Puppy Obedience
"Tonight, I want pain and suffering. Just as my heart is, so will you."

"Heel" and point beside me. Reaching for your hair, I pull you to my side.

"Sit and don't say a word." I walk over and grab a spike collar and a leash.

Puppy sits down and looks at me. I slip the collar over your head, clip the leash and give a good hard yank

"Nanny what are you doing ? What are you doing?" You look scared as you watch my every move.

"Cry for me, Puppy." I jerk the leash again, grinning as the spikes start to dig into your tender throat.

"Stay on all four paws, Puppy." I start walking around, tugging you behind me.

You start crying, not know what I am going to do to you tonight. I walk you to a table and order you to lay on your stomach. Doing as I say, you quickly get on the table in position.

"I love those tears, Puppy. Are they for me? Answer me, Puppy. Are those tears for me?"
I slap my hand down hard on your ass

"Yes, Nanny, yes," you scream as tears flow down your cheeks.

I leave you there and walk to the wall in front of you. Opening the cabinet door, I allow you to see what all is inside. I grab a riding crop and a knife. I squat down in front of you, grab your hair and force you to look at me.

"You wonder what I am up to tonight, Puppy?"

"Yes nanny."

"I am gonna see how much pain you can handle. To make you feel what I feel tonight."

"No, please. NO."

I run the crop over your shoulders before standing up. I crack it over your shoulders as I walk down the length of the table. I set them down and hand cuff your wrists letting them dangle in front of you. then I shackled each ankle to the table ends.

"Oh, my puppy looks so delicious!"

"Oh, Nanny, please, don't."

I pick up the crop and start raining blows from your shoulders to your ankles. Some harder than others.
You start screaming, tears running down your cheeks. I set the crop down and pick up the knife.

"No. No. Please. Please, NO."

"Puppy, you best hold still. I would hate to cut you.

You are shaking with fear and pain. Not really sure what will happen next. I start with your tee-shirt and cut straight down and also through each sleeve. You are trying to keep still, but still move whenever you feel the cold steel of the blade. I drag the blade tip oh so close to your beautiful skin. A single shallow line of blood wells up on your spine.

"Oh, Puppy, you moved."


Hearing your pleas, I grab the crop and bring it crashing down right over your cut.


Once, twice, three times , I bring the crop down on your back. Just to get my point across. You scream in pain.

"Scream Puppy, scream. It won't stop what I have planned tonight.:

I pick up the knife and saw through the waist band of your jeans. Accidentally leaving another bloody strip there. You are openly sobbing. I hack through the denim and work the blade down each pant leg until they are ruined as well.

"Oh, please."

I grip the ruined fabric and yank it out from under you

"NO! Please!"

Taking the blade, I run it from your toes straight up to the base of your neck. Just the flat part of the blade. I love watching you shake from ... Could it be fear? Or pleasure? Or both? I smack your ass smartly with the riding crop. Watching fresh tears spring from your eyes.

"No, Nanny No."

"Ah, do you want me to stop Puppy?:

"Please, no. I mean yes. No, Nanny. Please"

"No?! Good. Because I am not ready to stop."

"Oh, what wrong, Nanny?"

I undo your wrists, but quickly re-cuff them to the legs of the table. I stand in front of you and pull up my skirt. Place one leg beside your head.

"Oh, Nanny. Oh."

"Lick this pussy, Puppy. Lick it good and I might think about letting you go."

You start licking my pussy as well as you can. Licking every inch of it. Spreading my pussy lips wide with your tongue. Sucking on my throbbing clit. I grab your hair and push you closer into my pussy.

"You can do better than this, Puppy."

You push your tongue deeper into my pussy. Teasing my clit and sucking hard on it. All the while, tears are flowing down your face. I reach behind me and grab the cat-o-nine tails whip. Sill holding your hair, I run the whip down your shoulders and back. You are sucking hard on my pussy lips and clit. I start moving your head up and down on my pussy. You try to pull away, but I push your head into my pussy.

"Keep eating your dinner, Puppy. You need your strength for tonight."

I crack the whip over your back, making sure that the tails don't touch you. Then, as you start sucking even harder on my pussy, the tails touch your back sharply for the first time. You lick deeper, reaching new depths with your tongue. I grind my pussy on your face.

"Please, please."

