Propriety Gone
This is an excerpt from a story I am working on. If you like it, let me know, and I can post the rest when it's completed

Erica leaves the club, looking like a woman that's been thoroughly fucked. Gone is the lipstick she so carefully applied before she left the house, her swollen lips the evidence of many passionate kisses. Her hair is sexily tousled, looking the way it does only after a lover's hands have run through it repeatedly, scrunching it in their fists as they guide her head. She's always wished she could get it to look this wanton on her own, but her hairstyling skills are not up to this task. The smell of sex emanates off her body; her inner thighs slick with her juices. She weaves her way through the packed parking lot, tonight it's a full house. Erica barely notices her surroundings, her feet on auto pilot as she almost floats to the car. Usually she's very watchful when out alone, but hey, she's amazed she can even walk at all after all the orgasms she just had.

She finally reaches her vehicle in the second to last row. Key in hand, she puts it into the lock, but before she can open the door a body pushes her from behind, pinning her to the car. Erica's heart beats double time in her chest, she opens her mouth to scream, but just before she gets a sound out, a hand covers it. Her panic filled eyes dart right, then left, just like a rabbit's trying to escape a hungry fox. She's hoping there is someone, anyone that can see what's happening and come to her rescue. But the parking lot remains empty. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Why couldn't I have paid more attention getting to my car, runs repeatedly through her mind. A large erection presses against the small of her back, her heart races, knowing and dreading what surely is to come.

The man's free hand travels down her body. Reaching Erica's breast, he cups it in his hand. His deep, ragged moans betray his excitement. She tries to break free from his grasp, but it's no use. He's too strong, and has her pinned too tightly against the door to allow any movement. He manhandles her breasts, laughing darkly as she struggles. His fingers roughly pinch one of her nipples, the scream this elicits is muffled by his large hand. Mauling her large globe in his hand a while longer, he marvels at the stark contrast of her breast so soft, but her nipple so hard, a pebble rubbing against his palm.

His hand slithers further down her body, like a snake looking for a cave, and her efforts to escape grow even more frantic. She kicks backwards, hoping to connect with one of his shins, but misses. After having so many orgasms just a short while ago, and now trying to fight him off so vigorously, Erica realizes she's fighting a losing battle as the last of her strength leaves her. She's now limp in his arms. Finally he reaches what he's been wanting to feel all night.

Extreme heat surrounds his middle finger as he pushes into her tight cunt. He can't believe it! She isn't wearing any panties! This excites him. But even more exciting, is hearing the squelching noises her sopping pussy makes as his finger strokes in and out of her body.

"You put on quite a show back there you little slut!" His breath ruffles her hair as he speaks.

Erica knows that deep, sexy voice as well as she knows her own. In the blink of an eye the fight or flight endorphins flooding her system pour out as she realizes whose body pins her against the car, whose hard length presses like a steel rod against her back.

"What the fuck Danny?! You scared me half to death you son of a bitch!" The obvious anger in Erica's voice turns her husband on even more than he already is. He knows that when she turns her blue eyes will look like the summer sky right before a storm blows in. And he loves that look. It's not one that he sees often since Erica is so even-tempered, but she's angry now, her fury a tangible force humming between their bodies. He doesn't know why, but Danny has always thought that women look magnificent when they get mad, and Erica is no exception.

He quickly turns her to face him, pinning her against the car again. He's right, as he so often is when it comes to her. She looks both stunning, and hot as all hell! But he only admires her beauty for a split second before his head descends, his lips stealing any further words from her mouth. At first she tries to deny him, but as always happens, his fire sparks an answering flame in her, and their kiss turns so volcanic he wouldn't be surprised to see smoke rising from their bodies.

Erica can feel how much this steamy kiss is affecting Danny as she feels him hardening even more against her stomach. And suddenly all her love, desire and anger combine with how incredibly handsome he looks, and the scent of his cologne, and it pushes her over the edge. Her hand travels down his chest, over Danny's abdomen, until his hard cock is cupped in her hand. She looks around, nobody is near.

Erica unzips his pants, and reaching in through the slit in his boxers, grabs his cock, pulling it out of his pants. She crouches down in front of Danny, totally engulfing his hard pulsing length into her hot, wet, greedy mouth until she has taken all of him, his balls touch her chin, his large cock snaking down her throat. Erica sucks Danny hard, fast, and deep, claiming him as her own. Loud, slurping noises are all that can be heard as her mouth and tongue feverishly devour his cock. She hears his moan, then his hips move, thrusting his hard, throbbing pole into her mouth over and over again. Danny's hands hold her head as he fucks her mouth.

She loves it when he uses her mouth like this. And he's more than happy to give her what she loves, especially when it's his cock. Many times Danny has teased her saying she has more suck than a Hoover vacuum cleaner. It always makes her blush, then chuckle. She's just happy that she can please him in this way. His strokes are deep; his balls make a wet, slapping sound as they smack against her chin. She moans. The vibration surrounds his straining sex.

