Putting it on
Mallory stood in the bathroom doorway watching James take in the scene she had laid out for him to encounter upon his arrival. He was there to pick her up to go out for the evening with friends. The room was lit by the soft light of the beside lamp. He was there to pick her up to go out for the evening with friends. Rays of light flickered over the plushly covered bed, revealing Mallory's clothes laid out for the evening. Mallory grinned as James moved forward to lightly light the silk stockings off the bed. He allowed the soft fabric to slip through his strong fingers as he glanced across the bed to take in the lacy garter belt and bra. His blood burned through his veins as he imagined Mallory adorned in these articles of clothing, no he amended in his thoughts, his blood boiled as he thought about taking off these pieces of fabric from Mallory's toned body. He sighed and Mallory stepped out of the steamy bathroom and fully into the bedroom.

James turned when he heard the soft whisper of Mallory's movements. She stood before him. Her hair and makeup were complete for the evening out, but still wrapped in a stain robe that clung to her curves.

"Can you help me get ready," Mallory asked quietly.

James nodded, well used to her requests for assistance with hard to reach zippers on some of her outfits.

Mallory stepped toward James and slowly untied the belt and allowed the satiny fabric to slither down her body. She wore nothing under the robe and James sucked in his breath as her body was revealed to him.

Mallory moved closer and pressed a bottle into his hands. He looked down at the lotion and then back at Mallory with a question in his eye.

"Will you put the lotion on my body?"

James gulped and immediately moved toward Mallory while uncapping the bottle. The scent of the lotions sweet fragrance drifted up to his nose as he began to apply lotion. He started at her ankles liberally applying the lotion to her legs. He rubbed it in and caressed her body. He breathed in and her scent comingled with the lotion, enjoying the free reign he had to touch her body. He moved upward. No part of her body was left untouched as he applied the lotion. His breathing was harsh and choppy when he finally rocked back on his heels, finished with the task.

Mallory smiled and motioned toward the bed to the clothes laid out. "The garter belt and stockings next," Mallory directed.

James groaned, instinctively knowing that she expected him to dress her nude body.

Mallory laughed outright, thoroughly enjoying her role in her passionate scheme. She couldn't resist one comment as James moved toward her.

"You shouldn't have any problem putting them on, seeing as how you get them off of me so quickly."

James looked into her laughing eyes and squared his shoulders, determined to not let her see the effect that her demands had on his body. The garter belt was easy and he sighed as he positioned it into place. The stockings came next. James knelt before Mallory. She placed her hand on his shoulder for balance and lifted her leg. Slowly he rolled the stocking up her leg. His concentration was fierce as he gently attached them to the garter belt. Mallory shifted and lifted her other leg. She shivered as his fingers slithered up her leg in tandem with the second silk stocking. Deftly he affixed that stocking. As he withdrew his hand, his knuckle brushed upwards and sunk into her moist wetness. Unable to contain himself, James let out a primal groan and leaned forward to lay a kiss on Mallory's dewy mound.

"UH UH UH," Mallory playfully scolded, "We have to get to dinner."

"Pure evil," James ground out as he leaned back upon his heels to survey Mallory.

Mallory laughed in delight knowing that driving him wild with desire would make their eventual joining more explosive.

"Bra next."

James stood, unable to hide his erection that stood proudly and prominently. She couldn't resist lightly stroking her hand across his cloth covered body. His breath hissed at her touch. Her gentle cough and gesture brought him back to the task at hand. He turned and grasped the lacy cloth in his hands. With a small amount of direction he covered her body. Unable to resist the temptation he lightly pinched each nipple as he securely positioned her breasts inside the lace cups of her bra. He laughed with gratification as her knees buckled as shafts of sexual rapture rippled through her body.

She gently grasped his head and tried to pull his mouth toward her lace covered nipples. James laughed with relish and quickly pulled free. He winked, at Mallory and sauntered out of the room. At the door he turned, "Two can play that game love." His eyes sparkled with excitement that was barely repressed as he walked down the hallway.

Mallory laughed with contentment as she quickly finished dressing and soon joined him by the front door ready to leave to go to dinner.

The evening progressed quickly as Mallory and James enjoyed diner with the other couple. No one commented on the strong sexual sparks that emanated between Mallory and James. But there was no way that their friends could miss the sparkle in their eyes. There was no way that they could miss the stray caresses. And there was no doubt about the occasional hands that strayed into the other's lap. It was obvious that the sexual tension was high and building in both partners. The other couple grinned at their friends and held each other's hand a bit more closely as they were affected by the blatant sexuality on display before them.

Finally James pushed back his chair and rose to his feet. Looking down at Mallory he reached out his hand in invitation. Mallory let out a sigh of anticipation and accepted James's hand as she rose to her feet. They quickly said their goodbyes and moved out of the restaurant.

Once outside, Mallory naturally tried to move toward the parked car but James held her hand firmly in his and pulled her toward the city park that beckoned to them just a short distance away.

Mallory let out a dissatisfied moan. She wanted and needed James. The waiting was over, she needed him and without delay. But James just chuckled and continued walking toward the park.

"You started this evening in control." He paused to kiss her lightly on the cheek. "Now I'm in control."

Mallory shivered with excitement and allowed James to lead her through the darkened park.

James came to a halt at a double swing. Gently he sat down and pulled Mallory onto his lap. Eagerly his hands cupped her breasts, molding them and caressing them. Not to be undone, Mallory slipped her hands under his shirt. The warmth of her gentle hands traced and explored his torso. Their lips met with a fiery passion.

James lifted Mallory up. She parted her legs and straddled his body. Her wetness enticed him as she slide against his hard body. Mallory lifted up and reached down to guide his cock. They both sighed with relief as his throbbing cock entered her body. Mallory pushed deeper until she was seated fully upon him. She leaned forward, pressing her head against his as they both remained still in order to savor the immense pleasure of the first penetration.

James was the first to move. He didn't rock his hips or thrust upward. He simply set the swing into motion with his foot. The swing began to move. Back and forth the swing swayed. It rocked the two lovers. The movements were subtle but felt by both. Mallory groaned as he moved within her. Her muscles tensed as she prepared to raise her hips and commence to ride James wildly.

James grabbed her hips and held her still. "NO!" He commanded. "You drove me wild all night, knowing exactly what you wore and making me actually dress you earlier when I only wanted to rip the clothes from your body. That was pure torture. Now I'm charge." He kissed her gently before adding. "Trust me."

Mallory slightly nodded her agreement and relaxed into his embrace as he set the swing back into motion.

The darkness surrounded the two lovers. The swings gentle movement causing the most intimate caress as between the two joined so intimately. Their breathing became synchronized and their hearts beat as one. The swing swayed and the sexual fervor within them grew. Mallory could feel James grow harder and throb uncontrollably within her. James experienced the fire of passion that flowed from her pussy. He never altered the pace of the swing that rocked them to the edge and over.

Mallory's pussy was on fire with her orgasm when James finally felt his release. They came together quietly but with more fervor and power then they had ever experienced. Their simultaneous orgams drained the energy out of them and rendered them incapable of movement for a long time.

As they finally left the park, James looked at Mallory and with a wink reminded her, "I still have to remove that lingerie." With a look of contentment they rushed to the car.

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