against my clit. I run my hand along that engorged nub that sits at entrance to my gates of pleasure, now slick with my juices. Dipping one finger inside, I press my palm firmly against my clit and rub it back and forth, letting small, lust filled sighs and moans fill the air, my eyes closing in pure pleasure.

Your mouth is open and I look over to see that you are stroking and squeezing your clit as you watch me. I am even more excited by this, my breath coming quickly as I watch you. Placing a second finger alongside the first, I slide both into my tight pussy, wiggling them around, twisting them in circles, moving them against the walls of my pussy. Pressing my palm down firmly against my clit, I rub it gently back and forth as my fingers stroke inside my pussy.

I imagine I can hear your quick breathing, the sound of your finger sliding in and out of your wet pussy. My muffled moans and my excitement increases. Sliding in a third finger, I begin to pump them in and out to my own rhythm, crying out each time they slide in, letting them slip further and further in, my palm moving in the same rhythm against my clit. My feet pushing on the top of the foot board of the bed as my hips buck against my hand, propelling my fingers further inside my pussy, the tightness gripping and drawing them in.

Pulling my palm away from my clit, I replace it with my thumb, moving my hand around slightly and slipping all four fingers inside my pussy. I gasp as they fill me, changing to a low moan as I push them down inside and drag my thumb across my clit, pressing it up against the pubic bone.

Heavy breathing gasps and moans fill the air the fragrance of my arousal fills my lungs. My thumb begins to rub faster along my clit and I start to whimper as my fingers move faster to match it, slipping quickly in and out of my slick entrance, rubbing against the sensitive walls of my pussy, the wet sounds mingling in concert with my utterances.

My hips thrust faster against my hand as the warm tingles begin multiplying to new heights, my fingers disappearing inside my hole now as I try to reach deeper, frustrated because they cannot go as deep as I need now. Closing my eyes, I concentrate only on the pleasurable sensations radiating through my whole body, my fingers moving inside my pussy, my thumb rubbing my clit faster... harder.

Finally, with a gasp, my orgasm hits me and I thrust my hips into the air, forcing my fingers as deep as they can go, my thumb flicking my clit quickly to prolong the pleasure for as long as possible. Louder moans and gasps escape my lips as my whole body shakes and shudders through my orgasm. Sweet-smelling strands of cum flows from my pussy, onto my fingers, my lips, and rivulets dripping down my thighs, soaking the red sheet beneath me.

Shudders still rack my body as I slow my fingers and thumb, my whimpers fading, still breathing quickly. I look over at you, sliding my fingers along my sensitive pussy lips, now slick with my cum, and see you grinning widely, your hand resting on your hip.

Then your bedroom goes dark and I am left by myself to revel in my personal pleasure. I turn the lights off and I start again with images of a ginger-haired woman dancing in my mind.

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