Private Tutoring
Who did she look like? It was driving him nuts. She came up behind him, smelling so good. Why do women smell so good? His cock, already hard, grew harder, so fast, his hair was being pulled.

After looking at his computer a few seconds, she rested her hand on his back. "See me after class, Mr Leapshin."

His high hopes, as usual, dashed to the ground. His mind played out a hot, very hot scene. It involved no clothes, heat baking off naked skin. Instead, his raging hard on deflated to a shivered worm, hiding in the grass.

Brian clicked aimlessly through the tv. A scrap of paper with an address on the desk. He was being sent down to the minors. His only dream of being a writer torn from his heart, torn like paper, shredded was better, shredded, left like litter in the street.

He was being sent to a tutor, creative writing I was too far ahead of him. His teacher never said that, she simply stated, "you need a tutor."

It was a pipe dream, but still a dream he believed in with every fiber of his being. He's thirty two, enrolling in college, sitting in class with all the other kids, fresh out of high school. Laughing behind his back. He should leave, pack right now and get out.

His hand froze, Gilligan's Island was on. That's who she looked like, he stood so fast, the desk chair fell backwards to the floor. Hell, she was a perfect double, except for her dark hair, no soft curls, no two short pony tails on each side of her head. That was when the show first started, later, her hair was fuller, much more to grab as she sucked cock. His teacher has straight dark hair, down to her shoulder. But the same face, cute, fresh, smile that melted any head hunter. The show was a black and white episode, were her eyes dark? His teacher's are, look at her body, petite, perfect curves, tits that wanted to break out of her shirt. Shorts barely cover her small ass, those legs, smooth, tan, he wanted to rub from thigh to toe, toe to thigh, for hours.

His cock was now a king cobra in his pants. He wanted to furiously beat off, feel his face contort with rage as he stroked his cock like mad. His roommate would be back soon, Brian took forever to cum. The last woman he was with, she was so spent from hours of sex, she held him down and sucked him till he was a spouting geyser of cum.

Still, a tutor, while the other students would be writing their opus, he would be learning how to structure paragraphs. It was a heavy heart, and a ball sac of cum, (he never had the chance to relieve himself) Brian got directions for the address given to him.

The campus was a nestled collection of old buildings. Brian loved walking it. A dirt road through towering oaks. He felt like a flea under them led him to a small village of houses. If he wasn't so down, he would have fully enjoyed the quaint look. He rang the bell, telling himself for the hundredth time he should just go home.

What a mistake that would have been, a moment later, his Maryann answered the door.

If nothing happened, if he left with nothing more then "you must apply yourself more." Brian would have ran to the woods, yanked his cock out, pumped his cock like a fiend, his shrill cry would have had any bats fly down on him as his cock squirted gallons of cum. Needlessly to say, he didn't have to do that.

Maryann, or if you prefer her real name, Dawn Aprils. As Miss Aprils sheds her clothes, Brian Leapshin hammers his cock through granite like a carrot grows into soft humus soil.

Her home was small, books lined shelves along the walls of her living room. That didn't matter, though, Brian could not take his eyes off Maryann/Dawn Aprils.

She was wearing a flannel shirt, sleeves rolled up to her elbows. The shirt was tied off, her naval, a perfect o, set in a sea of tan skin. Denim shorts, tight on her hips, light blue in color, accenting curves, encasing ass cheeks he practically drooled over. Golden tan legs, smooth as silk.

"I'm sorry, I was out back in my garden, lost track of time, please sit down." Easier said then done, any guy will assure you with a steel hard on, Brian wouldn't be surprised if it was glowing neon. He swallowed the wince as he sat on her beige couch, noticing she sat a bit close. Her heavenly scent strong, raising the hairs all over his body.

She tried to look serious, but such beauty cannot be tamed. "Mr. Leapshin, I'm sorry," her sudden smile, her giggle, she put her fingers to her lips to stifle it, but she laughed anyway. Please, if I can't kiss your lips, let me kiss those fingers. "Please forgive me," blushing, a crimson red in her cheeks. She shook her head, trying to regain control, "you will have to use a different name on your books."

Books? Did he hear her right? "I read your story you wrote for your entrance exam." Her face as serious as her beauty would allow, Brian wished he knew how to paint, her portrait would break hearts all over the world. "It was fantastic! What is the problem? Since class started, it seems you can't keep your mind on your work."

Distraction, as if she read his mind, "what's distracting you?" Her hand rested on his knee. They were close, very close, remove all distraction, where did that voice come from? It was a shout in his head.

Blissful moments, kissing her lips, so soft, it was a dream that would consume him. Her eyes were half lidded, dark pools unfocused, another kiss, her fingers on his cheek, the ones touching her lips not long before. He felt his skin scorch. "P...p...please don't." She backed away, but not very much. He had to, he would hate himself, kill himself if he didn't try again. Another kiss, her lips actually kissing his back, she shifted closer, hands on his thighs. Heat, like lava running through his legs. "Please don't," her request barely out of her mouth, lips kissing his, firmer, opening like a flower in the sun. Their tongues touched, brief, painfully brief.

His hands, controlled by his cock's mind, started pulling the knot in her shirt. Her hands tried weakly to stop, a bare protest. He felt his cock twitch like a live wire with a million volts latched onto his shaft. "Please...don't," her lips said no and yes at the same time. Her hands went to her own thighs as the knot came loose. Their kisses were hungry, passionate, consuming both their senses. His fingers felt a shock when they touched her sides, skin, alive, pulsating with heat blazing under the surface. Her verbal, weak protests ended. His heart raced like a galloping horse as he moved her shirt off her shoulders, down her arms, to her elbows.