I pull your hair and buck my hips in sync with the strokes of your tongue. I place my foot back on the floor and move away from you. You gulp in deep breaths of air and whimper slightly. I run my nails over your back. Digging into each welt that I come across. I smack your ass as I move around the table. I look at the work bench to see what I might play with next. I see you shaking and grin. You are whimpering and occasionally moaning in pain and pleasure. I undo you and push you against a bed frame propped up against the wall. There I lock you into place. I take the riding crop again and run it down the length of your cock. Watching as the little pussy fucker starts to grow.

"Ah, do you like what Nanny is doing, Puppy?"

From the look on your face, I know that your cock is getting hard against your will. But I love it. You beg me to stop again as your cock grows harder. I lightly tap your cock and balls with the riding crop. Actually fascinated that your cock is swelling even as I am inflicting pain. You scream in pain and I lean up and kiss your nipples. Letting you believe that I will be a little gentler now. As your body shakes, I swirl my tongue around your cute nipples and suck on each one. Even nipping them ever so gently as I forced two of my fingers into your mouth to suck. You start sucking on my fingers hard and fast. Just as I feel your body starting to relax and get into this, I yank down hard on your lower jaw. Watching you gag and unable to scream. I take my fingers from your mouth and walk over to the work bench again. I stand in front of you again and suck on your nipples. I show you what is in my hands.

"See these, Puppy. I think you will like them.

As soon as you see the alligator clamps in my hands, your eyes welled up with fresh tears.

"No. Please. No."

I flick my tongue over your nipple and watch your cock jump.

"Ah, does Puppy know where they are going?"

"Oh no. Please. Please. Please. NO."

I dig my nails into your side. Right on a cut that was there.

"Where are they going, Puppy? Answer me."

"On my ... my ... ni .. ni .. nipples."

Fear is etched in your eyes and I love it.


"Please, Nanny. No."

You close your eyes, hoping that I will stop.


You stutter but do not answer. Slapping you hard across the face, I wait your answer.

"On ... my. Please, no, Nanny. My balls."

"Ah now, was that so hard, Puppy."

"Oh, please. Please. Don't do that, Nanny. Please?"

I suck hard on your nipple, flicking my tongue across it. I start on the other nipple, as I clip the alligator clamp onto your nipple. I quickly place the one on the nipple I was just teasing. You squeal in pain and tears flow down your cheeks again.

"It hurts, Nanny. Please, take them off."

"Sorry, ain't listening."

I begin kissing down your body and grip your cock tightly.

"Wow, Puppy, I do believe that you are harder than ever before."

"Oh, Nanny, please no! Do not hurt me."

I slap the head of your cock hard and find much pleasure in your drawn out "ouch." I fondle your ball sack. Then ( lean down and suck your sack. Getting it all nice and wet, before clamping the last two alligator clips to it. One over each ball. You continue screaming and begging me to stop, but they all fall upon deaf ears. I stroke your cock and suck on it. Then I pull at the clamps, to hear your moan in both pleasure and pain.

"Oh, God, Nanny. Please."

Once satisfied that your cock is not going to go back down, I stand up. Looking at you, watching you. You are not even trying to keep from crying. Tears are streaming down your face. You know that I get off on your pain.

"Soon you will be screaming for me to stop. Begging me to allow you to do anything just to stop the pain."

I grab some copper wire and start stringing it through all the clamps. After making sure they all had a good connection, I started twisting it into one thick wire.

"Know what I am gonna do now, Puppy?"

"No, please, Nanny. No."

"Oh, you do know what I am going to do? Tell me right now."
"No. Please, I beg you, Nanny. Please, stop."

"Tell me what you think is going to happen."

I yank on the wire, thus pulling on all 4 clamps at once. The pain is horrible and you scream.

"You are going to destroy my ... destroy my ... my balls!"

"No Puppy, I would never destroy them. I love them to much."

"Why? Why are you doing this?"

I walk over and make sure that your secured properly and jump up on the table in front of you. You have never taken your eyes off me. I spread my legs wide, allowing you a perfect view of my wet pussy and pick up a remote. You lick your lips, wondering what was going to happen.

"This here will send the smallest amount of juice through those wires, Puppy. Ready?"

I push down on the button for 10 seconds. Your body arches away from the bed frame and you scream for the exact amount of time that the electricity ran through your body. You are shaking uncontrollably.

"Oh, Puppy, look at that. Your cock is all jumpy! Oh, lets see how well you handle 15 seconds."

I hold the button for 15 second and release it. Your body sags against the bed frame, sweat is dripping off your chin.

" Nanny, stop."

I grab a bottle of water and walk over to you.

"Are you thirsty, Puppy? Sorry, this is mine."

