Puerto Rico Is Burning
"I am in Paradise! I love Puerto Rico!" I scream to the air.

I am in my Hustler 41 Razor speedboat racing down the clearest blue water like an iconic scene from Miami Vice. I look fresh in my crisp white button-down shirt, slacks, and matching all white Air Jordan 8 Retro sneakers. I love the feeling of the cool breeze, the wind humming in my ears, the sun setting, and the sight of the waves that are wild as an untamed steed. I am excited that I am going to meet with my friend, Roselyn Sánchez, who is waiting for me at her beach house. This is my last night in Puerto Rico and I am ready to do it big!

There is her white luxurious two-story beach house. There are French glass windows in the front and a terrace all around the second story. The architecture reminds me of something I have seen in the classic movie, Scarface. I took a deep breath, ring the gold doorbell twice, and step back.

Roselyn comes out wearing a purple top and white shorts cut offs, which complements her sun-kissed skin. Her raven long hair flows down her back smoothly. I can stare at her mesmerizing eyes and her lovely figure all day. What I love most is her perfect smile.

"What's up, Sexy?" I say to her.

Roselyn smiles brightly. She gives me a big hug and a sweet kiss. I look down and see her well pedicure, painted toes. I do not have a foot fetish, but I love her feet.

"Hola, Mar'e!" She says to me. Her Spanish accent sounds so sexy.

"You have a nice place."

"Thanks, papí. Do you like Puerto Rico?" Roselyn asks me.

"I love it!" I continue. "I feel kind of sad that this is my last night here. I love the climate, the scenery, the beach, and the women. I like women that look like Roselyn."

"You like Latinas?"

"Of course, my first girlfriend was Puerto Rican. I lived in East Harlem. Latinas exudes sexual energy, which I love!"

"Yes, we do." Roselyn laughs. "Let's go inside, I've been eagerly anticipating your arrival."

She takes my hand. We walk through the big side-by-side door and into the front entrance. Wonderful smell of food wafts from the kitchen. Roselyn immediately gives me a tour of her house. It is all in neutral colors, lots of light, and no darkness. She has a beautiful garden full of white roses and a small fountain with an angel who had spread its wings. I also like the small marine with the speedboat and larger vessel.

"I am really impressed, baby girl." I tell her. "You are living it up!"

"I love the finer things in life." She laughs.

The table is set and I cannot wait to eat greedily. We eat seafood, broiled red snapper, shrimp salad, fire roasted peppers, and Rum. Roselyn is a great cook! This meal is a big proof that she has a mastery of the culinary. It is hard for me to chew and keep my eyes off Roselyn.

"Great meal, Sugar," I said, after cleaning my plate.

"Thanks," Roselyn replies. "I love cooking!"

I go with her to the kitchen to help her with the dishes. I put my arms around her tiny waist. I kiss her neck and nip on her ear. Roselyn chuckles and presses her ass hard against my dick. She closes her eyes and sighs. The shivers that arouse her nipples are turning me on.

"Oh, Daddy, you don't know how much I want this." Roselyn moans.

"I love it when you talk like that."

"But sweet one, the night is so very young, it has just begun, why end so soon? Let us go to the bedroom. I want to change into something sexier. We're going to party on the beach!"

Roselyn leads me to her master bedroom. The room is full of pastel colors, seashell motifs, and jasmine scented candles. The scent makes the room smell so refreshing. I sit on the edge of her four-post bed, which has so many colorful pillows and make myself comfortable. Roselyn pulls out a white dress and lays it on the bed. She pulls down her shorts and pulls the top over her head. The sight of her nudity arouses me. I feel that my dick is about to burst out of my pants. Roselyn's body is a remarkable sight! She has nice round tits with chocolate nipples, abs so tight that not a drop off salt water would roll off, and a juicy ass that is not too big but just right for her curves!

"Nice." I respond.

"I know you like, I see you looking." Roselyn winks at me.

Roselyn puts on the white backless dress and a pearl necklace.

"Wow, you look amazing in that dress, baby." I compliment her.

"Thanks, Sugar! Let's go! I've been horny all day!"

We leave the house and begin walking down the beach holding hands. The light from the moon, the crash of the surf against the rocks, and the salsa music playing a few feet away makes the night romantic. The idea of Roselyn and me fucking under the moonlit sky pops into my head.

"Have you ever thought of having outdoor sex, baby?" I ask her.

"Oh, I love it, Sugar!" She answers. "The idea of two people making out on the beach and enjoying the cool night of full moon is really fascinating. I can sense that the heat from their souls oozes out as the silver rays caress their bodies. It is just like-like the Fourth of July celebrations! Words cannot describe this feeling though, and you won't forget it for many Full Moons to come."

"Wow! Your words can incite anybody for outdoor sex!"

I can already feel the heat from the bodies of club goers and Tiki torches as Roselyn and me walk into the open beach club. The salsa music is blaring and I like the set up of this place. There are wood decks on the sides for relaxation, dance floor in the center, pool hall in the back, and three white woven hammocks hanging between the palm trees! The club definitely has a nice friendly vibe. It seems like most of the people here know each other. I love the scenario, especially the Hispanic women walking around wearing next to nothing. This must be a typical party night in Puerto Rico.

After a nice-looking waitress with long brown hair and the colors of the Puerto Rican flag painted on her body serves us Grey Goose cocktails, we go chill by the wood decks laughing and talking.

"I'm feeling this place, Momma." I said.

"I love this place, you know." Roselyn expresses. "Everybody is friendly and cool. I can dance all day here."

"Hell yeah," I agree.

"Come on, Sugar, let's dance." Roselyn whispers to me.