Their lips swelled, blood raced through veins in their bodies. Veins not their before, created from passion, ice melting passion. Her bra clasp unsnapped, her hands went to her breasts when the straps came down her arms. She's shy, her hands, small, hide her nakedness as his fingers gently take her bra off. Her breathing deepens, Brian kisses down her neck, the small crevice as her shoulder rises, her blood a fire. Hands still cover her breasts, chills chase heat, heat chases chills in her. She moans deep, not a sound, he hears it through her skin. His lips kiss her fingers, they spread a little, showing little peaks of her skin.

Her hands reach for his cheeks, she arches her back. Lips suck, tongue swirls her nipple, a piercing nub, extending high off her breast. Her hands furrow through his hair, fingers curling the strands. She arches more, his hand cup, gently squeeze her other breast, her round globe fitting so snug.

One of her hands reaches his thigh, she squeezes the muscle, tight under his pants. She sighs when he switches mouth and hand on her breasts. Her hand moves closer, up in inches, teasing them both. She bites her bottom lip, his teeth graze her nipple, her lower lips twitch from the deepest contraction she ever felt inside her.

Not many lovers in her life, maybe a handful, none never really satisfied her. When her hand reached him, the balls, giant marbles, his shaft, long, thick, mushroom cap twitching through his clothes. She shuddered deep, her walls press together, sticky with cum.

She pulled his shirt over his head, snagging, pulling harder as his hands unsnapped her shorts. She moved closer, palms feeling muscles, heat in his chest. She straddled his legs, pulling him against her, his body hot on her breasts. Brian laid her down on the couch, her body alive with fire, her mind saying, yes take me.

He kissed her skin, her skin kissed back, meeting his lips. Her mind swirled like his tongue in her naval. She gave up thought, what's right, or wrong forgotten, just like her shy nature, forever gone

She didn't feel naked, adored, as the last of her clothes lay on the floor. Building heat from his lips, skin perspired, sheening like dew.

She came, came, came, her fingers circling her clit, cum, like spider webs, clung to her lips. She came as he kissed her legs, thighs, knees, calves, toes, soles. She came when he licked her few spider webs off her lips, drops of cum shimmering on them, now on his tongue. She came with his tongue inside her, tasting her inner being. She came from his mouth on her clit, sucking it, tongue spinning it and her. She arched herself to him, cumming, cumming, cumming. Waking the nasty in her.

She undressed him in a frenzy, eyes drinking in his body, rugged muscle under pale skin. His cock is a towering mass, a drop of cum, white, a tear drop on his cock. Her tongue captured it, tearing it away like a miser finding a precious jewel. Her lips sucked the head, tongue digging in its hole, looking for more cum, not yet. Her mouth was a whore for him, sucking him in, greedy for all of his cock, wanting to bury her nose in his thatch of hair.

Taking her, her body screaming for him to do so. He did, his body on hers, fitting so perfect. Her fingers fumbled with his engorged sex, she couldn't point him in properly. His cock smeared her cum on her swollen lips, finally, she had it right.

Her air left her in a whoosh, her moan mixing with it. He took her, hard and deep, spreading her tight pussy as her body arched, arms trapping him in her embrace, hands squeezing his so very tight ass cheeks. She came, her pussy crashing down, contracting wildly on him. Drops of super heated cum dripped off his cock as he pulled out to the cap, her lips quivering around it. The drops landing on her crack, sliding down its edges, burning the flesh inside her cheeks. MAKE IT NASTY!

Finger tips dug into his taut cheeks with each deep, orgasm thrust. She smacked one cheek, his growl gave her goosebumps everywhere. She smacked the other. Each thrust into her, she smacked, feeling red streak marks of heat in his skin.

MAKE IT NASTY! Over his lap, her ass picture perfect to his blazing eyes. His hand was a stinging slap on both cheeks. They quivered slightly. Another, another, another. Her pussy clenched harder with each stinging slap. SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP! Her body shook, trembled with each blow. Red swipes appeared in her tan cheeks. SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP! NASTY SWEET STINGING PAIN!

The spanking was new, thought of before, never tried. He took her in a new way, never thought, never dreamed of. She came from it, she came as his tongue circled the lines spiralling around her hole. She came when his tongue touched her anus. She came and came and came. HE MADE IT NASTY!

On her knees, head bowed, submissive, wanting to be taken again. She bit down on her lower lip. His cock opened her in her tightest position. Her pussy squeezed, walls felt every bulging, river twisting vein as he took her, fucked her. She came, over and over and over. Her cum squirting, spraying, as his balls slapped her clit hard. She came shaking, trembling, quaking in her body

He buried his thatch of hair to her nose. His cock is a hot steel python in her mouth. Her pearly lips are tight on its skin. He swells as he grabs fistfuls of her hair. He cums, so hard, so forceful. Her mouth floods with semen as he pumps, his cock twitching on her tongue. Cum and saliva leak from her lips, trailing down her chin, dripping onto her tits. She cums as he cums into her mouth.

"You live in the dorm, right?" Their bodies spoon, her tits rise and fall with his chest as he breathes. He gasps a weak "yes," her fingers lightly stroking his cock, feeling it getting hard, her thighs quivering slightly. "Want to move in here?"

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