Prom Night
Senior prom has always made high school guys nervous, John was no different. Getting his tuxedo and the flowers, oh yeah don't forget money for dinner and the tickets. What did Michelle have to do? Her hair make-up all pre-primping items nothing that required a lot of prior planning. Oh well gotta let it slide this time.

John picks Michelle up from her dad's house and takes her to dinner at the local mom and pop dinner, their favorite restaurant. What he didn't realize is that he was so nervous for prom that they were actually an hour early compared to what he originally planned for timing. Thank God no reservations were needed at this place. The two enjoy a good ole country meal of steak and potatoes, and then realize they have a ton of extra time after they paid the tab.

John asks Michelle, "Well what now?"

She responds, "With an hour, how about going back over to my house."

"Alright let's go."

Shortly after arriving the two of the are down in her room, by no means the first time they have made love. Both are expecting the most mind blowing love session ever. She went out and bought her first bustier just for tonight. He forgot one thing for the entire night, the condoms.

The two start kissing and holding one another, the room seems to fill with heat and the smell of wet pussy and pure desire. The only words muttered from either one of them were quite cliche, "I love You." His tux jacket is thrown across the floor and the shirt seems to be unbuttoning itself. This is all moving so fast that neither of them could grasp what was going on.

Her dress falls to the floor as though it hasn't been supported at all through this much of the night. She begins to undo his pant and he finally opens his eyes and lets out a low moan upon seeing her standing there in lingerie. "My god you look gorgeous." She gives a sexy little smirk and drops to her knees forcefully shoving his 8" erect cock all the way down to the back of her throat. She slowly begins to moan letting the vibrations make him go weak in the knees. She continues this for a few more minutes until he is sure that she is going to have a massive load to deal with in a second.

She feels him begin to pulse and does one last thrust, dragging her teeth along the shaft ever so lightly while she is pulling it out. His thick cum fills her mouth once and she swallows allowing room for the rest of it to flow in. After he has finished she stands up to kiss him and fills his mouth with the other half of the juice, this is his first "snowball" she smiles swallows and says, " I swallowed for you now do the same for me." He listens and realized that it wasn't that bad and the two of the felt close once again.

Giving him no time to recuperate, She begins to follow him to the bed. While walking behind him, she firmly grasps his penis in her right hand and begins to simulate his masturbating., as much as he is enjoying himself, John has to tell her to stop. So she lays down on the bed butt naked now. He follows, but carefully falls right between her legs. Michelle smirks again and John starts kissing her thighs.

Giggles begin to rise out of her throat. He slowly starts making his way higher with his kisses. Finally he gets to his prize that is now almost dripping because she is so turned on. He begins teasing her clit with gentle licks and nips. She starts squirming and moaning. He thrust his tongue in her tight wet hole and feels a shudder run through her whole body. He backs off, not wanting her to cum yet. She grabs the back of his head and forces him back down. He spells out the letters --I--L--O--V--E--Y--O--U on her clit and she explodes, arching her back and gasping for air.

A few minutes later she regains her composure and John takes her in his arms holding her until they both drift off to sleep. The alarm rudely goes of letting them know that they have 15 minutes left to get ready again and meet every one at the auditorium. Michelle hurriedly throws on her make up again and touches up her hair while John is getting ready again.

They speed through town and still get there 10 minutes late. The worst part about the entire night was the prom itself. The D.J. decided to play all rock and roll giving none of them a chance to slow dance together. Michelle asked John, "you wanna go back and finish what we started?" This instantly gave John the biggest hard on that he had ever had, by the way tux pants don't hold it back very well either. He didn't care though, he was going to get mind blowing sex within a half hour.

After getting back to her place they again shed their clothes and began to pick up where they left off. She was still soaked from the earlier action. Michelle lowered herself onto the bed and gave him the come hither finger, he again obeyed. Lowering himself onto her, she refused to give a helping hand, instead she threw him on his back and began to mount him backwards giving him the most beautiful view in the world.

The tightest ass in the world was looking right at him and rocking back and forth sending him into sexual frenzy he had never yet experienced. Michelle knew how nuts she was driving him and instead of just rocking she would come up far enough to show him his cock sliding all the way inside of her. He knew it wouldn't be long before he lost it again, but he wasn't ready yet. John grabbed her by the hips and picked her straight up off his throbbing cock.

She was placed on all fours and he slid himself inside her ass, slowly sliding in and out, never before had she let him do this. She was moaning uncontrollably, enjoying herself so much that she ended up pushing back more, pulling him in twice as far as he had been. Just before he came, he pulled it out and Michelle rolled over and jerked him off onto her breast.

The two of them then took their first shower with one another, came back to cuddle and slept all night with Michelle on top of John.
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