We go up to the dance floor and begin dancing. Roselyn is swaying her hips side to side, teasing me with her fingers like, Come here, and taste my sugar, papí. My focal point is on the energy that flows from her body, and then I lead her in the direction, which the music takes us. We are dancing so smoothly to the rhythm; it feels like we have been dancing together for long. Roselyn sways her hips rhythmically with the music. We touch and kiss each other, and I feel the heat and passion for arousal.

The night breeze cannot cool the heat off. Our hands are wandering freely to every body part imaginable. Roselyn's laughter and moaning is telling me that she is enjoying every second of it as much as I am. The exceptionally tall Latin deejay with a chunky build put on the classic hip-hop record, "Puerto Rico" by Frankie Cutlass, and we all roar. Roselyn swings her head and hair all round, shaking her ass. She is really into dancing. Her ass is swinging wildly. I pin her to the bar and begin grinding her senselessly. It is so wild that her tits slip out, which causes her to laugh and shriek. What a view! Even the dark-haired bartender is laughing.

It is now drizzling and Roselyn takes my hand and hustles me outside, ignoring the cheering crowd. We are barefoot and the cool sand feels enticing like a cat's tongue that licks your skin and makes you shiver all over. We find a nice secluded spot under the stars and moon. Our eyes are locking in a deep stare and then we begin kissing. I pull Roselyn closer. Our mouths glue in a lip-lock. We want each other badly and I feel her unzipping my shorts and whipping out my shaft. She massages my shaft as we French kiss.

"It's so big," she says.

I smile and said, "That's right! The prettiest dresses are worn to be taken off."

Roselyn slips out of her dress seductively like a hot exotic dancer. She looks radiant with her body shining in the moonlight.

Roselyn holds my onyx-colored hardness like a rare black diamond. The look in her eyes tells me how stunned she is. Without further ado, she kneels down and takes my shaft into her mouth. The scenario looks so inviting and alluring that the desire for her shoots up my spine. She sucks me deeply, making loud sloppy sounds. Her unique oral skills are so amazing that I feel myself nearing an explosion!

"Chill, chill, baby," I said, stopping Roselyn from making me cum so soon. "I don't want to cum yet. Let me beat your pussy up first."

Roselyn lies before me like a delicious feast and I am ready to devour her. I kiss her body from head to toe, lick her legs up, and go for her pussy. The aroma of her womanhood intoxicates me as if it were the fragrance of some flower. I dart my tongue out and let it rest on her swollen pussy lips. As I run it her slit, she hisses.

I go on with licking her pussy lips, and steal glances at her. It is obvious that my tongue generates the electrifying signals into her loins and her stomach muscles contract. She moans, reaches down, grabs my head, and holds it between her thighs. Intrigued by the sexy sounds she utters, I open my mouth and slurp at her pussy, sucking every drop of her wetness that may escape in the heat.

"Ooh ... Yes, just like that Sugar," she moans as I lick her up and capture her engorged clit.

"Damn, the smell and taste of your pussy makes me so horny. If I can, I'll put my whole face in," I say after releasing her clit.

I hold her clit into my mouth, suck it passionately, look up, and notice that her eyes are closed and mouth is wide open. I come down, stretch her cunt open, and stick my tongue deeper. Instantly, she squeals and lets her head fall back. Her breathing gets rapid. The flush spreads over her face, neck, and chest. I smack on her pink morsel and twirl my tongue to drive her crazy.

"YESS," she screams.

"Cum for me, baby," I urge her.

She screams, moves her body, and bucks her hips into my face. I hold her thighs tight and suck her clit harder. Almost instantly, she shakes as her love juice spills out, soaking my mouth and chin. I love her taste, lick her pussy clean, and then kiss it as if it were her lips.

"Give me some dick, Sugar." Roselyn demands. "I want you to pound my pussy good!"

I rise on my knees, position myself between her thighs, and slowly insert my cock into her wet pussy. Her love hole feels warm and smooth. I begin pumping her slowly, but soon speed up my rhythm enjoying every second of this pleasing sensation. I love the sight of Isa moving up and down under me.

"Fuck me, babe! Fuck me hard!" Roselyn yells.

"No problem, baby girl!" I reply.

I am pounding her pussy faster and harder. The perspiration and raindrops are pouring down my body. Roselyn's moaning and groaning is getting louder. I see her getting close to cumming, so I poke Roselyn's pussy harder to help her reach the ultimate climax. Now, I feel her pussy tightening, and she has one intense orgasm that her whole body trembles.

"Oh, my God, fuck!" She shrieks. "Shit!"

We switch places. Roselyn climbs atop of me, and begins to bounce up and down on my shaft. The gentle caress of the cool raindrops on our bodies feels so exotic. She rides me, takes my hands, and guides them to her juicy tits that bounce so seductively. I pinch and squeeze her taunt nipples.

"Yes!" Roselyn whimpers.

"Keep up with the ride, baby!" I encourage her.

Roselyn puts on some pace. The cold salty wind is bringing up the passion, heat, and pleasure for us. The rain intensifies its gentle caress to long hard lashing across Roselyn's back, rhythmically to the deep long strokes of my cock into her honey well.

Taking advantage of her rag doll state, my fingers touch her throbbing clit just for a second. The next instant, she strains her torso and yelps for the ultimate lust. Every nerve of her quivering body craves for the release and she cannot hold it longer. Her pussy sucks on my shaft and her love juice squirts down. I feel the grip of her pulsating cunt and cannot resist an urge to shoot my hot creamy seed straight up her crevice. My hot lava hits her inner core as I hear her moaning for the ecstatic pleasure. We cum together, reciprocating our lust and desire as the rain ceases and the sun begins to rise.
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