Reaching down Erica lifts her skirt, he sees her legs, covered in sheer black silk stockings with lace trim at the top that's hugging her toned thighs. The light above them illuminates her glistening pussy lips, which Danny can see are shaved and dripping wet. His cock bucks in her mouth and he moans seeing her smooth hairless lips and neatly trimmed bush above them. Holy shit! She hadn't been that way when he saw her coming out of the shower this morning, had she? He was almost positive she hadn't been. Danny knew Erica had done this to drive him wild, and boy was it working! If he'd known what her skirt had hidden from his view, he would have grabbed her at the start of the evening, before she had even gotten in line to get into the club.

Erica knew the picture this must present to Danny. Looking for all the world to see dressed like an attractive woman out on the town, but underneath for his eyes only, dressed or undressed so sexy, whichever way you want to think of it.

Crouching in front of him, she sucks his cock lustfully, her legs spread, pussy dripping, she hopes he will not be able to resist her. And her hope is not in vain. He grabs her shoulders, pulls her up and spins her around. Danny's hardon is pressed between them against Erica's ass cheeks, moving his hips he rubs against her, back and forth and back and forth. Her breath catches when he moves her hair to the side and kisses the back of her neck hotly, then moves to the side, his lips leaving a trail of fire. She moans helplessly as this stokes the flame of her desire. All her senses are heightened, the smell of him, the feel of his hot lips and breath against her neck, the feel of his hard cock rubbing back and forth on her ass, the sound of his heavy breathing, the lingering taste of his pre-cum, all push her past reasoning, past good sense, and past any sense of propriety and she begs him, "babe, take me, right here, right now PLEASE!?"

He takes her hands and places them on the roof of the car, pulls the bottom half of her body a little farther out, and pushes her legs apart more. With his body pressed tight against hers he whispers in her ear his voice thick with passion, "stay just like this my love, don't move your hands or I will stop." Of course she obeys him, who wouldn't?

She feels the cool night air against her ass and pussy as he pulls her skirt up again. She moans. Erica knows what's coming and wants it, wants it quite badly in fact. Grasping the base of his hard cock, Danny rubs it up and down her slit, teasing her. He knows this makes her crazy and he loves it. Her hips move with a mind of their own, she's panting, needy, about to orgasm. His large mushroom head splits her sopping wet lips wide open and the rest of his long, thick cock slides in.

Her pussy contracts around Danny. Crying out, Erica cums. Her tight channel floods around his cock, paving the way for the deeper penetration they both crave. His balls smack wetly against her clit as he rams the last few inches home. Placing his hands over Erica's against the roof of the car, Danny traps her between the car and his intense fucking, holding her there to take everything he has to give.

His lips are pressed to the back of her neck, as he surges powerfully into her over and over. Erica's cries of excitement spur him on, making him want and need her even more. His cock a battering ram constantly pistoning in and out of her trembling body. Danny's aggression tonight is intensely thrilling, the tender lover all but forgotten, but that's completely fine with her because tonight she just wants him to take her. Their bodies feed off each other's extreme lust and need, the growing tension intensifies to previously unknown levels. Each of them know this cannot last indefinitely, but both hoping it will for at least a little longer.

He grabs her long hair, winds it around his wrist, and pulls back. The force of Danny's thrusts are now brutal. She's loving it! Her body catapults towards what she knows will be a mind blowing release. Erica feels his cock swelling, twitching inside of her and she knows the end is near for both of them. She's happy to not be taking this particular journey alone. His long, brutally deep strokes hurtle them past the point of no return. He lets go of her hair and with one final savage slam, moves his hands to her shoulders and pushes her even further down, burying his granite shaft as deep as he possibly can inside her grasping, greedy cunt.

Danny roars as he empties his full balls, cock spewing cum forcefully into the farthest reaches of Erica's hot cunt. His orgasm seems to last forever as his pulsating length bathes her insides with his hot seed. The force of his ejaculation pushes her over the edge. Erica's orgasm slams into her just as hard as Danny had been just a few moments back. Their combined cries of extreme pleasure echo in the parking lot as her spasms milk the last of the cum from his cock.

His hands snake around her waist, holding tightly, semi-hard sex still buried deep inside her until her contractions end. When they are both spent, she leans her forehead against the roof of the car trying to catch her breath, waiting for her heart rate to return to some some semblance of normal. Danny leans against Erica's back and gently kisses her neck.

"WOW!!!" They both exclaim nearly simultaneously, giggling over their identical reactions.

The sound of a clearing throat a few feet back has them both turning on trembling knees. To their surprise the bouncer is standing there, his very long, thick cock exposed. He's slowly stroking up and down it's impressive length.

"Please, PLEASE, tell me you're into sharing!?" His pleading question gives them both some very steamy ideas.
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