I wave the bottle under your nose.

"Please, a small sip, Nanny?"

"Oh, look at me. I spilled some. Got it on you pretty clamps and nipples. Please, tell me if it feels better this way."

I hold the button down for 25 seconds this time. Your body arches painfully against your restraints, screaming your head off. I release the button. Your cock jumps again. Painfully aroused. You try to talk, but your voice is hoarse.

"Why, Nanny? Oh what did I ever do for this?"

I give you a small sip of water and start taking the wires off you. I know that you exhausted. Without warning, I rip off the clamps on your nipples. I watch your face contort into pain as the blood rushes back to your sore nipples. You scream again.

"Ahh you forgot how painful the blood rushing back is, Puppy."

"Oh, Nanny.. Why? Why?"

"Your little pussy fucker doesn't think it's all that bad. Look, there is cum already spilling out. I think you are a pain slut, Puppy. Are you?"

The exhaustion sounds in your voice.

"Yes, Nanny. No. I don't know, Nanny."

You hang your head, like you are ashamed to not know what you are.

"Your mouth says no, Puppy. But your cock says yes. I just love it!"

I show you the flogger and your eyes go wide with fear.

"Tell me what I am gonna do with this, Puppy."

"Oh, God. Please. You are gonna beat me. Please, don't."

"Where am I to start, Puppy?"

"Nowhere, Nanny. Please, nowhere."

I run the flogger over your skin and watch you try to get away from it.


I lit it over my head and sent it crashing down on the front of your hips. You scream and try again to move away. I look into your eyes and press my lips onto yours. I flicked my wrist and the flogger lands on your cock. An animal like growl of pain erupts from you. I flogged your stomach and arms before putting it down. You have some nice welts all over the front of your body. I know that you are getting more and more tired and hoping that this will all be over soon. I undo you and turn you around and lock the cuff.

"That sweet sexy ass needs some attention as well, Puppy. Now, you have a choice. My studded belt or the cane? Which would you prefer on your sweet gorgeous ass?"

I place a kiss on each ass cheek and rub my hands over it. A perfect little bubble butt that demands attention. Your body shakes.

"Which would hurt less, Nanny?"

"Neither, Puppy."

"Then, I pick the cane, Nanny"

"Are you sure, Puppy. You really want the cane tonight?"
"I don't want anything, Nanny. I just want to go to bed."

"Oh, what a funny puppy you are."

I walk away from you and pick up my cane. I return and slide my hands over your ass. I lube your ass hole and slide my finger inside. Finger fucking your ass until you relax. You moan as I finger fuck your asshole. In your disgrace, you notice that your cock is dripping cum. I stick my tongue over your asshole then slide a butt plug into your asshole. I step back and pick up the cane. You moan in fear, as you know how much this is going to hurt. Your asshole already is hurting, stretched as it is from the butt plug. u

"Now, once I strike you, you will reply "thank you, Nanny. May I have another." You will also count them out."

"No, please, no."

I take my first swing and the cane comes down across your ass.

"Puppy, you best start answering. I was only going to give you six, but this one doesn't count. None will count until you start answering."

I strike again.

"Thank you, Nanny. May I have another. One."

I strike again, landing the cane a little higher on your ass.

"Oh, please. Thank you, Nanny. May I have another. Two."

I move to the other side of the table and strike you again. This time low, under your ass.

"Oh ... Thank ... You ... Nanny ... May ... I ... Have ... Another ... Three."

You scream that it hurts. I rub my hand over your ass. Such a wonderful red color. You scream from the gentle caress of my hand on your painfully sore ass. Without warning, I strike you again, this time right across the center of your ass.

"Thank ... You ... Nanny ... May ... I ... Have ... Another ... Four."

I step back and just admire your body for a second. Such beauty. Even with all the welts and nice fiery red ass. I rub your ass. I love the feel of the welts and your muscles.

"Good, Puppy. You have been eating all the right foods. I can also tell from that tight delicious ass that you have been working out as I told you."

I give you the last two strikes quickly.

"Thank you, Nanny. May I have another. Five, six."

I walked over and rubbed my hand over your ass. I grab the butt plug and worked it in and out of your ass. You scream in pain and pleasure. I take you off the frame and walk you over to the table.

"Jump up, Puppy. Do you feel like your entire body is on fire?"

"Yes, oh God, it hurts so badly. Please, no more."

"Are you ready for those clamps to be removed from your balls, Puppy?"

"Yes, Nanny. Please."

