Bernie and I have been cyber fucking for awhile. Bernie makes me so hot that I want to fuck him in person. One day Bernie sends me a message asking me if I would like to join him for the weekend. He has a suite reserved at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino. If I accept, a private jet will pick me up at the airport of my choice and fly me to Vegas. Arriving in Vegas a limo will pick me up and drive me to the hotel. A bellhop will be waiting to take me up to the room. I will have VIP status while in Vegas. Any thing I wish for will be complimentary. If I arrive and are uncomfortable with any part of the situation I am free to leave. The limo will take me back to the airplane and I will be flown home. No one will know my real name. I will be known as Pussy. All he needs now is a YES and the airport of your choice. Of course I say yes...jump on the jet.

The limo takes me to the hotel and the bellhop to our room. I know I have an hour to get ready for you. I quickly change into something I know Bernie will like.

I am sitting on the bed wearing the hotel robe and hear someone at the door. You don't say anything just smile and step into the bathroom and when you come out the kitten in me has turned into a slick jungle cat. I am the sexy vixen you expected. For underneath the robe is your surprise, a sexy red corset pushing my breasts up high, red thong panties with the back separating my ass cheeks and last but not least, red high heels.

You walk over to me. I start to undress you. Starting with your shirt, one button at a time, kissing each area of skin as I uncover it. Next comes your shirt and socks. I pause to massage each toe. I unbuckle your pants, but don't pull them down yet. My tongue slides into your belly button sucking it into my mouth, while grabbing your ass cheeks to steady you.

I slowly unzip your pants, pushing them to the floor. To my surprise, and delight, you are bare underneath the jeans. Your cock springs free and bounces toward me. I grab it with my hands and pull you to me. I slowly use my mouth to heat you up some more, swirling my tongue around the head of your dick. With my hands back on your ass, I pull you deeper into my hot mouth. You are so big that I can't take it all in. When I get you all wet, I pull off and gently blow cool air on your dick, cooling it down and then heating it back up immediately with my mouth. I lick up and down the shaft of your cock and suddenly stop again.

I turn you around and push you onto the bed, sliding up your body until your cock surrounded by my tits. I squeeze them together holding you tightly gently fucking your cock with my tits. But once again, I stop. I am not ready to let you have the release you are begging me for. I pull off my heels and use my feet and legs to run up and down your body, while I start licking and nibbling at each of your nipples. I turn around so my wet pussy is close enough for you to smell me, yet I won't let you touch.

I slide my mouth back down on your rock hard cock and suck you into the wet cavern. I bob my head up and down using it so you are fucking my face with your hard rod. You strain to reach me but I still won't let you. I want to feel your hot cum filling my mouth and sliding down my throat.

I feel the cum boiling deep in your balls and your cock starts to swell in my mouth as you start to blast your hot seed in the back of my throat. I drink down every sweet drop and lick your still hard cock to make sure that I have not missed any of that precious nectar. I then lay down beside you and run my hands up and down your body.

I am finally ready to let you have your turn now. You sit up and pull my tits out of the corset and massage each one taking a nipple into your mouth, pulling on my nipple. I love to have them played with. Every time you pull on it, it sends a shockwave throughout me.

As you slowly move down the bed, you unhook my corset. You want to see my body in all its splendor. When you get to my thong, you smell deeply taking in my musky odor. You start licking my wet dripping pussy through the cloth, but you can't wait to long and pull it off so you can get to the real thing. You stick your tongue deep inside drinking my juice. You are surprised at how wet I am but that is what happens when you play with my nipples like you did.

Your hands slide under me and begin massaging my ass cheeks. Forcing me to raise up slightly moving my cunt to your face. You learn that gently biting the lips of my freshly shaved cunt make me moan and squirm. You keep sucking the lips sliding up closer to my clit. And move to the clit bringing it into your mouth. As you begin to bite and suck on it I start shooting my cum all over your face. My hands reach down to your head, holding it where it is as wave after wave shoots through my body.

As the waves start to slight die down, you quickly move up my body and forcefully shove your hard cock into my tight cunt. As I feel it slide into my pussy, I start to cum all over again. I start screaming with delight and beg you to fuck me harder and harder. I want it hard and fast. Harder and harder.

I finally tell you to flip over onto your back as I want to ride your cock like the stallion that you are. My tight cunt slides down around your thick shaft and I start squeezing your cock with the muscles of my cunt milking you. Slowly I start pumping up and down, bouncing on your long hard cock. Going faster and faster with each stroke. I start to come around your cock again and cry out as I feel the cum starting to boil around your cock. When I settle down a bit, you pull out and throw me down on the bed so that I am on my hands and knees, I look back at you with an evil smile as you know this is my favorite position. You slide into me so easily but you can notice that the fit is even tighter in my cunt this way. I can feel you filling me up in every part of my pussy. I take my favorite vibrator and put it on my clit. You can feel it vibrating on me as your cock pistons in and out of me. I start to scream "faster, harder, harder, fuck my pussy!"

As I start to cum again. I push back at you as you pound away at me. Your hot cum starts shooting, blasting into my cunt filling me up.

As you slowly pull your spent cock out of me, I can feel the cum start to leak out of me and run down my leg, as we collapse on the bed recovering for the next round of play time.
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