Pussy Kat

It was a lazy Saturday afternoon. I had no plans for the weekend. I was new at the place and i had no idea what to do. I checked online for things to do. It appears like this place is famous for its dance bar and massage parlors. Sexy booty topped the list and I decided that's where I am going to spend my evening.

The room was dimly lit except for the stage. The dancers were making love to the pole in sexy costumes. These girls were really blessed with big boobs and ass and knew what to do with them. I love voluptuous women. I ordered a couple of drinks and was enjoying the show. I wanted something more. I checked with the waiter to get a private show. She led me to the room with lots ladies waiting for their private customers. She asked me to make a pick. I looked at all the ladies. They were all sex goddess.

A Latina beauty caught my interest. She was wearing a green dress that hugged her body and matched her hazel green eyes. It had a deep neckline giving a glimpse of her big round perky tits. She led me by my hand to her room. I walked behind her to check out her sassy ass sway.

She guided me to my seat. Her dress had a slit in the side, giving me a view of her sexy legs. She went to the CD player and played a smooth jazz song. She had her back facing me. She was slowly swaying her hips and ass to the music. Her moves were breathtaking. I had half a mind to grab her ass and shove my hard cock up her ass. She was now walking closer to me as if she read my mind. She was grinding her ass against my face. I held onto her hips as I smothered against her ass. She held onto my shoulders as she moved her ass downwards. She was rubbing her ass against my chest. I spanked her ass.

She turned around and looked sharply at me. I smacked my lips. She blew me a kiss. She was now running her hands over her tits and abs as she looked at me. She bit her lip as she pulled her dress off. She wriggled out of her dress.

She was now belly dancing in her red lace bra and thong. The red looked vibrant against her skin. I loved the way her hips and boobs moved. I adjusted my cock inside my pants. She turned around and gave me a lap dance. She was sliding her butt cheeks over my hard throbbing cock. I stroked her thighs as she drove me crazy by the pleasure she was giving me. I was about to cum.

She got up and turned around. She leaned forwards to me. She was shaking her tits in my face. I wrapped my arms around her as motorboat me. I licked her tits as I slid my hands in her ass crack. She let out a soft moan as I stroked her ass cheeks. She knelt down before me. She undid my pants and took my throbbing hard cock in her hand. Precum was flowing from my cock. She looked up at me as she slid my foreskin down. She stroked my cock as she grabbed her tits with her other hand. She licked her lips and placed a soft wet kiss on my cock. She used my cock over her lips as lipstick smearing my Precum over her lips. She looked up at me as she licked the tip of my cock. She licked my cock from the base to the tip of my cock as cupped my balls. She wrapped her lips around my cock and slide my cock into her mouth. I grabbed her by her hair and was thrusting my cock in her mouth. She swirled her tongue around the head of my cock. I was in sensual pleasure overdrive. I laid my head back to enjoy the pleasure she was giving me. She had my cock pressed between her cheeks and teeth. She took my cock out of her mouth and licked it before she put it back in her mouth. She gagged as she pushed my cock deep into her throat. I was driving my cock deep into her throat. I was about to cum.

I held her by her hair and gripped her neck as i pulled my cock out. I shot my cum all over her tits. I has my cum all over her red lace bra.

"Oh you have made such a mess. Let me take out my bra"

She undid her bra. She had big round firm tits. She held her tits around my cock. I was now fucking her tits. I was sliding my cock up and down between her boobs. Her tongue met my cock as I slid my cock up her boobs. She was squeezing her boobs around my cock. She moved her tits up and down my cock. I came again shooting my cum over her face and tits.

"There is your facial and pearl necklace. "

She giggled hearing my comment. My cock was still hard as a rock.

"You have an impressive cock sir"

"Thank you Miss?"

"It's Kate sir, also known as wild Kat here"

"I enjoy taming wild cats"

"I don't think you can handle me"

"Let's find out"

I get up and take my dress off. She clips her fingers in her thong as she turns around. She bends down as takes off her thong. I spank her ass. I have her lean against my chair. I grab her ass cheeks and part them. I push my cock at her butt hole. I slowly slide my hard cock into her ass. She moans with pleasure as I start thrusting my cock in her ass. I keep spanking her ass as I thrust my cock in her. I rub her pussy with my fingers. My fingers are greeted with her wetness.

"You are dripping wet Kat."


I slide two fingers in her wet pussy. I start thrusting my cock faster in her ass while I finger fuck her pussy. She cums screaming. I take my finger coated in her cum and place it in her mouth. She sucks my fingers.

I sit down on the chair. She lowers herself over my cock. I grab her breast and lick the other. She starts riding my cock. I wrap my lips around her nipple. She tightens her pussy over my cock. I suck her nipples as I rub the other nipple between my fingers. Milk starts to flow from her breasts. I start sucking harder, drinking her milk. She holds my head close to her tits as she circles her hips, moving her pussy around my cock. I keep sucking her tits and drinking her milk. I slide my other hand over her butt cheeks.
I milk her completely as she rides my cock. She offers her other breast to me. I happily lick and suck her tits. She starts moving her hips faster. I poke my finger in butt hole. She squirms. She holds my head close to her tits as I drink from her. She clenches her pussy and moves her hips in circles.

"I am close Kat"

"So am I sir"

We both are move our hips into each other. She trembles as she cums. I shoot my load into her pussy. Our combined juices flow out of her pussy onto my thighs. I hug her tight.

"We need to meet more often Kat. "

"As you wish sir. "
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