I yank them off quickly and you scream as if I had ripped your balls themselves from your body. I know how much pain you are feeling as the blood flows back to your sack. You would grab your sack, if your hands weren't cuffed to the table.

"Why, Nanny? My balls hurt so much. Why did you do this? It hurts so much."

"You see, that is what I love about you, Puppy. Your mouth is saying no, please, stop. Yet your cock is saying, yes, more, never stop."

"Oh please. Stop. My fucking cock hurts so much, Nanny."

I push you onto your back and grab your throat. This time just barely applying pressure. I look at your cock's reaction and laugh.

"See Puppy, see how happy your cock is."

"Oh God no!"

I can tell that you are angry that you cannot even keep your cock from hardening. I cuff you down to the table one more time.
"There is one more thing before I let you cum, Puppy. Judging by how much that cock has grown and how tight those balls are, you are gonna cum like a mad fucker. I cannot wait to see how much cum I can milk from you.

"Please, let me cum , Nanny. For you."

I leave you and go over to the work bench. When I return, I have a blow torch, iron, gauze, ointment, and some water.

"What is that for, Nanny?"

The iron, as I show you, is actually a branding iron. The tip of it is in the shape of a wolf paw. I watch the horror pass through your eyes as it sinks in what I am about to do.

"Well, you have always said that you will be my puppy forever. I always brand my pets so that everyone can see it and know that you belong to me. After we get this done, I will make you cum like never before. You will cum so hard and so much that you'll never want to bust those small nuts ever again."

"No, please, Nanny. Anything but that iron.

"Damn, I forgot something."

I walk back to the work bench and pick up a ball gag. I am not gentle as I shove it into your mouth and fasten it. I pick up the iron and hold the torch under it. Once it's red hot, I walk over and straddle you. I see the fear in your eyes. You try to buck me off and I laugh. Your screams and complaints are muffled. I raise the iron over you and press it quickly to your chest, right over your heart. I pushed the brand hard and remove it quickly. Throwing it on the floor, I pout the water over the burn to cool it. I apply the burn ointment on and cover it with the gauze. I take the ball gag out of your mouth and you let loose a scream of inhuman proportions.

I sit up and move down your body. Positioning my pussy over your aching cock.

"See how wet you have me, Puppy."

"The pain hurts. It's unbearable."

"Now is the pleasure that I promised you, Puppy.

I lower my pussy onto your cock. I place my hands on your shoulders, being careful to keep off your burn. I can see the hatred slowly climbing into your eyes. You hate everything that I have done tonight to your body. Then I see the lust flowing into your eyes as I grind my pussy on your cock. You try to keep from enjoying my pussy on your cock, but you fail. Tied down, you cannot grab me, instead settling for thrusting your hips madly.

"Hate me, Puppy? Fine. I will stop and leave you hard all night."

I start to get off you. Wondering what exactly you'll do. You say at first whatever, just wanting to be done for the night. Then you start screaming.

"Oh that is okay, Puppy. Hate me, love me, it's all good. Puppy, just fuck me, get us both off, and you can go to bed."


I push my hand onto your burn and lean into it. I glare at you. Surprised (and happy) that you are strong enough to still fight my authority.

"I think you will. If for no other reason than to get me to stop the pain. It's your choice, Puppy. Cause once you fuck me, this session is over."


"Roll over, Puppy. Let me get that butt plug out of your ass ,"

Some how I manage to keep my voice calm and even.


"Oh, I know that. You'll do as I command. Unless you really want to keep that butt plug in all night as well."


"I was hoping that you would say that.


I grab your leash, undo you from the table, and yank you right off the table. I drag you to the corner of the room where a dog cage stood. As we pass the work bench, I grab a cock ring. Once by the cage, I twist you onto your back and sit on your chest. I lean over and start sucking your cock. Seeing it as hard as it was earlier, I slid the cock ring onto your cock and secure it in place. I kick you into the cage and lock it right behind your ass. This is not a large dog cage, so there is just enough room for you. I quickly cuff your hands to both sides of the cage. I whistle as I walk away. You scream continually, but I never take notice.

"You can come back up here, Puppy. You just have to do as told. Nanny loves you so very much. I just want you to be a good obedient puppy."


"Ah, then here is where you will stay. I will play with you as I please. I'll even let my friends have a go at you. You will learn that I am your ruler, your mistress, your reason for being."

I keep the door opened a crack and switch off the lights.

