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She was being driven to a new base somewhere in Hampshire, she didn't bother to remember the name of it this time as she knew she wouldn't be staying long, she never did.
Ben and Luke had been chosen to take her and they had made sure she wouldn't escape like last time, her hands had been cuffed behind her back and her feet tied together with rope. "Can't wait till we get back, i'm off out with that bird I picked up last weekend, shes a dirty fucking tart!" said Ben, "was that the blonde one, with the big tit's at the bell?" "na, I picked this one up at the club, but the other one sucked me off in the toilets first" they both laughed. God she would be glad to be rid of these two idiots. "Having fun back there squirt?" Said Luke "oh just peachy" she said sarcastically, they pulled up to the guard room. Luke rolled down the window "or right mate" he said to the guard "got a drop off here" he passed over some papers "ok, go straight down and to the left wait just by the parade square, i'll call ahead to let them know you're here!".
The camp looked just like the rest of them, they pulled up and Ben came round to let her out "should be safe to let you out now?" he undid the cuffs and untied the rope. She jumped out and walked round to the front of the truck, the boys were sitting on the bonnet "got a fag?" she said "thought you weren't allowed them?" said Ben "come on you get rid of me in 5 minutes" Ben tossed her a fag and gave her a light. She took a long pull on the fag "so looking forward to meeting your new Sargeant?, I heard this ones a real ass hole" said Ben, "please" she said rolling her eyes " they're all ass holes, give me a month and this one will try and get rid of me too". Luke looked at Ben and nodded behind her, she didn't see. "so, what do you think of all these sergeants?". She took the fag out of her mouth "there all a bunch of cunts! when they first get me they put on the i'm a scary barstad routine, but they soon get bored, not one of the ass holes have ever broken me" she tossed the fag away "and this one will probably turn out to be a wanker just like the rest!".
Just then she could feel a breath on her right cheek, she stood stock still not wanting to turn around. The boys were both looking at her with a smirk on their faces, bloody bastards she thought. "So.........I'm a wanker am I?" her heart sank, she knew that voice, she wanted to run but her feet wouldn't move, she wanted to turn around and slap that face but her hands wouldn't obey her. "shall we start with the i'm a scary bastard routine? or just move on to where I start trying to break you?". He came round with his back to her "you can leave her stuff up at the barracks, i've signed the papers" he handed them over. Ben and Luke got back in the truck and left without even saying goodbye.
He turned to face her, he was in his combats he had short blond hair and blue eyes that were staring straight at her, she could feel his eyes scanning her body. "It's been a while" he said "near on 2 years since I last tasted that sweet pussy!". She hated him but she could feel herself getting wet, all the other sergeants had punished her by making her paint the barracks or run the assaut course over and over, This one fucked her!. "Attention!" he screamed in her ear she didn't even have to think about it anymore her body naturally moved to the command, "Forward March!" she stepped off. As he marched her to his office the sound of his voice barking orders at her made her body tremble. They entered the office "Halt!" she stopped and kept her eyes on the far wall. The walls were plain white with a dark wooden desk in the center, there were bookshelves around the walls with books and photos filling the shelves.
He sat behind his desk looking up and down her body, she was wearing a pair of camouflage shorts and a plain white vest, her long brown hair was tied back in a tight bun. She could feel her knickers were wet and she knew her nipples were hard and he could see too. "Looks to me as you want to be punished Private?" she stayed quiet, he stood up and leaned over his desk "I bet your cunt is sopping".
She hated everything about him but couldn't help the way her body wanted him, she despised his touch it made her feel dirty which only made her want him more. He sat back down "take your top off private" he commanded, she clenched her fists biting her teeth together, "is there a problem with your fucking ears private?" he snapped. She grabbed the bottom of her vest and pulled it over her head and tossed it to the floor. She could see him looking at her pert little tits, it made her skin crawl, her body betrayed her and the juices began to flow. He got up and walked round the desk and put his mouth to her ear "have you been a bad girl private?" he whispered "yes sergeant" she stammered. He pushed his fingers over her pussy, her body shook "I don't think these shorts are regulation army uniform private, take them off" she undid the button and pushed them down her legs, he placed his hand on her lower back keeping her bent over. He slowly ran his other hand over her cheeks and then whacked her hard on the ass. She gulped down "say it" he said "thank you sergeant" she said, he pushed her to the desk so she was bent over it "open your legs" she pulled her legs apart. He slipped his fingers into her knickers and pulled them down "dirty little bitch they're soaking" he brought his hand down hard five times across her cheeks, "thank you sergeant" she cried out.
He pushed two fingers into her cunt, they slipped right in, she lifted her bum to push back on his hand, his other hand came round and cupped her tit and squeezed on her nipple she moaned. He started to push his fingers faster and faster until she was panting "you know the drill private" he pulled his fingers out "well?". Once she had caught her breath she got to her knees in front of the desk "Sir I want to suck cock Sir", he chuckled to himself and sat on the desk in front of her undoing his combat trousers. He pulled his cock out fully erect she slipped it into her mouth taking the full length, it tasted musky and hot she pulled up and tightened her mouth round it and pushed down again. He grabbed the bun on her head and pushed her head up and down over his cock.
Once he was satisfied he pushed her onto the desk laying on her back with her legs hanging over the edge. "I broke you years ago private" he said lifting her legs and pushing his cock deep inside her. She gasped, he brought his face down to hers "you're my little pussy private that I can fuck whenever I want" he pulled out then went in deep again. She gripped the edge of the desk "And you will do as your Sergeant tells you, won't you?" "yes Sergeant" she said through gritted teeth. He was teasing her with his cock slowly fucking her she started to buck her hips, he started to chuckle. "Fuck me please Sir" "sorry didn't quite hear you private" "fuck me sergeant!" she cried. A grin went across his face and he held on to the top of the desk either side of her head "what like this?" he said as he pushed faster and faster "please, please please!" she cried. she came quickly as he stared at her and laughed, he pulled her down holding her by the bun on her head and wanked in her face. She closed her eyes as he came, feeling the hot juice drip down her face. He let go of her and pulled his trousers up "that will be all private thank you" he said as he sat at his desk and pulled some work out. She sank to the floor.

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