I fix my meal, eat, shower, and crawl into bed. Still you continue to rant and rave. I hear you voice cracking. The next morning, I open the door and then began to fix my breakfast. After I have eaten and washed my dishes, I call down to you.

"Ready to behave now, Puppy?"

I hear a gravely reply from you followed by a few hopeful woof woofs. Dressed only in my robe, I secure the belt before walking down stairs.

"Gonna behave, Puppy?"

"Please, I need a hand job. I need to cum, Nanny."

"Are you ready to be obedient to me and ONLY me, Puppy?"


"I bet you are hungry, Puppy. Lets get you out of there and get some food in your tummy."

"Please. Please. I need a hand job. Please."

I pick up your leash, undo you, and let you out of the cage.

"Walk with me, Puppy. We'll take care of that little problem once we get upstairs.

I lay my hand on your head and tousle your hair. You keep on your hands and knees and follow me up the stairs and into the kitchen.

"Sit down, Puppy."

Once you sit down, I place a plate in front of you. I then bend over and snap an ankle cuff and chain onto your ankle.

"I cannot eat, Nanny. I really need a hand job."

"Food first or cum first?"

"Please. Let me cum before I eat. My cock is so full and hard."

"Do you want me to suck or stroke you?"

"Stroke, please."

I place both hands on the side of your face and kiss your forehead.

"Anything for my good strong puppy."

I take the cock ring off and slowly start stroking your cock. You close your eyes, lean back, and moan as I stroke your cock.
"Nanny loves you so much, Puppy. You hurt me yesterday, so I punished you. It makes me happy to know how strong you really are, Puppy."

"Oh yeah, Nanny. Stroke my cock like that."

"Do you like this, Puppy?"

"Very very much, Nanny. Please don't stop."

"Nanny will not stop. You have been so good, Puppy"

"Oh, yes, Nanny. Please don't stop. I am so sorry for last night,"

"I know."

I whisper in your ear to cum for me, your nanny. I stroke your cock faster.

"Oh. Oh. Oh. I need milk, Nanny. Please."

"Do you need my milk to cum, Puppy. Here, take whatever you need."

I lean over and offer you my breast. You take it into your mouth and start sucking eagerly. As my milk flows into your mouth, I stroke your cock quickly. I turn the chair around and spread my legs wide for you to see my pussy. As I stroke your cock and you drink my milk, I rub my clit hard.

"Oh yes, Nanny. Rub your clit for your puppy."

"Cum for me, Puppy."

You start thrusting into my hand and I know that you'll soon explode. Your body stiffens and your cock jumps, but no cum.

"It hurts, Nanny. It hurts to cum. I need to cum, but I cannot cum."

"Trust me. It will feel better once you cum."

I stroke your cock harder and faster. You get a scared look on your face. Panic is setting in.

"Oh God, I cannot cum. I'll never be able to cum again. Nanny, what did you do to me??"

"Puppy, calm down. Let me fix this. Bend over the table."

Once you lay over the table, I gently work the butt plug out.

"My balls hurt, they are so hard, Nanny. Please, make me cum."

"Sit down, Puppy. I'll fix it. I know it feels better to have that out of your ass."

"Please, let me cum."
I slowly start stroking your cock again. Rotating my hand up, down, and around your cock.

"Oh, Nanny! Just like that! Don't stop. I'm gonna cum!"

I take my other hand and start to slowly rub your balls.

"Oh that feels so much better. Will make me cum soon."

I lean over and suck each ball into my mouth one at a time. Running my tongue over them and sucking on them. I suck on the head of you cock hard. Your breathing becomes ragged and you are thrusting hard into my hand.

"Cum for me, Puppy. Show me how much you love me."

"Yes, Nanny. I'm gonna... I'm gonna... Cum!"

I quickly lean over and take you into my mouth. You explode into my mouth and I cannot swallow all of it. Your cum runs down my mouth and onto my breasts.

"Puppy, you are so good and obedient."

I stroke your hair and kiss the top of your head. Without warning, you grab me, pull my robe off me and lay me on the table. I feel my pussy getting wet from this turn of events.

"I am hungry, Nanny. Can I eat yet?"

You step between my legs and wait patiently. I nod my head. I take my hands and pull my pussy lips wide open for you.

"Breakfast is served, Puppy."

You groan and lean over me. Your fingers trace all over my pussy. You stick a finger into my hole and bring it to your lips. Then like a ravenous beast, you bury your head into my pussy and start licking, sucking, fingering my pussy. I grip your hair and start screaming as you cause wave after wave of pleasure to crash over me.

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